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Since I was 12 or 13, I hated my nose. Big, with a...

Since I was 12 or 13, I hated my nose. Big, with a bump and a bulbous tip, I can say it has absolutely nothing feminine. I inherited this nose from my mother, who got it fixed in 1980, before my birth. So, I had the idea in mind to get a rhinoplasty for a long time ago, but I finally decided in January to proceed. I am 28 now, and I have many years left in front of me to live with this nose. I had the money and the motivation for it. I needed to do some research about a doctor, and I also wanted to pick one of the best. Didn't want to screw with something as important as a nose in the middle of my face!

A couple days later, I finally fell on the website of Dr. Mark Samaha, a specialized facial plastic surgeon, and I looked upon the reviews he got from rhinoplasties patients. They were almost all 100% positive. It convainced me into setting an appointment with him. I met this doctor on April 5th and I ended up scheduling my surgery on June 27th. He answered my questions, going even further and he was somewhat friendly, laughing at my jokes (maybe I was really funny? Don't know! hehe).

At this point, I couldn't wait for June to come.

Five days post op and getting cast removed tomorrow

I can honestly say that I have been feeling great these past two days. My nose is still dripping a little (mix of fluid and blood but mostly clear fluid). My doctor put some cotton packing stuff in my nose while operating, so I could not breathe at all throught my nostrils; but one of these cotton got out this PM, while I accidentally snooze. I immediately felt some relief. Nights are ok, I'm able to sleep well enough, breathing throught the mouth though. Using lots of Lypsil!

The worst was to be unable to taste anything I ate since the surgery, but now swelling is fading away and it's better.

About the recovery, which I wish I thought about writing the progress here before, was not so bad. However, I got dizzy at the end of the day and was experiencing some hot flashes, probably because I couldn't breathe well. Also, I'm getting tired pretty easily - it is 8 p.m. and probably will go to bed after I post this update!

I'm really happy about the fact that except the cheek swelling, I didn't get any big and dark circles under the eyes. As of today, my face is almost normal, even if I assume there will be some more swelling once the cast will be removed tomorrow PM.

Yesterday, I finally got out of my house and it was weird to drive with my glasses fixed atop of the cast. Funny looking! I miss the call my surgeon did, he wanted to know if I was doing fine. I think it is very professional!

Cast has been removed yesterday! Result beyond my expectations so far.

And I'm really happy!

Althought there is a lot of swelling, I couldn't wish better. I still look like me.
My surgeon said he worked a lot on the tip and cartilage, and I know he's right, since I saw every little bit of cartilage coming out when I got my surgery.

So, a nurse removed the cast yesterday p.m. and handed me two mirrors. I was a little bit shocked at the beginning, because I was getting used to my face with a cast on! Then I really saw my new nose. Then, Dr. Samaha came in to take a look inside the nostrils, checking out for proper healing. He also removed some crusts that were in there, I felt some relief after. He made sure he wouldn't hurt me.

So far, my tip is very sensitive and tense, I'm having some pain which I guess is normal. I feel pressure on my nose. Also, I absolutely need an effective exfoliation! I have lots of black heads after 6 days under a cast. Crusts in there are a little bit annoying, but I'll give time them time to heal. This is not much of a concern after the surgery, in my opinion! :)

I will post some more updates in the next days, about the healing and swelling. Thanks for reading!

8 days post op

Another picture to show you my new profile. I'm thrilled!!!!
Swelling appears most in front pictures, so I enjoy this one so much as it don't look bad at all!
Now, when I will put some effort in my hair/makeup, it will WORTH IT!

Same picture but...

Just a quick comparison between before/after. Easier to see the difference this way I think than scrolling up to the top of the page!

Some news!

I'm feeling great. I'm having noticeable pain to the tip, though. I also saw under a certain angle that my nostrils are not perfectly symetrical. BUT, after getting a little nervous about it, I searched my computer for before pictures. I realized that they were not symetrical either. I also think it's impossible for a surgeon to fix everything, and swelling may help into producing this asymetrical effect for sure.
The inside of my nose is still healing, I will be happy the day those "crusts" will leave forever!

I took some front pictures but I'm never satisfied with those. Swelling makes is so weird! Also, major changes are most visible on profile or 3/4 angle. I don't find myself very photogenic, but since rhinoplasty, I never enjoyed my profile so much, this is what counts!

New pictures

Hi there!
I have took some recent pictures from different angles yesterday. I'm loving the profile and the 3/4 view. From the front, which was not really a big problem before, we do not see major changes. However, my tip is hard, barely moving, the skin is tense, all this means there is still much swelling. It feels bigger than before, but I know it's temporary.
I am still having - not a huge nose - but somewhat big, but it fits better my face than before. I would not have recognized myself in the mirror if it was changed too much by the surgery.

What do you think about the new pictures?

Almost 4 months post op!

Seriously, I'm more than satisfied with the result of my surgery. It's natural and it really brought harmony to my face. Today, even if the tip has improved a lot concerning swelling and the way I can "move" it, I know there will still be improvement in the next months. And I'm more than happy about it, since I know that the tip will become even more defined than now.

I gained so much confidence since I got my surgery, it is hard to believe at what point a major flaw in your face can bring your confidence down. Now, when I look at "old" pictures - well, pictures before the end of June, I can't believe that was me. I don't even recognize myself, I was looking so severe at that time!

A little update!

I'll be brief!
This picture has been taken last month, so let's say it's about 10 months post-op. As of today, I am almost completely satisfied with my nose, it was totally worth it!!
It changed me - I gained confidence and now, I don't feel anymore that it's a waste of time to wear makeup and to arrange my hair!
Montreal Facial Plastic Surgeon

Gifted surgeon. Experienced, reassuring and warm. I felt immediately at ease with him.

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You look beautiful. I loved reading your story. Thank you for posting the updated pictures. It shows me that swelling does indeed continue to go down. Your nose is adorable. :)
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Thanks a lot! Another thing I haven't mentionned yet: I always thought my lips were too thin, but since my nose has been raised a little (and is not as big as before), now I think they are ok! It can really bring back harmony in a face, without any doubt!
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I have a similar nose like you had before. What exactly did he do (bridge and tip)? Was it a closed surgery? Also, do the result look like the simulation he did during the first consultation? Thanks!
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The result is stunning by the way! :)
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Oh thanks for your comment, it is fully appreciated! :) I am posting a new picture, taken last month. So, about 10 months post-op. The surgeon scraped the hump that I had on the top of my nose and also worked out on the tip - a lot - that he told me when I got my cast removed. He removed excessive cartilage and I love the result! It was a closed surgery. Unfortunately, I did not have any simulation on the first consultation, but he explained me what could be done. He also raised the tip a little bit so my nose is not drooping down anymore. I hope I answered your questions but don't hesitate to ask more if you need, I'll do my best even if English is not my mother tongue. ;-)
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*bump, not hump. lol!
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Moi non plus l'anglais n'est pas ma langue maternelle ! Merci pour ta réponse! Le résultat 10 mois post-op est parfait! Ça adoucit tes traits. J'ai rencontré le Dr. Samaha pour une consultation et j'ai beaucoup aimé son approche. Il sait mettre en confiance. T'avais-t-il dit le niveau de difficulté de ton cas en particulier? Aussi a-t-il reculé la pointe de ton nez de quelques milimètres (si oui, sais-tu de combien)? Il m'a dit qu'il pourrait enlever environ 2 mm de la pointe mais je me demande si c'est suffisant pour voir un réel changement. Merci ;)
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Oh I will reply to you in English since they do not accept any other languages in the comments (some previous comments got deleted because of this). I think I was a 'heavy' case: drooping nose, bump, too much cartilage, etc. I also had a deviated septum, now I can breathe with both nostrils (could never do that before!). He said he worked it "a lot". hehe! I have no doubt about it. Unfortunately, I don't know about the millimeters he removed, but I'm sure a few disappeared. The thing is that sometimes, as he told me, some difficulties only appear when he is operating. And he has to adapt from this! :)
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How much was the consultation?
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It costs 100$. If you decide to go with the surgery, it will be substracted from the total! :)
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congratulations! you look fabulous!
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Thanks, this is so sweet to read! :)
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Looking great! Congratulations!
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Thanks so much!
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Wow!! it looks really good- and so natural as well! I heard really good reviews about dr. Samaha and he seems to be the best in montreal. I was just wondering if you researched any other doctors/went to any other consultations before or went straight to him?
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Thanks! He was my first choice. I met him et I was convinced, but I would have met other doctors if the first consultation wasn't satisfying. I'm glad I pick him!
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I like your result. very natural. thanks for the update.
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Thanks for your comment! :)
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Super beautiful :) You are very beautiful, much délicate cute face! Im really happy for you!!!
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You look absolutely beautiful!!! I love it! Hope mine comes out as good :D
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Thanks a lot!!! I wish you great results! :)
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Re WOW!!! From the front is the problem because of the swelling make it look bigger than it will be?
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Yes, bigger but weird because of the swelling too! My skin is still really tense and the tip can hardly be moved too, which is normal.
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Merci pour ton commentaire!!! J'espère que ta chirurgie s'est bien passée et que les résultats seront à la hauteur de tes attentes! :)
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