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Sweating returned - somewhat

The treatment was incredibly painful. I had a...

The treatment was incredibly painful. I had a reaction that they'd seen before with Miradry but in rare cases. The reaction is EXTREME pain (identical to someone pouring boiling water over both pits - no joke) that begins as soon as the lidocaine wears off and stays about 48 hours. This is accompanied by both pits swelling to the size of large grapefruits (again not exaggerating). The fluid accumulation is so extreme (1+ litres under each pit extending around the rib cage) that it looked dangerous. I ended up in the ER 12 hours after the first treatment. They could do nothing for the swelling but gave codeine for the pain. It took 150mg of codeine plus various other painkillers to dull the pain enough that sleep was possible.

This repeated the second time around too. After both treatments I took a long time to heal with lumps lasting up to 3 months and loss of nerve sensation that's only going away slowly 6 months out.

You'd think with that amount of damage I'd at least be sweat free. Nope. I'm soaking my underarms just walking to work. And I'm 32, athletic, white skin, normal height and weight. Sweating has reduced a bit but there remains clearly enough glands after 2 nuclear-bomb strength treatments to soak me if they're in the mood. Not sure about this treatment - there are clearly some issues to work out.
Montreal Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr. Khanna was fine! I can't fault him or his staff one bit. My reaction seems to be pretty rare, so I wouldn't use my case as a reason to decide "against" MiraDry by any means. The fact is that it does work very well for almost everyone, and even my case had significant results. Certainly my underarms are not my main sweat concern any more... and that's something because that's the most embarassing part of hyperhidrosis.

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Oh no!   I am sorry to hear about this outcome.  How are you doing now, other than the sweating being back?
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Hi, and thanks for the kind words! I'm doing fine; there are no permanent negative effects - I just wish there'd been permanent positive ones too! Dr Khanna and his team can't be faulted - they did it right and I recommend his clinic Peau Montreal. He did mention this had been seen once before - with one of his employees. She had identical issues. I'm only guessing but the fact that it's happened to others, and was repeatable on myself, might indicate a new interesting variable the MiraDry techs may need to check out. I don't believe for a second that my sweat glands are invulnerable to microwave radiation - instead, I think the standard treatment went too deep. I bet the focal zone ended up being UNDER the glands and not on them. This would explain the level of pain and edema afterwards. It's also worth noting that I had significant numbness of the underside of both arms lasting 3 months, as well as several hard nodules or cysts lasting the same time. These actually interfered with movement while they were there - it was uncomfortable to lift my arms above my head. The question is now WHY that might have occurred. My skin is otherwise normal and god knows I respond excellently to laser hair removal so the structure of my skin must be reasonably in line with other people. I'm going back for a 3rd treatment with Dr. Khanna and I hope to investigate this with him. Hopefully we can work out a way around this- if not, it's interesting data to feed back to MiraDry.
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Please let me know how everything goes.  Kinda crazy how the body responds to certain treatments.  
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Did you ever get any answers about the hard nodules? I'm going to see dermatologist five months out of second treatment and I still have on hard marble sized nodule in armpit....
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Yes, you just have to be patient with the nodules. They take a few months but they DO go away. I'm guessing it's just clumps of dead sweat glands which take a while to get ferried away by the lymphatic and/or blood systems. I did a lot of checking around and I never saw a clinical study or case study where the nodes didn't eventually disappear.
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Update: it's now about a year post-treatment. While I CAN still sweat profusely from the underarms, this is almost never my main concern.. which is a change from before the treatment, when they were the main offenders! While I do have to wear deodorant sometimes (I kinda miss the post-treatment months where that was 100% unnecessary), I never have to slather it on, and can often skip days if I'm not expecting to workout heavily or go outside in heat. Oddly the few times the underarms HAVE really decided to turn it on, have NOT been in temperature or exercise-related situations - it's always been stress-related. This is an interesting part of my condition in general; I'll sweat for sure if I exercise BUT I may or may not ALSO sweat from face, chest and back at random intervals, even in air-conditioned rooms (and I mean, enough to soak through a shirt in 3 minutes). It's loosely linked to stressful situations. It seems that whatever's going on, one kind of sweat signal seems to get the underarms going but not the other. It surprises me is that there's enough glands left in the underarms to achieve such a marathon effort. I can't lie; I was expecting MiraCles (see what I did there?) but I ended up with a bit less. Still, it's a whole lot better than it was before - being generally sweaty is a social issue, but having frequent pit stains is a HUGE social issue... and one that, thankfully, is no more.
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Yes, I have no idea why it was that way. Near-constant use of ice starting immediately after treatment (don't wait to get home!) made a world of difference though. It wasn't exactly a walk in the park like that, but it was manageable. I definitely needed at least day of downtime either way - there's no way I could've done even office work. Again, this is a curiosity case. I suspect some people may be deciding against MiraDry based on my tale, and I would encourage them again NOT to. The overwhelming odds are that you'll get some great results - and even I ended up with satisfactory ones eventually. Take the long-term view, which is that you can't lose by having it done. Your social pain, or the pain from regular Botox, is way more than this could ever be...
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