One Selphyl Treatment Did Nothing - Montreal, QC

I had a Selphyl treatment done in the summer of...

I had a Selphyl treatment done in the summer of 2011. I dished out a lot of money for this treatment in the hopes that I could maybe fix some of the damage that was done to my face after a horrendous and completely heartbreaking outcome following an IPL procedure. Getting Selphyl injected was painful. I had no numbing cream or anything like that -- not sure what the doc was thinking. It hurt a lot every time the needle went in. I had it injected all over my face. It made me swollen for 2-3 days and it made my forehead look lumpy. Thankfully all this swelling did resolve and the bruising resolved as well. In the end I did not notice any rejuvenation whatsoever. Granted, my face is very damaged from the IPL. I felt I should not go back for more due to the high cost and instead save up for a fat graft.


hiya sorry to hear or your disapointment, did u have 1 treatment? or did you have a series of 3 treatment ( one per month)
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Sorry to hear you didn't see much change with all that discomfort & cost. :( I can imagine that was pretty disappointing. Out of curiosity, was the Selphyl suppose to be a one time treatment in your case?

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Hey Megan! Yeah, well the cosmetic doctor, who was extremely nice, by the way, said that I should come back for another treatment, but after not seeing any results I was too scared to go back and dish out that much money. I chickened out. I really had such high hopes for this procedure. I know of someone who did a platelet rich plasma procedure on her face and saw results. Selphyl is almost the same thing but calcium chloride is also mixed in, to "thicken" the filler. I think at this point I might want to try fillers, I just didn't see dramatic enough results with Selphyl to spend that much money on it again, but the attraction was that it uses your own blood. It certainly did not harm me or cause any additional problems for me which was a great relief!!
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