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I've been looking forward to my surgery date of...

I've been looking forward to my surgery date of July 2nd, then the doctor's office calls me to tell me one of the nurses hurt herself and they have to reschedule my surgery to the next day at an earlier time to accommodate the client's who had to be moved. Now I'm worried the doctor is going to rush through my surgery to get to the next client. I'm so worried I almost feel like cancelling even though I've been waiting for my appointment for months. It's so much money and I can't imagine not being 100% satisfied if the doctor feels in a rush.

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Excited and nervous

I can't believe it's already coming up!!! I'll update everyone with before and after pics!


I'm sure he didn't rush your surgery! He seems too professional for this! How did it go? I went to remove my cast on July 3rd and although the staff was busy, I had great service. I hope everything went well for you! :)
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My face is quite swollen at the moment. The staff was amazing and I'm excited to see the results. I'm getting my cast off next week, can't wait! How are your results? Are you still swollen?
My nose is pretty swollen but it's normal since I'm only 8 days post op. But the results are there and I'm more than happy. I can go out and nobody can notice that I got surgery (no bruising!) I wish you the same! You are right, staff is amazing. But it's so long to wait for the cast to be remove, I think those days were the longest in my life! hehe! But it worth it!

Cast off tomorrow!

Time is so slow when you're waiting for something! I'm getting my cast off tomorrow and couldn't be more excited. The bruising is almost all gone, I feel great so now I'm ready to meet my new nose :)
Will post before and after pics!

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Cast removed-ready for my closeup!

WOW. I can't say enough about Dr. Samaha. HE is a master of his art and truly does not give you a minuscule reason not to book an appointment with him. He is so talented. The operation was a breeze (for me anyway), healing week passed, my cast has been removed and I am thrilled about it!! It's a strange thing to look at a feature that bothered you so much and be actually happy to look at it now, I kinda keep wanting to go take a peek in the mirror. Whatever concerns I may have had about being rushed were completely unfounded. Professional, artist, caring, visionary, advanced, and passionate, that's the words I'd use to describe him. My new nose? Beautiful, symmetrical, flattering, feminine, and confidence boosting. That describes it well. Thank you Dr. Samaha, it will improve my life because I can finally feel better about myself.
Here's some pics, keep in mind this is only 7 days after surgery, so I still have some swelling. Will post another pic at a later date.


Wow really beautiful! Im so happy for you :)
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Time for an update!

So its been 4 months since my nose job and I can't get over how much I love my nose!!!!!!!! For someone who hated her nose her whole life, I want to tell everyone to look at mine! Its so beautiful, the shape if sooo me and I finally feel beautiful! Now, I'm not conceited, but when its comes to my nose, I AM! I love love love love love it and I would recommend Dr. Samaha to everyone looking to have a nose job. Don't hesitate, do not think longer about it. If you want it done, DO IT. I promise you will feel amazing about yourself! I love taking pictures now whereas before I shunned away from the camera. It is worth every single penny I invested. And if someone asks me if I had a nose job, I proudly say YES! You know what everyone? There's nothing "embarrassing" about it. We need to stop thinking that this is something to be ashamed of. Like my mom always told me, if you're not happy about something, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. And that's exactly what I did and it the greatest gift I've ever given myself. A mighty expensive one, but I AM WORTH IT! And come on, take a look at my new nose and tell me it wasn't worth it. ;)
As a side note, my breathing isn't perfect just yet, but this is a process that will take 1 to 1 1/2 years to completely heal. You need to be patient, the swelling still needs to reduce some more. Keep in mind that it does take time and you can't expect to have overnight results.
Dr. Samaha, I can't thank you enough for your amazing work and talent. You have transformed my life.


I couldn't agree more with doing what makes you happy. I'm a little embarrassed about having my rhinoplasty but I know it has already made a difference in my appearance, confidence, and breathing. Three positives :) Excellent results btw!
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