My Invisalign Experience at 42 - Montreal, QC

I have decided to get straight teeth before it is...

I have decided to get straight teeth before it is too late. My teeth were never straight but not really bad for my parents to spent money on it. However I always dream of nice teeth and with time the teeth got a little worse. also now it is more common to get straight teeth at an adult age. My husband think it is not worth it, it does look so bad. I hesitated before doing it because of the reviews: painful, uncomfortable and no results guarantee. I am hoping for the best but know it may not be perfect.
The first day , my dentist had to put 12 attachments on top and 6 at the bottom. He also shaved to teeth on top ( for IPR). That was painful since my teeth are very tight , it hurt my gum and bled. After that the dentist put the aligners and the rest of the day was ok. No pain , a very small lisp but for 1or2hours.
The night went ok and the day after too. Nobody mentioned anything at work.
After 2days my teeth were sore and removing the aligners painful as well as putting them back, but easy to bare. Eating is a bit painful where the dentist shaved my teeth. Soft food will be on the menu for few days and snacking avoided.
Having to brush my teeth at my workplace ( bathroom) is not pleasant, to me this is something private , but no choice I have to do it.
The worth part is the attachment, it is not invisible, and shows. I avoid to smile , but I got Invisalign to be able to smile with no shame. I hope they will show less and get a bit yellow like my teeth.

Photos before treatment

First week

I have done 1 week, the first tray. Not so bad, after the first few days, I got used to have this in my mouth. Not really painful it is rather sometime annoying to feel something on your teeth, particularly when I wake up in the morning.
I am getting used to the brushing every time after eating. It is not so easy when you go out. Last night I went out and after dinner I just did not put back the aligners, because I did not have my tooth brush. It was not more difficult to put back the aligners for the night, so I think it is Ok. Anyway I do not want to stress about it, since the all purpose of the treatment it to feel better with nice teeth and not to stress or not live for one year.
The aligners are now easy to put in and out. I guess because the plastic gets softer.
I remove them when I have a meeting, I feel more confortable to speak. With the aligners I have a very slight slip or disconfort. Although nobody mentioned it. I did not get any question about it at all. May be people noticed a change but are not sure so they did not ask. Overall it is discreet, even with the attachments.
I noticed yesterday they stated to get yellowish. I brush tem every day with tooth paste but may be it is not enought. I will try bleach as some people on real self mentioned it.
For the intimate life , it did not change anything. My husband, of course, knows about it and said it does not bother him. I guess it is different when you are single and looking for a partner.
I will update my review when I get the second tray. I am now exited and want to see the changes, but I know it will take time.

Two weeks done

Today the two first week are finish and I will go to see my dentist tomorrow to get the second tray. The last few days were not pleasant. I developed an irritation on the tongue. I do not know if this is due to the aligners or if the aligners are making the irritation worse, but it feels less sensitive when I don not wear the aligners. Eating salty food is painful or crunchy food is really painful. Cold drinks help me well. Anyway ,I will talk to my dentist and sees what he thinks. Hope it gone go away and I can continue the treatment.

2 weeks done-tongue irritation

so I went to the dentist and talk about the irritation on my tongue. He seemed surprised and thinks it is due to spicy or acidic food (I never eat spicy food) in addition to the rubbing effect of the aligners. He gave me an antiseptic dental rinse "Peroxyl" . He also gave me tray 2 and tray 3. I am wearing tray 2, and my tongue feels better today. The tray is tighter and closer to the gum so my tongue does not hit the tray as much as the last tray, which became looser at the end of the 2 weeks. Hopefully my tongue will be back to normal in few days. Tray 2 feels tight when I put it in but after few minutes I forget about it. No pain on that side :-), the tongue irritation is enough for now.

Tray 2

Tray 3

The same as for tray 2 , it feels tight the first hour ang then feel OK. I slso feel like my teeth are more spaced when I eat or floth sfter brushing. Excepted these not much change. My tongue is still sensitive and get strange white sores that go and come back. Because of that it is difficult to eat acidic food (salade dressing) or drink wine . I really hope this will get better with time because it is very annoying.

Tray 4

I switch on tray 4 today. The irritation is gone, and it went very well with tray 3. I saw the dentist who said things are going well and since I do not feel much pressure he wants me to switch tray every week instead of every two weeks. This is a good news , so the whole process will be faster. Yeah!
I do not see yet any progress but I guess it is normal at that stage.

Tray 5

Not much to report. I switched on tray 5 after 10 days with tray 4 as proposed by my doctor. It goes well , no pain or soreness. I realize that the problem with my tongue sensitivity was due to the rough edge of the trays. Even if it is not painful went I put a new tray, it probably slowly rub the tongue which becomes sensitive. I now trim them with a nail polisher and for the last two trays I was fine.

Tray 6

I saw my doctor today. He check the teeth and it seems to be ok. I asked why i am doing 10 days per aligners and said he met with others doctors practicing invasilign who said there is no difference beetween 10 and 15 days went the aligners fit properly. This is for people that wear correctly the aligners for at least 20 hr/day, if the teeth are correctly spaced and if the new aligners fit easily. Said also it more appropriate for the first serie of aligners towards the second phase aligners are kept longer. This does not answer the concern about the roots.
I got 3 trays today, #6,7 and 8. I will wear tray 8 for two weeks because of the next appointment date.
When i look at the tray #2 with the new #6 i can see a difference in the top teeth but not when I look at my pictures. I looked at the cleancheck at the dentist office and the change look visible around tray 12/14. So i need to be patient ....
Tray 6 is like the other ones , feels tight for few minutes and then i forget about it. So far, so good.
I also getting use to the routine of removing the trays and brushing. Some days are more difficult than others, especially to go out and eat elsewhere than home.

At Tray 6

Tray 8

Nothing special to report. Everything is going well. The new trays are painful, just tight for the few first hours. I also getting use to it, and no more shy to smile with the retainers. I sarting to forget about it. I also getting use to remove them for rating and at the restaurant or friend 's place i go to the bathroom to put them in and out without being bother by this new routine.
I also think they are really discret. Someone ask me when I am starting the treatment and did not notice that I have already started.:-)
I am starting to see results, top and bottom teeth, so i can say now i am happy with the decision of chosing invasilign.

On tray 7

Tray 9

Not much to report. Things goes smoothly. No particular pain when I change retainers. I just noticed my bite is different, less strength to chew particularly in front, probably due to the move of teeth top and bottom that are now less aligned, but I guess things will go back in place when the treatment will reach the end.
I feel now that things are going fast. I noticed change when I compare the first retainers and the new one. Although not very obvious on the pictures, in my mirror I feel that the top teeth look better.


Just starting tray 11 but while i was on the previous tray, my front left teeth was sore and it feels more mobile than the other. I hope it is OK. At least I do not feel more presure on the new tray. I see my doctor next week , i will let him know. I also feel a overbite my denture is changing and i am chewing as before, pribably due to the mouvement if the teeth. I hope it will not get worse because it feel a bit unconfortable.

Tray 11

Tray 12

I switched to tray 12. Same as before . I told my dentust that i have some difficulty to chew correctly , he said this normal and will be corrected at the end if it persists. He still did a small ajustment on one tooth to help have a better bite. Not a bid change but i think he is right it better to adjust correctly at the end when all tooth are in the final place.
I see major difference now, and no major pain, so i am very happy so far.

Tray 14

Not much to report. A small tension in the top front left tooth.
The dentiste did IPR on the front bottom teeth and fortunately it does not show when I smile.
I have done 3/4 of the treatment !!!!
Dr Nagy Brady

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Your bottom arch is getting so straight now!  We can see the finish line! :):)
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Yes, in the last month the result became really visible. It took 10 trays ! Now it will just be improvement. :-)
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Im goin to consult a few dentists in the area by the end of this month.. dont know if im goin with invisalign or regular braces.. i dont really mind on the look but yeah your results are nice so cant wait to see final results. Are u almost done?
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My husband got three rounds of equilibration after his braces, I think, to make everything fit properly.  I only got two.  But it made a tremendous difference.  Night and day.  It's good that he was able to help a little now, but it's best to do it at the end since they'll have to do it again and they can't undo all the filing they've done up to that point.  Really amazing progress.  Beautiful.  Thank you for the update!!  I'd "like" it but CM's can't do that for now :(.  
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What is round of equilibration ? addition trays or another apparatus ? yes, there is progress and iI feel it even looks better in real than on the pictures that always amplify the imperfections.
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Sorry!  The equilibration is the filing they do to make sure the teeth match up when your mouth is closed, so that your bite is the way it's supposed to be :).  So instead of IPR, where they file between the teeth, equilibration is done on the tooth surfaces that meet.
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I am seeing great progress, too!  It is not at all unusual for some teeth to be looser than others.  It's good that you keep up with everything and ask your doctor, though.  Don't let the worry keep you up at night though :).  Some of my teeth I could actually wiggle a little--not like a child's loose tooth, but I could feel them give.  Others never got that loose.
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Thank you for your is encouraging.
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Wow! Great progress, especially on top tooth that's behind a bit! That's the one I'm waiting for as well! Bottoms are looking better as well!
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Thanks. So nice to hear that the progress is visible to others too.
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I agree about your top teeth!  This early, most of the time when you see the progress, it will be in a before/after photo collage--you have to be able to look at the two sets of teeth close together.  The other way is to look at your first tray compared to the current tray.  Differences are often very easy to spot that way after 9 trays :).

Thanks for the update, and glad things are going smoothly!  I remember that's what we were hoping in the beginning, when things most definitely were not! :D
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Always nice to hear that people are getting less self-conscious :).  
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Thank you for the update!  I think when he said the results were the same between the 10 and 14 days wear-period, I think he actually means that includes the roots.  Orthodontists are very concerned that there is enough time for the root remodeling, so I can't imagine they'd not take that into account when they say the results are the same.  That's fantastic to hear.  And also that there's a difference from the early phase aligners compared to the middle and end phase.  Fascinating stuff, so thank you for passing that on!

We just got another Invisaligner from Quebec, though they listed Gatineau.  That's not too close, I think?  They are called JLD_Sail if you would like to meet :).
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Thanks for your comment, i did ask for the root specifically. I can next time just to be sure. Gatineau is 2hr drive from Montreal but still speak french! Thanks for the connection.
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I see a difference already on your uppers. Don't you? Good progress so far.
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Cool! :)
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Oui nous parlons français! La majorité d'entre nous sommes parfaitement bilingues et travaillons majoritairement en anglais dû à la proximité d'Ottawa. L'Ontario est plus près de chez moi que l'autre bout de ma ville! Je dois porter mes premiers tray 3 semaines chaque et avec 44 ça me donne 21 mois de traitement! J'espère que mon ortho va également me recommender de les porter moins longtemps! I have to wear my first three trays for three weeks each and with 44 trays it makes a 21 month treatment which is fairly long for Invisalign or so I was told. I hope my Dr will also tell me to wear the following ones for 10 days!
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Great to hear that you figured it out!  A lot of people have troubles with rough trays and file them down.  It's a nice simple fix if it works for you!
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Yes, I am so glad of finding what is the problem. At one point I was concern I could not continue the treatment because it was too painful for my tongue. Now, just 15 more trays and weeks of patience.
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Thank you for the update, and so happy to hear that the irritation has stayed away! :)

It is normal not to see progress so soon, especially with crowding cases.  It is unusual to switch trays so quickly.  Please be sure to let your doctor know immediately if you hit a tray where it's painful to put it in.  Some trays are always more painful than others, and some are doing more difficult work than others (turning roots and the like) and definitely need the time to deal with the root remodeling.

Here is a discussion from the doctors' Q&A forum, but the final arbiter is certainly your doctor.

Can I Go on to my Next Invisalign Tray After Less Than 2 Weeks...
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I have crowding too and it's taking quite a while to see real changes...I'm on tray 8 and things are happening but not so visible yet. I haven't read of any other reviewers changing trays at 5 days unless they use Acceledent.
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I will change on 8 days fir the next two trays. Then I see mt dentist. I will ask him again, since i read some concerns about this. I understoos he had a meeting/conference with Invasilign suggesting this . I di not know exactly, may be done for some cases . I will certainly ask more information about that. Thank you for raising this issue with me.
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That's good! You don't want to have to worry about damage to the tooth roots! Although changing every five days would be wonderful!
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And I would love it if he explained more to you about what they said at the conference and you remembered it and brought it back and shared it with us!!!!!  That's the kind of information that only doctors get, you know?  But we want to know too!  Thank you so much for mentioning this!  I look forward to hearing more :D
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I'm not too sure what the sores would be from...maybe your tongue scrapes the trays and then the acidic foods aggrivate the scrapes
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