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Just Starting my Treatment...Need Tips, Suggestions, Etc...- Montreal, QC

Hey there! I just started my 8-month invisalign...

Hey there!
I just started my 8-month invisalign treatment for gap closure. In the clincheck, I was shown that my gap won't be completely closed (which is fine with me), because of the size of my teeth, so I will need some bonding to finish off the work. I need advice on how to deal with the pain, first of all... I have been taking tylenol and advil, because my whole mouth feels so sore.

Also, can you share tips on how to remove them when you have attachments? I have 9 attachments, mainly on the side teeth and it's always hard to remove my trays. It takes me on average 2 minutes to remove each tray, no kidding! They are so tightly fit, that with each removal, I feel like I am pulling my teeth out! Also, what do you suggest for cleaning? I haven't had any odor issues or discoloration, and so far I've only been using the polident for retainers to clean mine and I brush with A&H toothpaste. The edges of the trays feel so sharp though, I am scared to develop mouth ulcers. I've seen some people mention that they buff down the edges with nail filers/ buffers... I don't want to damage my trays so I am kind of skeptical about that...

I am otherwise, very excited to start this journey! I was okay with my gap until it started getting wider as years passed by. It's not as big as some I've seen, but it made me self conscious about my smile. I've consulted with 2 orthodontists and 2 dentists before starting my journey, and I've done lots of research, read a plethora of reviews, asked questions, etc... One of the orthodontist who is older and more traditional suggested a combination of invisalign+traditional braces to correct my gap. Everyone else suggested Invisalign +/- bonding to correct the gap and the size of my canines and incisors. I'd still like to have a small gap when I am done, so I am not sure about the bonding for some of my teeth, but still, I made the jump! I will update as often as possible...for now, I just need to deal the soreness and with keeping them on for 22 hours... So far, I give myself 1 hour break while having my 3 meals, so I have kept them on for 21 hours instead of 22. Oh the pressure of keeping up with time!!! I hope it gets easier!


It will become easier as you get used to removing them and working around the attachments. Your Dr. should be able to get a little tool for you from Invisalign to help with removal, if you need it. Good suggestions here! I always start new aligners at night so the tightness doesn't bother me. For cleaning, I use a small glass dish & fill it about 1/2 with hydrogen peroxide, then add same amount of water. I put my trays in 2 times a day while I'm brushing & using my water Pik. Bubbles away any tartar, etc. Be sure to rinse with clear water before putting them back in. I've had mine for 21 months......can't believe the difference!
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By the way, there is a plastic tool called the 'retainer removal tool - Outie' which you can get from amazon to help remove the aligners. I haven't tried it, but read the mixed reviews on Amazon. I don't think I need them to remove my aligners though. Good luck.
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I have attachments on both upper and lower teeth also. When I remove my aligners, I usually grab a dry paper towel so I can get a better grip, especially for the lower aligner which can get pretty slippery when wet. I grab the paper towel and start from the back molar, then move to the front. The top aligner is easier to remove by using my fingers to pry from the front. Regarding pain, usually the first day with the new aligners are quite tightly fitted. Once you got them on, keep them for 8 - 10 hours before removing them. The trick is to put them on right after an early dinner, then sleep until next morning to remove aligner while washing up ... that will be about 8 - 10 hours. Remember to put aligners back on within the hour after eating for the first few days. Chew on softer foods since your teeth can move while the aligners are out during mealtime. Remember not to wait too long to put them back on or you will feel the tightness. I am on my 9th set, with attachments and elastic bands, so far so good. Good luck.
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