YES I did it! , 5 months post op new pics - Montreal, QC

Okay, here you go, I'm a 46 year old Mom of 2 and...

Okay, here you go, I'm a 46 year old Mom of 2 and grand-Mother of 2, I'm 5'4 and 112 lbs and realy dont remember ever having perkey breasts, I always called them my empty milk bags (breast fed) , I have been thinking about having this done for quite a while but you know my kids were my priority back then, but now , now I can do this. I want to do this, but still quite worried, mostly about the scars, not quite the pain cause I can handle pain, hey I gave birth to 2, 9 lbs over babies without any drugs, so I can handle the pain, just the scars worry me. Well my appointment for a cardiogramme is next Monday (yes at my age gotta do this prio) and I also need to give a deposit 6 weeks prior to operation then there is no going back ! so would like more feed back on this procedure....

Okay, forgot to mention the size I am now 34B, and...

Okay, forgot to mention the size I am now 34B, and the size I'm going for, well, no BIG bobies for me I just want them lifted and just a tad bigger, when I went to my first appointment, I tried on 350cc that was way to big for me, so then tried 300cc on left side (smaller breast as you can see on pics, which by the way I had no clue that one was that bigger then the other, well we all know we have one bigger, but did not realize until the Doc told me and when I took the pics LOL) and 275 on right, I said to Doc Okay that looks good, but now I'm not sure, think I will downsize to 250cc left and 225cc on right. I'm still concerned about scaring and my down period after surg....and to be honest still wondering if I should go ahead with husband is very supportive and tells me what ever I want is okay with him, he says its all up to me my boddy my choice ! love him for that ! so now next step is my cardiogramme on Monday ! so for now would appreciate any feedback on scars and the down period after op. Cause I'm expecting to be up and going after 2 weeks is this realistic or not ?

Oh boy, still quite nervous about all this,...

Oh boy, still quite nervous about all this, wondering if I'm doing the right thing....some days (well no lots during a signle day) I want to cancel the whole thing then a few minutes later I'm all: bring it on ! I find this site very helpful, would like more updates from post-op's, totaly knowing that everyones own experience will be different I but I still find some confort reading these reviews.....I still havent told anyone about this (except my hub and all of you LOL ) and sometimes kinda wish I can just scream it out, but I'm not sure how they would react (not that it should bother me cause I dont realy let what others think of me bother me) but still want to stay away of any negative feedback, so I decided to keep it shut for now,

I would like to know how all you 1 month post-op are feeling like right now, are you all back to normal are you still in pain, I'm sure the scares are still in healing mode, but all in all how do you feel !

This pre-op would appreciate any feedback and updates , picks and all that.....well take care all !

Oh I forgot to mention the most important thing, I...

Oh I forgot to mention the most important thing, I will be getting Mentor Saline implants via full anchor, and the anchor scars is what bothering me the most ! would like updates on post-op that had full anchor , much appreciated ! take care ladies !

Hi all, well I've been getting some comments that...

Hi all, well I've been getting some comments that I appreciate LOTS ! it means alot for this pre-op to hear from all you wonderful post-op ladies ! I still have some concerns but guess that is normal right (especialy when I go read those bad reviews where things went wrong, why do I read those bad reviews..... ! ) well the hubby is back from work , he's been working so hard and then he's right there lisening to me gab about this booby job and never complains love him for that ! he still thinks that this is my choice and he will go with what ever I decide, but he does realize I will be in pain and that worries him ! Ahhhh this is not an easy decision...............I still havent told anyone else.........I wonder why I just dont scream it out and say: Hey everyone I'm getting a boob job and would like your support !!!!!!! I think it would make all this easier......

Hi you all ! Well did the ECG this morning, was...

Hi you all ! Well did the ECG this morning, was expecting more of it as I never had one before and it was nothing, I was in and out in about 5 minutes and my heart is great ! also got quite the compliment from the nurse she was asking me my age over and over cause she said this procedure for pre-op is done to people over 40 and she could not believe I was 46! she said whatever I'm doing to keep it up cause she thought I was in my 30's God bless her !

Well I also (finaly) told my daugther today, I was kinda worried about what she would say, and it turn out she was all gunhoe about it she said Mom for once you are doing something for you God bless her ! I told her about my concerns and she said it had to be normal for me to feel nervous but she tried to reasure me by saying : I'm sure your Doc has done this more then once and there is lots of women that do this ! talking to her today about this made me feel great, what a relief to finaly tell her !

Well when I got home I had a message on my phone from the Doc's office, saying, (probably because they got my ECG results) its time for the deposit, Oh boy did my heart started to pound ! I gotta send them the check, the problem is I know after sending the check there's no going back gotta do this , it makes it definite ! before today I could always cancel but I know now that after sending the deposit no more cancelling......Oh boy ! I wonder did any of you feel this way or is it just my (BIG) pessimist side trying to take over !

Well Ladies.....count down officialy starts today...

Well Ladies.....count down officialy starts today !!!!!! Sent my deposit today , but what a week, I was going to mail it on Monday but I would postpone everyday always finding excuses not to mail it, but I did it today (express mail, deposit has to be in by tomorrow LOL) do I fell better now, hummmmm NO, more nervous now ! anyway, count down is official and in six weeks from today I will be on the eve of my OP ! Oh boy ! hope this was the right decision !!!!!! Any POSITIVE feedback from all you post-op wonderful ladies would be greatly appreciated as this pre-op is very nervous !!!!!! thank you for reading !

Well, kinda in a fog, my deposit sent and done...

Well, kinda in a fog, my deposit sent and done with dont have to worry about that anymore but now its real this is going to happen in 6 weeks WOW !!!!! and now its the waiting time, its a good thing that I'm soooo busy at work so hopefully time will fly by ! been getting awesome comments that are making me feel good about my decision,thank you all and keep them coming !

My sister (she had her OP in July ) is coming down for a visit tomorrow, havent seen her yet and we only talked on the phone a few times since her OP , she had a hard time coping with pain and I didnt want to bother her with all kinds of questions and plus she does not know I'm going to have mine done so I've decided that I wont tell her right now because she is still coping with her own post-op, but it will be good to see her cant wait !

Had a great visit with my sister :) was great to...

Had a great visit with my sister :) was great to see her, we did talk about her B/A and she did show then to me and they look realy good, she is happy with them, the scars are healing pretty good almost all white, she only has them around the areola. I was asking her all kinds of question on her OP then I kinda said to her well I think I should have mine done, she said go for it girl, she said apart for the pain everything else went just fine and she loves her new breasts ! Well I broke down and told her I was getting mine done in Nov. by same doc and all and she was realy happy for me, so you can imagine what we talked about the rest of the evening LOL !

I've been wondering about antibiotics, almost all...

I've been wondering about antibiotics, almost all of you on this site has taken it after OP, but my Doc never mentionned it, wonder why, the only thing he mentionned was anti-inflammatory meds and pain meds , and also no special treatment before just keep off 10 days before OP anything that has aspirin in it or any blood thiner medication well I'm not on any meds only Vitamines C, D and B12 and that is not a problem, and he also said no smoking 10 days before and after and no booze a few days before and after, I didnt say this before but I am a smoker well I was a 15 cigs a day smoker but I'm now down to only 3 cigs a day and only at night my goal is to be done with that before the big day, I think I'm doing good considering I'm doing this with no meds, next week I will cut down to 2 cigs and the week after only 1 then I should be done with that I know I should have quite way back but I never realy had any motivation before but now I do and Its going great ! I know Its a bad habit but I'm possitive I will do this ! but now I'm still wondering why he didnt mention any antibiotics........

Well had quite a weekend......some family issues,...

Well had quite a weekend......some family issues, but all good now gave my mind a break from the bood job LOL . WOW I'm comming up to the 4 week until the big day, still cant believe I'm going to do this........very excited and nervous at the same time, wish it was all behind me :)

Tic Toc Tic Toc, I'm 4 weeks to the big day ! WOW...

Tic Toc Tic Toc, I'm 4 weeks to the big day ! WOW cant believe this ! wondering any of you post-op in pre-menopause or menopause with the hot flashes and night sweats how did you deal with that because I'm pre-menopause havent had a period since Feb. and I have the nightly sweats and it can get realy wet under my boobies and if I have this now what is going to happen after OP wont that be hard on my scars and that concerns me alot !

Well last few days I've been getting the cold...

Well last few days I've been getting the cold boobies feeling (aka cold feet) .......hopefuly this is part of the pre-op feelings....

WOW, cant believe only 21 days to go.....OH BOY...

WOW, cant believe only 21 days to go.....OH BOY !!!!! I'm big time nervous, anxious, excited, some days I still dont want to do this but then other days I'm all for it WOW hope all these feelings are normal !!!!! , the other night I dreampt it was all done and I was like looking at by boobs and said wow that was easy ! but hey it was a dream, was kinda disappointed when I woke up cause the dream felt sooooo real ! anywho.....tic toc tic day at a time I guess :)

Unreal how time is flying! Excited and still nervous!

Unreal how time is flying! Excited and still nervous!

OMG !!!!! unreal time is flying so fast, I'm I...

OMG !!!!! unreal time is flying so fast, I'm I ready NO, NO, NO, still quite nervous but hey will get there, not realy ready, got some sports bras that all, will focust more next week as my last day of work is this Friday, so will have a few days to get ready ! OMG WOW ! cant believe its next week WOW !

WOW 3 more days to go !!!!!! still need to get a...

WOW 3 more days to go !!!!!! still need to get a few more last minute things and also get the house all nice and clean ! got my flu shot last Thursday so thats out of the way .and been staying aware from people with a cold, washing my hands like crazy dont want to catch it cause they will postponed my operation if I get it and I DONT want that to happen.......

So I should be getting THE phone call any time now, they will let me know what time I need to be there on Thursday !

Oh boy !!! unreal 3 more days !!!! will keep updating ..................

Down to 2 days ! ......found it hard to sleep last...

Down to 2 days ! ......found it hard to sleep last night , just thinking and thinking.....all part of it I'm sure !

OMG !!!! in less then 24 hrs I will be getting...

OMG !!!! in less then 24 hrs I will be getting prep for my BL/A, I got the call yesterday, I need to be there at 7:00 am tomorrow morning, my operation is at 8:15 a.m.......I'm soooooo nevous and excited. I have kept the house cleaning for today so it will keep me busy for part of the day, I'll try and have a nape this afternoon (yeah right) cause I imagine I wont be sleeping that good tonight !

Well the house is nice and clean, no nap (figure...

Well the house is nice and clean, no nap (figure that would not hapen I'm not a nap person anyway) , took a long hot shower washed my hair, had a good supper with my hubby, now its the waiting game...tic toc tic toc......hope I will get some sleep tonight !

I'm realy calm right now, weird because I thought I would be a basket case right about now but nope !

Will update as soon as I can !

thank you all for your good wishes, I realy appreciate lots !

5:20 am - Leaving in 1/2 hr its an 1 hr drive +...

5:20 am - Leaving in 1/2 hr its an 1 hr drive + traffic, WOW I Slept REALY good amazing, I thought I would be up all night but no woke up maybe 2 times and fell right back to sleep, I'm realy calm and that is weird, I took another hot shower (just dont like not being able to apply and lotion my skin is dry and tight.......) I'm dress and ready to go, got my pillow, some snacks for the return home. OKAY new bobbies here I come...............;)

WELL ITS DONE ! so far all is well, I was not...

WELL ITS DONE ! so far all is well, I was not nervous at all, I'm in little pain nothing major for now, gotta keep up with the meds, next pills at 5:00 also gotta empty my drains, cant remember how ??? hubby will need to figure out, gotta go back tomorrow at 10;30 to have them taken out, theres a little blood on bandages, I took a picture will post tomorrow because right now I'm a little stoned from the meds ;)

Well first day and night done, pain is manageable...

Well first day and night done, pain is manageable more pressure then pain, and my back hurts probably because I'm stiff slept in recliner all night hubby gave me my meds every 4 hrs and over been walking, took only one picture will take more before we leave for my appointment and after and I will post. And what I can see so far is they are up there ;) they seam to be bigger then I expected but that could be the bandages and swelling ,can't wait to get the drains out wonder if they will cause still blood in them even after I empty them twice? Will try and post pics when I come back from docs office, thank you all for your good wishes must appreciated

So the bandages and drain are off :) that took...

So the bandages and drain are off :) that took alot of the pressure off, they gave me a bra to wear 24/7, everything looks good they said and now I only go back in 2 weeks , the scares are covered with a tape (pictures) she said that would slowly come off by its own and if not she will take it off when I go back, I'm also allowed to take showers now and will be my next sept. I'm walking around okay, just find it hard to sleep siting up in the lazy I just cant get myself or hubby to push it back cause it feels like its pulling on the stiches , I guess I will get use to that, oh and my back hurts also, I'm thinking that tomorrow I will try and go an extra hr or two between pain meds, will see tomorrow, but they said I had to take all of the anti-inflammatory meds I have some for 7 days. Well as you can see from the photos I'm now in frankinboobie mode LOL, but they look good to me and my hubby, just gotta let the swelling go down.

Will update with more pictures soon :)

Well I slept good last night moved from LAzyboy to...

Well I slept good last night moved from LAzyboy to sofa made a big difference even slept over my 1:00 am pain meds only woke up at 3:15 am to take them, there's still pressure guess that will last a while..... Oh I got 275 cc in, don't think I mentioned that. Today will try and wash my hair with hubby's help,

Okay took my shower and it felt great! Hubby...

Okay took my shower and it felt great! Hubby helped thank goodness he is here to help can't thank him enough for all he is doing for me! We looked them over during the shower and they are looking good! But I Think I might get some bruising ,I guess its part of the healing process will see as the days go by.

3 days post-op and getting better each day, no...

3 days post-op and getting better each day, no pain medication needed :), new sensations ; itchy, and wavy sounds, swelling is down lots, less pressure also, can move around easier , feeling pretty good but I'm still taking it easy don't want to over do anything. Taking advantage of this resting / healing time to the max!

Day 4 post-op finally a BM! The dried prunes,...

Day 4 post-op finally a BM! The dried prunes, prune juice, high fiber cereal,brand muffins , lots of water and Senokot.S finally working! Let me tell you what a relief!

Did not sleep that good last night, Still some pressure, had to take some extra strength Tylenol, now going to take a long hot shower that will help my muscles to relax.

WOW! That shower felt great! Got to check out my...

WOW! That shower felt great! Got to check out my new girlfriends :). The swelling in my right one is down considerably, can't say the same for my left, my left also hurts like a cramping feeling, and of course I have also started to bruise , but I do feel better !

Well survive the first week post-op so far..........

Well survive the first week post-op so far........

Still not sleeping well, I'm starting to hate my sofa......cant wait to move back to my bedroom and sleep in my bed on MY SIDE !!!!

I'm moving around really good, no more help needed for showers or getting dress, I only need help to get stuff that is too high, still cant lift my arms over my head it pulls to much on the stiches.

My new boobies are still looking like frankenboobies :( , cant wait for the strips to come off, cant stand to see that dried up blood underneeth them :[ , I also have some yellow /purple bruising (conbination of both does not help them to look pretty right now), there's still some pressure and they are tender to the touch but its much more tolerable then a few days ago, but on the good side they are less swollen and are not as high on my chest as they were and I am feeling better each day, so right now I'm just taking it one day at a time :)

WOW already 10 days post-op ! I took more...

WOW already 10 days post-op ! I took more pictures but I'm not going to post them because no big change from last pics I took on day 6, except a little more bruising.

I'm feeling pretty good :) the new girls are doing good they are healing up fine slowly but surely I hope, they do feel more swollen and heavy first thing in the morning but as the day goes by they settle down and there's less pressure, they are also tender to the touch but nothing major very tolerable. My left breast is still higher and more swollen then the right one, hope this is normal and will correct with time. Still have feeling in my nipples :) , and let me tell you its quite the experience when I get a chill LOL ;), I havent use any pain meds since post-op day 3 and I'm all done with the anti-inflammatory meds also :) all in all everything is good, of course I still have some restrictions; cant lift my arms too high and cant pick up anything too heavy but every day it gets better and easier :) now I'm looking forward to my next follow up appointment on Friday and getting these strips taken off so I can get a real good look at them :)

Took the car for a drive yesterday first time...

Took the car for a drive yesterday first time since the surgery, went to the grocery store for a few things, hubby was going to go but I told him I wanted to give it a try, it went pretty good, some things were harder to do like: closing car door, oh and the seat belt was annoying, backing out of parking space, and then at the store this wasn't easy to do; pulling on door, reaching for something that was on higher shelf, but hey I did it and felt good doing it and it was about time !

Post-op 15: So happy going back to PS today...

Post-op 15: So happy going back to PS today getting the steri-strips taken off :) but also nervous to see my scars and hope they are healing up nicely with no holes cause that would freak me out.

Back from PS, strips off, they still look...

Back from PS, strips off, they still look freaky, bruised and my right boob has superficial scabs at the junction that my PS wants to look at again next week, of course when I got home I had to look at them again and when I took my bra off there was a little spot of blood on the pad from my right boob :{ that freaked me out! so I got nervous had my hubby look at it and he said it looked okay and he tried to reassure me by saying it was probably just irritated from the stripes being taken off but I'm still nervous and scared that a hole will appear .......I'm probably over reacting , so still not out of the woods, but on the bright side I can sleep on my side if I wish and no need to have the bra on 24/7 , I just can't convince myself right now to take pictures, maybe tomorrow.

Okay I did it finally convinced myself for the...

okay I did it finally convinced myself for the sake of all of us going through this procedure, here are a couple of pics after the steri-strips came off, you can see that the right one, (left for you on the pics) the scar at the junction has more scabing but Doc is not concern he said it was superficial no need to do anything just let it heal up, my left boob is more swollen then the right and again Doc said not to worry and way too soon to say, I still have lots of brusing and again he said is was normal and will go away with time and not to worry , he wants to see me again next Friday but just for my own sake cause I was concerned and freaking out and I thank him for that because he was only going to see me again in 6 months, so hoping they will heal up nicely with no complications.....oh boy I'm not out of the woods yet.....I think I will ask Santa for a bottle of patience and optimist for Christmas cause I need it bad ! got to remind myself one day at a time, one day at a time for now !

Its been 3 weeks now, I think they are looking...

Its been 3 weeks now, I think they are looking pretty good, I'm starting to see a shape to them and that makes me feel great :) , I'm still taking it one day at a time, nothing more we can do right ! I'm feeling alot better almost back to my normal routine, I can clean the house except for vaccumimg and washing the floors my hubby is still doing that :), I still have issues when reaching for stuff and I dont dare lift anything too heavy, driving is also still an issue, like when I back out of a parking spot, Its not easy to turn my shoulders around to look and see whats back there :) I still feel some pressure but mostly first thing in the morning and as the day progresses they feel better, theres still some bruising on both, my left one is still higher then my right one but she did come down some, and I have more scabing on the vertical and t-junction scar on my right one and had a little discharge from it some mix of blood and yellow stuff :[ that freaked my out ! so I decided two nights ago to stop wearing my bra when I sleep so the scabs can breathe and after my shower I blow dry them (on cool) to keep them nice and dry before I put on my bra cause moisture is no friend to any scab, and havent seen anymore discharge (cross my fingers) I think this is helping the healing process, I will know more tomorrow when I go see the nurse at the PS office, hopefully she will say the same:) Oh yeah theres also something else bizarre I'm experiencing; I have little tiny pimples popping out here and there on my breasts, they iche like crazy then they form a little white head (gross :[ ) they stick around for a couple a days then disappear, anyone else having this issue? I've posted some new pics :)

Well its been 4 weeks now, I'm loving my new...

Well its been 4 weeks now, I'm loving my new boobies, the size and the shape, but still some minor issues, my scars still have some healing to do, still some bruising :(, they are super itchy, and my nipples are super sensitive , I've also noticed sitting in the car when the sun shins on them I get a big burning sensation even though they are covered up with bra and top , I had to shade them from the sun, I hope this is not a permanent thing , all in all things are looking good, however I can not lie I do find the recovery long, I just can't wait to feel natural /normal again, post a new pic :)

Hi ladies :) its been a while since I've updated, ...

Hi ladies :) its been a while since I've updated, just wanted to let you all know that I'm doing great! The new girls are doing well healing nicely, my left one is pretty much all healed up no scabs, my right one still has 2 small scabs that look like they will be falling any day now and I'm just waiting for that to happen so I can start to treat the scars with silicone sheets and scar guard, they are not as tender and they have dropped nicely, but they still are hard and swollen first thing in the morning but as soon as I walk around they settle down, still have some very small bruises , still wearing the sports bra but only during the day, I've been back sleeping in my bed for about two weeks now and can now sleep on my side, left side better than the right side for some reason , I feel that I can do pretty much anything I want to but still careful lifting, all in all its going great, I check out my new girls all the time ;) they are getting there, it has (still is) been quite a journey but it will be all worth it ;) new pics to follow .

Hi girls, posting new pics 6 week post-op, just a...

Hi girls, posting new pics 6 week post-op, just a tiny little scab left on my right booby, I feel great, and loving my new girls more and more each day !

Can't believe it's been 7 weeks today since my...

Can't believe it's been 7 weeks today since my surgery, I feel great, the girls are doing great also, they still remind me (mornings) that even though 7 weeks seams like a long time to me, that it's still early in recovery for them, they are still hard and swollen first thing in the morning and more so for my right one,and they are still tender, good news no more bruising and no more scabs on my scars :) and I started to use the silicone sheets will see how that goes. Posting new pics

Hi all, well I'm now 8 weeks post op, can't...

Hi all, well I'm now 8 weeks post op, can't believe it's been that long , I feel great, still having some issues but minor ;

1- sleeping is still a little uncomfortable, I sleep sideways and they feel heavy so I find myself switching sides often during the night
2- they are still hard and tender first thing in the morning but settle once I start walking around.
3- when I'm sitting doing nothing they feel natural, when I do stuff I can definitely feel them
4- notice if I over do something they ache, especially my right one, I'm a righty
5- started the silicone sheets and gel on my scars , don't really like them I find the gel messy and for some reason when I wear the sheets it feels like my girls harden up and are more tender, maybe I was wearing them for to long? Anyway I decided to stop using for now and I will try Bio-oil for a while
6- really don't care for my scars, especially the ones on my right one, hopefully they will fade with time
7- love the size and shape, no one can tell I had them done except for my hubby and I and that's exactly what I wanted :)
8- I'm still wearing my post op bras and still don't know what size I am now, but I am getting curious, thinking of going bra shopping but wonder if its too soon?

I'm posting new pics, wishing you all only the best for 2013!

Okay its been already 9 weeks post op and you...

Okay its been already 9 weeks post op and you would think that I would be done worrying about stitches NOT! One has decided to play peekaboo with me! Its on my right booby around my areola near the vertical incision, I can really feel it and see it, don't know if I should pull it out or let it be....I can't go to my PS because I'm out of the country, it doesn't really hurt just annoying, probably should still give my PS a call before doing anything, has this happen to anyone this advanced in recovery???????

Well it has now been 12 weeks since my BL/BA,...

Well it has now been 12 weeks since my BL/BA, can't believe it's been that long ago, I remember how I couldn't wait to be at my 3 month post op mark! Thought that I would for sure be back to normal, my girls would be all healed up! Well not quite, but don't get me wrong, I feel like I'm back to normal, if you can call it that, as normal as I think I should be, this whole thing/change is still so surreal to me, I've been dreaming about this for such a long time and now it's done and has been for 3 months now! Okay now some updates on my recovery, my girls are great, nice and soft, I think they have found their place although I know that still can change, I still have the morning boobs but not as intense, they are still somewhat tender, I also get, from time to time, what I call electro shock pains around my areolas uncomfortable but manageable I guess there's still some nerves recovering , and I got a second stitch just starting to peek out so I guess I will need to deal with that again :( sleeping on my side is (unbelievable) still an issue but getting better, now about the SCARS well I hate them :( they are not fading as fast as I would want them to, I am applying Bio-oil on them and I know I need to be patient and with time they will fade but for now I hate them, I went bra shopping the other day and when I got in the changing room I got to see my new girls in a very, very well lit environment and the only thing I could see were my scars and I really didn't like what I saw so much that I didn't even try the bras on and I got out of there as fast as I could, and since then, it's always on my mind , will they fade????? Most likely will, with time and alot of patience. Apart of that issue, I really like the shape they have and how perky they are :) my hubby tells me all the time that they look great, now I just need to get over my scar paranoia and go back bra shopping because I still don't know what cup size I am and I'm still wearing sport bras. Posting new pics.

It will be 14 weeks tomorrow since my surgery and...

It will be 14 weeks tomorrow since my surgery and yesterday I noticed a small wound under where my stitch was peeking out on my left breast at the vertical incision it's really small but it's bleeding a little :( I had a stitch peek out on my right breast a few weeks ago but once the stitch was gone it healed up nicely without even leaving a scar, can't believe this is happening now, I really thought I wouldn't have to worry about wounds anymore especially at this stage , I really don't know what to think about it, I've applied some polysporin on it and I'm hoping it's nothing serious , anyone else experience this at this stage???

April 8th will be my 5 month post op anniversary! ...

April 8th will be my 5 month post op anniversary! What a journey it has been and still is! I love my new girls, the size, shape, how perky they are ;) I love how my tops look on me now, LOVE that I can wear tops without a bra! But I only do that at home can't get myself to go out in public without a bra yet.

Now as far as the recovery goes, well I still have some issues, my scars are slowly fading and that's good, I still get that engorge feeling in the morning but not at all as intense, I still have some pain in my right girl , I'm hoping it's just muscle pain, seems to hurt more if I over do it, I'm still experience some "zapping / shocks" on both, probably nerves still healing, I also think there's another stitch that's going to pop out , found a small pimple this morning :( my next follow up appointment is next month so hopefully my PS will confirm all this and find nothing else serious. All in all I'm quite happy with my decision to have this done, when I look at my before /after pics I can't believe how far I've come wow! posting new pics. Best of luck to those who will be having the op shortly and happy healing to those on the other side !

YES I did it! 9 months post op....loving my girls!

Well it's been awhile since I've posted, guess I'm enjoying my new girls, my new life! It's been 9 months post op, quite the journey its been, still some issues nothing major, would like my scars to fade faster but I guess for me it's going to take longer, if I over do things they still get sore for a couple of days, for example I pulled out some rose bushes the other day took all I had to get them out well my girls hurt pretty bad for a few days :(. I wish I hadn't done that :( just don't realize that I'm still in healing process even at 9 months post op, but I'm loving them ! Posting new pics, there not that clear taking them myself but you'll get the picture ;)

Yes I did it. 9 months post op new pics

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My Sister, her daughter (my niece) her ex-sister in law and her (yes) ex-husbands new girlfiend all had their breast done by this doctor and are all pleased.

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Thanks for sharing your experiences! I have been thinking about going through the surgery myself, but fear is taking over right now. Maybe in the future but definitely not ready yet. However reading your diary is really helping with my decision. Thanks again!
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Hi honey:) how are you? I know you are about 8 months post op? I was looking your pictures 5 months after and you look incredible! very perky boobs;) I know the feeling dear when we look before and after pictures;) I just posted pictures today 11 months post op. Hope to hear from you.
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Hey there darling great to hear from you! Yep 8 months already unreal how time just flys by! I'm doing great love the girls, went for my 6 months post and doctor said I still have some healing to do, scars are still kinda redish but should fade with time, went and saw my family doctor today, she looked them over and did a breast exam and everything looked okay to her but she wants me to go for a Mammogram in the fall, not looking forward to that :( had one done about 6 years ago and it wasn't a pleasant experience so really not looking forward to it, actually kinda nervous, have you had one since you're op? A part of that I'm doing pretty well. Will post new pics soon, you look fantastic! Hope you feel as fantastic! Take care !
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Nice to hear from you (: yes my family Dr. Also asked me to have done a mammogram but I just want to ask my surgeon before I do it. I've never had it done before this will be my first time :( other than that all great with my and yes the scars take time to mature and fade mines were pink and now turning like white. Keep shinning! Take care! :)
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Thank you for posting so many pics! I'm having my BL/BA on Friday April 26th am getting a little nervous. Seeing your progress put me a little more at ease. :) You and your girls look fabulous!
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Hi CCMay77, thank you, I'm happy you are more at ease, yes this web site is great, it help me tremendously during my journey and still does, I remember being soooo nervous also, this site brings me comfort because I know we are all going through the same thing. I wish you the best of luck keep us updated on your progress, take care.
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It is like looking in the mirror...Lol ; ) Looking good.
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Thanks Sis ;)
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Just went thrum ur pics. Your progress from start to now is amazing. Looking good!
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Thank you happymommaof2, it has and still is quite the journey, however I do believe that patience is the key during the healing proces, and I still cant believe it's been 5 months, happy healing to you!
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How are things going?
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Hey sis ;) so glad to hear from you its been awhile, things are going well, I was wondering the same thing about you? I have taken new pics will post soon, my right girl is still giving me issues, some pain, I'm hoping it's just muscle pain, can't believe it will be 5 months on the 8th , gotta call PS soon and schedule that 6 months post op follow up, cant wait to go and see him need to know if everything is healing like it should be, how about you , how are you doing?
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Wow, same goes for me right side is STILL not quite "right". It is as if the muscles around the right are not willing to relax.When I extend my arm straight up shoulder height in front righty sits well; when my arms are at my sides she seems tense. I have my appointment mid May. I have another Mondors Cord on the right side again?! I have reverted back to my old post op bra when at home, much more comfortable than La Senza ; ) Had a couple of "pimples" around the nip incisions which ended up having pieces of sutures in them. Hope you had a great winter & are enjoying the new you. Keep me posted xxxx
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Well hopefully its all part of the healing process it seems like we both are having the same issues, I hope it's all normal and nothing serious. We still got two more weeks to go here then we are heading back home, we had a great winter but it's time to head back, I will call tomorrow to schedule my appointment for next month , keep me posted also okay, take good care Sis xxxxx
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can you please provide the doctor's name? Thank you.
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Wow I think yours are perfect. I'm really considering doing a lift/aug. I just had a tummy tuck 6 weeks ago, and now am saving up for a lift maybe. Do you like the saline? (you got saline right?). Gosh I think your size is perfect.
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Hi sheeney7, thank you and congrats on your weight loss and TT I've looked at your profile you look great ;) yes my implants are Mentor smooth round moderate profile saline 275cc placed under muscle and for the lift he preformed the full anchor incision , I got to size/try some samples at the PS office before surgery, first ones I tried were 350cc that was way to big, so I downsize to 300cc, and day of surgery finally went with 275cc I do love the size and shape of my new girls, what I love the most is only my husband and I can see the change and that's exactly what I wanted ;) let us know if you decide to go ahead with it, take care for now and wishing you happy healing with your TT
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I am dealing with something just like this right now. It started maybe 2 weeks ago. I had a small red bump about an inch under my areola right on the incision line. After a day or two it burst on its own like a tiny blister and bled a little bit with a small amount of pus. I put a round bandaid of neosporin on it and a couple of days later it was a scab. It has since happened two more times in different areas. I just assume it must be my body reacting to the sutures because it happens right on the incision line every time. I have one right now. The second one I noticed was on the line around my areola so I squeezed it gently and it popped pus and blood and went away a couple of days later. They have so far been healing but I continue to have them pop up for now. I am not worried about them but if this is going to happen for all of my sutures this is going to be a loooong process :) Curious as to what your ps will say. Good luck!
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Hi there, reassuring to know I'm not the only one going through this, I hope this doesn't happen to all of them also, thanks for the info, I'm still waiting for the PS office to call me back and I will update as soon as I hear back from them, good luck to you also!
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My PS saw the pics I sent him and said there was no need to be concerned, most likely a stitch trying to pop out, he said when I bathed or shower to gently wash the area with mild soap and if I see the stitch to gently pull with tweezers and cut, everything should be find, actually I don't see any stitch peeking out and today the area is looking good :) lets hope it stays that way, thank you all for your reassuring words, I feel much better now :)
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I highly recommend using Dial antibacterial soap. :)
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= )
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: ( A week or two ago I had a pimple on the same side with a little (miniscule) puss. I popped it, a small piece of "stitch" came through...might be the same thing? I too hope it is nothing serious! : )
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Humm maybe it's the same thing? Was it a little redish around it? I'm going to send a picture to the clinic and see what they say, it's kinda freaking me out a little :(
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Slightly, like a pimple. Once popped it healed and went away. It was at the top of the vertical incision at the base of the nipple. I wonder how long the stitches take to disintegrate? Hope all is well!
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