Salicylic VS Glycolic Acid Peels Combined with Microdermabrasion - Montreal, QC

I want to share my experience. I have acne-prone...

I want to share my experience. I have acne-prone skin since 10 years now which caused scars and I still get break outs all the time. I decided to go through treatments to try and figure out what would work best on my skin. I'M SO discouraged because I have used every acne wash you can imagine, and never see results. So I bought 2 microdermabraison treatments and a package of 6 peels. Combination of Salicylic & Glycolic.

My skin is GLOWING ! litterally. So far I've done 1 micro and 4 peels. Still more treatments to go through. The acne is gone and my scars are getting much better. Overall, my skin looks and feels amazing. I'm not 100% cured yet, but the results keep on getting better every time I get a treatments done.

Now people are wondering, SALICYLIC OR GLYCOLIC peels ? Well, I would suggest the combination of both. You can notice how your skin reacts to each treatment and talk with your doctor afterwards to let them know which one works best for your skin type.

Personally, my skin looks reacts very well with glycolic peels. I love them, and they helped my scars fade. When I get salicylic peels done, my skin seems to break out afterwards. I don't know if it is part of the healing process but my skin doesn't look as good as with the glycolic peels.

With microdermabraison treatments, my skin healed great, but you do feel like you have a slight sunburn afterwards and it lasts for a day or two. So you would want to stay away from sun and makeup after this treatment.

With the peeling treatment I have absolutely no down time and I notice my skin peeling a little bit.

I'm so happy I started these treatments. It's worth every penny !
Hi, I didn't take any pictures myself but my esthetician took soom before pics and soon she will be taking some after pics so I'll be posting them as soon as she gives me those pics:)

Excellent, look forward to the update, hope all is well!


After 3 facial peels and 1 microdermabraison treatment.

TERRIBLE peeling experience with Salicylic peel. NEVER AGAIN.

We will continue only with glycolic peels because my skin heals much better and looks great. Then I get the salicylic peel and my skin breaks out and I feel like i'm starting over with day 1 again ! :'(
Updated pictures. I feel horrible with those afwul pimples that popped out because of the peel. Looking forward to getting my glycloic peel today :)

This is the only time I feel beautiful!

When I'm all done up with make up on my face to cover up those horrible pimples that have been ruining my life for over 10 years now :'( I know it can get better, i'm the living proof. As a child, there was not one place on my face where I didn't have a pimple, now I only have problems on my cheeks. But it's a hard battle, you never seem to win !
and you are super gorgeous as well wow ! I know I am a meat lover and it might not help my issue. I feel like I need meat :(

Thanks :) I would suggest organic meat & poultry only as that will ensure that the animals have not been given any antibiotics, or any type of synthetic growth hormones. I am lucky I had never really liked meat so it was super easy to not eat it...I did like poultry and fish however feel better not eating it. Sometimes too, it's not taking away from the diet it can be adding in...even though I am vegan I still consume honey and bee pollen..they are gold to me. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!


Discouraged and hopeless

I am feeling so discouraged and hopeless because nothing I do seems to get rid of my acne. I've tried everything and I really don't know how to help this issue. I get cystic acne all the time. I hate waking up in the morning to a new pimple under the skin somewhere on my face. Since my treatments, I even get pimples on my neck and forehead. It's been years that I didn't get pimples in those areas. I'm so sad ! It's ruining my life.

One more microdermabraison treatment to go.

After all my treatments, my cheecks are still full of cystic acne! I am hoping that my last microdermabraison helps a little, and i'll be continuing to use GM COLLIN acne kit products afterwards. I am starting to think that I need a dermatolgist to examen my skin and do blood work to find out if I have a bad hormone imbalance. I don't want to stop until I find a solution. I feel horrible every single day because of acne. My problem now is that i'm starting to have less money to spend on my expensive products and treatments for my problem. Maybe accutane would be a solution ?
You're pretty regardless of the acne, what does your diet consist of?

Getting back on Yaz.

So, i've decided to get back on YAZ hoping it will give me the same amazing results that I did three years ago. My doctor told me that I should have never stopped it as I was put on it to control my hormonal acne and it really did great results. I had no more acne anywhere ! Can't wait to see how it will go this time.
Wow ! You are looking so beautiful. The results prove to be quite effective.
Hi am currently going through micros an Jessner peels an find them to be working...acne is hormones, hence why u break out when pregnant...the only thing that controlled mine was the contraceptive pill I went off it a year ago for obvious reasons... So I feel for you all... The best thing I found for mine is beach water or warm salt water...when it comes to acne you need a little bit of chemical in a daily skin care routine to control it as natural stuff won't do anything...I recommend going to your local gp an asking for a hormone imbalance check it could be what you are putting into your body that's a nasty causing break outs ...hence the pill being a controlled I say I know what you are all going through I am 32 an had acne sine I was 14 plus I don't even wear make up unless I go out which is hardly ever so you can't tell me that putting it on during the week which clogs pores etc doesn't help the skin I don't smoke I have the odd glass wine as one does drinks loads water exercise happyin life love my job an have a fantastic relationship with my man an eat healthy so why isn't my skin radiant like the lucky ones??? Then when I fall pregnant it's prob all gonna be a waste of time as all women break out so why bother I ask my self??
My daughter has constant acne. We can all tell you how beautiful you are, but it doesn't really matter...does it. Nothing works consistently for her. I feel so bad for acne sufferers, it really seems to ruin everything. Hope something starts to consistently work for you and I'm sincerely sorry that you have to go through this. Thanks for sharing.

At laser spa.

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