48 Years Old, Botched Labiaplasty by Gynecologist - Montreal, QC

I've waited for years to get this procedure done,...

I've waited for years to get this procedure done, but I was too shy to shop around and find the right surgeon. The first place that came in handy due to the proximity to my workplace. I thought I could just go for the procedure and return to the office without anybody knowing, except my husband who was supportive and provided the money for it. The surgeon ended up to be a only gynecologist, not a plastic surgeon, who went to California to learn the trim procedure using laser. He doesn't do the wedge method. Anyway, as I hated the dark color of my labia contour, I went for it. I had a lot of tissue but I ended up with barely a bit on one side. I have no labia left. I was in shock and the doctor apologized to me saying 1 of 10 of these surgeries do not succeed and I was the one. I was in disbelief and got depressed. Anyway the doctor reimbursed me for most of the surgery cost. But this did not compensate my loss. I'm disfigured down there. Since then, I consulted 2 real plastic surgerons who have expertise for years in labiaplasty procedures. Both of them said there is no much left tissue to work with except the clit hood flaps and a small piece around the vagina but each one of them proposed a different way to compensate the missing segment of 3 cm of tissue, one by using the hood tissue and strtch it to attach it to the lower bit of remaining piece to tissue, and the other by using what plastic surgeons use as V-Y method normally used on the skin, not on mucus. It's a first in the revision of botched labiaplasty world.. I'm still thinking about this proposed solution but there is no guarantee it will work and heal as on the outer skin. I would appreciate any feedback in this regard..
Any feedback and/or revision proposals from plastic surgeons in my area would be appreciated..
You should maybe consider Dr Gary Alter, he seems to be the expert in correcting botched labiaplasty, there are photos on his website, he uses the clitoral hood flap technique to reconstruct a labium, i had botched surgery and I look like a freak, yours is not bad as you have a right labium and plenty of clitoral hood skin, I wouldn't care if he was miles away or that bit more expensive, he is worth considering if he is the best, and you want the next surgery to be the result you want, you really don't look bad, you wanna see me I'm mutilated. But contact him for advice.
Thanks for your feedback Loulou55. Actually I did consult Dr Alter 4 months ago and I was about to go to his office in NY for the revision because I know he's THE surgeon for this type of complex reconstruction surgeries, but I had to drop it due to many factors, first the clinic is not in the same country I live in, second the cost is extremely high ($10k) other than the travel and living expenses for me and the other person to accompany me for a week for post-op follow-ups due to the important number of stitches needed in my case, per Dr Alter, let alone the lot of med paper work to fill out by my family doctor for the clinic in NY. Anyway, I'm still thinking about it but I don't want to rush it this time... I learned it the hard way! I'm also trying to find the equivalent to Dr Alter in my area in Montreal or in Toronto where I have a relative who can help..

Photos today

Here are 2 photos of how it looks today (12 months after surgery).
wtf! I'm pissed for you! You should consult a lawyer and see if you can sue him so you don't have to pay your own money for the revision! Also, post his name here so people can avoid him. That's terrible what happened to you! I'm no doctor, but it just doesn't make sense to me how he can do one side fine and just chop up the other.
You're right missy91, this doctor should be stopped from performing this procedure because it's not his area of expertise, but I got a settlement and signed a paper to let it go, so I'm back to square one with me looking for a specialized plastic surgeon in labiaplasty revision this time with zero chance of possible revision.. With every plastic surgery there is a risk of failure and I've been the unlucky client. To sue the doctor won't bring my missing labia back!!!!
people need to stop sayin the wedge is better then trim, i had the trim done 6 weeks ago, and i cant even see my scars, i only had pain and bleeding on the day of surgery, nothing after that, ive seen terrible reviews for the wedge method, so its not about what method u use, its about how good ur doctor is and thats that. i love how my labia looks, and if i could do it again, il do the trim.

Doctor was easy to communicate with but has no expertise in labiaplasty methods being a gynaecologist, not a plastic surgeon. On top, I haven't seen him at all after the surgery! The nurse saw me and I was discharged an hour later.

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