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I had the treatment done in April 2011. It will be...

I had the treatment done in April 2011. It will be almost a year in 2 month. I literally feel like it didn't do much for my skin. I'm only 26, but I never liked my skin because the texture is non regular , I have black head, dilated pores, I had some acne before that is steel coming back once in a while, I also had some sun damage(but very little) because I use to go to tanning bed and finally some little acne scar(nothing too serious). So, I decided to pay 2450$(which I find is a lot compare to others) to get the Smart Xide dot treatment. After the treatment, I was red for a few days, but everything when away.

The thing that i'm NOT happy with is the RESULT. A few month after, I had my black head multiply by 10. Its so crazy how many black head appear on my face after I had the smart xide. Plus I went to vacation a good 7 month after the treatment and I was wearing 60 and 100 SPF lotion as recommended. Well, some brown spot started to appear badly on my face(some that I didn't have at all) like as if I have a light brow mask on my face. I don't know why but under my eye is white(like a racoon). Since then I went to see the doctor and he offered me a free IPL laser treatment. WTF????? I'm so mad I did the smart xide dot.

Now I can't tan my face at all when I go to vacation and I have to wear a lotion 100. Even thought I put a hi SPF lotion there is steel some brown spot that gets darker when i'm in the sun. Also, I didn't even see an improvement with the little acne scars I had before. :( If somebody would like to tell me why i'm reacting like that, I would be very happy.


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Thank you so much for posting pictures for us! Has anything changed with your skin since your initial post?

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I see you just updated your post here with photos. Good idea. You could do closeups to help us. Thanks either way.
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ClareK, I remember they did my eyes (on my lid too and around). My skin texture and brown spot are still there. Last winter I tried IPL for brown spot. It sort of disappear, but as soon as the sun came back the spots came back too. It's a real nightmare for me. I'm still on accutane (20 mg a day) because Smart Xide gave me terrible juvenile acne as well. Now I have scars from that acne that I never had before. Again, Smart Xide ruined my life.
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Really? Oh that's awful. I am so sorry.
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I don't think it would work on acne -- it's a surface remodeling and tightening technique. Are your eyes still white? It must be they overdid the eyes or didn't do them and the rest is redder.
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I'm really sorry to hear what you have experienced since having the SmartXide done. Have you seen any other doctors to see if anything else can be done to reverse some of the changes?

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No I haven't. I kind of gave up.... I don't really want to spend more money on that case.... I feel like any dr. want to make money with laser now. I don't really know what to do..... I don't want my case to be worst either.

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I live in Mtl too and was thinking of having smartxide laser how r u doing now? And where did u have it done?

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Awe, well don't give up. I fully understand you not wanting to put more money into it, and being worried about it being made worse. I can see myself having the exact same concerns. Maybe if you did a lot of research on a doctor to go to you would find someone you could/would trust.

Wishing the best for you, and hope you will keep us posted on how you are doing.

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Hi everyone! we are now in April, so it's been a year now that I had my SMART Xide.
Well when I looked at pictures of me a year ago, i'm realizing that my skin was better.
The brown spot are really there and it looks like they will stay.
My acne is worst then ever and I still have non-regular texture of the skin with blackheads.
I really don't know what to do to get ride of the BROWN SPOT.
Does anyone know if IPL, peeling or microdermabrasion could be helpful?
I read on the internet, that nothing can't be done for brown spot and they will stay forever.....Hopefully not.
I'm going to see a very good dermatologist next week: DR. Dubuc.
I hope he will help me with the brown spot.
Think twice before doing the smart Xide. I was wondering if anybody had similar experience like me.
I would like to know if it's normal to have a fragile skin after this treatment to the point of not being able to go under the sun at all.
To answer to Cassandra, I went to clinic Nu face in Laval.
Thank you
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i did the same treatment at the same clinic as you and i was not satisfied at all ! i have enlarged pores with light acne scarring and the result after 1 year look like i just spend 2500$ for nothing i got no result at all skin texture just look as the same
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Sorry to ear that, but yes very frustrating same here.
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