Light Sheer Duet Not Working! - Montreal, QC

Hello! I have light skin with dark fairly...


I have light skin with dark fairly thick hair. I did 9 IPL Treatments(full body) which didn't really work on me! and then tried another place called"Star Laser" using the "Light Sheer Duet" and had another 9 treatments there(this time only for my neck area) and my hair is STILL growing!!

I don't know what to do anymore! I've spent a lot of money already and suffered... but still didn't get the result!!

What should I do?? Please help!

Hey there, just checking in to see if you have tried any other treatments?
Star laser’s lightsheer duet did wonders on me….but I really think it depends on the person, as far I have heard some people have bighormonal problems with body and facial hair. I can recommend the Lightsheer duet and also the outstanding service at star laser.
Very professional and great results ! I had tried in the past another laser but it is not comparable with the Light Sheer Duet. Much less pain and awesome results !!!
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