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I've got a flat back and its been this way my...

i've got a flat back and its been this way my whole life. The rest of my body is curvy and the surgery will help relocate the extra fat from my stomach, arms and love handles in my butt.

i've been searching for a doctor for a couple of months now and i found a surgeon in NY with fair prices for my procedure.

My bigest concern is the post op, i leave in montreal Canada and I'll probably take two weeks off to come to NY for my procedure but i'll be travelling alone! i'm having two procedures done a BBL and a breast lift and i want to know if i'll need a lot of assistance after the procedure or if i'll be able to handle it alone? is 2 weeks enough for my recovery?

i'm really excited about getting the BBL but when i think about the post op and recovery time it completely freaks me out!

so if u can give me some advice and more information about it and also some reviews about the doctor.

New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

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Hi Malika, I was wondering about your NY surgeon, was it worth it? I'm from Montreal but i'm looking for a competent surgeon.

Thank you
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I'm from Montreal too and I'm going to see Dr.Jimerson next month for my bbl. I'm driving all the way to Georgia to get my SX done. He's worth the trip. Look him up.
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Hi Malika,

We have a guide with some helpful pre- and post-op info. 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Butt Augmentation. Hope this helps!

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Well I had my surgery done a little over a month ago and my personal opinion is that you DEFINITELY need someone there with you after the surgery. There is absolutely no way I could have done it without my husband there. I barely had enough energy to walk and taking a shower and going to the bathroom required assistance the first few days because you will get dizzy and may be nausous for the first few days. Good luck to you and my best advise is to be sure to do your research on your surgeon and if he has good reviews of these specific procedures. It's worth it to pay more and get a good surgeon. The first week is rough but around day 8 you start feeling ALOT better. I am still recovering though, not completely back to my old self. The lipo is much worse than I imagined it to be as far as the recovery part. I'm SOOO glad I did mine though. Tummy tuck is next on my list. I'll be glad to answer any questions you might have about the BBL procedure. By the husband is from Montreal :) We just visited there last summer. It's a beautiful city, especially the old downtown Montreal.
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