17, Saving Up for a Nose Job, and Trying to Find the Right Doctor. - Montgomery, AL

So, right now I'm looking for a rhinoplasty...

So, right now I'm looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon. I'm 17 and currently working two jobs to save up for this nose job. I wouldn't go under 5,000 but I don't want to go over 8,000. I wouldn't mind going over 8,000 if I can save up enough money by next year or if I get it done nearby. I live in Alabama, but I am expecting to travel to get it done. I've been thinking about Grigoryants but I think he goes over 8,000? I heard he gives a student discount though and I will be getting it done the summer before I go to college so maybe I would be eligible? Please comment below if you have any suggestions because I really don't know of many rhinoplasty surgeon and the internet is flooded with them. Don't know where to start.

More photos and dr. Richard Davis

More photos. And I really like Dr. Richard Davis before and after photos! I don't know about his pricing though? Any one have any experience with him?

Do all surgeons have fake reviews?

Almost every surgeon I was really interested in turned out to have some fake reviews. There were some really positive real reviews about them and no bad ones (which might be from them like blocking them or something?) The fake reviews really makes me weary of them though. I don't think a trustworthy surgeon would do that, but all the ones I was interested in have done it! Mainly dr. grigroyants which has AMAZING B/A and is exactly what I'm looking for (besides the price is a little high but worth it as long as I can save up enough) Should I still have him as my number one pick even if there were some fake reviews by him on the Make Me Heal message boards??

Extra costs?

Oh another things I'm wondering about is the extra costs. Apart from surgery, how much should I expect to pay when traveling for rhinoplasty? Will probably go to California for it. Hotels and everything!

Second thoughts about getting it so soon

So I'm not sure if I really need it done as soon as I'm 18. Maybe 19 or 20 will be fine?? I would like to get it done ASAP but I'm thinking about going back into public high school instead of homeschooling (switched so I could work more to save up for the rhinoplasty) which means I couldn't save up as much. I know once I'm in college I can save up enough because of the GI Bill I'm getting from my dad will give me enough money to get a nose job (thank goodness) I just dont wanna go into college with a nose like mine. I'm not sure what I'll do.

Still wanting rhinoplasty

So I'm still desperate for a nose job. I'm doing this for myself. I feel terrible every time I look in the mirror because of it so I'm beyond excited to get it done and will do anything to make sure it happens. Does anyone know how the surgeon determines how much they charge? I'm going with dr. Grigoryants and I noticed some he charges for like 6500 but others like 10,000 and that's a big difference haha. I read somewhere he gives a student discount? I have nothing actually wrong with my nose, as in I can breathe perfectly and everything. Idk if that affects the price? Also how much should I save up for additional costs? I can definitely save up enough for the rhinoplasty but the extra costs for traveling, hotels, and other things may bite me in the butt haha.

Change of ideas

So I decided I'm going to have a consultation with a local surgeon in my area. Michael bowman. In like 4 months. I want to do it locally and im sure he will be cheaper than the doctors in Los Angelos and stuff. In like 5 months or so I will set up a consultation and see how it goes. I don't think I can afford travel and the price of dr. Grigoryants. I work all the time but taxes and car payments are a bitch.... Haha. I'll see how I think of Michael Bowman when I do the consultation! He seems like he has great credentials and what I want done to my nose doesn't seem toooooo terribly complicated to do. Wish me luck. (:
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