17, Saving Up for a Nose Job, and Trying to Find the Right Doctor. - Montgomery, AL

So, right now I'm looking for a rhinoplasty...

So, right now I'm looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon. I'm 17 and currently working two jobs to save up for this nose job. I wouldn't go under 5,000 but I don't want to go over 8,000. I wouldn't mind going over 8,000 if I can save up enough money by next year or if I get it done nearby. I live in Alabama, but I am expecting to travel to get it done. I've been thinking about Grigoryants but I think he goes over 8,000? I heard he gives a student discount though and I will be getting it done the summer before I go to college so maybe I would be eligible? Please comment below if you have any suggestions because I really don't know of many rhinoplasty surgeon and the internet is flooded with them. Don't know where to start.


Your nose seems pretty much perfect from the side! Maybe a little thinning from the front tip, but honestly I'd love to have a nose like yours. Wish you the best whatever your decision
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I personaly think your nose is nicely geometric. The tipe of your nose is pointy and a lil upward which makes it unusual but very attractive, it also fits with your face. Your nose is what i'll expect from a well accomplished rhinoplasty. If you still decide to get a rhinoplasty make sure you get it done with your own cartilage instead of a fake bone, in order to get a more natural appearance. For the student discount i have no idea sorry, i recently did a rhinoplasty and I'm 17 too, although my surgeon fully charged me for the cosmetic part. Plus i think you're beautiful please don't do a rhinoplasty, i've never seen you in real life and i already have a crush on u x) contact me if you have any questions regarding recovery or other point you may want to go over, I'll be delighted to help you :) Cheers, Mauricio L.
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you 100% should not get a nose job, your nose is beautiful as is.. honestly, I would kill to have a nose like yours
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More photos and dr. Richard Davis

More photos. And I really like Dr. Richard Davis before and after photos! I don't know about his pricing though? Any one have any experience with him?


Honey, your before looks like a perfect after! You are already so beautiful! Please reconsider going through with a surgery. Rhinoplasty is SO unpredictable. Just enjoy your youth and beauty: )
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Wow, thank you so much!! (: I just think my bridge is really too tall and a little too wide from the front. I am scared of the surgeon messing it up whenever I get it done. But I hate going out in public or hanging out with friends because I'm too insecure of my nose. I've been wanting this done since about 7th grade and haven't been able to get it off my mind. Even if only I can tell the difference when I get it done, it will be so worth it if it can boost my confidence. Thank you again hun. (:
Honestly I only see a perfect nose. Where's the bump?
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Do all surgeons have fake reviews?

Almost every surgeon I was really interested in turned out to have some fake reviews. There were some really positive real reviews about them and no bad ones (which might be from them like blocking them or something?) The fake reviews really makes me weary of them though. I don't think a trustworthy surgeon would do that, but all the ones I was interested in have done it! Mainly dr. grigroyants which has AMAZING B/A and is exactly what I'm looking for (besides the price is a little high but worth it as long as I can save up enough) Should I still have him as my number one pick even if there were some fake reviews by him on the Make Me Heal message boards??


Just out of curiosity how do you know the review about Dr. G is fake?
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The moderator on the forum had to shut down like 11 accounts because they all came from Dr. G's IP address. Nontheless I think his results are almost always amazing and he is still my number one pick.
I'm also 17 and I've had my nose done less than two weeks ago and people also said I didn't need it, but I wanted it so if you really dislike your nose you should do it. It's your life and your choice, but to be honest, you are the first person on this website who doesn't need it! Kisses from The Netherlands
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Extra costs?

Oh another things I'm wondering about is the extra costs. Apart from surgery, how much should I expect to pay when traveling for rhinoplasty? Will probably go to California for it. Hotels and everything!


I agree with Faith2012. Do tons and tons of research (it sounds like you already are). Here's a list of questions to ask at consultations.

You are absolutely gorgeous. I wish your beauty was a little clearer to you, but I also understand wanting a rhinoplasty. It sounds like you're approaching this with a very mature attitude and good head on your shoulders.

Please keep us posted!
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Thank you so much! (: you're very kind.
You're only 17. I think it's good that you're saving money now but please take it slowly. I'd definitely give it a few more years and wait until I'm 20-something to see if I still feel the same way about my nose then (which is what I did). Also, as all the other people have said, your nose looks great and I think it suits your face.
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Second thoughts about getting it so soon

So I'm not sure if I really need it done as soon as I'm 18. Maybe 19 or 20 will be fine?? I would like to get it done ASAP but I'm thinking about going back into public high school instead of homeschooling (switched so I could work more to save up for the rhinoplasty) which means I couldn't save up as much. I know once I'm in college I can save up enough because of the GI Bill I'm getting from my dad will give me enough money to get a nose job (thank goodness) I just dont wanna go into college with a nose like mine. I'm not sure what I'll do.


I believe in self satisfaction. It's your life and by all means do whatever makes you happy but honestly your gorgeous as is! You really don't need rhinoplasty I would say give it some time you are still so young and your mind may change by the time you are 20 or 21. I'm speaking from experience. I have thought about a nose job since I was 16 but gave my self time to think about it because after all it is a permanent decision. I'm 20 now and after putting in plenty of thought I've now decided to go through with rhinoplasty next year! I'm still in the process of saving up :P Good luck to you love!
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Why do people try to make you change your mind? I can tell you that I understand your feelings as I had my second nose job done a month ago. I love the final result even though it is a bit swollen and I would do it again and again and again. I wish you the best! The only thing is you shouldn't bother about money. Good luck from London :)
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I'm not sure but I totally value their opinions and I'm grateful for everyone who comments and tries to help. Thank you for understanding where I'm coming from! Congrats on your successful rhinoplasty!!! (:

Still wanting rhinoplasty

So I'm still desperate for a nose job. I'm doing this for myself. I feel terrible every time I look in the mirror because of it so I'm beyond excited to get it done and will do anything to make sure it happens. Does anyone know how the surgeon determines how much they charge? I'm going with dr. Grigoryants and I noticed some he charges for like 6500 but others like 10,000 and that's a big difference haha. I read somewhere he gives a student discount? I have nothing actually wrong with my nose, as in I can breathe perfectly and everything. Idk if that affects the price? Also how much should I save up for additional costs? I can definitely save up enough for the rhinoplasty but the extra costs for traveling, hotels, and other things may bite me in the butt haha.


Hey! I'm 18 and also really want a rhinoplasty. I feel like we are in similar situations (I'm also comparing different surgeons, etc.) so it would be cool if we could keep in touch. I live in Rhode Island so I've been researching surgeons in Boston mostly because I don't want to have to pay too many travel expenses. I have my first consultation on Nov 4 (so soon!) and I'm thinking of possibly getting my surgery done over winter break. I saw that you wrote that you wanted your nose fixed before college (me too) and I was thinking winter break would be a good time to get it done because the swelling can take months to go away.. anyways, good luck finding a surgeon and keep in touch :)
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Yes!!! We totally should (: message me on here and we should exchange numbers or something! I'm not on here too much.
ur nose has such a nice slope i wish mine looked like yours
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