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Want to See Photos of Dr. Sauceda's Work - TL and Rhino Revisions - Monterey, MX

Im close to making my decision for Dr. Sauceda in...

Im close to making my decision for Dr. Sauceda in MX, but I need to see someone's pictures. Does anyone have pics to share? Preferably TL and/or Rhinoplasty. So if anyone has used Dr. Sauceda and has pictures to share, please let me know. I really need to see the work he has performed. I dont want to travel to Mexico, based on good verbal reviews. The photos are a must.

How Can a Doctor Have Six Stars, Good Reviews and NO PICTURES?

Ive been trying to find a good doctor in MX for a thigh lift. Dr. Sauceda has six stars, good reviews but not one picture of thigh lift work. His site has verbal testimonials, immediately following their surgeries, but NO PHOTOS. How can a PS be recommended or even considered if there are no pics of his work?
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I have heard Dr. Sauceda, MX is good. Does anyone have pictures of his work?

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Hey there is a board on FB, as well as oH. Lots of pics and I am two months post op from LBL w/ anchor, STL, BLwBA. Cheers
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There is a group on Obesity Help with lots of photos. www dot obesityhelp dot com slash group slash Dr_Sauceda_Patients slash discussion (replace the dot and slash to get to the webpage. The photo section is in the list on the right hand side. Some of the folders need passwords to access. Dr Sauceda's website is: www dot medicaltourism dot com dot mx slash mtg.html My review is Kiki in Sacramento. I've had a LBL, BL, arms, groin thigh lift, upper body lift and a full neck and facelift. My pics are in the above link under crazeru. Contact me on OH for the password.
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I,suspicious,that all the reviews for,dr sauceda are by new members that have only made one post and that post was about Sauceda. Something doesn't feel right about this.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

The link below will take you to all of the reviews we have on Dr. Sauceda. There's only a couple with photos at the moment.

Dr. Sauceda reviews

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If the same Sauceda, there are a few pics on OH

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