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Let me just start off by saying it has been a long...

Let me just start off by saying it has been a long journey for me. In high school and through college I was always heavy and it was very depressing not be happy or comfortable in my own skin. I was 215lbs then and after going through so much 3yrs ago I started on my mission. Since then I have lost 50lbs completed nursing school and gained most importantly self confidence. I've adopted healthy eating, I love the gym, but I still feel like all my efforts are not enough. So I decided to go for it and get liposuction. I met with Dr. Sheila Bond and her staff and I walked out so ecstatic. They were so welcoming and warm and kind. The Doc was just so nice and made me feel so comfortable and assured me that my efforts to lose weight on my own are not unnoticed. I'm am proud of my decision despite the lack of support from some ppl I do not see anything wrong with wanting to get surgery if it will help me attain my goals. I do not plan on giving up my healthy eating or my gym membership but this will make everything make more sense to me. So that's my background I will update before pics soon I'm currently shopping around for a compression garment and getting ideas of what to expect before and after. I have stalked this site for over a year and decided it's my turn to be a success story. Excited to have my date set and down payment done. I'm having SmartLipo with Traditional Lipo to my lower abdomin waist and flanks. See ya soon wish me luck!!
So glad you decided to post a review!  You've found a community full of supportive people here, so don't worry about being judged or negativity from us ;)

Looking forward to your pics.  Did you ever find a compression garment that you like?
No not yet I'm researching on which ones may be the best. I'm going to post my before pics 2weeks before surgery I was so nervous before but Now that it's becoming more of a reality I'm so excited!! I stalk this site everyday reading through everyone's experience lol
This site can be soooo addictive, especially when you are pre-op :)

6 days away!!!

I am 6 days away from My Smartlipo & Traditional Lipo to Lower abs/waist/and flanks... Although I am very excited at the same time I am starting to have some doubts as to whether or not I should include my upper abs also to get better results. I am so close and Im not sure if it will cost me more money and if so if it will be much more money. I know a lot of doctors consider this to be one are but some may not any thoughts?? I will have to call Monday and see. Anyway Im gonna post some before pictures tonight. I also finally found a compression garment im going to order it tomorrow hope its here by friday its from Bella Jane. Anyway wish me luck guy and please give me thought on the entire lower abs or both im confused but i really feeling like doing the entire abdomin to get the best results....
Hello!! We share sx dates & just wanted to wish you good luck!! We're going to do fine :-)
Chica it is all about you!! Do what makes you happy and we'll be on this journey with you. Good luck :)

I DID IT!!!!

I'm so excited!!!!..I'm home had my procedure done at 9am. A 2hr procedure took 4hrs but she told me it was because I had tough fibrous fat from working out and being healthy. I took my vicodin and valuim 30min before. Once in the office we put Bruno mars on and talked and laugh the entire time. In the beginning I felt the burning from the lidocaine injection but after that I felt ok. I had a few ouches. The area around my belly button was the worst discomfort it was tough but she kept giving me more local to make sure I was comfortable.

After the numbing she used traditional Lipo to get out most of the fat I felt little discomfort but around my belly button was the only area that gave trouble scar tissue was very tough. Then came the laser which was the quickest less painful part. I'm so happy I chose to go to her I felt so comfortable and confident in my decision. I got there at 9 left after 12:30. Home now cant wait till tomorrow to shower lol

1 day post op

Ok so I'm one day out I'm super swollen but I'm up walking drinking plenty of water. I havent had much of an appetite but drinking a ton of water and resting staying in bed for the next 3days. I been using arnica gel. I only used the vicodin the first night it was uncomfortable to sleep but today I used Tylenol. I'm super excited can't wait till the swelling goes down and I can start to see results.
How are you doing now? Did you have any leakage/drainage post op?
So I'm 11days post op and oddly enough I feel great. The first 24 hours after the procedure I didn't touch my garment at all so whatever leakage or drainage I had was absorbed with the foam and gauze. After that I had no drainage. I was very swollen and sore. To this day I have had no discoloration or bruising. I returned to work 4days after and omg it was so hard to get in and out of the car lol but work was ok. Toward the end of the first 3days back to work I would swell a lot but once I was in bed I was fine. Sleeping was a struggle because I would only sleep on my back any other position didn't work so my back was really stiff. But as of now I started back at the gym yesterday and thankful I did my hour of elliptical with minor swelling after. I gained 8lbs post op so I didn't wanna sit around to much longer I did get permission first from my MD. I am seeing results day by day I try to keep my garment on at all times except showers of course I bought a few different kind for comfort reasons and functional reasons one for work, gym, and home the one for home is the tightest most uncomfortable one. I got mine from Bella Jane. I was 167 preop then up to 178 now I'm 174. Getting in and out of the car seems to be my only struggle. So so far so good I tried to add a lot of details and I will continue to update.
I noticed a few lbs about the procedure too but that could be from not draining?? I'm not satisfied with my garments though. Which ones from Bella Jane? Thanks for sharing and you're looking great!

11 days post op

Here are some updated pics
You look great! Continue to update us. I am looking to do the procedure as well. Need a great doctor in NY ot NJ area. So cant wait to follow you in your journey. Good luck!! O yeah what exactly is tumescent lipo?
Tumescent is when they inject fluid which consists of lidocaine and epinephrine(and maybe something else) that numbs u and expands your abdomen after the fluid takes affect the can go in and start to suck out the fat so I had that done then after she took out what she could she used the laser to tighten the skin and melt more fat
O okay Thank you for that!
Montclair Plastic Surgeon

She was so kind and gentle made me feel comfortable and confident about my decision we even shared laughs during the procedure. I am so glad with my choice

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