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I Hope to Finally Get Rid of This Cottage Cheese!! - Monclair, NJ

I'm inspired to do this but the other brave women...

I'm inspired to do this but the other brave women on here. I have been struggling with cellulite like so many others for years, but I feel like mines is the worst. It's really horrid and I will post pictures to prove it. I'm 5'6" and I weigh 155 lbs now but at my smallest 130 lbs the cellulite was still present. I have tried every pill and cream out that promised to eliminate cellulite. Even at the gym all I ever want to do is leg exercises because I figured it will help me get rid of my cellulite, but nothing worked, so I was really happy when I saw the cellulaze treatment advertised on my local news station.

I had a consultation on May 8, and although it was expensive because I had a large area to be treated, ( if it works) then it will be more than worth it. I had the procedure done yesterday May 24, it was suppose to be a 2hr procedure but it lasted 5hrs well maybe 4 and a half because she had to mark me. I don't want to lie to any of you ladies and say it was a breeze because it was not, the numbing part hurt like hell, and that was with me doped up on Vicodin and Valium. I have a very low threshold for pain though, ( I need gas for simple procedures at the dentist ) so every experience is different. The doctor was really great she made sure I was the most comfortable I could be, she stopped for me to take more Vicodin when I needed it. I was not given a compression garment, the doctor said my spanx will be fine for compression and I should wear it for 2 weeks. I had a little drainage last night but this morning and as I'm writing this nothing at all, but I did notice my doctor massaging the fluid out of my legs so maybe that helped. I had the back of my legs, some of the sides and my bum done. I'm still pretty numb so no pain yet but I'm sure it's coming. I will keep you all posted, I hope this can help someone. Results are expected after three months so I'm not going to drive myself crazy by comparing every day or every week for that matter. I will take a peek here and there though :) Have a great Memorial weekend everyone.

hey islandpeach i have been following your story today and i wanna run to office lol. i need alot!!!, you have the most reassuring attitude that has caused me to make that consult so thank you very much. i have trien velasmooth for 5000 two years ago and nothing!!! so it took a little more for me to try again. i am a single mom so its not like i just wanna keep chucking money around lol. i do want to wear shorts again like when i was 15/16. now at 37 i need this. please let us no how your doing close to 1 month out. i hope veryy well and each day your a bit happier
Hey cplant, I will do an update with some pics. I'm happy that this review is helping someone. I know it's very hard to spent so much money on something and not be absolutely certain that it will work. At 1 month out, some days I think it's getting better, some days I ask myself why I did it because I don't see any improvement. My Doctor didn't give me any false hope, she told me to not except any results before 3-6 months so I'm impatiently waiting.
I was thinking of seeing Dr. Bond also. How are you doing? Have you seen any improvement?

Hi all, well it has been about five weeks since I...

Hi all, well it has been about five weeks since I had the Cellulaze procedure and (dan da da dah) No improvement in the appearance of my cellulite yet :( At week two I went to my Dr. for a follow-up, she said that she sees improvement in my legs( let me quote her) " your legs are 100% smoother" and I asked her if I could borrow her glasses because I don't see what she sees. I kinda got a little pissed actually because she even wrote on her chart that I was improved. I like her but I didn't appreciate her telling me something looked better when I knew it did not. Originally she told me all I needed was spanks for two weeks, but on my follow-up she said I need to wear compression for two more months. I asked her if the compression garment determines if a person has good results or not and she said it just for the pain and swelling. Then why would she suggest that I wear it for 2 more months you ask!! Well during the follow-up I told her that my legs were still very sore( which seem to be the norm with everyone on here at two weeks) but she was very surprised that I was still sore. At that point if I could kick myself in the you know what I would because I had a chance to have this procedure done with one of the trial doctors but I chose to go with her because someone at the other PS office rubbed me the wrong way, and I figured once the doctor was cellulaze trained, their participation in the trial didn't really matter ( I hope that I wasn't terribly wrong ) ladies, I think that experience is key with this. I was so desperate to look presentable in shorts again that I didn't ask enough questions,so people ask a lot of questions before you get this done, it's your money after all. Anyway back to where I am now, I don't see improvement like I said before but I will post pics so you all can decide. Oh and my skin still hurts when I touch it. I stopped wearing spanks at three weeks, I didn't think it was doing much for me but making me uncomfortable, the swelling was gone so away with it. One last thing if you have skin that hyperpigments then use something to help with that, I didn't use anything so now I'm left with all these really dark marks all over my legs where the incisions were made, It will take months for them to fade. Good luck to everyone having or had this procedure, I pray for good results for everyone.
Hey....hope all is well and u get the maximum results...please update us...thanx
I'm 5 weeks out with little improvement. My doctor just booked me for 2 smooth shapes at the 2 mos point. She said this is making the difference. She's not sure if 2 smoth shapes will reveal the cellulaze results because she had another patient that it took 4 smooth shapes. Smooth shapes is a lymph draining procedure and you can see a youtube of it. My concern was, does it hurt because our legs are all still so sensitive. I'm going to do it on Aug 10th because I want my results sooner rather than later. She offered me 2 smooth shapes free with what I had already paid for. I will buy a few more until I see the great results we are all working toward.
Hi islandpeach, I think our cellulite is similar and my results look like yours. I hate to be negative, but I don't think we can expect much improvement. How about a refund, right?

This procedure did not work

So this did not work for me at all, not even a little bit... I'm just left with scars from the incisions. I don't have any pictures to show because I'm embarrassed to share with friends that I spent so much money for my butt and thighs to still look this awful. I don't even want to ask my husband to take pictures because I feel extremely guilty for blowing $7000. On my one year follow up my doctor pretty much offered my a 20% discount on "a new procedure, that was having great results". Do yourself a favor and save your money.
I want to say thanks for sharing your personal experience about cellulaze. I have a ton of it on thighs the sides and back and inner. I have read so many disappointing reviews that i have decided against it. I hope your scars have faded or diminished, Try olive oil. Take care Bella
I was told 3 months, then after 3 months i was told 6 months, then after 6 i was told 1 year. What a scam. real self is the only site with pics and real stories because the doctors sponsor the page and it's all 1 big scam for money. This procedure only works on very young women with very mild cases of cellulite. It's such a wast of time and money
Why did you give a five star rating to Dr. Bond if you were disappointed? I chose her as my surgeon largely due to her overwhelmingly positive response on here..but after reading your full blog I have the full story..care to elaborate?
Dr. Shelia A Bond

Dr. Bond was great, made me feel very comfortable, she called me last night after the procedure to make sure I was ok. She gave me her cell phone number in case I needed her. The office called again this morning to check on me. One year follow up was a totally different story, After they got my money they didn't care that I had no positive results. They did not even want to see me again, unless I wanted to shell out another $7000 for a procedure that was not going to work.

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