Disappointed - Not the Bra Size I Expected After my Breast Reduction

I recently had a breast reduction, I was a 34 DDD...

I recently had a breast reduction, I was a 34 DDD before surgery. Its now 6 weeks and I recently went to get a bra fitting and they tell me I am 34 D but border to DD. I am extremly upset because the main reason for my surgery was to be a C cup, that is all I ever dreamed of. I want to go shopping off the racks and buy the cute clothes that are meant to fit smaller breasts.

My surgeon kept saying to me the size depends on the bra manufacturer. Well now so far I have tryed 10 different manufacturers so I am not buying that. I feel like the surgeon did we he wanted and not what I wanted.

Would you be upset if you went in for breast reduction surgery and waited 20+ years dreaming of going from 34 DDD to a 34 C and 6 weeks later still being a 34D - DD? Is it possible to have that much swelling still and should I be patient to see what my real size will be?
I just got home from having mine done. I was only a 36 D but wanted a larger B type cut. My doctor was more about perkier and volume and I feel like I am just the same as before I went to the hospital. I scraped up all my money to pay for this out of pocket since it was proven medically necessary by my insurance company (very bad back) then at the last minute was told they found a clause not to cover it. So pulled it together and made my appt. Made it very clear that I wanted weight off my front (more of a B. When he came in this morning to mark me, I discussed my concerns, wants and needs then called him back in to make sure he understood me and we were on the same page. He guaranteed me I would be a B/C cup (small C at the most. I want to make sure that the girls are just really swollen.
I hope it works out for you. I unfortunately didn't. Do my homework enoght I am stil a dd....I. wish I could get him soemeway for not doing his job.
You and i are in the same boat.I had mine done this past feb 2012. 2 weeks have passed now, and I swear IM the same dame size. Was a 36d wanted to be a full b, small c, and my d bras fit be perfect as they did befor..Im praying there is still much swelling, as Im still in much pain, and would hate to think I put myself through this emotionally, and physically, to come out with not the results I was hoping for.
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I should have questioned his response to me about bra size, after I was so insisting on what I wanted.

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