Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift

I have my pre op on Monday the 24th. I'm very...

I have my pre op on Monday the 24th. I'm very excited about getting the final details in stone. I was a little nervous because I want a 450cc and the Dr. Said it was big. He didn't say anything negative but just said I will make it look proportionate. I don't want them too small. I'm paying a lot and want them done the way I have in mind. Any of you have had Dr.s say similar things. Were you happy with the size. My sister in law got hers done and she wasn't happy with her size. Said wished he would have gone bigger.

Saline. Under muscle

I forgot to add that I am getting saline and under the muscle.

4 days left!!

Only 4 days left until my surgery! I got my blood work and urine test done today. And prescriptions filled! All set and ready to go for Friday!

All done!

I went in at 8:15 am today. And left at 2. The drive home made me sick so the bags they gave me came in handy. And the Zofran was a lifesaver. Want to kick myself for not filling the prescription they gave me. Luckily my nurse found one for me at the office.
I've been sleeping on and off since 3:30.
I'm not sure if the pain killers were quite enough because I have ongoing pain with it feels like no relief. I'm going to try some frozen veggies on top cuz there is so much pressure. Maybe the swelling is just causing high pain.
I haven't been able to see anything yet though because I'm covered in bandages. I go Thursday next week to get them off.


Dr. Kelly ended up going with 375ccs saline Mentor implants. I wanted to shoot for 450 but he said he would get in as much as he could and still keep them looking right.

Laying on back

I have been laying on my back a lot today. (Just had the surgery) and it feels like the implants are being pulled to my armpits. And it's causing a lot of pain. How else can I sleep? Will my implants heal far apart if I continue to lay on my back like that

Laying on back

Is it normal that when I lay on my back it feels like the implants are going into my armpits? I try to sleep angled upward on my back but they still feel like they are going into my armpits. And will they settle into my cleavage. There is a very big gap right now.

6 days post op breast lift and augmentation

I got my bandages removed today. It was a crazy mix of emotions. I was the most nervous about nipple placement. I wanted them perky and right now they are looking down more than up. I don't know if the implant will settle and let them become more perkier. Or if the whole breast will settle Nipple and all. I'm hoping Someone can let me know how they will settle. Dr. Kelly said they were still very swollen and the nipples are very swollen too. They look scary to me. And very puffy and both or two different colors. I'm assuming the one with the darker areola is because it's the one that is more swollen. Any thoughts?
Monroe Plastic Surgeon

Listens and answers questions very thoroughly. Quick in and out. Strictly professional!

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Good luck this Friday with your surgery! Here is a helpful list of recovery supplies you may want to have on hand. Feel free to post some wish boob photos and/or some pre op photos too!
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Thank you! Only 4 days!!!
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And don't forget the laxatives! The pain medication can be extremely constipating! ;)
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How did your pre op go? Did they say you could go with the 450?
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It went great. He said he will get as close to 450 as he could. But I said whatever he thinks to make them look their best
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Hi I I'm 5'1" & 115 pounds I got 450cc saline under muscle & I'm a 34dd...
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Thanks that's very helpful!!
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Ur welcome. :-)
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What manufacturer is supplying the implants Allergan or Mentor?
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hi! I am 5'2 , 140 pounds. Wide chest. I had 380 cc, they look normal, I would say more towards the small aspect than bigger. But i didn't want them to look artificial or to big and i will look heavy. Hope it helps.
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Weight and frame helped with my decision. I am 5' 0" and 100lbs. I went with 375cc's silicone under the muscle. Very happy with results. I definitely understand how many say they wish they would have gone bigger. For my frame mine are big but still a great size for my frame as I still want a natural look where people would have to question when they see me this summer. Hope this helps!!! :) ~ 6 wks post-op patient of Dr. Janitch
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How much do u weigh ??? Im 5'1 and weigh about 112 to 110 and I got 500cc under the muscle and they are great actually I wish I wouuld of went a bit bigger
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I'm 108lbs. and I am getting saline and under the muscle as well
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There needs to be a machine to show you exactly how you will look with the CC amount you want. I just hope I don't go too small. But when I talked to my dr. He was thinking 450 might be too large. I am 5'2" and 108lbs. I don't care about them looking fake. I just want to have big breasts. I was a DD while breast feeding and I loved that size.
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Well you are smaller in weight than me why did your doc say that would b too big ??
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