My Life is Changing!!!!

I am a 43 year old mother of 3 girls ages...

I am a 43 year old mother of 3 girls ages 23,20,12. I have a wonderful husband of 24 years and he is very supportive of this surgery. I have been wanting to have this surgery for about 10 years. My Very Close Friend had this surgery many years ago and she would always have good things to say about having TT. After having my 1st child, I remember looking down at my stomach and saying what is that. My mother stated NO MORE BATHING SUITS 4 U!!! So ever since my 1st daughter was born my stomach has not look like it did before. I am wanting to get that flat stomach back. I WANT MY GROVE BACK!!! LOL!!!
Hey Kaye43! I live in West Monroe and I see u r from Monroe. :). I was originally scheduled for May 2 but had to reschedule for June 24! :). But, I'm Using Dr Holly Casey Wall in Shreveport. She did my breast lift 3/13/13. We'll have to stay in touch since we live in same Parish! Good Luck to you! :)
Hello Wmnurse!!! So you got your breast done WOW!!! I bet you look great!!!. Dr. Stephen Maguire is doing my TT surgery. His office is in from Monroe, La. I am originally from Louisiana but I live in Arkansas. I will ALWAYS BE A LOUISIANA GIRL!!! LOL!!! We are set for the same day June 24!!! My nerves are SHOT already!!! This is something I have always wanted to do. Please keep in touch.
Will do! :). GEAUX SAINTS, GEAUX LSU & GEAUX Tummy tuckers!!! Lol! :)

Posted 2 pictures of front and side view. Will...

Posted 2 pictures of front and side view. Will post more pictures over the next 7 weeks until surgery date and more after then.

I have 41 days until my TT surgery. I had my...

I have 41 days until my TT surgery. I had my consultation in December 2012 and put my surgery date off until June 2013. In October I found out that I have hypothyroidism, so that explains the reason why I can not lose weight and steady gaining. In October I weighted 190 lbs by time December came around I weight now 209 LBS. I have been feeling really tired,no energy, hair is thinning, U name it I have had with this thyroid thing. I put my surgery date back to June 2013 in hope of losing a little weight before my surgery date. I am still currently working out hard and putting in my gym time even though I feel super tired. Anyone out there that has Hypothyroidism???

More Pics

My shape looks EWWW!!!
Hi Kaye I'm scheduled for June 20 TT, MR, and lipo. You're 4 days after me I see. :)

Feeling Stressed!!!

My surgery date is getting closer. 23 more days!!! My emotions is everywhere.

Church Flow!!!

Went to church this morning. Church was AWESOME!!! Starting looking in my inbox and got some the DOCTORS about having TT. They all said that I shouldn't have the surgery right now due to my weight and I have hypothyroidism. My thyroid has been normal since January but I haven't lost any weight. Wow!!! Now I don't know what to do!!!


I love your picture with your dress and you are going to have the bomb results. Good luck. I'm one month and I still have no regrets.
Thank U Sweetie!!!

Date Change!!!

I have decided to change my date because my daughter is starting to have problems with her pregnancy. She is due the last of July but the my 1st grandbaby could come early. I didn't want to be down myself and my daughter needed me. New date September 9th.
Kaye! You are working the dress! I find that all my "tummy tucking" happened before the surgury!! LOL!! Good luck with your procedures!

Ready for Healthy Life

Wanted to have the tummy tuck last year. That didn't work out cause I was still over weight and had family issues. So I decided to wait a year. No I'm getting wls.
Today is the BIG DAY!!! My check in time is at 8:45 am. I'm not scared!!! God is in control. Please lift me up in prayer!!! I will post when I can!!

4 days after surgery! !!

My surgery went well. Couldn't go to the bathroom on my own so you know what's next!!! I sleep really well the 1st night in the hospital and I was released the next day at 3:00pm. Made it home the 1st thing my husband wanted to do was put me in the bed. Lord No!! I couldn't do that, so I been in my recliner in the living room. Sleep has been good!!! Been eating my chicken broth, protein shakes, gatoraide and popsicles. Nothing has upset my stomach!! Can anyone give me advice on drainage pump!! Good God this thang HURT!!!

drainage tubes

Thank you Jesus!!! The drainage tube is OUT!!!! I feel a 1000 times better!!! I'm still a little sore but a 1000 times better. My weight the 2 weeks pre diet was 220 lbs. My weight day of surgery is 210 lbs. When my drainage was taken out on Friday 7/18 weight is 208 lbs. I am very swollen so I am hoping to be a little smaller soon.

One Week Post Op

This week was challenge!!! I trying to get to know my new stomach. I'm blessed to see another day. I weighted in!!! Lost another 2lbs!!! My breakfast was cream of wheat, crystal light!! Snack: chocolate shake, water, lunch: cream potatoes, water, snack: grape popsicle and dinner chicken broth with another grape popsicle. Haven't slept well, still very sore . Overall I'm doing fine. On to week #2!!!

photos of me

Profile changes!!!

Anyone know how to change profile setting for what treatment you had? Originally, I was set to have a Tummy Tuck but had to change to WLS due to health issues needing to get under control.
Your shape is not ewwww! You are beautiful. Thanks for the insights on what I can look forward to. Was it harder to sit up or lie down in the beginning? I ask because I noticed you said you would sleep in the recliner.
@ suchalady85 My Drainage tube was left in for 4 days and that really hurt to have that in. My husband thought it would be fine to make me get in bed. Nope!!! Not Good!! I couldn't use my stomach muscles to get out of bed. It's was better for me to stay in sitting position.
Oh okay that makes a lot of sense. Sorry you had to endure that. I know it must have been hard. Buy thankfully the pain is over now.
H.Stephen Maguire, M.D.

My Doctor was Stephen Maguire when I was going to get the tummy tuck but was changed when I couldn't lose weight and health issues started to come up. So I discuss it with primary Dr. He thought I would be a good candidate for wls. My wls is Henry Zizzi. He is a Awesome!!! His staff is the BOMB!!

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