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Couple Weeks to Go Wow! - Montclair, NJ

I am 44 yrs old. I have a daughter 26 an a son 19....

I am 44 yrs old. I have a daughter 26 an a son 19. My son was 9lbs. He distroyed me I was 200lbs an over the years I came down to 140lbs. I kept that weight for many years, went lower in size an for some reason THAT tummy just won't leave me, I've tried it ALL trust me. I have so much loose skin an I'm tired of putting on spanks,Girdle holding it in. So one day I decided to go get a consultation, an I did an was not please. I looked on real self an saw some photos an said YES I see what I'm looking for. So I took a chance again one yr later an went to see shelia bond in monclair nj an I have to say i was so happy her staff made me feel comfortable an ms. Bond was very nice she answered all my questions, she didn't rush me an she can give me what I'm looking for. I'm scared but who's not! Can't wait for the big day. I will post some pics very soon.

Can I make it up 15 stairs after surgery?

I just came home climb up 15 stairs and started to wonder if I'll be able to do this after surgery or will someone have to lift me up the stairs? Can someone give me an answer please.

It's my babies tummy. Mines so to come :)

Never Fail!!

I saw a lady name (my story) post about her TT that she just got an she look so beautiful. I got so excited because we have the same doctor, so I decided turn the music on an i started cleaning an dancing. The joy of seeing how hot she looks will get me going. saying my turn soon, in all that, I started rearranging my living room, an move my recliner where I would be comfortable after surgery. When I was done I was so tired from dancing an cleaning I said to myself just sit in the recliner an test it out to see how to get in an out after surgery an never fail the devil!! I couldn't come out the darn thing my legs is to short lmao. Pulling the handle alone can't work an pushing with my legs is a no no. All I could of done was sit back an laugh, it's was so funny my honey have a job cut out for him.

14 days

Got my prescription an I'm about to get them filled. I order arnica Montana, got extra pillows. An now I'm getting a little exited.

6 days to go :)

Hi, I decided to do a cleanse i drink some magnesium, an plenty warm water. An now I'm planning to just continue eating healthy. I feel good so far. I think I have everything I need for my big day, an I'm just starting to get really excited to see my new me, cant wait. can't believe its going to happen after all these years of complaining. It will be so much easier to shop for my clothing N don't have to get a size up because of my stomach, or don't have to hold it in all night at any function. It's a blessing to have a second chance at seeing to old me again. I keep telling myself I can do this.

Tick-tock tick-tock

2 more days to go, I can't believe it. Hospital car service call to confirm, they will come for me 4:45 am wow, I guess they want to be on time my surgery is 7 am, All day I kept myself busy. I made me some food an freeze them, hope i can eat after TT. I also organize my home for the big day. :) I just hope I don't Forget anything


Well at 7:30am my body is about to change. I'm having my tummy tuck, an I'm actually not nervous, an not excited cause I'm so tired from work today. an also trying to make sure my son has everything he needs. I feel bad for the ladies i've spent the pass month with on this sight that couldn't get TT so sad. I Hope they can soon. An the ones who had there TT have a speedy recovery, I hope everything goes well with my TT tomorrow. An as soon as I can post new pictures I will.

Flat side

Hi everyone, just wanted to say thank to everyone for being there for me. I have my TT an lipo on Monday. Pain pain pain. No one said the pain was so intense. I hope if goes away soon. I have2 drains in an I'm trying to get better. Just a little tired at times.

9 days

Today I'm going to see my doctor, praying she takes my tubes out. It had bin a 9 days. On top of having TT lipo an muscle tightened( Ive had itching, runny nose, cough, sneezing, got menstral when it wasn't due, back ache, enough is enough it got to get better hope my doctor will make me smile at the end of her visit, because I'm very sad right now.

18 days with a :)

Hi I went through the storm, now the Carm, not to much pain, still swollen, about to start skin therapy.

New San

New San

Lost 10 lbs, I'm 130 lbs I just need to tone up. In couple more weeks I can work out, cause Im to scared to lipo my inner thighs.

3 weeks an feeling good

Hi I had my doctor appointment today an my doctor was so please to see not much swelling. I don't get to much pain only if I stand to long she told me I'm heeling well. I'm so happy an please with my doctor Sheila bond.

3 wks

Montclair Plastic Surgeon

Hi I couldn't ask for a better doctor, she is so nice, her beside manners in very good. She is a wonderful lady an on point with what she does. I thing everyone should go see her.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I'll be going to her in a couple of weeks too. You look great, this is motivating
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wow, girl you look great. you old tummy looks just like mine. congrats. happy healing
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Thanks BIEE
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Lady, you are looking good
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Hi honeydoo72, thanks. I see u getting better. U look good also. It gets better day by day.
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You look so good! I'm 5 days post op & have been very lucky in recovery overall, but the swelling does suck! Can't wait to be 20 days down & feel slimmer!
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Hi realfitmom, you will be ok I was just like u. What helps with the swelling is don't eat any salt, it helps with swelling. U looking good so far. One day at a time.
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You look amazing!
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Thank you :)
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Congrats on the weight loss . Your looking good . 
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Thanks sissy 48
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Hi ladies, I was down for a little, I had my menstral an coughing an sneezing ( hell) made me regret doing this surgery the amount off pain I was in .just to sneeze Holding the top an bottom of stomach was not easy my son had to help an with him seeing me in so much pain he said I shouldn't have had no surgery. But it's all over thank to God and NyQuil. My drain is out that was very painful but I was so happy that I can get in the shower. I'm back on track I'm almost walking straight still feeling a lot of pulling in the mid section from my chest to my pumkin everything still tight. I'm stronger I got a lot of rest an stayed off my feet an a lot of my swelling went down, hope everyone is having a safe an speedy recovery.
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I hope your feeling better today . I bet not having your drains is helping you feel better . 
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Did u get drains out? I went to see her today. How are you now? What a shame do you have a cold or the flu, and your menstrual, well that's just ;( I hope your smiling since seeing you're tummy.
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Looking good girl
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Hey day before surgery buddy. Ur pictures look awesome! Hope ur doing well. Message me if u need to chat.
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I hope you get your drains out today . Don't be sad . It's going to get better . Hugs!!!!
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Hi sissy had drains taken out yesterday an I can take my shower today. Yippee
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Yay a shower !!!! Your going to feel good after your shower .
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Yes shower is the second best thing after first BM . You feel like you are in the land of clean again :)
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Your waist is so tiny :) happy healing love!
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Hope you are feeling better. Were you able to manage the stairs?
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Hope your doing better today . Happy healing !
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Hi sassy, I'm feeling little better, but when I got to get up that's when it kicks in. I guess one day at. A time
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