Had Cellulaze 5/23/12 - Monclair, NJ

I had cellulaze on May 23rd on the back, front,...

I had cellulaze on May 23rd on the back, front, insides and outsides of my thighs (yes, it was a lot and took a long time)! As most women have said on here, the numbing was the worst part. First the needle, then the lidocaine solution they put under the skin - yikes! I had to grit my teeth and dream of smooth thighs to help get me through it. Otherwise, the actual laser was nothing - a few times I’d feel the heat of it (maybe in a corner of a section that wasn’t fully numbed?), but that was it. I was given 2 percoset and 2 valium pills before the surgery which helped a lot. The first 48 hours I had a lot of leakage and had to keep the foam pads on underneath the garment. Once I got to take them off and take a shower, I saw how bruised and swollen I was - it was pretty bad! I know many women say they see results right away, but there was just no chance I could see anything through all that bruising and swelling. After 2 weeks, I could still see some cellulite through what was left of the bruising and swelling, but I really think we have to give our bodies time to heal and for the “skin to come up” as my doctor said. I’ve seen pictures online of a patient at different points in their progress up to one year, and it definitely was still there right away, but faded over the course of the year. I’m trying very hard to be patient!

I feel like I have a bit of an advantage (if you could really call it that!) in that I’ve been through a similar recovery before. Just over a year ago I had lipo on my saddlebags, inner thighs, and my inner and outer knees. It took 4 weeks for the bruising to fully go away back then, and even after 5 weeks, the areas were still a bit tender to touch and numb. The numbness took a few months to go away (I can’t remember exactly how long right now, but I know it was at least 2-3 months). After that, i would forget that I even had the surgery except when I was in a dressing room trying on something that would never have looked good before my surgery, but actually looked great! I also know the garment becomes your best friend and it seems like you will never be able to go without it (feels like your skin/detached fat is going to fly off without it!). What I did the first time around is wear it non-stop for the first 4 weeks (I had two and would alternate them so I could wear a clean one every day), then I went to a stage 2 garment for the next 2 weeks, then I’d wear the garment only at night for another few weeks. After that, I was fine without it, and after a few months was running again without a problem (at first running was weird because it felt like your skin was going to fall off when you’d start, but that went away thank god!). It seems like a long, slow recovery, but in hindsight isn’t that long or that bad. This recovery feels the same - I know they say online that bruising subsides within a week or two and they basically make it sound like this is a walk in the park recovery-wise, but that is flat out wrong! They put a laser under my skin, cut some bands that were holding my skin to my body, melted some fat, and then completely burned the underside of my skin! Doesn’t sound minor to me, and judging from this recovery, it’s not! I’ve iced my skin with ice packs wrapped in a towel a few times just because it felt like I had a bad sunburn sometimes. The icing definitely helped me feel better, at least temporarily.

I’ve been eating right (lots of vegetables!) to give my body what it needs to put itself back together, taking 1000 mg of vitamin C every day, and taking the arnica tablets. I’ve also been using the arnica gel on my skin after I shower, then when that dries, I use organic coconut oil on my skin to keep it from getting dried out. I’ve been feeling better and better most days, but some days it just seems like I’m backsliding a bit and it’s worse! I’m still sore to the touch, numb, bruised (although now it has just a few dark bruised spots and the rest is a “mottled” type of bruising) and a little swollen. I know in a few short months this will all be over and I will be noticing a better and better result. If you went to a good plastic surgeon (which I did), I think it’s inevitable to see improvement. Will I look like the airbrushed Victoria’s Secret models? Probably not :) But if I can wear shorts without being super self conscious I will be happy! I’ll keep you all updated!

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Not sure why the other pictures I uploaded didn't...

Not sure why the other pictures I uploaded didn't show up, so I'm uploading them now.


Hi KrissyD! Now that it's been almost 2 months for you, how are your legs looking?
I am 3 weeks post-op today and not looking cute at all!! Did you find that you looked worse before you looked better? Thank you for the update!! :-)
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I have never had any plastic surgery procedure and don't plan on it in my lifetime. I am writing to say all of you women are very brave. I would be terrified to get this done and worried about if I could function after or if something goes wrong. Then the original post said she is getting breast augmentation after. I've heard that is another painful procedure as well and it takes months to heal. Good luck to all you, very brave women. I couldn't do this.

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Hey KrissyD, I had this procedure one day after you and also in Monclair. You are so right recovery is not a walk in the park, I'm still sore and I can't just plop down on the couch like I use to. Happy healing cellulaze sister :)
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Just adding a quick update - Wednesday will be 9...

Just adding a quick update - Wednesday will be 9 weeks since I had the procedure. I'm feeling much better, but still have a little soreness. I don't feel anything when going from sitting to standing anymore (which is nice), and I can jog without pain, but when something hits the area or I touch it myself enough, I can still feel slight soreness. I also have the mottled bruising under the skin that many others have experienced. I ordered the tape and thought I'd try that, so we'll see if that helps. I also can tell there is still some swelling under the skin. I don't think I can give a definitive "it worked" or "its worth it" status yet - I definitely have some smoothing, but until I don't have the bruising and the swelling is completely gone, I can't tell 100%. I'll get my friend over here at some point this week or next and take pictures so you guys can judge for yourselves.


Good morning, Carrottop...curious to hear a status on your progress; especially the bumps and bulges. I'm having the procedure on Tuesday morning. Am excited and nervous. Would love to hear from you! Thanks, Reja
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Spykiss, good morn, This makes me nervous as I'm having the procedure Tuesday. What does your doctor say? Do you have pictures to share? Are you sure it's not just "you"? Is it possibly shadowing? Am curious to know if it works for some and not others. Eeks. I'm 50 and although in decent shape I wonder if age has anything to do with this and if I should postpone this procedure till they know more about it. Thank Spykiss for reporting. Reja
Reja, Yes, please wait. If your Dr is worth anything, he will understand that you need more time and if he gets upset that you want to postpone, then he's an ass. I wish I had had this info before I did this procedure. I'm 53, 5' 8" 148 lbs. I'm in very good shape, but had a little cellulite on the front of my legs. Well now I have what looks like more cellulite and the addition of the dark ares that make everything look worse, PLUS broken veins...which is not uncommon. So yes, please wait.
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