Mommy Makeover!! - NYC

I am having a mommy makeover tommorow at 12:30 at...

I am having a mommy makeover tommorow at 12:30 at Lenox hill hospital in NYC. I am 5'7 132 and I have delivered 4 children by c section. I will post pictures tuesday including my before and 1 day post op. I have enjoyed seeing everyones pictures and stories soo much on real self. I feel like I should share my journey too!!


How are you doing?
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How are you feeling?

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And we'd love to read more about your journey! Today's the big day. I'm rooting for you and can't wait to hear how your recovery is going.

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Two days after I ended up in the hospital I popped...

Two days after I ended up in the hospital I popped my internal stitches from throwing up and now my belly button is dying. I needed 8 bags of blood and they removed 800 cc of blood clots from under the dkin. I am devstated about the necrosis. I don't kno2 what tto do, the surgeon did a gret job. But these things happen. I just hope they can sabe my belly button


omg are you ok? I'm so sorry that happend to you. So what happends to your belly botton if it dies? how did the stitches pop? After hearing your story now im nervous as hell I got 4 days to go. Hope you get better I'll be thinkin of you take care.
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things didn't go well after I popped my intenal stitches lost 2/3 of my blood recived 8 bags of blood and bags of plasma. belly button is dying. given the choice would I do it again..yes. Would I do it with my surgeon...yes. the complications had nothing to do with him.He is so sweet and caring.

I uploaded a new picture my scar looks horrible. I...

I uploaded a new picture my scar looks horrible. I am having such a hard time dealing with this I spend alot of time crying. I saw a plastic surgeon today he told me I would never wear a two piece bathing suit again. I begged for an awnser apparently this can not be fixed. My pubic area is pulled up and two inches from my belly button, and even that is black and dead. I can't seem to get in the holiday spirit sometimes I even think I wish the doctors did not save me so I would never have had to look at my deformed body


how you doing? hope your doing well. I'm 15 days now and doing great I'm off the pain meds last week so just on advil when ever I need it. Do you have any more updated pictures to see how your doing.
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Thank you yes both ps were reputable it's so frustrating I am still in pain and I have had several colds and a stomach bug since so I am sure it has hurt my healing
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Sorry I'm just now reading your post this is awful your PS should be able to tell you who did the surgery it looks like they pulled the pubic up instead of pulling the tummy down and removing the skin but what ps would do such a thing was your ps board certified? did you know anyone that used this DR? sorry about your husband hope you will be feeling better and out from under this stress....good luck!!
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Well still looking like I need to wait till june...

Well still looking like I need to wait till june for revison...I have these days when I am so swollen still it feels like the skin is pulling.My spirits are a tad bit better.It is frustrating when I wear a tight tanktop it looks like I have ledge where the scar is so it resembles having two pant line under you shirt....Anyone else have this



Thinking about you and hoping your are feeling better.  I can only imagine how you are feeling with all the frustration and waiting :( 

I am so sorry you are going through this.  When looking at your 3 week picture I can see how your taking shape in he waist.  You have an hour glass looking middle now.  It also looks a little smoother on the scar line.

The swelling is a bugger...
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ya for sure I would want to also,so do you have to get it fix or is that it? Damm doctors sometimes well hope your feeling better take care
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I just want to know what happend...first we were playing the blame game between what surgeon did I am hearing that my scar became so high because of the two surgeries, apparently scar tissue moved it up. I just want an absract opinion of what happend
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I am in the hospital again my stomach started...

I am in the hospital again my stomach started swelling and I put on 20 lbs in 48 hours!!! So they had me come 2 hrs down to NYC so I could be at their hospital... Well I am still here and looking like I will be here a little while longer. It looks like I have a soft tissue infection. The doctors have been good but the actual hospital at Lenox hill is AWFUL you have to ask your nurse 5 times to get your mess they constantly forget about you the food makes regular hospital food taste like four star cuisine and while I was in the er one of the reasone you had to ask 10 times for things is because the staff was huddled up in an er bay watching the football game.... So yeah I am still in pain I have had several colds and vomiting episodes post op atleast being in the hospital I am getting some help with my pain. I am sure being in pain and all the stress broke down my immune system leaving me with this infection.( oh and this is supposed to be a top hospital it doesn't even have wifi WTh )


Oh Nichole I am so sorry.  Do you have anyone with you to be your advocate?
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I have decied to sue my plastic surgeon after...

I have decied to sue my plastic surgeon after having been lied t and given half truths and my third surgery in a month enough is enough Dr Oren Z Lerman was the attending and never gave me enough pain medication causing my vomitiing and me to pop my stitch and nw I have an infection and no belly button and I look pregnant I can't take it anymore. They said they wuld revise but I don't want them touching me after this. I was better off with my hanging belly

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Well I am still having issues. I feel a lot of...

Well I am still having issues. I feel a lot of tightness in my upper stomach. I feel like it's always pulling I get tight and still have swelling. I am going to stick with my doctor and hope they can fix this. I am so frustrated by the whole process. I still have no belly button. I wish I never had the abdominoplasty my breasts look amazing but, I think the implants are starting to drop below the breasts.... I don't even know what to say anymore. I just broke up with the doctor I was seeing so I don't have the medical advice anymore about the whole situation so I need to go back and see my surgeon for follow up. I don't know what to say except I am just annoyed and wants honest awnsers and the whole thing fixed!!


I think you really look good considering the intial stuff you endured. And your belly button healed nicely.
Are you trying the silicone strip to thin out the scar? You have come a long way!
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I had a bad experience with my tummy tuck too. I got bad thrush infection in my throat. Of course I was couphing so bad I popped a bunch of stitches. I ended up with a real high scar(over my panty line) and it was tight and thick. It looked like I had 2 waist lines. My belly button was so tiny I couldn't fit a q-tip to clean it out. After 3 years of dealing with little infections it just started getting worse. There was pus and my belly button began to grow a skin over it. I had to tear that skin off every day to let the pus out. I went to see 3 different surgeons and no one wanted to touch me. I HAD TO go back to the original Dr. And he wanted to do the tummy tuck all over again and make a new belly button hole. I finally went to see Dr. Linda Li in Beverly Hills ( after days of my friend begging me to see her Dr. ), and am I glad I did. She works with a lot of burn victims and does a lot of reconstruction surgeries. I had her revise my tummy tuck 4 weeks ago. There was a 100% improvement within the minute I got out of surgery. She didn't redo the tummy tuck. She said that if she did I would end up with a higher scar. So she just opened up mybelly button and removed the old scar and brought the incision down. I have a belly button again! And the scar is thin and bellow my panty line. She's really good, warm, gentle, and loving. She had a reality show called "Dr. 90210" and amazingly she was more affordable than anyone else I went to before. Good luck, I'm so sorry you have gone through all of this. I hope you find the right Dr. If not come see her.
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I agree with Kimmers. I know you have small children but you owe it to yourself to get at least one more opinion. Maybe a fellow at NYEE can help? It's worth a try. You are worth the try! Don't give up if you feel crummy about your surgery. However if you have made peace with it, then accept yourself as you are. You are beautiful no matter what you decide!
Still praying for you...
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I figured would let you all know things are still...

I figured would let you all know things are still not better. I am so beyond frustrated. I ended up feeling really upset about it all and gained the 40 lbs I lost. I can't believe this all happened


How are you feeling now?
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Sorry about your experience U had to endure. But I personally think U look great! I love ur boobs and I bet U look even better now
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Is there anyone who can give another review of their surgery at Lenox hill hospital. I want my surgery done there but i don't know anymore . I can't really afford a $ 10,000 TT cost and god only knows if i combine a breast lift and implant the cost after that? Thank you for your kind answers.
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Dr. Thanick

Dr. T spent 2 hours with my our first appt. going over everything and taking measurement. He made me feel sooo comfortable. I had complications after and he was on top of everything. I was not able to get to the hospital he worked at nd he called several times a day to check on me, He has the best bedside manner I have ever seen,and his surgical skills are amazing thin low incisions

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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