2 days post op....

I have been researching surgeons for my Mommy...

I have been researching surgeons for my Mommy Makeover that I plan to have in the next 60-90 days. I am scheduling consultations with the following doctors/facilities: Dr. Philip Chang in Leesburg, Dr. Michael Brown in Ashburn and also with Parva Plastic Surgery Center in Leesburg. Has anyone used these physicians and could you please share your experience and costs?

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I'm a 44 year old mother of 2 and I have...

I'm a 44 year old mother of 2 and I have wanted at least a tummy tuck since the birth of my 2nd child over 20 years ago!!! This is absolutely a dream come true for me and I am SO excited! I'm still undecided on whether to have a breast lift only or a breast augmentation. I'm 5'7", 160 lbs and currently a size 38-D so I don't want or need bigger breasts, but I'm not sure I'll get the fullness I want in the top portion without implants. I'm hoping the doctor's will help me make this decision when I go for my consultations next month.

I also want and NEED lipo on my "love handles" and "back fat". Some of my friends say I'm absolutely crazy to even consider having cosmetic surgery but I've had low self esteem over my body image for years. Since I had my children at a young age, I've never got to wear that cute bikini and feel sexy. Any advice on do's and don'ts would be greatly appreciated! :)


I haven't seen your pics but look at my review I had my first set of implants without the full lift and really wish I would have done the lift at that time! This time I went with the full lift and 660cc high profile implants to give me more upper pole fullness
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Thank you so much for your input! At some point I will get some pre and post op pictures posted. My husband doesn't think I need ANYTHING done to my breasts (or my lovely stretched mark stomach either...LOL) but I know over time, my breasts will continue to sag and lose volume so I want to get as much done at one time as possible so I don't have to go through the healing process more than once. I had both of my children natural child birth but I WILL avoid as much pain as possible...Ha! Thanks again for sharing :-)

I have my first 2 consultations one week from...

I have my first 2 consultations one week from today! SO EXCITED!!!


Hi!..Luvmypets..So excited for you..The big day is almost here..You will love it girl..we all deserve this chance to be beautiful again..Believe me it makes so much different the way you put on clothes..it fit's well and no more love handle every time you wear jeans..or thight's tops..I just love it..and to tell u the truth..i will do it again if i have too..So God Bless you with this exciting journey..Keep in touch:) lovely bone123
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Your big day is coming up and you will so love feeling sexy again, I know I do! This gives a person a really big boost to self-esteem. Good luck, I'll be cheering for you!
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well..Luvmypets..you made the right decision for your self..you are going to love it..i did you find your self looking in the mirror all the time..lol..well coz for me is the body i did not have for a long time..so i am proud to say that i love my new body and you will too...Good luck to you and hopefully u keep in touch..TTYL..u can call me lovelybone123...
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Hello Ladies! Monday, June 13th is my big day!!...

Hello Ladies! Monday, June 13th is my big day!! After many consultations with various surgeons,I have scheduled my surgery with Dr. Franklin Richards. He was actually referred to me by a lady here on RealSelf otherwise, I may not have even made an appointment for a consultation with him. Wish me luck and any advise will be GREATLY appreciated! I haven't started to get nervous...YET but I'm sure I'll be a basketcase come Sunday and Monday. At some point I will get some pre-op pictures posted as well as my post-op pics. In a few weeks, I can also "rate" my experience. For now, I'm just hoping for fantastic results and a speedy recovery :)


Thank you so much!! (Notice I changed my screen name? It seems more appropriate now...LOL) I haven't been on here much at all lately but now that my surgery is right around the corner, I'll have 2 weeks of sitting at home (bored and whining I'm sure...LOL) so I'll try to keep everyone updated on my progress.
Thank you so much. I can hardly wait!! :-)
Thank you so much!! This is a life long dream about to come true!

Tomorrow is the big day!! I have to be at the...

Tomorrow is the big day!! I have to be at the hospital at 6 and my surgery is at 8. I can't believe I'm still not nervous...just excited and anxious =)
Wish me luck Ladies =)

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I had my surgery today! Everything is going well...

I had my surgery today! Everything is going well other than having to get up & down. I guess it's from the muscle repair because it only hurts in my upper ab's and God does it ever!
I also have a lot of draining which looks like pure blood.
Time to TRY and get some sleep!

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Day 2- still struggling getting in & out of bed....

Day 2- still struggling getting in & out of bed. Other than that, I'm getting around ok. I havent peeked yet but i'll try to get my husband to take off my compression garmet this evening so I can take a good look. It's really starting to itch...
I've had alot of draining from the lipo incisions and drain in my stomach is finally slowing down & not looking like pure blood.


Well, I'm 10 days post op now. I had my first follow up appointment yesterday and got my drain tube removed. I'm still having difficulty getting in & out of bed but it's getting a little easier each day. It's probably due to the major muscle tightening I had. So much so that I have a deep crease in my upper abdomen that's from the sutures being placed deep in my fat. As the sutures dissolve, the crease will flatten. My dr also told me that I didn't have to wear the tight binder anymore and that I could wear a spanx type garment if I wanted to. I'm still quite swollen and my back & sides are tender to the touch but I'm making progress. Can't wait for the crease and swelling to go down so I can see the final result :)
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How are you feeling two months out now? I'm so happy I did this ;)
Dr. Franklin Richards

Surgery scheduled for June 13th...I will keep you ladies updated with my results =)

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