Was My Mommy Makeover a Mistake?

After having a saline BA and lift in 2008, I had...

After having a saline BA and lift in 2008, I had my daughter in Aug. 2009. This caused my breasts to sag and left my abdomen with stretch marks and loose skin despite all of the weight lost.

In all of my various consultations, each Dr. suggested I get a Tummy Tuck along with my breast lift because it is the only way to rid of the stretch marks and the protrusion of the ab muscles in my lower abdomen. I had no fat to get rid of, just skin.

I decided to keep my saline implants and get a breast lift along with a tummy tuck and liposuction done on the sides of my torso.

I'm currently two weeks post op and am really beginning to regret my TT because the incision line seems to be very high. I have a short torso, to be able to cover the incision would make me look squatty. My symmetry seems to be off.

How long before I see results... if I see any? I still have stretch marks and my torso doesn't seem to be any smaller with the stitch work done.

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I was having tremendous pain in my breast from a previous surgery. So far since this doctor has corrected it, I have no issues.

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Would love to know how u r doing now? How is the scar height?
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it appears that your scar is high...but, it may just be the pic cause we can't see your entire tummy...how do you like your breast?
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How have you healed since then?
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How r u doing now? You r about 3 mos post op right? How does your scar look? how is the swelling? im only 14 days post op im doing good.
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Thank you ladies for your reviews. I had my surgery on December 17th 2010, so it's been 2weeks post operation.

I guess my biggest concern is knowing when my swelling will go down. The Dr. says that ideally I will be able to continue my workout regimen in 6weeks.

How long did it take for your swelling to subside? How long before you were able to shop and know your true size?
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I am almost 6 weeks PO and still deal with swelling ALOT. It is just now getting to the point I dont swell without any compression. I am also just starting to see looser clothes...they are the same clothes, they just fit so much better now. Be patient with your body. I just started inching my way back to my workout routine, although I know I have to start slow.
It will all be ok, you are going through alot of the same emotions as most women on here.
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YOu look like a hot mama! Im getting surgery feb 2 ...what have you been doing for swelling?
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the only thing I have used for swelling is compression. I am just now to the point I dont feel like an oversized water balloon when I take it off. Feb 2 will be here before you know it!!!
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Unfortunately, tummy tucks can't get rid of all the stretch marks. It just takes care of the marks that are cut off with the extra skin. I agree with JenBob that your tummy looks good. When did you have your surgery?

If you'd like some doctors' thoughts on your scar, you might want to post a question (with the above photo) in our expert Q & A section. I see that you posted a question earlier, but this scar photo is much more telling.

Please keep us posted on your satisfaction level. I truly hope that, in the end, you don't think of this as a mistake.

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Hi Pheonix
I am so sorry you are going through the doubt. I think it looks really good, but the angle is hard to tell. Is the scar hip to hip..right about the pubic area? I have a pic of just the scar on my review if you wanna see.
I think your tummy looks good though, just swollen.
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