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Hello ladies! I wanted to document my journey in...

Hello ladies! I wanted to document my journey in search of a PS in Mexicali, MX. I'm a mother of 3 kids and the pregnancies & breastfeeding did a number on my body... I gained 60 pounds! I'm young almost 30 and have been stuck in a different body for the past 8 years! I'm happy that I did lose all the pregnancy weight (I'm down to 120 pounds) but I'm left with excess skin on my stomach and my boobies... yeah they need help! LOL... I'm planning to get a TT, BA, BL and possibly some lipo if needed. I live in AZ but the cost of PS is just over the top! So I've decided to explore into PS in Mexico and hopefully find the perfect doctor out there that fits my standards. I've narrowed down my list of surgeons to 2 or 3. I'm writing this to hopefully help someone in my own shoes who is considering going to MX for their PS since there isn't a whole lot of info online. My husband and I have done extensive research on Dr.Gaspar Blanco & Dr. Adrian Manjarrez in Mexicali. I need to do more research on Dr.Juan Luque. But from the first two I found that they both attended one of the best schools in Mexico (La Universidad de Guadalajara). I plan on calling them tomorrow to hopefully get a rough quote, get some questions answered, and schedule an in person consultation next month. I want to get a feel for them, get some questions answered, see more before & after pics of their work and get some testimonials of past patients. Id love to be able to contact some of these patients and find out what their experience was like because there isn't a lot online. If there is anyone who had their surgery with any of these doctors or others in Mexicali and can share their story here I'd love to hear it! I know there are horror stories that come from Mexico but these 2 doctors perform their surgeries in very nice hospitals, especially Dr. Gaspar, so it's not like they are doing it in some ghetto dirty clinic or something. LOL!

I also want to point out that in my personal experience, I have seen a world of difference in the quality of doctors in MX. I've been out there for vacations and every time I've had to go take one of my kids to the doctor (urgent care one time, sickness the other)- they knew exactly what they were doing and fixed it-they gave my son a shot that picked him up within hours and by the next day he was over the illness! Out here the doctors wont give you anything or will just recommend some ineffective over the counter thing, or will refer you to many "specialist". I even have family *with insurance* that will drive all the way out there to see doctors because they were so good! There are excellent doctors out there so in my opinion if you do your research thoroughly, you can find an affordable great surgeon. I will keep you guys posted on my call tomorrow, hopefully I can get a hold of them and get something scheduled!

I've scheduled my consultations, now these 5 weeks...

I've scheduled my consultations, now these 5 weeks are going to drag! I cant wait to go!

1 more week to meet the surgeons! Cant wait, I'm...

1 more week to meet the surgeons! Cant wait, I'm really hoping that one of them is it!

I cancelled my appointment with Dr. Luque today. ...

I cancelled my appointment with Dr. Luque today. I saw the pics on his website and was horrified with some of the pictures... I'm thinking if these pictures are the best he can do (since he's putting them on his website) I'll pass!!! So it's between Gaspar & Manjarrez

So today I had my consultation with Dr. Manjarrez...

So today I had my consultation with Dr. Manjarrez and his quote was $8,500. My thoughts on this surgeon is that he has invested a lot in his business seeing that the whole outpatient clinic belongs to him, he has his own full staff including nurses and all that and uses the newest technology available (and according to him he's the only one in Mexicali) I forget what the name of the technology is called, it's for the liposuction-I wrote it down so will update you with that soon.

He was very nice and straight forward explaining all the possible risks involved (and maybe over the top because I was getting the heebie jeebies feeling a little scared and uncomfortable..) He emphasized on the risk on capsular and I got the feeling that this is a common issue he has with his patients.

Now here is my main concern with this surgeon. He was reluctant to provide any references of past patients, his reason was that when he gives them out many times the patients wont answer the phone or return e-mail messages because they don't want to deal with it...? So I asked for pictures of his work, and he refused that as well saying that the pictures are not accurate because the patients wouldn't have my same exact figure...etc. Not happy with that at all. Let me be the judge of that and see your work, even if the girls are a variety of different shapes/sizes-it would at least give me an idea. He said that if he wanted he could show me pics and I would love the results and right away schedule with him, but he doesn't want me making my decision based on pictures...? WT...

Another thing I didn't like was that unless there's a complication, you are in and out of the clinic the same day :o/

I'm not quite sure how I feel about all that. I wish he would of provided me with pictures/testimonials/references... something to give me peace of mind...

He is very modest and reserved and doesn't try to sell you on things you don't need. I feel like he is honest and polite. I undressed (my top) and he marked me to show me what he would do and how... etc (which by the way that dang marker is hard to come off! I scrubbed and scrubbed and the damn thing is still He really took his time during our consultation, I liked that.

He said he is the most expensive surgeon in Mexicali and that you get what you paid for. Tomorrow I get to meet Dr. Gaspar, can't wait to see what he is like and see what he has to say! It will be nice to compare them both. I'll keep you updated soon!

I had my consultation with Dr. Gaspar today and...

I had my consultation with Dr. Gaspar today and both my husband and I were really impressed. First of all, his office was very busy, a lot of people in the waiting room which tells me, he's a popular surgeon (only 1 person waiting at Manjarrez). The consultation went a little quicker than the one with Manjarrez, but he answered all of our questions and was very friendly. After I undressed he went through the procedures and addressed my concerns. He says that for the size of implant I want (450cc) that he can do the lift with minimal scaring (just around the areola). I was very unsure about this being that everywhere I've seen, the lift requires the lollipop or T scar. He says that he's been doing this for 20+ years and has perfected his techniques. That he can accomplish the same result without the horrible scar (sounds GREAT but.. will it work? Will it give me the lift I desperately need??)

He says that yes, this technique will give me a lift. And that if in the future I wanted a little bit more of a lift, he would cover it and all I would need to cover is the anesthesia/hospital-sounds great to me!

The TT scar he said would be longer than the one Manjarrez suggested, he would be removing more skin and he says would give me a better end result.

He referred me to Carlo to obtain references, etc. He says that he rarely takes pictures of his patients (unless its reconstruction), I got the feeling that he goes through so many patients he doesn't see the need to try to sell his service.

I got the impression that Dr. Gaspar is VERY confident in his work, I like that. He's definitely more aggressive with his work, Manjarrez is a bit more conservative (was uneasy with me going with a larger implant, said I would look good with a 200 something implant- Why get implants?!?! lol) But I understand Manjarrez likes the natural look.

Sorry for talking too much! All in all, I liked both surgeons. But I must say so far I feel a bit more comfortable and confident with Dr. Gaspar- and it helped that I met a happy patient of his too! Manjarrez kinda gives me the heebie jeebies IDK exactly why. I will get in touch with Carlo regarding the references and we will give this a little more thought. But so far I think I've made my decision.. Dr. Gaspar it is!!! :o)

Wow, it's been a while since I've logged on here! ...

Wow, it's been a while since I've logged on here! I cant believe I'm only 2 months away from my mommy makeover. I'm going in for another consultation with a PS here in my state. I havent completely ruled out Dr. Gaspar, but definitely do want a second opinion. Will update you on how it goes!

So I had a consultation on Monday here in AZ for a...

So I had a consultation on Monday here in AZ for a second opinion & I LOVED the PS! I felt so comfortable with him & left his office not just feeling but KNOWING that if I went with him I would have outstanding results. The problem is, it's alooooot of money. $18,500. I was expecting less being that I'm only 120 pounds but I was off the mark. This is such a hard decision & I don't know what to do :(. Any ideas on how to come up with an extra $11K in 2 months? Lol... I don't want to finance that much money but don't see an alternative.

I'm stoked I was able to work with the staff and...

I'm stoked I was able to work with the staff and lower the price to $17.6! My hubby has worked out a plan that will allow us to pay it cash which means we get a 5% off on top of that. I am so happy and relieved at the same time. Dr. Guerra really made me feel comfortable and I know I will be in excellent hands. He was referred to me by a friend who was happy with her results & I've read nothing but 5 star reviews from him! My mommy makeover is less then 2 short months away! Woohoo!!!!
Dr. Gaspar? Dr. Manjarrez? Dr. Luque?

I will give the true rating after my consultation and will change it accordingly after my surgery.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I had a TT, breast lift with implants and lipo with Dr Luque in mexicali and I was very pleased. Its the best thing I ever did. My waist and Breast get the most attention, lol
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I am planning on having a BA with Dr. Manjarrez next week does any one have any advise or a past experience with him?
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DR. MANJARREZ was named the best plastic surgeon in Latin America! He is recognized by the american society of plastic surgery, and of Mexico also! he is the best option
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don't go with another doctor just because he is cheaper, dr. manjarrez may be a little expensive, but does an excellent job, and has very good reviews!
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Dfm- where did u find the reviews? I ask because when I was seriously considering getting my mommy makeover in Mexicali I looked everywhere online and there was nothing. I actually had a consultation with Dr. Manjarrez & although he is a nice person he made me feel like I would not be happy with my results. He just didnt give out that confidence. He also wanted me to do 200cc implants (why get implants then? Lol). He also refused to show me any before & after pics from his patients or even testimonials. He also said he didnt do submuscular implants because they would look terrible... All of those reasons are why I chose not to go with him. I'm very happy with my results that I got from a different Dr.- my Submuscular implants look and feel awesome!
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is submuscal mean under the muscle?? i'm sure it does. please let m know!
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dr manjarrez was just named best plastic surgeon in latin america, he may be a little more expensive than the other mexican doctors, but he does the most best work, and goes for natural look, which is classy
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I am so sorry for the tragedy in your procedure. That has to be a total nightmare. HMMMMMM, I am scheduled for a Tummy Tuck, Breast lift, an Augmentation in just 4 weeks with Dr. Gaspar as well. I am kind of reluctant after reading this post. I am getting small implants 300cc in each breast. Other then your breast issue's with the implant how is your TT healing? Maybe I will just get my TT, breast lift and get the implant put in later in the United States. Can you please tell me about your tummy tuck recovery thus far?
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I've considered postponing it, but my husband feels like its now or never. Luckily I'm working too, so if he were to lose his job (God forbid) we do have a back up source of income. But things would be tight until he were to find another job. Maybe we are being paranoid about it, idk... I have 3 kids :)
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I did negotiate, they originally wanted $20,500! So I guess 2K less is an improvement, still a lot of money & way over my budget. Things at my husbands job are a little rocky & don't know what the future will bring there. If he loses his job (high possibility) & we have this new debt it's going to be a lot on his shoulders. Idk... :(
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Seems like decision in this world become harder each day. With your husband possibly losing his job and the four children you have. Should surgery be a thought at this point? Just a question. No judging here.
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Hi Ms ru doing?? What happen what went wrong??
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Apparently picking a doctor outside the states was the first bad choice. I know I sound so negative and it's usually not me. But that's probably what went wrong. Anything else I'd say would just be more harsh and at this point I feel people gonna do as they wish regardless of the risk. So no sense in me revealing myself any further. It only hurts me in the long run. Reliving this tragedy.
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I am very interested to have a surgery tummy tuck-brazilian buttocks..a friend of mine has her surgery with dr.juan luque she looks great,..I need find more about mexicaly..
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Dont do it!!!
Save more money and stay in America. I had to learn the hard way.
Just had my aug and breast lift in America last Monday. I am still healing, but I am very well. No infection like I had with a doctor in Mexicali.
If you are in MN dr Robert wilke is absolutely an artist. Mexicali docs simply want your money. Nothing more. I can testify.
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whatever you do dont go with Dr. Gaspar. I am 3 weeks post op and i hate my tummy tuck. Unlike MsRosa my breast are okay but my Tummy Tuck I am very unhappy with the results. I agree, that the Mexicali Family Hospital main concern is the U.S dollars and thats the only part of the business they are concerned with. Your after care and follow up is a total non factor and they do very little to answer any concerns you have once you entire back into the states. They have my money and I know i will have to have a revision and have to pay a surgeon in America.
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bizzybody, I just read your blog. I haven't logged in here in quite a while! So sorry you are not happy with your results. I looked at your before and after pics, it looks like you have some swelling going on. I was really close to going with Gaspar too, I'm glad I listened to my gut and decided not to. I went with a board certified surgeon here in my state and am very happy with my results. I hope once your swelling goes down you feel better about your results. It's a lot of money to not be happy :( Sometimes we are our own worst critics though! To me, you look good in your pics, just a little swollen.
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Azerika- Financing works great!!! I did that the first time I ever had plastic surgery. After this horror that im still going through i recommend Go with the American doctors. Also negotiate the price. Not everything set in stone.
I'm still looking for my new surgeon, although I'm wary of the whole thing. But it has to be done. No choice.
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I'm about to have a blood transfusion. This just keeps getting worse. :'(
I wish this on no one.

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MsRosa, I'm glad I got to talk to u for a bit. Hang in there, I will keep you in my prayers & pray that you quickly regain your health :(. Call me when ever ok, don't hesitate! You don't have to be alone in this! XOXO
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Oh, Rosa! You are in our thoughts.

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Sending positive thoughts to you, MsRosa! 

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OMG Ms.Rosa that's horrible!!! So sorry u had to go through all that! Did the doctors say what was the cause of infection? Did the large size have anything to do with it or was it because it was a poor job? Wow... That is sooo scary... :/
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Well I had the skin to cover it. My other Breast is fine. my tummy is fine too. Remember ericka, I did tell you about the hand washing, things of that nature. HORRIBLE!
It just really sucks because I was so excited, so pleased and happy. Then BAM!!! I'm in the hospital, praying for life itself. Embarrassed and feeling worse than I did before I even have the surgery. Self-esteem went down the drain. Plus I feel as if I throw money right out the window. I'm so hurt on so many different levels. So many. I'm grateful to be alive. I pray for the best from anyone else. I should have done more research. Although this could have happened with any doctor, I feel I did disclose to Gasper I wasn't feeling great a times, but was put off by saying things were normal. But normal from one person to the other is always different. I believe I was pushed under the rug and now here I am. Breast less, broke and bad feelings.
Good luck!!!!
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Ms.Rosa please call me if you need someone to talk to (I'll message u my #). I can imagine what u must be feeling right now... What are your plans now? I believe the implants come with a guarantee right? When ever u are ready to replace it, they should give u a new one at no cost. But I'm not sure how that all works. Or do u plan on removing the other implant? I wish we lived close so I can offer to help u some way, but if u need a friend to talk to don't hesitate to call me! I am sooo surprised & dissapointed this happened to u with Dr. Gaspar... I'm wondering though how often this happens? Is this something that can happen with any PS or it only happens in an unsanitary environment? Ugh so many questions and doubts.... :(
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