My Mommy Makeover Experience - Southlake, TX

The reason that I decided to do a Mommy makeover...

The reason that I decided to do a Mommy makeover is because after years of bad eating habbits and two children I really did not like the way body looked at all anymore. I am 24 years old and that is to young to have have to worry about so many body image issues.

The cons of both procedures are really what would be expected. There is the obvious pain, and there is a scar from hip to hip. However I feel the pros outwayed the cons by far. For the first time in a long time I am excited to go shopping for clothes when the swelling goes down. Even tho I am only a week and half out of surgrey I can already tell that I am goign to love my results.

I really want to try to put up post opt pics...

I really want to try to put up post opt pics weekly to show the progress of the healing. I also put some of the other pre opt pic to show a little more on just how bad it was.

Ok I am trying to put pics up once a week to keep...

Ok I am trying to put pics up once a week to keep up with the progress I am making with my healing.

Putting post opt pic one week after surgrey

Putting post opt pic one week after surgrey

Thanks so much for posting your story and photos here. You look great!

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Baby blue, on your time off it will also very much depend on what you do with your time off. The first week I truely did nothing but sleep my husband would wake me up to take my pills and eat.
I am set as far as recovery, my Mom will be taking care of me. She is fabulous and so supportive. I am very lucky. It should not be a problem for me to sleep. Most of my work is pretty much at a desk and the two weeks off runs into Christmas break so it sounds like I should be fine.

We are week two of my recovery!!! Things have...

We are week two of my recovery!!! Things have improved very much in this week and I am loving my results very much.

I think my body type is alot like your too. How tall are you and what was your pre-op weight? Are you going to put recent pics up...I am just asking b/c I am getting ready to do this next week and really want to try and prepare myself for the stages of development.
I am 5'7 and my pre op weight was 180. I think I am goign to try to get some more pics up tonight.
Hi Brittrey, I've enjoyed reading your story. You have a lot of advise and I plan on re-reading when I get close to my surgery. I am nervous about the pain, the drugs, and just moving about. I am concerned about being stuck in bed for too long. How many days were you actually in bed (like all day)?After you finally could move around and weren't in bed so much, how restricted was your movement? When did you drive for the first time? I will be having my mother down to help my husband with the kids and myself. However, I hate being helpless and I hate not contributing to the family's needs. Yet part of me kind of wants to be able to just rest. I am a full time mommy, full time employeed, I volunteer myself all the time... I just need a rest. Did you find that the meds help you actually sleep (sleep through the pain as well)? Sorry to bombard you with tons of questions. You look awesome. I actually think we are similar in body shape,and breast size (well your pre-op pictures I mean).

This is almost six weeks post opt. It will be six...

This is almost six weeks post opt. It will be six weeks on Tuesday 11-23-10

I didn't know that at all about the underwire bra. I am so glad to have found this website. I am learning so much. Did you have to find the sports bra that closes in the front or did you purchase it from the doctor?
I found a front closeing bra at a sports store.
WOW- 3 whole pant sizes. That make sme super excited. Even if I only go down by one pant size, I will be ecstatic. When will you be able to wear a regular bra? I would figure around 3-4 weeks would be time. Is taht normal not to be able to wear a bra for that long?
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Dr. K was there to answer any and all questions you could have. He went through in detail every thing that would happen before, during, and after the surgrey. His staff was amazing, they were all so sweet and able to answer all questions. I really could not think of a bad thing to say about him or his staff. But the very most important reason why i would recommend Dr. K is that he is very good at what he does. He went above and beyond what I could of ever imagine. Only a week out and already in love the results.

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