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After spending time and money on a personal...

After spending time and money on a personal trainer, I am taking the plunge and fixing the things that bother me on my body after having my daughter 3 years ago. I am considering a mommy make over with breast augmentation, but not sure on the BA yet until I have my consultation). I have no stretch marks on my belly, but I am left with a not so desirable pooch like others on here (especially with the time and effort I put into exercise and diet - it gets me down). After a few surgeons reviewed my picture, it seems I am a good candidate for a mini or full TT... of which will be determined at my upcoming consultations next month!

Because the wait time is so long in my own town, I am looking at options in Houston, Tx based on amazing reviews and feedback from others who have had surgery in this area. I have chosen 3 surgeons to consult with (Dr. Lomonarco, Dr. James Boynton and Dr. P Gill). I am excited, scared and worried..I feel selfish for wanting to do this to my body and selfish for putting myself in any kind of danger that could affect my family :-( I will document my journey and look forward to hearing from others on-board the transformation train too :-)

I should also add that I am 34 years old and a...

I should also add that I am 34 years old and a size 6 (so not big), but all the exercise in the world is not getting rid of the flabby, excess skin around my abdomen.. I have worked hard to stay in shape and eat healthy all my life and I am fed up and tired of it not shifting from the stomach area.

I have my consults next week and I am having...

I have my consults next week and I am having second thoughts about the tummy tuck (mainly because of the scaring). I may just go with a breast augmentation for now and think more about the TT down the road. Did anyone else go through similar thoughts/doubts?

My husband and I returned from Houston and our...

My husband and I returned from Houston and our consultations last night and ended up adding one more consultation a week before we left for Houston. It turns out I will NOT need a tummy tuck.. yay! Here's how the consults went down:

I first met with Dr. Lomonaco and he made me feel soo comfortable. His style is very laid back and casual (which is what I loved about him). I didn't feel rushed during the consult. The staff were really friendly and his office is in a beautiful renovated house (he performs all surgeries in a hospital, however). The only thing I was disappointed in during this visit is that we didn't end up trying on any sizes for the BA.

I decided not to meet with Dr. Boynton after doing a bit more research and learning that he was not 'as long in the business" as the other doctors. Nothing against him, but as I am coming from out of country I really need someone with a lot of experience.

A few days before we left for Houston I discovered another PS: Dr. Vitenas and I decided to meet with him instead. His office was very well run and it had a hospital feel to it. Our consultation was a little more formal than Dr. Lomonoco, but I felt like this doctor knows breasts. He didn't feel a tummy tuck was necessary and I tried on some sizes of implants, which was cool :-)

Lastly I met with Dr. Paul Gill... super nice guy and the office staff were lovely. Again, I felt with me being out of country I should select a doctor with more experience (I think I had already made up my mind at this point).

I love, love, LOVE Dr. Lomonoco, but I feel his specialty is more skin removal surgeries (like a major tummy tuck). I opted for Dr. Vitenas because he had the most experience in BA and liposuction surgeries and I feel 100% confident in his abilities. He was a little more formal than Dr. L, but its the end result I am looking for.

I am scheduled for a BA (likely HP gel silicone, 325cc) and liposuction of the flanks and abdomen for January 5, 2012! I am excited and scared! Now in countdown mode :-D I will post pictures of my boobs and abdomen and flanks when I get chance.

I just wanted to add that it's not that I don't...

I just wanted to add that it's not that I don't need a tummy tuck.. most of the surgeons said they didn't want to do one because of my age and the scar factor. By doing the lipo I am not expecting to get a completely flat stomach, which bums me out a bit, but I guess that's what I will just have to live with.
Dr. Vitenas

Dr Vitenas was amazing. From the consultation to the surgery, his whole team was outstanding. I wouldn't considering going anywhere else for surgery. My breast are very natural looking and the recovery was so easy. I liked how he didn't 'up sell' me on a tummy tuck as all I needed was liposuction of the flanks and abdomen. Thrilled with my results. Pictures to come shortly!

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Hi Helkat,

Good luck to you! I also only needed lipo to my abdomen, I never had a stretch mark in my life, good genes. But the belly bugle was so ulgy! I just wanted the BA but my husband worked out a deal with my PS to get a discounted rated having it all done. I'm so happy with the results. Please don't be hard on yourself about the guilt thing. We all go through it and I read it in your words too. This surgery was the best thing I ever put myself though and my husband was the best in encouraging me and supporting me thought it all. I now enjoy when I need to buy myself something new it's not a chore as to what is going to work and will it look good to accommodated my body. I love looking at my image in the mirror. It's so cool that it's my body! It's so worth it. FYI I do still have some areas that are lumpy on my abdomen (very little lumps). But I knew going it that I was told 6 months to a year for the lipo to fully heal. You can't tell with clothes on but I would not wear a bare belly yet. Also my stomach is completely flat, even when I sit there is nothing there it's the coolest thing ever! I'm so glad I did both lipo and BA, just one without the other is like cake with no icing. Good luck,
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I went to Dr. V for a Mommy Makeover originally. This is my experience with the initial consult. First he checked out my areas that I felt I needed help. Abs/back/lovehandles/thighs. then we went into BA. I tried on several different sizes of Silicone implants, and I personally liked the larger implant that I tried on, but Dr. V was very polite in telling me that if I had the Lipo done, I would look to busty! He goes more for the natural look. Which is what I want. However, I could not visualize myself any smaller than what I was. Don't get me wrong, I was not a big girl to start off with... 5'3 125lbs sz 7/8pants... 34B... , but in my eyes, I was HUGE!

So when trying on the implants, I wanted the larger Breasts to accommodate the larger body I was in. Dr. V tried to show me what I would look like after lipo, but I am the type of person that I need to see it to believe it. So, I opted out of Mommy Makeover, Chose to do the Lipo first, and then when I am healed, I will go back in for BA consult.

The down side is that I have 2 recovery times, but after the lipo of my abs/flanks/back/inner & outer thighs I was back to work in 4 days. Office job, but still back to work. Again I am a little over 2 wks out of surgery, but my pants are literally falling off of me. I am still swollen a bit and the dr. states I have NOT started to shrink yet.

So it looks like he was right in my case. I am so much smaller than what I thought would happen, and i'm not even done with the swelling from the lipo.

If this helps great!!! Good luck!!
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Not sure if I need to move this to the liposuction section or if I can leave as a mommy make over?
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good luck helkat! Im having my liposuction done on 12/15. I'll be following U! I'm not quite ready to take my embarrassing before pic.
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thanks Angie... I think I am more freaked out from looking at the scars that are from ladies who just had TT. One of my PS sent a picture of what the scar should look like after 6 months, then after 1 year and it didn't look AS scary :-) I am getting excited now - consults on Monday/Tuesday!!!
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The scar will fade and if placed low enough, which it should be, it'll hide nicely under your bottoms. Everyone is different, but scars don't freak me out that much.

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thanks for your feedback Sassy.. you make an excellent and valid point.. my husband isn't 100% into this, but he says if it will make me not cringe when he tries to touch my stomach he is all for it. I may change my mind when I meet with the PS next week. I am kind of excited to think about having a nice, flat belly and ridding the spanx :0D
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When I originally started my journey, it was actually for the breasts,not tummy, even though the kiddies did stretch my poor tummy out. I did have the same doubts, regarding the scar. This about it this way, the scar is way below your panty line, and it will fade. But belly fat and muffin tops will forever need spanx, shapewear to cover them up. Just a thought. Of do the breasts first and tummy later as others have. I am only a week out & thrilled already!
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Good luck with picking a PS!! Its funny how when you meet the right one it kind of clicks! Keep us posted!
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Welcome! You look to be in great shape already and I'm sure you will have great results. Keep us posted!
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I am not sure if I have muscle separation, but I am guessing I have some in the lower abdomen (I can feel it a bit). Guess I will find out in 4 weeks!! I am getting excited now. I think a big thing that does worry me is complications that can arise... but I am hoping that choosing a good, reputable doctor.. this becomes less likely?
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Yep, I have that same thing. Has it been determined if you have muscle separation?

All your feelings going into this are so normal. We all feel guilty and selfish doing major things for ourselves that are expensive, burdensome, and with possible complications. But pretty much everyone comes out of this completely fine and totally happy they did it. Look at that Worth It score up there! Amazing!

Keep us posted on your journey. I'll be following along!

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