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Hi Everyone! Here is the short and not so sweet...

Hi Everyone!
Here is the short and not so sweet version of my story-
I am about 5'7 and, in the beginning, weighed 135lbs. THEN, I had my 1st son (10.4 lbs), 12 years ago, and gained 65lbs! WHOA! I did lose most of it, but then met the love of my life and had 2 more boys (9.9lbs & 7.2lbs)... WHAT WAS I THINKING, RIGHT? J/K!
I was all the way back up to 198.5, unhealthy, and was diagnosed with Diabetes. I got it together and proceeded to lose 25lbs., quit smoking, and am currently trying to become a healthy rolemodel for my babies.
I am a very happy-go-lucky, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, kind of girl. HOWEVER, my body does not match my personality. It is so hard to be "me" when I am so devastated by my "mommy" weight. I occassionally get asked if I am pregnant or "when is your baby due" and let me tell you, I have never wanted to lay someone out so bad before in my life! In my world you NEVER ask if someone is pregnant unless you are literally watching them give birth in front of you. Instead, I would just walk away, fists clenched, go home and eat a 1/2 gallon of ice cream. LOL.
Anyway, I have decided that I need for my body to feel like "me" again. So, 6 months ago, I started researching, looking around and scheduled my 1st consultation. My appointment is in 1 week from today, January 27th, 2011 (holy crap)! I am terrified... and excited... and happy... oh, and did I mention, TERRIFIED!!!???
Everything will be just fine, I know. Even my physician supports me, did a ton of testing and said I am good to go!
I am on pins and needles! I NEED SOME GIRLIE SUPPORT! Help!

I already wrote one of these but it never posted...

I already wrote one of these but it never posted for some weird reason. Hmmmmmm... here's to giving it another shot!
I am a mommy of 3 boys, all big babies (10.4, 9.9, and 7.2 lbs., from Gestational Diabetes). I am 5'7 and was about 135 lbs. pre-pregnancy weight and gained a CRAZY 64 lbs. with my first little guy. I lost most of that weight but, I met the love of my life, got remarried, and proceeded to have two more. WHAT WAS I THINKING???? LOL, j/k! I was back up to that weight in the end, except this time I wasn't pregnant anymore.
I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and decided to change my life. I now have my blood sugar under control, quit smoking and lost 28 lbs. I still have a good 15 lbs. to go but my PS says that I am in range to have the surgery done, then lose a little more weight and not have it affect my new tummy. And that it may give me the motivation to drop those last few stubborn pounds.
I am scheduled for NEXT WEEK! Holy crap! LOL! Thursday, January 27th, 2011. I am absolutely terrified, happy, excited, scared, thrilled... oh, and did I mention terrified?... all at the same time. I know I am driving the people I know crazy, talking about this topic to death. Whether it is what size breasts I want, what needs to get done before the surgery date, how scared I am or what my expectations are. In fact I think I may be a going crazy, myself, at this point. I NEVER thought I would go through something like this again after my c-sections and to know I VOLUNTEERED for it is INSANITY! LOL! I know it will be so worth it in the end and THAT is what keeps me from completely losing my mind!
I decided to come on here so I could bond with others going through the same things I am! I am having a Full Tummy Tuck, Lipo to my flanks and a Breast Augmentation, complete with cohesive gel implants "Gummies".
Anyway, that is my story in a nutshell! Show this girl some love ladies, I NEED IT! :O)

Here comes an update!!! I am now 6 days post op...

Here comes an update!!!
I am now 6 days post op and feeling pretty darn good considering the trauma I just put my body through. The day of the surgery the staff eased my nerves so much and talked me through everything. The funny thing is, I do NOT remember anything after them scrubbing me down to climbing into the hotel bed. It is all a blur! I remember asking them to leave the music on. "Staci's Mom Has Got It Going On" was playing at some point. And I remember the nurses singing. LOL.
Okay, for post op sh-tuff... In the beginning, my boobs where KILLING me. I swear, I thought they were going to pop off. There is NO WAY I would have been able to handle a bigger implant. Between that and my new tummy... I mean how in the H-E-Double hockey sticks am I supposed to position myself on the bed or, Heaven forbid, get up to go potty!? My husband had to dang near carry me, poor guy.
Right now, I am still babying my boobs (can't stand the feel of my muscle tensing up around my implant, creeps me out) and my DRAINS... oh sweet baby Jesus!!!! The way they pull and tug on my skin makes me insane. One is supposed to come out Friday, WOOOOO HOOOOO! I will say after yesterday (my husband removed my pain pump) when the pain REALLY set in, my back is dying, the muscles from walking haunched over and the areas where the lipo was performed.
My tummy muscles are spasming a lot and it scares me to use them, even a little.
Honestly, if all I was having done was the tummy tuck (with no drains, lol) it would have been manageable, for sure, after 3 c-sections.
My hubby is back to work and the friend that was supposed to help me, backed out last minute, so I am on my own.
I love what I see in the mirror so far. It is exciting that it is going to get better and better!
I am very grateful for my husband and my mom for all of their support through this or it would've been a nightmare. My hubby is an Angel.
PS... I tried to go off my painkillers a couple of days ago and my lipo areas and back muscles screamed, "NO!!!!" LOL. So I think I will just play it by ear.

So, I will be 6 weeks post op on Thursday and I am...

So, I will be 6 weeks post op on Thursday and I am pretty happy about my results. I still have sooooooo much swelling and had some concerns about a few spots on my incision that were not healing. I finally found a treatment that is helping VERY WELL. There have definitely been some ups and downs. The recovery period... oh man, THE RECOVERY PERIOD... it has been long. I don’t think anything can prepare you for that. I am sure that being a Diabetic has slowed it down considerably. I just want to go to work and move on with my life. MOVE being the key word. I NEED EXERCISE!!!! BLAH! Anyway, at this point it is hard for me to remember the way I looked before and then I see my "befores". WHOA! Hope everyone is doing great! Thank you all for not giving up on me! Posting a couple updated pics now.

Hi everyone! Going in tomorrow to schedule a...

Hi everyone! Going in tomorrow to schedule a revision surgery (that I knew would probably have to happen, even prior to my MM). I just posted a couple new pics and will post better ones very soon! Just wanted to drop in and show some love to my MM Veteran friends and everyone else going through their own life changing event! Muah! Mucho love to you all! TTYS! :0*
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Updated on 23 Jan 2011: He was amazing and so informative. His staff was wonderful too! I was anxious and he and his operative staff calmed my nerves. Best of all he listened to to my needs and wants and gave me very realistic advice.

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He did mt tt and mr... Im 4 weeks post op
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Thanks for all the posts. I had a MM done by Dr Hause 3 weeks ago and thankfully I am healing at an amazing pace. My girls look great! Hope they dont lose too much size wise. The TT was a bit more challenging but I can already see very nice results. I am going to start a new post shortly and will add my photos once I've uploaded them. Hope you are feeling good. Feel free to ask me any questions.

[Dr. Hause is a great PS! His prior surgical experience and expertise made him an easy choice. :)]
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I LOVE the idea of the care basket by your bed. Fabulous, girl!

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Girl, we have a lot in common!!! Good job on everything! You look awesome! I know how hard it is to feel like your personality does not match your body, trust me. I lost my body at 17 and struggled with weight till fairly recently. Oh and about asking if your preggo....ya, stupid fu**heads! That has happened to me and constantly happens to my bf. You also look familiar to me. I'm from Vallejo,Ca, my sis lived in Rocklin, Roseville, and Folsom...think I may of seen you before. Good job on quitting smoking! I did recently as well, it's like why did we ever do that? Also my daughter(firstpreg)was 9lbs15oz, yikes! Sorry I wasn't here earlier to give you the desperate support you needed, but it looks like a lot of great women responded! How are you now? (hugs, Cat)
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hahaha i know what u mean..mine is like 4 inches long...:( and i got to wear a pad all the time over it cuz its leaks and to protect it from infection! i hate to see this big hole there..and always wondering when it will doc refuses me to go to work until its i been off for what 7 weeks now and off till the 29th of april now!!! at 7 weeks u are having new hole opening up??? was your incision closed totally before those holes opened up? im so hating this...its unreal!
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P.S. I am exactly 7 weeks also and it IS helping but slowly which is good. And mine looks like the pics you saw BUT there are 4 spots that are opening, about the size of jellybeans. It can be frustrating, I wanna take a bath, swim and have 0 leakage on my panties dang it! Is that too much to ask? :0)
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Hey Aunie!
You're looking great (Maxim model all the way!!) I'm so glad to hear from you again. I was thinking about you lots through recovery. Can you believe that we are 6 1/2 weeks out. Wow, what a ride. It was a long recovery, but life is really getting back to "normal" now. That is...Normal except for looking hotter!

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TOTALLY miss you! I think about you all the time too! Too bad we couldn't have been bunk mates!!!! LOL! I love that I am starting to feel KINDA normal again. I am still stiff though. I couldn't stick my booty out if I wanted to because my tummy muscles haven't loosened up enough for there to be much sway in my back yet. How are you????? I bet you look like one of Hugh's Bunnies! :0) Did you have any issues at all? Did your breast stay big or did they get a little smaller after the swelling went down? Well write me back soon! XOXOXO

CLASS OF 1/27/11 :0)))))
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hi ladyaunie..very nice results by the way!!! You have mentioned that you have trouble with wound healing? im having that problem now and i am 7 weeks post op and my incision is still very opened...u used a product u had mentioned...does that product work for open incisions of about 4 inches and 2 inches deep?? its been atleast 6 weeks that its been open for me and its filling up inside but i find its taking forever!! :(
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Yes. One of the uses is for surgical sites. I would however ask your doctor just in case. The human version is Microcyn (sp) I have used the Vetericyn for animals. I swear by the stuff! My hunny calls it voodoo magic water. LOL. But it is a prescription. They do have the over the counter but from what I hear it is a" milder" form. Good luck and let me know how it works out! Good luck!!! :0)
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Hey There,
Sorry it's taken so really gets busy now that I'm not layin' around getting better anymore!

I am the same way still. Very tight tummy, but I did notice 2 days ago that I got my back arch again. How about you? I'm so glad to hear from you again...I thought maybe things weren't gong well for you since we didn't talk much right away. I know that it was intense right least for me...but I missed you too!!!

My boobs have settled into a nice, average size. What about you? Your pics look great, and you look very happy. I am very happy with the results, but man...I thought I was going to be completely back to normal now...not that I ever was!!

I do have a small part on my left boob. It's on the the outside bottom where occasionally I can feel the edge of the implant (I think). After I work out with any weights or do gets worse. I think I am going to call the doc about it. However, if this is the only complaint I have...I am very happy with that.

It has also been extremely uncomfortable to wear bras. Thankfully, it has been cold here in WI and I can wear layers. But spring and summer are just around the corner. Have you found this prob? and what have you done? Let me know.

It has been great hearing from you again. I'm sorry I only check my e-mail about one time per week...I'm so bad. Don't give up on me though!!!

Talk to you soon!
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Hi! Hope you are doing well!! Lucky you to be up and about so much that you don't need the computer anymore;) haha... I can't wait for that! Okay so you are still not feeling back to normal and your hunch has come back!! Agghh.. I was hoping in another week (closer to 3 weeks post op) I wouldn't have to deal with that anymore!! Ahhh... And bras are still uncomfortable? They hurt your incision? Thanks Lizzy!
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Well I am almost at the two week mark and I also have a few parts i my incisio that will not heal up as well! One is my belly button and I have to continue to take antibiotics until it heals up! Aghh.. I have a feeling my wounds could be like yours! Let me know if you try the Microcyn or find anything else that works! Thanks and goodluck with yours!!
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Yes bras hurt. My husband does not seem to mind that I do not wear a bra unless I have to:)...But when it gets warmer out, I'm not going to be able to hide any longer!!! I don't know if everyone has this prob or just me!

I don't think I explained myself very well. I wasn't able to arch my back until just's a good thing. My back was straight because it was hard to stand up perfectly straight. Now I can stick my butt out, stretching my stomach. (Never thought that would be such a big deal!)

Talk to ya soon!
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hello mommy, i am hmm 8 weeks post op almost and my open wound is not closed...its about 3 inches now and its getting filled inside with new tissue! i have this little whole on my side that is so small but wont close up until now...its soo frustrating...the doctor has told me by 3 weeks of today that it would be closed but guess what??? its far from closed!!! He simply told me to wash everyday in the shower adn just yet water run slightly on it to cleanse it...that it!!! nothing creams no ointments!!! I did have a infection starting at the beginning of the TT i was placed on antibiotics 3 times..but no infection, no redness anymore!! What did you PS tell u to do? im may call him tommorrow and let him know about this open wound still open..because where i had my surgery was not where im living now...but ill let u know what he tells me (most likely keep doing what im doing..)How big is your incision open???? is it deep????
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Ahhh... How frustrating!! My PS put me back on antibiotics for a second time. My belly button is probably a little over and inch and not too deep but looks yucky! The other one is my horizontal incision and it is a little over an inch, I think, as well?? I have a little bit of a weak stomach so I don't like to look at them much! They gross me out.. I should look more closely next time;). I was told the same thing with cleansing it and that was it. I just saw him Tuesday and have to go back tomorrow to make sure he is happy with it (he goes on vacation for a week and a half). I think I will bring something that will help it close up. You would think it would leave a worse scar if it doesn't close up!? Hope you get some more help with yours!! Let me know what you find out!
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hi mommy...aww i look at mine every day...i have to because for signs of infection if any develops!! did yours tell u the healing will take place from the inside out?? he did tell me the scar will be most likely bigger that i had this complication but a scar revision can be done if it bothers me so much...but i just wonder how its going to look like once its actually all closed just scared to go under the knife again now...hahaha!!
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Well I am getting closer with my wounds now too! I just know I have to to keep it from getting infected again! I keep asking if mine will turn out nice and he usually assures me. This last time I asked him twice and the last time he actually talked about a revision as well :(..Yuck! I'm sure it's different from place to place but isn't that an additional cost? I know!!-Going back under the knife!! I am cleaning mine twice a day but it doesn't want to seem to close (mine is my belly button, and one other small area).
Well hope all else is well for you! I have had way too bus of a last 24 hours so I am ready to chill the rest of the night!!! Have a great night yourself:)
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hi mommy!!! its a slow process but i can see that mine is closing somewhat now..its filling in!! but its very annoying! Well while i was sitting in the ps office one time one girl said that she had a scar revision and he never charges her a penny for it because it was im hoping if i need it someday that he will not charge me either...not too sure but...we shall see!!! U clean your's 2 times a day???? he told me to shower once a day only, let the water from the shower run slightly on top...what are u cleaning yours with??
Have a wonderful evening...and Relaxing evening!!!
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Hi! It is annoying.. My belly button too is finally starting to fill in and looks a lot better:). I hope we don't have to have a revision!! I'm ready to move on.. I guess you are at that point:). I however am getting close to 3 weeks post op! Halfway:)!!
I was cleaning it twice daily and it was supposed to be in the shower however I found a cleaner to use out of the shower as well. I started cleaning it once daily now and I think it is healing faster! I am also putting Neosporin on it too...
Btw I use Cetaphill in the shower and band aid hurt free antiseptic wash out of the shower.. It's working:).
Well have a wonderful night! Hope all is well!
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hey mommy...i was just told to use creams nothing and i havent had any infection in there since i last had antibiotics!! Just make sure u ask your ps before u use products eh?? Mine is filling in as well i saw today...its not as deep :-) maybe im getting somewhere lol ha ha so anxious to get to the gym to loose weight :-( and all im doing is eating and no exercise ...not good!!! i shall stay patient and u as well...and things will come along...:-) have a wonderful night!
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Sorry I am just getting back to you! I haven't been on as much!
Yes my PS okayed the products and actually told me to use a gentle soap. Mine is finally looking more normal:)! So exciting to quit cleaning it!! How is yours doing now?
I hear you on the gym!! I love my workouts so this has been tough. My PS has okayed workouts again but to take it easy and listen to my body.. They have felt so great! I know on the eating and no exercise! Ready to get back in the groove!
Well hope all else is well:). Let me know how you are feeling now..?
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How is your scar doing?
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It's getting better everyday! SUPER dark though. I can't wait until it starts to lighten up! :0) Off to read your story!
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You look so great! Thanks so much for posting your story (great writing and sense of humor, by the way)! And for supporting other women through their own journeys. Can't wait to see how you look in another 6 weeks! You must be thrilled with your results.

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