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I am 45 this year! Happy birthday to me! I have...

I am 45 this year! Happy birthday to me! I have been married to the same lovely, thoughtful man for 21 years. We have known each other since we were 9...Soulmates in every sense... We have three great kids (16, 13, 9). I breast fed all three for a total of about 5 years. So needless to say, my girls looked like utters. They hung down to what used to be my waist...... We went toVegas for vacay a couple years ago and bought a dress in a shop. They designer took a liking to me, and asked me to do a billboard shoot. ME! Just a plain old mom! Anyway I dieted and worked out, and looked to be what I thought was great for me. No matter what I did, I couldn't get rid of the wrinkly skin in my belly or the saggy baggy girls(rocks in socks). The photos looked great ( photoshop is a wonderful thing)! Anyway, started thinking about what I used to look like, and what I could look like... I went on a dr hunt... Met a couple, and didn't really think it would actually happen. A friend who is a nurse told me about this doc. We went to see him, and it all fell into place. I poured over tons of pics. Hubby said he never looked at so many boobs before. I didn't want to be any bigger, just have them up to where they were before I had kids. I was always about 34-36b/c. I had a meltdown while the doc wasmarking me up, but went through with it. It turned out great! The pain was much less than I anticipated! I had a lift and aug, with silicone under the muscle. Everything dropped into place and was moving along... Fast forward 6 months, and doc wasn't totally happy withhowmuch they dropped in only 6 months. He saidheunderestimatedhow elastic,y skin was and wanted to go back in and redo the lift. Since HE wasnt happy, he would not chargemeforhis time, anesthesia and OR time. They are still so much better than what they used to be, but hubby suggested that if he wants to go back in, let's do it now while he is willing. If we wait longer, then he might not be willing, and in a couple years it might be worse and I will REALLY want it done... Ok, so while I am in there, maybe now is the time to do the TT that I have been talking about for years.... I am all set for 2/15. Surgery is at 1:00. He does facelifts in the morning. Since I am staying over the first night, they tend to do those surgeries later, grrrrr! So no eating after midnight the night before, valentines day... And no coffee in the morning!Aaahhhhh! I get up at 6 with the kids... No food or drink until surgey at 1! Ok so stressing about that.... The pain was so manageable (I think I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, had all thre kids natural and no drugs, not by choice, just worked out that way....) that I a worried that I am underestimating it.... Hubby is looking forward to takingcareof me. He likes when Im on valium, says Im much calmer and sweeter, haha! I have some before and after pics of the first time, will try to figure out how to upload, so NOT techy... Also, will do beforesof the tummy...

Good Luck tomorrow and I pray all goes well tomorrow. You are going to look fantastic!!!!
Good luck tomorrow!!
Thanks! Not till Wednesday... More time for anxiety....

Up an showered. Surprisingly good night of sleep....

Up an showered. Surprisingly good night of sleep. Went to church. Just got home and nurse from ps office called. They started his OR late this morning. I think I was 2nd. Was supposed to be there at 11:30 for 1:00 surgery. Now it's pushed back.... Just another piece to make me cry. I can't believe I am doing this! I hope it's worth it...

Hi ladies! I am done! Wow so much marker for doc...

Hi ladies! I am done! Wow so much marker for doc to follow... I feel great! Thanks for thoughts and prayers ! Can't kept my eyes open. Will post tomorrow
Ok-I know I have the day right now :) Thinking of you and wishing you speedy recovery!
Thanks girls!

Day 1 post op. didn't get into room until about...

Day 1 post op. didn't get into room until about 6:30 pm. It was a long day! Didn't sleepwell last nigh, not from pain, just wide awake, go figure... Catheter was kinked during the night, so really had to go. Once the nurse drained it all, I was able to fall asleep. Doc's resident came to see me. Checked me out, and drained my drains. Only giving off a little in each one. I went to the bathroom by myself. I can't believe how good I feel! Sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop...can't see my tummy yet, can't wait! Will update soon!

Soo.... The other shoe has dropped so to speak.....

Soo.... The other shoe has dropped so to speak...lots of pain where he did lipo. Drains not putting much out. Can't wait to see what's going on under all of these layers... Just feels like I worked out hard with my abs!
It sounds like things are going great. I hope the next few days stay that way. Can't wait to see pics. Best Wishes.
Glad things are going well!! Keep resting up anxious to see pics of breasts, good he is willing to do that at no charge!!!!
Good Luck, and Lots of prayers your way for a speedy recovery. Aj

Ok sitting here bored out of my mind. Can shower...

Ok sitting here bored out of my mind. Can shower today! Really excited! Not in Amy pain. Hope that doesn't mean that he didn't pull me tight enough... Gong want to have to do it again!

2nd day po..... Got in the shower! Felt so good,...

2nd day po..... Got in the shower! Felt so good, but took forever! Everything, so far so good!
Thanks girls!
Glad you are doing ok. Here's to an uneventful recovery!!!

Day 4 post op...... Didn't sleep as well last...

Day 4 post op......
Didn't sleep as well last night. Didn't take pain medial lady, but by evening, not so good. Took them beforebed. Still have not had BM and taking colace 2 to 3 times per day since surgery. Started with miralax this afternoon. There is one spot on my incision that is really sore, but it doesn't look any different that any other spots on the incision. I am so itchy! That is driving me crazy! Not much output on the drains, I don't know if it's a. Possibility for them to come out on Wed ant my first post op appt. I also have a lymphatic massage scheduled for that time too. Had one before with last lift/aug. didn't think it really did anything, but that's what the doc ordered...starting to get nervous about the BM. That was probably the most unpleasant thing about the lift/aug before!

5 days post op.... There is one spot on my...

5 days post op....

There is one spot on my incision that is so so sore! Doesn't look any different, but OWWW! My husband made me take all pain medicine last night, and it knocked me out! When I got up I was determined to go to the bathroom. I have been taking stool softeners since surgery day, miralax, and MOM! Sat in there for 45 min and finally went. Wiped out and sore, but feel better! My drains are not putting out too much fluid. Only emptying 2x a day. Would be really nice if they came out on Wednesday. Not getting my hopes up yet.

2/22, 7 days post op..... Had first post op appt...

2/22, 7 days post op.....
Had first post op appt this morning. Drains removed as long as I promised to do nothing for another week. Absolutely! Doc scheduled a lymphatic massage to get things moving. OMG I can't get over my new flat tummy and belly button! I lost more weight which is just icing on the cake!
Zoom- we need pics soon!!! Are you happy with your tummy???

2/23, day 8 post op...... The family all left...

2/23, day 8 post op......

The family all left this morning for school and work. Sitting here by myself, bored! Not allowed to do anything since the drains are out for the next week. Don't want to have any fluid build up, and compromise my results! Before this whole process I lost 12 lbs. just got on the scale and I'm down 5 more! Am so excited and no one to share it with this morning except the cat!... Yeah she really doesn't care! This was definitely worth it!
Interesting concept, there is some truth to that about certain foods causing inflammation! Looks intriguing!
OK off to google right now and read up, sounds intriguing, we might have to make a road trip together when we are better, LOL
Sounds like a plan! Lol!

2/25, 10 days post op........ Ventured out...

2/25, 10 days post op........

Ventured out today. Went to my sons basketball game, daughter is dancing then another bball game. Tired but feel good. A little swollen. Can't get my jeans buttoned, but didn't really expect to, so I won't fuss....YET! Kids are being very helpful, and poor hubby is doing everything! Shopping, cooking, wash, taking care of kids, and running his company! What a guy!
Zoom! You look great!!! Congratulations!!! Don't over do it and get set back!
Thanks! Think I over did a bit today... Too many kid activities! I will sit around tomorrow w my feet up!
Zoom thank you now I know I will be getting some implants, I think the boobs really make you girls look fabulous, like it make the whole body more proportionate I think! I am fighting a cold can you belive it? Ughgh I do not want to be sick for this surgery I know he is all booked up, pray that I am OK, ughghg, I feel like crap and I am so busy trying to get everything doen this weekend, ughghg And the freaking snow this morning we had that was nuts, 60 for 2 days and now this snow and wind, what is happening>

11 days post op..... So last night was super...

11 days post op.....
So last night was super swollen, when I touched my tummy it was like loose jello.... Went to bed, back in the recliner. Woke up this morning with no swelling, but got my period and had terrible cramps through the night, grrr. Kept trying to mentally summon my Tylenol to come to me, but that didn't work, crazy dreams last night too... So at 4:00 am got up, fixed all my issues and took Tylenol, went back to bed. 8:30 woke up and felt so sleepy, couldn't move. Started to feel nauseas so hubby made me 1/2 bagel and felt better. Another bball game today, laying low until have to go... Feeling pretty good right now....

11 days post op..... Still swollen, blub, blub,...

11 days post op.....

Still swollen, blub, blub, but feel really good! OMG sick of frumpy clothes! Can't wait to get back into my jeans and heels!
Wow, you look fantastic!!!!! Your surgeon did an amazing job, boobs and all. I'm happy for you and best wishes!
Thank you for the compliment! Good luck to you on your upcoming surgery!
Hi, thank you! Really can't wait for the better part!

12 days post op... Everyone left me today, work...

12 days post op...

Everyone left me today, work and school.... They made me promise to sit on my perch all day! I followed orders. MIL here making dinner, emptying DW and taking girls to dance. She's awesome, very lucky to have her! Feel good, haven't checked what's going on under the layers today... Will shower tonight. Hopefully the bowl of jello has dissipated.
Nevermind, just saw update, I swear stuff is here and then it is not, so you are day 13? Are you laying around all day or can you sit at the table, like what are you doing? I want to go back to work on day 17 so I hope I will be able to sit up
Zoom- how many days post op are you now? Sounds like you are getting restless and ready to get out and about that is a good sign! Your friends are going to be like OMG when they see you!!!!
Oh my gosh you look great!! Tummy is so flat!

2 weeks post op today! Went to drs appt this am...

2 weeks post op today!

Went to drs appt this am. Yep, fluid buildup, Seroma. Nurse drained me, only 75cc. She was pleased. A little weird, but not bad. It was easier for her to do while I was standing. Started tows eat a bit and she made me sit. Should have just sucked it up, needed to stand again for her to get in the pocket..

Not really supposed to do anything that has a "squatting motion". Can drive, but not a lot of in and out of the car. Another appt on Mon. This time with doc. Hopefully fluid will dissipate on its own and won't collect again, but if needed, will be there to be drained.

Home now, and that spot where she drained hurts a bit... A little crampy....
Zoom- I just saw your 8 day pic, looking fierce!!! WOWSER!!! OMG then I just read about getting the fluid drained?? Ughggh could you feel it building up? Did it hurt?? You poor thing, rest up, I sent my number to your PM maybe we can chat next week when I am off!!! Feel better
Love to chat next week! Draining wasn't soooooo bad. It hurts a little in that spot, butOMG got my jeans on and buttoned!!! So excited! Tummy is flat and excess fluid is not back yet! Compression garment and binder are killing incision around my hipbones!
You look sooooo amazing!!! How are you feeling?

15 days post op Drove my daughter to CCD, not...

15 days post op

Drove my daughter to CCD, not really liking driving... Even though i had no muscle work done, i could still feel it in my muscles in my tummy while driving.

So last night was sore on my incision at hip bones. The spot that she entered to drain me is also sore. Not too bad though. Took my shower last night, and tummy is flat! Even able to get the jeans on and buttoned! So excited, didn't even bother to put a top on, just ran through the house screaming into each room to see each kid and hubby to show! Kids not too happy with the eyeful of boobies, but they are used to me! Lol!

Woke up this am with headache and a bit nauseas, but after the coffee, feeling better. May disobey orders and head to the grocery store...
You look incredible!!!
You look amazing. I am glad to hear that the pain was not as bad as you expected. I am getting my tt,lipo,breasts done soon as well, Please keep us posted.
Please don't go to store! Your so early and will end up with a Seroma or worse you may mess up results! Watch a good movie and relax! I messed my results up from doing to much and had to go through another surgery! Use me as an example! You have plenty of grocery store days in your life! Please please listen to me! Instead go for a quick walk'

16 days post op..... Well, it's definitely like...

16 days post op.....

Well, it's definitely like a switch flipped! Woke up this morning feeling SOOOOO much more like me! Have been up and about! Must be the fact that it's Jon BonJovi's 50th bday! Anyway, had a major pre menopausal drenching sweat this morning. So much so that I had to strip down and get my foam and girdle and binder off. My tummy was even sweating! Ugh, hate this, but haven't had one since the surgery, so ok, maybe it's a sign.... Anyway, won't overdo it. Driving to pick up the kids today at school. Hope this all stays this way! Yay!
WOW looking good, he made a nice BB!!!!
you look AMAZING, girl!!! what size are the 'girls' now? i'm thinking that size would work for me, too. i'm in a week from today!!!
When I went in originally in May, I had Allergan Naturelle under the muscle. I think they were 350? 360? I can't remember, and can't find my paperwork right now, sorry. Had a lif too, but doc thought still too saggy. So this time, he lifted me more, and moved and resized my areola. I was so worried going back in that he would tighten me so much that they would be smaller. In fact so much so, that it was the first thing that I said to my hubby when I came out of surgery! Haha! I think they are a bit smaller, but, without the tire around my wait, they will be ok.

18 days PO.... Last night had my date night with...

18 days PO....
Last night had my date night with my son. We went to sushi and then to a game. so much fun spending with my boy! i could feel my stomach swelling as we sat there... drank 3 bottles of water there... so of course had to keep running to the bathroom. Terrible night of sleeping! all done meds except for evening vitamins. will nap today, and spend the day rehydrating to counter the soy sauce.... Drs appt tomorrow to see te doc! havent seen him since day 2. Anxious to start exercising, and sex... usually not that interested, but for some reason, its all I can think about... I must be getting better! LOL...of course, hubby is leaving for travel on Monday night and wont be back till Friday night!
Wow zoomzoom just amazing. You look wonderful.
Hi Zoom, congrats on ur surgery, looking good! Hot momma....keep us posted!

Day 19 post op.... Got up this morning and felt...

Day 19 post op....
Got up this morning and felt great! Kids were off so made breakfast. Took cat to the vet. Went to Target with my daughter. Tired when we got home, took a nap. Drs appt at 5:00. Doc was running an hour behind! That has never happened... Anyway, stuck it out... Nurse took off all dressings today! No scabbing, and really healing well, doc was pleased! He drained me again! Only got 25cc of fluid this time! Only have to wear binder or girdle, not both. Not allowed to exercise, but can walk, and can walk on treadmill. Must wear sunscreen on scar when on vacay. Put neosporin on incision tomorrow, the move to coco butter or Shea butter... It's all goob!
Zoom- glad you could enjoy your night out with your son at least, I cant imagine getting up to go anywhere at this point, going to the doc today wore me out! You look fabulous!!

Meant its all good! Stupid word corrector!

Meant its all good! Stupid word corrector!
Whoaaa! You are smoking!! I am absolutely amazed at the transformation! Congratulations :)
Looking good zoom, love the blue 2 piece!
Ok. I'm going swimsuit shopping LOL! Seriously, you look beyond amazing!

26 days post op...... So the weekend was as crazy...

26 days post op......
So the weekend was as crazy as the week before. Did a lot of driving for the kids. Went to a friends house on Saturday night. Since I haven't told anyone, had to keepmy uncomforts to myself... Feeling good this am, took my shower, and got dressed. Today wearing the binder and not the girdle, but noticed I am swollen. Thought I might have been last week. MIL is a nurse. She looked at me and thought I looked swollen. Today I think confirms it, couldn't get my jeans buttoned, haven't gained weight enough not to button the jeans... Disappointing, but oh well....

Just went to the bathroom...grrrr, think that dang...

Just went to the bathroom...grrrr, think that dang fluid is back!

Omg, my crotch is so swollen, and all around my...

Omg, my crotch is so swollen, and all around my incision! Is this what they call swell hell?
zoom - hope your swelling is down and to add comment to Beje and you - could the baboon vj (LOL) be just from gravity - swelling from standing too much? You two have me wondering how much swelling I'm going to have! AND I do have a question... your boobs are gorgeous! What size are they?
I know the VJ area and now my hips are so swollen I measured 7 inches, OMG, like it never ends the swelling that is why the darn scale is so heavy too, I keep weighing, I was 202 today I was at 218 after surgery all that fluid, man! I was 204 the day of surgery and if he cut almost 8 pounds I should be around 196, so I know I have a ton of fluid in me somewhere, it is so frustrating, I have not seen a weight under 200 since I was 13, 30 years of waiting I am like come on already! I am chugging water like a nut and avoiding salt like the plague!
Well, you ladies are wonderful! The pics were taken before all the swelling...even more disappointing that I got a glimpse... Be, you said it, the baboon vj, haha! That's exactly what it looks like, puffy swollen and hangin! Really?! My stomach looks good, but WTH is going on with the rest of me... Wait it out, I think I can, I think I can....

29 days PO..... So today is my bday! Happy bday...

29 days PO.....
So today is my bday! Happy bday to me! The good thing is I am wearing my Flexees leggens without binder or girdle today and feel pretty good! Bad news is my youngest daughter has strep and I am chained to the house...lunch plans w hubby are off... Oh well... Monday back to the drs and hopefully get the ok to workout! My son (13) told me my stomach looks great, but my buttlooks a little wrinkly... NICE! So much for the backhanded compliment. LOL
Your pics are great! Looking awesome. Congrats on that hot bod!
Happy belated birthday!! Hope your girlie is feeling better!!
Aww, thanks girls!

34 days post op.... Got drained yesterday again....

34 days post op....
Got drained yesterday again. Doc said I'm going to be very happy with results, but also reminded me that it could take up to 3 months for swelling to dissipate.
You look FABULOUS!! Happy Belated Birthday!!

38 days post op.... Yesterday we flew to Jamaica....

38 days post op....
Yesterday we flew to Jamaica. Spring break for the kids. Thought before the TT that this would be great, 6 weeks out, no prob showing off the new tummy... Ha! Drank almost 3 liters of water because I was so worried that I would swell. Not too bad... Tummy is still numb, doc said to be careful in the sun if I'm numb, and to cover BB. Its weird without all of my layers of compression and girdles... Hope the swelling stays to a minimum... Will keep you posted!
Oh zoom, can you put your back to the sun and lean forward a bit? since you cant lay on your tummy? I dont know if I had a seroma per se or just so much fluid built up but he drained me last night, I just closed my eyes and it didnt hurt at all, he did it like 3 or 4 times and got so much out of me and then I can feel it fill back up not as much but its filling so I might have to go several more times, ughghg, he had me like push my right side tummy over towards the left then he jug me. My spanx are eroding my incision so now I have to go back to the binder, I am so over this! Have fun and drink something good for me!!!!
Zoom- are you still there? OMG I cant imagine being there and not getting in the pool, but yeah I would think that is not the best thing for healing. Hope you are having fun and making the most of everything as best you can, still better than being here!
Still here! I don't like to get in the water that much anyway, so not too big a deal. I would like to go snorkeling with the kids though. The water is so pretty here! Drinking LOTS of water, not swollen so much from food, but the Seroma is coming back. Hopefully it will not get too much bigger before the end of the week. No one can tell but me... I can't lay on my tummy, because I can't arch my back. Haha so the front has lots of color, and my back view looks like uncooked chicken as my daughter would say!

7weeks post op Drs appt yesterday, drained again!...

7weeks post op
Drs appt yesterday, drained again! This time he took 45ccs. He kept saying it wasn't much, but 4 fat vials full, and only took 15 last time. Tummy is flat again...He assures me this will be the last time to be drained. Cleared to start Pilates again. Doesn't want to see me again for a month unless fluid builds up again. Hope we are in the clear now!
Wow... you look awesome in your bikinis. Your daughter has an awesome body as well!! Enjoy... and show it off. :-)
Happy Easter Zoom!!!
Happy Easter! Treat yourself and have a bite of those bunny ears!

Almost 8 weeks PO Able to start exercising today....

Almost 8 weeks PO
Able to start exercising today. Starting w Pilates... Doing more research on Internet about my bulge above incision. Anyone know anything about pseudo bursa? I don't think my Seroma is back, no waterbed sloshing... Incision is hard, and there is a bulging above it... It's swollen, but just in that spot, not my whole tummy... I don't know if I'm just being picky, but now going through this, I want perfection... It was flat right after surgery, doc says should be flat again, but now I have started reading again, and pseudo bursa doesn't seem to go away on its own... Grrrr!
Your Abdomen looks Absolutely Fantastic! You totally Rock that Bikini!
You look FANTASTIC!!

10 weeks post op... Ladies, so sorry I haven't...

10 weeks post op...
Ladies, so sorry I haven't updated... Hubby spent a week in the hospital, never had anything done or ever been in before...he was numb on both hands and feet and mouth. Very scary! He is adopted so no medical history. They did every test on him, and couldn't find anything except low white blood count, but couldn't explain why...he is home and back to normal routine, except no drinking for now... Seeing a hematologist to see if they can shed some light... Also 2lyme tests and both neg...

Anyway, Seroma is gone. Swelling is down for the most part, and I am out of the habit of the girdle and binder... The scar in the area where I was drained is thicker under the skin, hopefully that will break down over time. There are still spots on my tummy that are numb, and it seems to be moving around... Feeling SO much more normal!
can you tell me the name and number of your doctor I would like the same surge except I would like to add liposuciton to my thighs
your rocking that bikini! you look more like a older sister then a mother/daughter picture
Zoom_ OMG that is horrible about your husband I hope they find out what is wrong. That has to be so scary. I am glad your seroma has resolved itself, mine s still going, I am thinking maybe I should stop having him drain it and let it disappear on its own in time? I dont know, I am still really swollen! You look fabulous well no new pics but heck even at 20 days you looked amazing, I bet you are even flatter now.

Helllllooooo! its been so crazy the last couple of...

Helllllooooo! its been so crazy the last couple of weeks.... so I spoke too soon. I have been drained 3x since I was on last. Just about every 2 weeks I have been going back in. doc cant believe that I keep coming back. He said this has never happened so many times with someone as thin as me... haha, never been called that, but OK! anyway, he is giving it a little more time, then there is an antibiotic that he caninject into the space to make the tissue sticky and adhere to one another. if that doesnt work< then its back to the OR... grrrr, dont want to do this again!
Hopefully the draining situation is almost over for you. I can't imagine going through that now. It's all worth it though. Enjoy your summer.
sorry it taken so long, Dr. Louis Bucky. He is in Ardmore and Center City
thank you!
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

So far so good! I can't say enough about my doc and his team! Everyone came in to introduce themselves to me before the surgery. So comforting! Such perfectionists! Love him!

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