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Mom and I Are Both Happy with Facelift Results

I had lipo under my neck along with my neck...

I had lipo under my neck along with my neck muscles tightened and my upper and lower eyes with a browlift.  It was done in the office under oral sedation.  The pain was minimal and the results are great.

My mother had a mid to lower facelift, lipo under her chin with muscle tightening and her upper eyes.  We both look 15 years younger.

As with any surgery there is a recovery time and some discomfort.  I took about 1 -2 weeks for the swelling and bruising to go away.  Everyone heals at different rates so my mother, who was a smoker took a little longer to heal about 3 weeks for all the swelling to go away.

These doctors were the most caring physicians I have ever met.  They were calling us to make sure we were doing alright and you can barely see any scars from the incisions.  I highly recommend these surgeons.  You won't be sorry.

Erik Miles, MD and David Harley, MD

Excellent patient care, fantastic results, minimal scarring

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