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I have struggled with my weight my whole life and...

I have struggled with my weight my whole life and after losing 60 lbs from my lapband I had a overhang of skin. So after graduating school, I asked my hubby for a tummy tuck for my grad gift.

I had looked at before and after pics and was certain I was in good hands. Well today is one week after surgery and my body looks kind of awkward.
I am not sure if it is because I am still swollen or if I should have have more liposuction or what.

Has anyone else happen to see someone that looks like this? I am scared I won't be able to wear jeans or look right in anything. I was almost in tears the other day. I have looked on here and everyone has the flat stomach I want.

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So had appt with surgeon today. Feeling a lil...

So had appt with surgeon today. Feeling a lil better. He said I am still really swollen. Which kinda makes sense because they removed 10lbs of excess skin and liposuctioned 5 liters and I still am weighing the same. He also said that he lipo'd as much as he could on my top stomach but was a little difficult since I previously had lap band surgery.
As for the dog ear....Well just have to wait till I heal more and he can take care of that in his office.
Also I am gonna give it 3 months and then we can discuss working on my mons pubic area......As it is still swollen and is gonna need to be lifted.
So for now I'll just wait and see how the healing goes....


You are still really swollen. It will get better. My ps took 11 lbs of skin and 2 lbs of fat, but that didn't reflect on the scale until almost 6 weeks po. I am now down from size 20 jeans( just to fit over my flap) to almost a 12 in women's. I am still swollen but see improvement almost every day. Look at your before pic compared with 1 wk po, there is a HUGE difference. Keep us posted and good luck.. Don't get discouraged.
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Thank you! When I was looking at pics online and people looked a lot different I was getting upset. But knowing that others have been thru this helps a lot.
You have a lot of swelling. And it will go down. I too had the lap band a few years back. I didn't lose as much weight as I would have liked to. But I got to a point that it was not coming off any more. I had the panis (apron of skin) that hung down and would get infection and blister underneath the skin. It was horrible. I went to see a ps about getting a pailectomy and he said it would be better to get a modified tt. That's what I had done. I had swelling and still have it some days. but I would do it again without a second thought. I have noticed that the swelling thing has good days and bad, but they are getting to be fewer all the time. And will you or I ever have a perfectly flat tummy, I doubt it. But I don't care because the difference from my before up to this point is amazing. I know you will feel the same in a couple of months.You had more done to yourself than what I had done,so I think your end results will be more satisfing to you. If you have any questions that you think I can help with please feel free to ask me. get some rest while recovering. Just know that in a few months and you look back your going to love it!!!
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Well it has now been a little over a month. Have...

Well it has now been a little over a month. Have had a couple set backs. I had my right drain removed April 25th as it was clogged. Then had my other drain removed on June 2nd. Doc said it had been a month and was time to come out. Well seems it was not working properly and as as soon as he removed fluid gushed out. And then they has to press on my stomach for half hour to get fluid out.
Well, Saturday I have to call him and request an emergency visit at his office because fluid had retained quickly again. He removed about 200ccs. And told me to call him if I had a fever of over 101. Well Sunday I had 101.8. Called and yesterday I had an emergency surgery to add a new type of drain.
I guess this is common for people of my size. The flatter your stomach and smaller you are the tighter you are and less likely you will have fluid build up.
I was scared before that I had made a mistake. But each day is a new day and the swelling is slowly going down and I am slowly starting to see a new me.


I had my drain in for a month as well. It's a real bummer isn't it? Now I go I. Twice a week to be drained, but I don't have numbers anywhere like yours, they drained 50 this morning. Good luck on your recovery, post more pics so we can see where you are.
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So I received a call last night from the doctor's...

So I received a call last night from the doctor's office, and they wanted to change my antibiotics. Seems that the cultures they took from my surgery on Monday, came back with MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).
I feel fine now, and seem almost back to normal, but was advised to just take it easy. I am not taking Clindamycin, and I am hoping that this is the last bump in the road I have.
Drain tube is still in, and I am hoping to post a pic of it soon. It is weird, it looks like something that should NOT be in me. Bayne wanted to take it out tomorrow, but I am still draining, and I am more than happy to wait till next Tuesday..Just to be safe. The drains have to be covered in gauze and then I have to tape them to my leg and thighs. The pain and irritation is getting to be an inconvenience, but again..I would rather be safe than sorry.


Nippz, how is your swelling and healing going??
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So far, ok. I am still not where I want to be, but luckily I have sort of started running, and am starting the gym back next week since there is no more pains. Swelling keeps going down though. Had a pair of pants that didn't fit last month, and now I can wear. :-.)
what antibiotic were you on at once after surgery? were you originally on clindamycin? what are you on now/ bactrim plus doxycycline or other?
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2 months and 14 days

So I haven't been on here much, but now have made time. Things seem to be going good. Had Doc appt Tuesday and he said things look great and he will see me again in 2 months for post op pics.
I started running a few weeks ago as I was no longer in pain from jumping or anything like that. Felt weird, after I was done, my stomach was all tingly. And next week, I am starting to go back to gym.
I am still not sure how I feel about my body. I look good from the front view, but the side I look awkward. Also if I eat too much, I look like I am 7 months prego. *Sigh*
I must admit tho, I just looked at the previous pics, and WOW, the swelling has went down ALOT! I am hoping to take some pics in the next week or two, and I will post.


How are you feeling? ....I'm just so curious how your tummy is looking now can't wait to see pictures.....
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Im glad to know you are doing well. Keep us posted on your healing process. It will all work out for you is my prayer for you. Take care
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I really understand you and your thoughts about how you think your tummy should look. I feel the same. When I look from the front it's not bad. However from the side is a different story. From the side I feel like it looks like I am prego too. But as time goes by the bloating and swelling will get less and less. I don't think all of us are ever going to have that flat tummy. For me that's ok. I would love to have that super flat tummy but I don't think I had it when I was 16. Just look at our before pictures. No complaints here. Any way, you look so much better than your befores, and when you are no longer swollen it will go down even more and you will love it. Have a wonderful day!
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Almost to my 3 month mark.

So here I am almost 3 months has passed, and still have mixed emotions about my choice.
I am finally posting a few older pics of when I have the 2nd emergency tubes in, and a few pics from this morning.
While on vacation all we did was ride in a car and eat, so there was a gain of a few pounds and then this week the TOM is coming so I am eating constantly and retaining water. I feel FAT!!!
Last weekend I was so bummed, whenever I eat too much I look like I am pregnant. UGH! I am starting a weight loss program next week and I am hoping that helps me kick start my metabolism.
So looking at the pics, I am happy that I am alot smaller and that alot of the swelling has went down....But, my mons pubic area is now making me self conscious. He said he could fix that later. But I really wish he would have done a better job when I was under the knife.
So now I am in debt for almost $12,000 (emergency surgury included now) and I don't feel as amazing as I thought I would feel.
Doc said if I lost 15lbs I would look amazing.....Well, I am gonna try and I hope I don't look awkward for the rest of my life.
I think maybe if I had a bigger butt I would feel better.....Better start on the squats! LoL


I feel ok. I have posted a few new pics. :-.)
Thank you! I know it will take time, but I will get to where I want to be. :-.)
I guess I should have researched a little more, and now I really wish I would have lost 30 lbs before surgery. I think you look amazing!!!! I would kill to have your results. I don't want to be a size 2 by any means, and I don't want to weigh 140. I just want to get to a point where I have amazing curves and still a small plus size. I am so glad to have my extra skin removed, and have a flatter stomach. I will get to where I want to be eventually. :-.)

I keep forgetting this part!!

So I forgot to add.....When I had my surgery, I added another procedure. I had a flabby flap of fat (Say that 5 times real fast. LoL!!) under my arm pit area..On my bra line. It had always bothered me and I figured that if I was going to get lipo on my back, I would look stupid with that left. So I had then remove. BEST decision and extra $1500 I have ever spent. I feel so much better when I wear a tank top and don't have the fat squishing out the back of my arm, and I feel even better that I don't have to tuck my boobs forward to make it less noticeable. OH, and the cherry on top was, that my boobs kinda lifted a little too.
I will try to find a few before pics here soon, and take some of the after pics and some to show my scar.


Your results are looking good! Looking forward to future updates. :) I'm so jealous of your belly button! ♥
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I'm glad u recovering well my part look the same way I'm 19 days op I'm actually going to dr now to remove my first tube, I hope it doesn't hurt :/ u looking good thanks for sharing your photos
Thank you. I am sure by now your swelling has gone down a little more. And it will continue to go down. I can tell by your newest pictures how much you have went down. And up until I was at least 6 to 7 months PO I was swollen or bloated most the time it seems like. Finally at 8 monthes PO it seems to be staying less bloated then before. And I am sure that since your build is similar to mine you will most likely follow my path. You are looking great just stay with it. Exercise and probiotics is my 2 best aids at this time.

Here are the scars from under my arms/armpits.

I searched and searched, and sadly I have no before pics. So only can post the after. I had a good amount of skin and fat removed. It used to be a flap that sorta hung down.
So happy with the results and the scarring is so minimal.


Nippz, you are looking good. Your pics look like youve progressed well. Like the under arm skin removed. I had mine lipoed only. Just took the fluff out. Im still swollen. Waitin to see how it will look.
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Thank you!! I am trying to keep my updates current, that way if anyone is going thru what I am, they know they are not alone and know what to possibly expect. And thanks, it seems weird to have my belly button that high, but I am getting used to it. LoL.
lol! I don't think yours is too high at all. :) I feel like mine is too low.
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