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TT and lipo of the flanks...4 weeks later should I still be swelling like this??? - Bettendorf, IA

Let me start by saying that I'm a 29 yr old...

Let me start by saying that I'm a 29 yr old mother of 4(12,8,6 & 2).I've wanted to have a TT for awhile now. Very nervous about having any kind of surgery...even though I have had 3 c-sections.

You've paid your dues and you deserve this! I'll be following your journey with interest.


Now you are in my neck of the woods..another Midwest Girl!!!

You will have fabulous results with a nice flat tummy!    Your procedure is almost one year to the day of mine:) 

Make sure that you have plenty of help with the kids for the first 2-4 weeks.  You are going to need to be resting all you can.  No housework or lifting anything for a while...sorry I sound like such a mother hen.  But having 4 children I know you are busy. 

Keep us up to date and let us know how you are doing.

Ok so I had to change the date of my surgery to...

Ok so I had to change the date of my surgery to May 2nd..for a good reason. That's when my sister will able to take off of work to take of me.Thankful that I have family to help me out.Still nervous about the surgery for may reasons...all the complications that could happen(trying not to think anbout them to much). I just hope that I am happy with the end results and that I have a smooth and speedy recovery.I would love to get back into a bikini and feel comfortable in it:)...I can't wait til I am posting after pics!!!

So excited n nervous...changed my surgery date to...

So excited n nervous...changed my surgery date to the 25th of April! Lot of things I need to take care. I hope everything goes smooth n that I have a smooth n speedy recovery. Any ideas on what my diet shud be during recovery???

For 2 to 3 days I ate tons of Stonyfield Vanilla yogurt. Yum, yum!! For some reason, this was one of the only things I felt like eating. Also, lots of fruits and juice and protein shake.
Congrats! I am so excited for you! I am from the Quad Cities born and raised and moved to Omaha 5 yrs ago! I am 1 week 1 day post op today and so far no regrets! the only "issue" I have is that I have never had surgery/csection and I am not used to the numb belly still getting used to that lol!
I have my 3rd f/u appt today and hope to get my 2nd drain out and be drain free! (the drains are really annoying in my opinion)
I personally didn't feel like eating solid foods for almost 4-5 days so I did
day 1-2....jello, crackers, and applesauce
day 3-5....same as above, pudding, lots of oatmeal, mashed potatoes, and fresh fruit
Good luck and keep us posted!
Thank you! Congrats to you too! I hope that everything continues to go smooth for you.I can't wait until I'm on the road to recovery.Thanks for the tips on the diet.Are you taking any vitamins? If so did you start before or after the surgery ?

Went to my pre-op apt Tuesday. It went really...

Went to my pre-op apt Tuesday. It went really well! Love the way the doc makes me feel about everything.Hope I still feel the same way about him after ..lol! Well it's Friday! My surgery is scheduled for Monday.I'm tryin not to think about it to much otherwise I'll just drive myself crazy!This is the only time I'm gonna wish Monday was here..lol!! So I've been preparin the house, got my list of things that I need for post surgery(I've gotten a lot of help from this site). I love this site! It has given me the courage to go through with the TT.
good luck...im from moline and am looking into a TT myself...my self esteem is in the toilet after having my 2nd baby. im 180lbs the heaviest ive ever been im only 5'2" before i had my 1st child i as 125 n 140 before my 2nd.
I'm on the short and round end too...5'3 and 165 b4 surgery. It's crazy what our bodies go through having these babies.I think that if you are able to get the TT ..DO IT! It is long recovery but it's so worth it.I'd recommend taling to a couple Docs. Good luck to you hope that you are able to do this for yourself.
Your belly looks similar to mine...check it out, before and afters. So far I am 2.5 weeks post op and doing well. As far as diet you won't want to eat to much, especially anything with a lot of sodium, it makes you swell. I had protein shakes and some soup for the first few days and then you eat normal but you'll find you will eat a lot less because your stomach is so tight and the more you eat the more you swell. Once I take the binder off for a shower I feel like someone put a 10 pund weight around my waist b/c of the fluid. That's my only issue right now is that once the drain came out I believe the swelling / fluid build up all goes to my groin area and it hasn't gone away. I have an appointment Monday (same time that you'll be in surgery...you go girl) and they may need to drain the area, he was hoping it would absorb but we'll see. I'm getting around well but get really swollen after doing to much and then laying on my back is the only thing that takes the pressure off. Good luck with everything. You will do great and once it's done you will be relieved and glad you did it. Looking forward to hearing how everything went!

It's now day 2 post-op.Stil real seollen and...

It's now day 2 post-op.Stil real seollen and sore. I'm movin around pretty good. Still takin my pain meds and eating light.I took a shower yesterday before I came home from the hospital. My drains have not put out more than 20ccs...is that normal?? I cant wait til I'm not so swollen and can sleep on my bed!!! I will post some pics soon.

So it's now post-op day 4 and still very...

So it's now post-op day 4 and still very swollen but that was/is expected. My drains where taken out yesterday. I'm still very sore mostly from the lipo.I have not taken any pain meds for about 24hrs. I still can not stand up staight so I think that is the reason my belly looks prego( I hope it goes away soon). I've been movin around pretty good. My ps has allowed me to show since day 2...and that feels amazing!!

It's now 1 wk and I'm feelin good. Still...

It's now 1 wk and I'm feelin good. Still swollen and bruised.Walkin a lil hunched over still.I'm sore where the lipo was done and thats where I'm swollen the most. I have a post-op apt tomorrow. Every once in a while I get a lil depressed because I want to be up and movin around.I feel good and energized but still need my naps.The only thing that bothers me is that I'm swollen more on my left side we'll see what the doc says about that. Well off to take a nap.
You look great! I'm from the quad cities and I just had my surgery 2 days ago. I had an extended tt with muscl repair and lipo of the upper and lower back. My swelling is extreme but I know it will go down soon. Good luck with ur recovery. It looks amazing.
Thank you! Congrats to you on your TT.I know how you feel about the swelling. It's true the more you do the more you swell(swell hell)..lol! It does get better though.Wearing the binder DOES help.I'm wearing spanx(after drains were takin out) and a binder now and it feels amazing.Hope you have a smooth and speedy recovery too!

So It's now day 12 still feeling pretty good!...

So It's now day 12 still feeling pretty good! I had a post-op apt on Tues. Doc said that everything looked good. I told him that I had these sore lumps were my lipo was done.He said that it was fluid build up..that it would dissolve slowly and to sart messagig the areas.They were very painful at 1st.He said that I could use heat but to be careful not to burn myself, cause I'm still numb. So I used those disposable heating pad things(felt so good) and stared messaging the areas. WOW! I can alredy see and feel the difference! Oh and I can finally sleep in my bed!! I can also add walking straight to my list..lol! It has't been 2 weeks and feel good. Don't get me wrong I do have my "downs" but because I wanna do more n can't...I jus keep reminding myself "it hasn't been been 2 weeks." Everything is pretty good..still swollen.. but Happy that I did it. Happy Healing to everyone!

good afternoon ;)
question.. u had your TT like right before me, and i see your pics look awesome.. BUT do you have any swelling still?
like above my incision line, my stomach is so swollen still??

Hey M,
Thank you! You look great also!!! I wish I looked as flat as you do! I do have swelling, especially above the belly button. I also have swelling in the areas I had lipo done. I'm hopin that it does go away soon! It does get frustrating...getting dressed in the morning then later in the day ...I got the prego look goin on lol! Good luck with the swelling.
hey ;)
see looking at ur pics, goodness i think you look so flat.......not swollen at all! either way lady your progress is looking fantastic!

my swelling seems to be so serios like over my scar line..like its raised..
i have a appt with my PS tomorrow to see what the deal is .
So im praying he's got some answer's for me ;)

i cant wear certain clothes still becasue of the swelling and that really sucks.
how about you? are you in jeans yet?

Photo Update

Drains out at day 4! That's great! So many women have to wait a week. Hope recovery continues to go well. You're rockin' that bikini!


I am now 4 wks and 1 day post-op. Time sure did...

I am now 4 wks and 1 day post-op. Time sure did fly by! I have been good for the most part, still sore and swollen. I started back at work yesterday. It went OK...I was so swollen when I got home(10 hrs on my feet). I can't wait for all the swelling to go away! I work in a factory and it is VERY hot in there.My garments and binders are making it real uncomfortable! I am swelling(I hope thats what it is) above my bb and I feel so flat below the bb. Is this normal? Anyone else ever have this problem?? I hope all goes away soon . I thaught that most of this would be gone by now ugh! I am still drinking lots and lots of water! Don't know what to do! I almost had a breakdown last night. I started to ??? myself on why I did this. I wasn't this big above my BB. I know I should be patient..but really 4 weeks later??? I still have some spots on my side and flanks that need to smooth out(from lipo). My scars are healing nicely. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE SWELLING TO GO AWAY!!!!! Honestly I wish I would have done this in the fall so I would have had all the winter months to heal! Enough venting...hope everyone is Healing Well!

You look great! Did you ever find out what the hump could possibly be? I have the same issue, but MUCH worse
Sorry it took so long to respond! I was told that the lump was do to the lippo suction. I was told to message it...I did and it has gone away.
hi i just had my tt with dr bayne also.im 5 days post op. how are you doing now are you happy with the final results? hope to hear from you soon1
Moline Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr Bayne he made me feel so comfortable with everything.The nurses that work with him in the hospital were amazing!!

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