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Hi all! Well, I turned 30 this summer and with...

Hi all! Well, I turned 30 this summer and with that I've been thinking a lot about my 20's and how I spent them. For perspective my stats are 5' 6.5", 110lbs, slim athletic build. My VS bra size is 32C, but I don't fill out the top portion, I just have very "round" boobs so a B-cup cuts into the side.

I've always hoped that one day I would magically fill out. All of the women in my family have HUGE boobies! I guess it's just not in the cards for me. I was in the military for 10 years so a BA was never really an option for me, nor a thought.. But now that I'm in the "civilian" world and have the time to participate in normal every activities I have become increasingly aware that I have no cleavage.

I've never been able to wear triangle top bikini's because the girls just don't stick out far enough, so I pretty much just wear the bandeau style that ultimately leaves me feeling like a little boy.. I'm going for my first consultation next friday 9/13/13 to see what my options are. I'm going for a natural looking breast, and this PA has done some girls around the area that I know and their BA look amazing!

I've been doing my research and reading a ton of RealSelf stories with women who share similar stats as me. So far I've come to the conclusion that although I'd prefer silicone unders, I can't afford to have an MRI every year, so with that I'll probably get saline. Also I'm thinking 325-350cc Mod+ profile. I'd like to still have a natural slope. What do you gals think? Any tips or advice about profile? I have a very narrow frame, so anything more than mod+ I think would just look silly on me.

Anyway- thanks for reading, I'll post a pic with updates after my consultation.

Some before photos for perspective

So many choices!

I've literally been reading/searching boobs for weeks! Went in to try on sizers today. At first I was completely set on saline implants because of the safety factor, but after listening to what the PS had to say about silicone I'm leaning more towards those now. The thing that is holding me back the most from going silicone is all of the horror stories I've read about them rupturing and people getting sick. Is this for real? I know the FDA says they are clear for use... but that's not reassuring enough for my paranoia...*sigh*

As far as sizing went. Wow, was I in for a shock. I guess I never realized how narrow I really am until I put 325cc in a sports bra. Alright RealSelfers HOW did you finally make a decision?! I liked the look of 325, but it just seemed HUGE! 300 looked a little more realistic, but the ps and nurse both said if I was in between sizes to go bigger. We are for sure going under the muscle so I'll loose a little, and the size looks a little crazy with the sports bra/insert comb. Thoughts?

Oh and one more thing. They only use Natrelle.. and as far as profiles with saline they only had moderate and hp to try on.. I want to look natural.. Does anyone here have HP about my size and have any complaints? do they sit up too high or look funny??

How do you choose?

I've been driving myself crazy trying to choose between saline or silicone implants. I know women who have both, and both look great. My problem is weighing the risk verse what I want. I'm not looking to go huge, so I'm fairly certain that saline will look ok on me.. but the feel of silicone is more appealing.

I just keep reading that there is a link between autoimmune disease and other health risks associated with silicone. For peace of mind, I'd like to go saline, but then I have to worry about having abnormally round looking breasts.. ugh. Any advice?

New Boobie Birthday Scheduled

Hi all! Well, last year as I was preparing for a BA I suddenly backed out. I think I freaked myself out with all of the "what can go wrong" stories and suddenly I felt foolish for wanting to alter myself.. However, nearly a year has gone by, and another summer to which I tried in vain to find clothes that I was comfortable in. Soooo, here is to round 2! I called and scheduled a pre-op appt for Dec 2nd and BA op for Dec 16th. I'm at the mercy of the school schedule, so the only viable time is during x-mas break when I have nearly 3 weeks off.

Some things I'm going to do differently this time:
1)Not freak myself out with stories of things gone horribly wrong.
2)Stick to my guns about saline (I went back and forth numerous times on this) I have to choose what I'm comfortable with.
3) Keep my mouth shut! I'm not telling anyone this time around. I was overwhelmed with the "opinions" of others last year and ultimately is what ruined the whole experience. Only the BF knows, as he is going to be the one taking care of me post-op.
4) Actually print full size pics of the look I'm going for an make sure that the Dr. understands this. I don't have the mentality of "bigger is better", I'd just like a little more and something that looks natural. Thanks for checking in if you're reading this!
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Hi! Our surgeries are on the same date! Maybe we could be surgery buddies? :)
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Seems like many women are getting silicone these days and there are a ton of reviews on women who feel confident, safe and happy with their silicone implants.If you haven't already, check out members Iris34 and OutlawCranium for some insight into whey they chose saline. I think you're safe with either one....but do ask your PS if one type is more suitable for your body.

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oh and as for silicone getting you sick...there have been numerous studies done that do not link silicone breast implants with autoimmune disease or any other type of disease...there are tons of articles on line to help you further educate yourself so you can make the best choice for yourself! :) you can look up the implant manufacturer and see what they say (they usually have a site dedicated to the safety of their implants). :)
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Hi, Congrats on setting your date! It's so funny b/c you and I are pretty much well matched in the height, weight and body type departments! :) I too wear a VS 32C but only b/c the B is a little too tight and cuts the side of my boobs as well! To be honest, I actually like your boobs as is but I TOTALLY get getting them fixed (if you look at my pics..your in much better shape them I am)! I've been on a few consultations and so far I've (as well as all 3 PS so far) come to the conclusion that with my body type and silicone, under the muscle, moderate plus profile and about 339cc's would look great on me...and I too want something very natural with a bit of a slope on top....if I'm not mistaken the higher the profile the less of a slope you'll get on the breast but don't take my word for it...definitely talk to you PS about that.... I hope this helps in some way! :) Congrats and please keep us posted with your results...:)
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Your natural breast and tissue are great!! Saline would feel and look great!!
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Thanks! I think I may have found some peace. I just decided that I'm going to stick with saline.. As much as I like the idea of silicone, I know I would constantly be worried about adverse health risks. lol Ugh, now I just have to figure out size! I tried on 300 filled to 330 of the moderate profile and they looked too big. The HP ones just seemed too rectangular.. going back on thursday to try more on.
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I initially thought I was going with saline but with my breast tissue I think I should go with silicone. I ve did a lot of research on the new silicone and it seems like its not that bad lol plus you have to consider that saline shell is made out of silicone as well.
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I think you'll be happy with either implant! I was afraid to get silicone as well because off the same reasons you have! But knowing that the gels they have now are safer than the past choice has made my decision easier!
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Look at d for daphne pictures!!! She was less than you and got 325 HP silicone. They look awesome...
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Yeah her's look great! lol I hope mine turn out just as awesome! :)
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Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! Here are some important questions to ask your PS during your consult. Also, you may want to collect some wish photos to share with your PS to make sure you're both on the same page about your desired results. You can post the photos here too! Sounds like you're in tune with your build and will choose a size that fits your body frame well. Let us know how the consult goes!

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Thanks Beth, the consult was an eye opener. I made my appt for Oct 10th. Now I just have to answer the big question, silicone or saline!? UGH!
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