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Im 33 yrs old with five kids ages...

Im 33 yrs old with five kids ages 15,14,13,11,&10 I have been wanting this tummy tuk for years but was scared. I guess I thought it was selfish of me to do it. But Ive finally decided to do something for my self and now im a week away. Im 5"5 and 152 lbs im getting lipo in my stomach and a tummy tuk. My goal is to fit and on a bikini next summer.

So I have 4 days until my surgery ive got so many...

So I have 4 days until my surgery ive got so many emotion goin threw me. Im scared and some reason feel sooo selfish. I guess thats part of being a mom usually evryone comes before you. Tuesday last day of work then wednesday I check in to the hospital at 5:30am. this weeknd Im going to get evrythng together that I will need. Wish me luck will post picture later.

Two more days and it TT day my nerve are goin...

two more days and it TT day my nerve are goin crazy lol all of a sudden im having nightmares. I know its my nerves and I have been waiting for this moment forever. My husbands real supportive and tell me dont worry I ll b fine. This weekend I got everything together that I need so im cross my fingers and hope it goes gud. I ll post before TT pic tonight.

Ok so it almost here tomorrow the big day I got...

Ok so it almost here tomorrow the big day I got evrything together that I need. Still kinda nerves and the more I look at pictures the more freaked out I get. The drains and scare really scarying me I hope its just my nerves. I got be at the surgical center at 5:30 am I just it evrything I imagine in the long run. Guess I should try to get little sleep I ll keep u posted hopefully tomorw. Wish me luck!

Day 1. So yesterday was the big day surgery was at...

Day 1. So yesterday was the big day surgery was at 7:00 &was suppose to last 3hrs but after opening me up ended having a hernia which he fixed. Recovery didnt go as well bevause I was nausead and keep threwing up which belibe me hurt lik hell. Wat evr u do dnt throw up or cough itd painful. So finally I was table and my husband took me to the recovery house. Nurses said my walking was gud and had a hard time going pee and wiping myself. I have one drain in only which was feeling fast. Took a nap woke up way better. Walking seemed easy seeing that I was peeing evry 10 min. The drains barely feeln up so thats a great sign haven a hard time sleeping but over all doing well rig
ht now. Lets see what today has in store since I will be goin home.

Day2. Seems a little more harder thrn yesterday...

Seems a little more harder thrn yesterday. I had a big problem with nasea so they had to prescribe me something. When I get up im having burning sensation is this normal? Still haven a little bit of fliuds comimg out of the drain amd since I only have one im hoping it will come fast. Im on my norcos to control the pain and eating soft things just to put something in my system. Its hard not really hungry but have to force myself to eat something so today was mash potatoes. I sware im the pillow queen right now lol!! Hopefully evryday will get bettr. Talk to u tomorroe.

Day3: Well feel the same as yesterday really sore...

Well feel the same as yesterday really sore. I feel real gassy today I wonder wat i can take to get rid of that. Trying to rest as much possible but my body getting so sore from laying down. Still tryin to eat simply things that are easy to swallow cuz my throat still hurting from surgery. Really cant see my stomach but from what I can see,it is flat but swollen. Still taking my meds evry 4 hrs to elimanate pain. Tuesday go to ps office so im sure I will see my stomach.
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I'm the day after you and I know what you're going through. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and we'll get through this! Let's think shopping for cute clothes again, being healthier and losing that tummy.
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thank you I ll keep u in my prayers also. I think the only thing thats keeping me kinda together is thinking I will no longer have to pik clothes because my stomach lol. Gud luck keep me posted
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Stay strong~you can do this! I was scared of the unknown and had my tt 12 days ago....can't believe I went through with it, but it isn't as bad as I imagined...hang in there and I will be thinking and praying for you! Good Luck, I know everything will be okay for you!
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Thank u for the postive words it helped me today. I will post pictures and keep u updated
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Perfect:)  I will watch for your updates.

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Don't be will all be fine.  And you are not selfish.  I think it is wonderful that you are doing this for yourself.  You are raising five children so it is time for mom. 

So take a deep breath and focus on the end result.  Keep the positive thoughts in your head because that will help in your healing process. 

Two more days and you will have that beautiful new tummy...that you deserve:)

Keep us up to date and let us know who you are doing after surgery.  We will all be here to cheer you on and lift your spirits if necessary.



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