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Hi everyone !!! So glad to have found this site....

Hi everyone !!! So glad to have found this site. So helpful! I am 5"6 143lbs and 34c. You know..... Now that I'm going to get some new boobies.. I look at my boobies and think.... Geez they aren't even bad!!! And ask myself why am I doing this?? Well the honest answer is I've always been envious of woman with nice racks! Lol so here I am freakin boob obsessed!! Especially now that ill be getting my own nice rack! Hahahaha

I have 4 children!! Older daughter and 3 little ones! 20,8,5,&3. Right now my emotions are.... 1.Crap!!! I don't want to walk in a room and my boobs get there before me!! 2. Crap!!! How will my 8 yr old take it. I'm not going to tell her but just te fear of me not thinking how she will look at herself when she sees er mama have some bad ass boobies and she not end with some. Really at this moment I'm probably mind f ing myself!!! Anyone else scared of any of this??

Doc has giving me a few options.... 340/310 or 400/380. I hear it all the time.... Shit I should ha e went bigger!!! So I don't want to be feeling after all that money I don't want to feel that way BUT.... I really don't want to be big. I just want a ... Nice rack! Lol. Idk why I keep sayin that. .... And I'm so afraid I'm going to be too big And that will put me at about a dd!!! Holy f have you deem those dd bras???!!!! They can cover my whole face lol. So ere I am 10 days to go. Preop done and everything and not sure about size !!!
Well I guess ill let you go. But will keep you posted!!! Hey and thanks to everyone who has posted on the site. It truly helps to see the before and afters and the stories ! Love it!

Ok so Monday I called pa assistant and talked...

Ok so Monday I called pa assistant and talked about ccs AGAIN!!! I'm sure she's thinking I'm crazy!!! She reassured me that 400 cc will t fine and she really really thinks be disappointed if I go Any smaller !! Why can't I be ok with that!!! I'm still questioning their professional opinion I need to just relax! They know their shit! Good luck to me:))

Holy smoke!!! I can't believe it! 13hrs to go!!!...

Holy smoke!!! I can't believe it! 13hrs to go!!! It's kinda nuts how I've been so obsessed over this for the past few months and thi last week I've been calm!!:-/. I'm actually feeling pretty good right now. Can't believe is actually going to happen but calm:). Ill post pics once I'm done girls!!:))). Night:)

Hi !!!! I'm done!!! Yay!!!! I was shittin bricks...

Hi !!!! I'm done!!! Yay!!!! I was shittin bricks when I went into the surgery room but it was over before I knew it!!! Yay!!!! I will post a pic in a while!!!
Pain is no biggie at the moment. Feels like I did a lot of chest excercises He kicked butt!!!

7 hours post op. I'm feeling good. Sore bu still...

7 hours post op. I'm feeling good. Sore bu still good. I'm even thinkig after tonight I might not need meds!!!! Well here's first picture. I did a little lipo in armpits so that's why te blue pad is for. :)

Good morning everyone!! Slept great last night.......

Good morning everyone!! Slept great last night..... Woke up a few times and couldn't believe that it was all over with!!! No more second guessing ,no more worry!! And had energy too! I wa able to walk around last night with out any assistance (kitchen to couch)! And this morning I feel great!! Kinda crazy! I am PMSing so my husband is annoying me lol And he's being so good to me. My personal nurse.... Why do I get like that..

Today is 3days post op and no pain really but...

Today is 3days post op and no pain really but emotionally up and down. I think I was coming down from the drugs they gave me??!! Haven't take any pain meds that were prescribed because I felt I really didn't need them. My boobs feel good and can't wait to really check them out. Post op was ystrdy and it went well. I guess I am allergic to Antibiotics??!! I strted itching everywhere so doc said since they gave them to me in Iv I would be ok. And since no pain I could just take Tylenol which I had switched to anyway....... Well since I'm smarter than a dr lol I decided to figure out what I was actually allergic to so I took 2 more doses of anti First dose, strted to itch again , second I woke up to the feeling of my throat closing And it happened a couple of times. I was so scared!!!!! So please if dr doesn't mind that u stop your meds just do it!!! I thought I needed to know what I was reacting to. Well I found out! Aaaaaaaaaa!!! Holy crap!!

Went back to work today! No problem at all ........

Went back to work today! No problem at all ..... Just a little stinging in incision area but that's it! I do hair so a lot of arm movement. Either I'm a toughie or dr Enevoldson has smooth hands!! I really felt no pain. It just felt like my milk came in when breastfeeding. Definitely sensitive though!! Yesterday I cried a bit because now my smaller boob is bigger than the originally bigger boob !! Did any understand that ??? Lol I want them both bigger so its just a waiting game I guess! We will see how this all goes down ! Hey and by the way.... All of you woman are so awesome !! I love how everyone shares their story and encourages one another .... Everyday I can't wait to check my email to see if anyone has posted new pics or has updated their story! Love it!

K so I haven't officially been sized yet but I...

K so I haven't officially been sized yet but I went to go get the famous under armour sports bra..... Very comfy by he way..... Kinda disappointed.... 34C!!!!!! And I really think I would have filled it out before ba!!!! Who gets 400cc and not end up in at least 34d under armour!!! And I was a 34c before! F!!! Or actually...... Waaaaaaaaa!! Lol and I thought 400 would have made me look like dolly! Shoot right now I'm Dolly's mamas fetus in the womb!! Lmao!! Jk.

Heyyyy girls!!! So I'm looking at my pictures from...

Heyyyy girls!!! So I'm looking at my pictures from day 1 to the last picture.... Holy f ....I put on a few pounds that fast!!! Wow!!! I went to workout last week first day was no biggie... Doing jumping jacks felt a little funny.... I had to hold on to my boobies hahaha....... Then I went thurs... And immediately after I had to cough.... I assumed because I was out of breathe Well my cough had sounded pretty rough Well Friday evening I was so sick!!! I laid on my couch for 4 days!!!! Did this happen to anyone??? I'm assuming I might have gotten sick because my immunity WAsnt strong and maybe I pushed to hard at the gym?? Oh man. I swear I've been on my couch for a whole month. From boobies to sickness !! I really haven't been able I enjoy my new friends at all!! It's Been sucky !! I'm going to try to post pictures tmrw !! Yay!! Our bathrooms are being remodeled so at this moment I don't have a mirror that I can take a really good picture Haha!! Seriously too much going on in life :) see you guys tmrw!

3days away from 6 wks post op!

3days away from 6 wks post op!

17wks post op

It's even a while. Hi girls !!!! And here are my girls almost 4 months young;)

5 months po

Hi everyone.

5 months post op

Hi. !! It's been a while. Some days I like them somedays I don't !!! Would u ask for a revision? Maybe different profile ?? I have low profile!

Almost 6 months po

Hey there !!! New pics:)

Dr dr give me some news!! :)

Well went to see ps...... Basically he told me the results are great and he doesn't know what else he could do to make them better ! :-/ great compliment ... I guess..... I need to love them. I see all the other results and want that but don't want to be big so..... Whatev!! Learn to love them:) I think I need to Take pics and really check them out in outfit maybe! Ill post a pic or few in a bit.... Having a drink with the hub :))

New pics!! Enjoying what I have:))

Hi guys. Shopping!!

Hi again !

Ok so you all know how I've been going back and forth with my new boobies..... Well I'm starting to dig them:))) yay!! As for healing process.... They are still a little sensitive at times especially after a little ... Well you know;). Ok hopefully these pics will load this time. Sorry for the teaser! I think that's the best part about someone updating .... Love to see how everyone is doing and looking in different outfits or bras. Sooo fun:)


As doctor prescribed!

Well I'm kinda diggin them!! Yay!!! About time! The ups and downs were rough for me. Looking at everyone's results and having boob envy drove me nuts!! Now.... Check these bitches out!! Lmao. As doctor prescribed.... Learn to love them and realize they look great! Heyyyyyy;)

Really natural looking

Hi everyone !!well it's been over a year and I love my boobs. They are very natural looking But I will say.... I wouldn't mind them looking a little more fuller on top so who know, maybe ill get a revision:)))

Hi!!! Just a little update

Hello. Almost a year and a half. Wow!! I'm diggin the boobs;)
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They look amazing. Did you have any loss of sensation to your nipples? Or any complications? I'm thinking of going with Dr. E just haven't made up my mind yet lol
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Hi! Thanks! He actually did a wonderful job. Hardly had any discomfort and from what I hear its due to how gently your surgeon is with you .... No loss of sensation. Thank god;) and no complications! There is always a risk but dr e is very talented You will be in good hands! Take pictures of what u would like. I believe that really helps. Good luck!!:))
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They are awesome. As catgirlxo said, some of the best boobs (most natural) I have seen on this site. They don't have that fake baseball look like so many women have, don't mess with them! They keep you guessing, "are they or are they not real.?" Lol
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Thanks !! Funny thing, I've been checking them out and thinking .... Should I or should I not revise! So thank you for the compliment! I must be pmsing! Lol. Are you getting a ba? Or already have one?
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Where did you have your implants placed through? The armpit? You have sold me on getting either moderate or low profile. Your breasts are hands down one of the top of five best boobs jobs I have ever seen.
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Awww ur sweet !!! I'm actually starting to dig them.... At first I was unsure. But now I love them!!! Thank you.... He went through crease of breast. He did a wonderful job!! When do you have your surgery ?
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This fall/winter. Your boobs are perfect. You have given me hope and confidence to get this augmentation. I hope you don't mind but I used your photo in my review and even showed it to my husband. He agreed with me, best.. by far best he has ever seen. Don't ever change them.. they are sooooooo gorgeous!! You look like you were just blessed with perfect, beautiful big boobs. Just what I'm hoping for! Btw.. how do they feel?
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Not at all!!! Kinda makes me feel good :))) thanks;) your boobs are pretty impressive actually!! I love all your pics u have up Your to cute! Can't wait for your turn!! You definitely feel sexy again after having babies. Good luck. Keep us posted!!
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lol I think I take the cake for most wish pics. :-) I realized what I love most about your boobs.. they are so ultra feminine. I'm so excited to show your photo to my doc. Can;t wait to join all you ladies and have full breasts that don't shrink after nursing!
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Yep!!! That's the best part!;)
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They feel like a nice full and firm boob:)) with low profile there isn't a lot of implant Imagine a softball ,but only a 1/4 of is used. The rest is your natural boob. That was my problem at first but now I do love them!
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They are AMAZING.
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You have some of the most perfect boobs I've ever seen! Seriously they are beautiful. After reading your profile I feel like we went through kind of the same experience as far as having mixed emotions, so I totally get it. Mine ended up looking a little bit more natural then I wanted but I'm warming up to them :)
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They look a,axing. I wouldn't change anything
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Thank you!!! I'm about to check your boobs out;) just wanted to thank you before I forget!;))
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They look amazing and very natural. They look like you grew them
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Wow they look so real! Absolutely beautiful =)
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Awe your sweet! Thank you! Wow just checked out your profile. Beautiful !! Love the outcome! :))
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You look beatifull!! not saggy at all. really natural!! I would never guess that you had BA! Great results)
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Thank you dazzzle! :) I just wish I would have more projection. Would love to have a revision but..... Going through the healing process has been kinda annoying ! So oh well ! But thank you!
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You look great;)
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I think you look awesome!
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Great advice! Thanks for that.  I've been struggling with a very small bit of disappointment, so it helps to see how great you look and how your loving your new look :D
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