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Hoping to Get Rid of This Muffin Top !! - Mobile, AL

Im a 29 year woman and have 2 kids. I am about 5'2...

Im a 29 year woman and have 2 kids. I am about 5'2 and weigh 155 , and get asked more than I want to be asked " am I expecting?" I have set my date for april 10 2014 to have my stomach sides and back done. I looking for any tips or things to expect or things that I may need to have before I go. All of my friends and family don't think I need to have this done, but im doing this for ME !!! Im just looking now for advice from any of you out here that have had it . Thanks in advance and ill update soon.


front side before

I do know it can come back and I hope to be able to help keep it down but I am not big in other place just mainly my stomach and I only got it after having kids I hope that I will last longer than 2 years for 6400.00 but I will keep it in mind and try my best to keep the weight off. I will also be awake during it im just scared of it hurting during the lipo !!!!
Wow, $6400? Seems high! Don't worry about the procedure hurting. Actually a pleasant experience. Friendly doc and nurses. Was wide awake. No pain. The cannula they use seemed very slender, not much more in diameter than a straw, as opposed to liposuction which has a much bigger cannula and seems much more invasive. I am seriously considering doing it again soon if I can find a good MD. I live about an hour east of San Francisco, and want to find someone reasonably local.
I was totally awake and while I would say it was uncomfortable, I wouldn't classify it as painful! As long as the meds work for you, you will do great! I know for me even at this early stage I say totally worth it! But again I have swelling under control and very little lumps. I can see how more swelling which equals=pain would cause reason to discourage people but for me I am Super excited for my 6 month results if I can see results so soon! Btw I won't be having any more babies! Lol

day before my pre op

I go tomorrow for my pre op and to pay for my procedure !!!! im super nervous ...... im so scared that the cuts they make to put the tubes in will HURT that's all im really scared about I have so many questions and will ask them tomorrow. wish me luck
Yay! Your getting closer, if you cut your sodium intake now it will help you get used to the new diet and hopefully helps you with swelling. I keep under 1000 mg a day and most times 800mg and I really believe it plays a big role in my recovery. Keep us posted
I will thanks I'm scared nervous n excited !!!
I am only one week post-op and had my outer thighs done, but I can recommend buying some lose fitting clothing before your operation. Things that are easy to get off and on. Try to stay positive and like you said, you are doing this for YOU, you don't need anyone's approval except yours! Hope the pre-op went well.


I am 1 week away from having smart lipo and I am super excited. Just wondering if any one elsa was giving these vitamins to start taking a week before. RECOVERY SUPPORT PROGRAM BY VitaMedica ? They cost me 65.00!!! Hope that they are really a good thing and just not a way to get more money ....
Good luck. Happy healing afterward.
Yes, I took them I started 3 days before but all that stuff came with my surgery. Make sure you keep the arnica pills away from magnets, computers and cell phones. Also I just pour them in the cap and pour under my tongue you are not supposed to touch them.
Yes, those arnica tablet really help. I had no bruising to mention, one small area at the lower abdomen the size of a nickel. I started taking the 10 days before.

3 days left !!!

I only have 3 days left until I have my smart lipo !!! I have mixed feelings , I super excited and super scared !!! But no pain , no gain ......

3 days before

Did u have surgery yesterday? How r u feeling?
I had my surgery thur. And didn't feel a thing they had me on so much drugs !!! When I left to go home I just felted like I was drunk , no pain at all .. Now I up at 2 am slept all evening after surgey . Can't really get up myself but I'm not hurtting to back yet just feel stiff and sore . Ready for someone in my house to get up n help me get in and out shower haven't been seen my stomach yet !!!! Super excited thanks for checking on me ill post pictures soon. And n I got picture of the fat
Yes I'm good surgery was a piece of cake didn't feel a thang don't remember any of it they hooked me up with couple pills n couple shots n I was out

Bye bye fat !!


I'm told to come back one week after surgery for some laser healing ? I didn't know anything g about this til I was all dopped up. Has anyone Elsa had to do this. I was told to take a pain pill n 2 Valium before I arrive n have a driver with me.
Sound like my experience. Pills, IV, and I was out and did not remember a thing. I had no real pain and no bruising. Sorry I posted this in wrong place but I hope u good continued good healing. Can not Wait to see pictures.

not leaking much should i b worred

had surgery yesterday n it was fine felt nothing at ALL I was so drugged up I didn't know a thing. Im feeling pretty good today also just really sore tring to get up and down out of the recliner. I just tried to take my first shower and my dr says to roll on floor on towel on back for 10 minutes and on stomach for 20, so I try my best to do this and get nothing out. So I get in shower and try to sqeeze the holes and get some of the fluid out but cant stand to squeeze and when I can cant get much out. Please let me know if any one elsa had this problem and if I should b worried.

First time out if garment

I'm great didn't feel a thang yesterday n felted drunk all night not hurting much today but my first shower was ruff . Dr told me to squeeze the holes to help get extra fluid out but I really couldn't do it to good kinda hurt . I have one spot above my belly button that looks like a lump hoping this is normal n will go away it's where I had a hole for them to put liquid In n suck it out hoping it's just irritated . Was you told to squeeze your holes to help get left behind fluid out ? Other thAn that I'm great wasn't bad at all
No I was not but I could see that it might b a good idea. On day 11 one of my lower scabs came off and a blood fluid flow for some time soaking a bath towel before it quit.
That's great news, no I wasn't told to do anything with my incisions just the massages as soon as I could tolerate them. I don't know if I would have been able to do that though so thank goodness I didn't have to. But I do remember reading coloradomaiden's scary experience.


How long did it take anyone to be able to get up and down with ease? My biggest problem is getting up and down I'm fine up or Down my dr told me not to sit up right in a chair for days . And I'm not seeming to drain hardly at all he told me I'd b a human sprinkler and I'm not should I b worried ? Also I have to go back on Thursday and they are going to squeeze my holes and try to get out more fluid. Ouch !!!!
Forgot to mention I used tons of pillows so I was elevated and elevated my legs too for circulation! It gets better, promise
I had to roll out of bed for about two and half weeks I was really sore and found it hard to get up and down till three weeks I am 5 weeks post op, I have little to no swelling even out of my garment but my flanks are still sore and back side numb. As for the draining everyone is different, I had very little and seemed to heal pretty quickly but I was like you I was worried it was a bad thing. Honestly I think when I stood up after my surgery everything drained out right then it was so much my socks were soaked and I almost passed out. Do you go back to your doctor Monday?
No I don't go back til Thursday !!! Was told to take two Valium and two lortabs 30 mintues before I get there that this will be my worse visit !!! I'm scared !!! Lol

wondering when and if i should start massaging stomach

I go back for my first check up on thur. and my dr has warned this will be my worse visit. I haven't been told to start massaging yet so I guess ill wait couple more days til I see dr and follow his directions. As far as the whole lipo thang it is not near as bad as I thought it might be. I went back to work today , Monday , and had the lipo on thurs. I haven't been sitting up right much don't want to case any ridges in my new shape. I can sit at work but did a lot of moving around today and will until I see dr . Worse part for me so far was getting up and downing into the recliner or onto the couch. I can not wait for all this to be healed and to see how I will look, there is already a huge difference in my shape. I was alittle worried about having extra loose skin at the bottom of my stomach but it just seems to get better and better every time I take off garment to shower ..... I totally think its worth it .......
I think u will find that loss skin will continue tightened for a couple of months or at least mine has. Good luck.

Hoping more of bottom will shrink in

Things have been going great !!! Thursday will be 3 weeks n I have to go for some sort of massage . I haven't hurt hardly any it's been a easy ride . I know I'm still swollen one bottom I just hope the skin gets to shrinking too !!!! I'm happy if it doesn't because I look great with clothes on n that was my main concern but to look good with them off would n a plus too !
I did lymphatic massage for a few weeks and seen no improvement, I also had a small vibrating massager. neither seemed to do much good so I bought an electric hand help massager and am now seeing results. U may see that the lymphatic massage helps U but if it does not do not hesitate to get the electric hand held massager. Continued good healing to u.

not lumpy

im not lumpy at all I just still am alittle swollen and hard in my lower part which Im sure is where he had to work the hardest. also I did have a bad burning feeling in my left should blade area if I pulled my arm back or moved it to fast or to far backwards which is just about gone now. I know im still early in my healing so I cant wait to see myself in two months . I would say do it if anyone ever ask me for my advice on the smart lipo. I stay in my garment 24/7 besides my shower, and I wear a binder and got a waist trimmer at walmart in the work out section that I wear around my lower stomach area , I was told to do this by my dr. I don't sleep in the binders but I do my garment it hasn't seemed to gotten looser like I see some people post they are in a different stage garment not sure that may come soon .

5 weeks out of surgery

Thursday will be 5 weeks since I had my lipo and let me say I see huge changes !!! I am down from a size 12 to a size 8 !!!!! My clothes look sooo much better on me and I love it. I am still wearing my CG and will for another week and still after that told to wear for another 5 weeks at lease 10/12 hours a day. I am still a little numb in some areas and its so weird but I have no pain and very little swelling . So far I am soo happy and very excited to see if I keep changing , I do hope to have a little more skin shrinking in my lower stomach, other than that I am super pleased !!!
Has the skin tightened?
Slowly but surly the skin is getting better ... It won't b like a tummy tuck would have been I know but I couldn't handle a tummy tuck either so this was my best way to go for me . I'm very happy with the way I am looking !
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