In 1989 at the age of 24 I had a septo/rhinoplasty...

in 1989 at the age of 24 I had a septo/rhinoplasty done in Mobile, Ala with an up and coming ENT Dr. M. Lyons. I was left with no ability to breathe thru my nose, horrific snoring, poor sleep and depression. now 25 yrs later I am going in for repair of my self esteem and nose! I want to keep you all updated, I am making the consultation next week with highly recommended rhino reconstruction specialist Dr. Calvin Johnson in New Orleans.

consult appt made! for Nov. 4, 2013

the lady at surgeons office said yes he specializes in head and neck only, alot of rhino n revisions. he does NOT have alot of b4 and after photos supposedly bc his patients don't want their pic on internet

consultation tomorrow!

tomorrow is my complication in Baton Rouge with Dr Paranek. He is a board certified maxillofacial surgeon who teaches residents at LSU, and a board certified plastic surgeon. he has a great reputation for rhinoplasty revisions. we shall see!!


ill let y'all know what happens!

consult went well

so yesterday I saw Dr Perenak in Baton Rouge about a revision. I am waiting for him to email me the computer altered photos of how I will look after surgery. I'm starting to slip into sadness I'm crying. I think sometimes I'm more afraid of getting it done then leaving my nose with no bridge. he told me to file with my insurance because 100 percent of the surgery is medically necessary! he ordered a cat scan to show to my insurance company that I was left with no bones in my nose at all. so there you have it, 25 years I have lived and the will of God is the only thing holding my nose up on my face

Projected postop images!!

Scheduling my revision for Dec. 5th! after 25 years....I am a bit overwhelmed with this Blessing right now!

Nervous Nellie

I am going into Dr. Perenak office tomorrow for my preop visit. my revision cost with grafting from the ear and the rib he has to also do a creation of a septum and open breathing on the right: 8750.00$ He does not file insurance so I had to obtain the codes and the pricing for each procedure and file it myself. he told me that everything I'm doing is 100 percent medically .necessary, not cosmetic. He said it was a miracle from God that my nose was even supported on my face at all. I have no septum separating my nostrils and I have no bone or cartilage left in my nose. I have been unable to believe that I could ever trust someone again with a surgery on my face - and I've been trying to hide it and live this way for 25 years. SO.....DEC 5 2013 IS THE BIG DAY FOR ME!! I pray about it a lot and I've put it in Gods hands, and I pray for Dr. Perenak. I can already be emotional so I know the surgery after the anesthesia might be a little tough for me, I cannot convey in words how much yalls support helps and means! Thank you! Thank you!

Dec 5 th Revision omg :)

one week from Thanksgiving is my 25year wait over- revision. im trying not to stress. praying alot. making a last minute emergency appt with the doc to go over everything again and make sure he and I have the same idea in mind!

4 more days til revision!

say goodbye scooped-out mushy nose with no septum !

OMG tomorrow I will have a new nose!

ok y'all, one last pitiful profile shot of my 'before' ( which in the past I would have never let anyone look at much last take a picture of!)

one last shot before

stoned omw

ok its over im home!

the surgeon said it went really well he built up by bridge by 8 millimeters he said its almost a centimter. I have to pay bills so please excuse me. he barely took a tiny piece of the ear so that doesn't hurt but my rib is killing me. I'll be treated like a queen in the guest room. thank you for your prayers everyone please keep praying!

for rabbits rabbits rabbits

this is the OR shot when he finished and had Not casted n taped it yet.

postop day 1 was a miracle

yay! I hope there is a real bridge under there!

day 2 not on any pain meds

feeling groovey lol

ending day 2 no swelling or bruising

doubled up on my antidepressant for two weeks per doc, I feel really happy, healing well. on protein smoothies, no solids


I have No Idea why I said 'please excuse me I have to pay bills' on my earlier post. this anesthesia is still making me really silly

day 4 splint fell off

called the doc at home (so embarrassing) he said tape the splint on til Thursday when I see him. Got to see my AMAZING bridge! OMG TY GOD!

doc made me tape splint back on til Thursday

thats ok, ill put makeup soon!

one close up day 4

while splint was off

12 days postop revision

feeling great, cannot believe I have had no bruising or real swelling

2 weeks postop

The before shots, just a reminder

Dr. Perenak is AMAZING

just want the world to know that Dr. Perenak has what it takes to rebuild and revise noses with grace!

a little bruising on sides of bridge.

tip still subtlety swollen

postop thrilled

cant believe my happy result!


Greatest xmas present

enjoying xmas, not afraid of people taking pictures of me!



looking great! 6 wks postop

Cannot believe it, almost NO swelling from the beginning!

somw pics at 6 wks postop

some more pics 6 wks

7 wks postop

Happy Happy
Mobile Facial Plastic Surgeon

dr. Lyons told me what a great result I had. I said YOU TOOK OFF THE BRIDGE OF MY NOSE! he said no worries, I can fix that with some fillers. Hmmmm, was he going to pay? my insurance paid for the septoplasty and he didn't charge me for the rhinoplasty. Got what I paid for :/

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I am a 20 year patient of his and worked with his wife for many years. He didn't really do a revision, he added a cartilage graft to augment my tip. Didn't touch anything else, no bridge work, oh, he brought in my nostrils & brought them down. I paid $5600. He charged Tracy I think $8000 or so for a rib revision. So it would be somewhere in-between those 2 prices depending on what you need down.
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What was your total cost for Dr. Paranek's revision?
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8700$ which included rib cartilage graft for my bridge, & ear cartilage graft for my tip. He created an interior septum bc I had none. But used existing tissue from inside my nose. Unfortunately I already have a perforation in it. He also did a turbinectomy (?) On right bc I couldn't get air on the right.
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Tracy: Where do you have a perforation? On your septum? What can you Dr. P about it?
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Yes in septum, up at the top. He said it would be precarious. Im not stressed, I found it a few days ago. I need to call him
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I guess you can't see it from the out side? Right? Well, I guess a whole is better than no bridge at all. I hope things go well for you. Please follow up & let us know.
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Yes its inside. It's not making me'whistle' so im not too concerned. I'll make an appointment. It doesn't affect the bridge :)
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Well, there is always a little bad with the good. A tradeoff. Like a scar, but I am glad you are happy & I am sure Dr. P will do whatever it takes to rectify the problem.
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I put up 3 more pics for ya. Hope they've clear enough to see Dr. P's handiwork. Ty for all of the encouragement!
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Hey tracyfitz: I just saw Dr. P for my own post op visit. I told him how great your nose came out. Please post some recent pictures. We are curious to see how you are progressing.
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WOW!!!! Amazing revision! Totally worth it
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The swelling in the tipis starting to go down. Looking good!!!!
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thank you all for such warm and generous compliments!
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Your new nose looks great!
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You look fab with your new nose! You deserve it.
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Wow your bridge looks great!
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thank you :-]
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Your new nose is absolutely gorgeous, congratulations! I'll bet you can't get away from a mirror now ;) Keep us posted on your recovery.
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ty! actually I feel so good on the inside that I rarely look! I do like to feel it tho lol!
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nice! was it closec or opened op?
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nice looking bridge :)
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Wow you look amazing! Congrats :)
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Omg you look amazing! ! !
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Looks great! I can only imagine the joy and fullness this procedure has given you due to your experiences... I am so happy for you and your outcome!!! :)
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