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Listen to the Dr's on this site! Fat...

Listen to the Dr's on this site! Fat injections DO NOT work. I was already getting lipo so wasn't charged anything extra for the injections. Doc said he could use the fat to improve lines on upper lip & under eyes for my dark circles.

For the first 2 weeks, my lip was so huge I couldn't be seen in public. After 3 weeks lip is back to normal size & lines are not improved. Eyes looked good at first but once swelling went down, they don't look any better than before & have a 'pocket' of fat under left eye that droops down (probably more noticeable to me than any one else).

Disappointing that it didn't work, but no big deal, was worth a try. However, I would not recommend having fat removed only for this purpose, it doesn't work & would not be worth it.

VickieSue is correct about all of this

There are good and bad fat transplanting doctors.

Regular lipo tends to kill the fat cells. None of that will survive. There is a special way of harvesting the fat and cleaning it.

But then again this patient wasn't charged.

Fat injected into the lips does NOT last. It's all over this site.

Fat injected under the eyes does but it has to be done the right way.
One more thing. I just had a mid face lift, and fat injections to upper lids. I am photografting my progress and will post reveiw, with photos in few weeks.I'm one month out. So far all looks good. Of Course the real truth will take few more months with the fat grafting. However, I too had facial fat loss, and my mid lift did wonders. It lifted my sagging face and I couldn't be more pleased. Gave me needed volume, and also volume to hollowed under eye sockets. Maybe a mid face lift is all you need as well. Truth be told, my lift was as costly as fat grafting alone. Some surgeons wanted more, just for the fat grafting. One quoted me $8,500 just for fat grafting. Un-real,and laughed that off.. My mid lift and fat to upper lids, $5,500. So there are excellent surgeons out here that aren't trying to rape your pocket book and skilled professionals. Shop around... When I post my results and review I will also give my surgeons name. He is excellent!!! In Illinois.
7021anon..Fat grafting is a continued process and normally one time visit is not enough. It is a layered processed. Some fat cells will remain viable, while others die or are absorbed into your body. Most consumers, that have it in there face must go back in 4 months for touch ups or more. It is important to work out these details with your surgeon. I've read some woman have uneven facial features and more fat is needed for corrections, or lumping/dumpling can occur. There are side affect from fat grafting as well. So find an experienced doctor That is experienced. know that one procedure is usually not going to cut it. Not everyone is a good candidate for fat grafting. Again P.S. will never tell you this. Read on these topics and do some research. What you ask is out here in information. Dr. Lam is experienced at fat grafting,but he is in Texas.Dr. Law is another. I have read positive results with both, however, even the best of Surgeons can have a negative result. Again it's sometimes the patients. If your volume loss is severe, you may want cheek implants as alternative.Read up on them. All information can be goggles. As far as Doctor's, what worked for one patient may not for you. We are all different with different metabolisms, blood flow, along with other health and per existing conditions. All play major roles in fat grafting sucess and viability. Do "NOT" get talked into frozen fat, it is totally worthless, and very few, if any fat cells are viable after frozen. So don't waste your money on that bull. Good Luck

I would not recommend my Dr in B, to anyone!

I would not recommend my Dr in B, to anyone!

Then I read where stem cells are harvested mostly from bone marrow, spinal cord, embryo's and blood. How it is harvested from fat is still a mystery to me. One sight I visited that boosted stem cell fat injections, stated in some case several applications maybe needed. So that tells me it isn't a 100% deal, and like with fat grafting, more than one application needed.
Stem Cell Fat Grafting is more expensive because of the machine needed to configure the fat cells. Similar to fat grafting harvest and configuration.There are several out there(SCAG, FAMI AMaR) all with different names but supposedly do the same thing in configuring fat stem cells.
From what I've read it is still very new and there can be negative outcomes. Any cells that are manipulated and then injected back into your body holds a risk.
Sydney Coleman, the father of regular fat grafting to face, with numerous class actions suits from woman he deformed with regular fat grafting (see makemeheal.com web sight)is also a stem cell user and advocate. Dr Lam is well known for fat grafting but also has negative feedback from outcomes. So if it "sounds to good to be true"...you know the rest.
READ!!!! Then READ more!!! This is a new method and as far as I know will require more than one application, and again I would think the same risks of fat grafting to the face are also with this method. Fat whether regular grafting or stem celled, will absorb over time, and then you are faced with touch up's, uneven sides or deformed lumps, clumps and not attractive outcome. Are you financial and emotionally prepared for this?
This is not a "fill me up and pay deal", it is also a time consuming, micro injection method from everything I've read. Being a good candidate is another thought.
For me the jury is still out on stem cells fat grafting, it's cost and effectiveness.
I read on the Fami Amar method and then I read onSmartPReP 2 BMAC™

The innovation continues with an important expansion to the SmartPReP 2 technology platform. Illiac crest graft harvesting remains today's gold standard. However, autograft tends to be time consuming and the literature suggests complications arise in as many as 30% of the procedures. Consequently, there has been a real impetus to develop alternatives that replicate autograft's performance while reducing or eliminating the associated complications.

The Harvest SmartPReP 2 technology platform is the first practical point-of-care tool designed to concentrate a buffy coat from whole blood marrow aspirate. In less than 15 minutes, the SmartPReP 2 system simultaneously isolates and concentrates:

* Autologous Stem Cells from bone marrow aspirate - BMAC Series
* Autologous Growth Factors from peripheral blood - APC+ Series
* Autologous Thrombin activator to stimulate and initiate the release of growth factors - HAT*

* Product and/or therapy are only available outside the United States
fat injections if harvested properly work over time with micro injections every 4-6 months. Only 10-20% of fat cells lives and regenerates, while the rest unfortunately, die and are absorbed into your system. Sometimes scarring is left behind as well, and scar tissue from needle used for injections. Outcomes vary from patient to patient.
So to say they do not work at all is not so.
Also some individuals are better candidates than others for fat injections.
Why do doctors offer them? Now now, what a silly question and why do you think?
At $1,200 - $3,000 a pop, I'd say the answer lays in here somewhere:)
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