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I'm a 35 years old male who never had braces. I...

I'm a 35 years old male who never had braces. I decided to finally get it over with after talking to my ortho. So far so good. I'm actually seeing results after the 2nd tray. The first week of treatment was the worst because of irritation in my mouth, but now I'm totally fine with them. I can honestly say nobody really noticed them on or they just don't care. I had a lisp for the first week or so but believe it's now gone. I have an overbite with some flaring of my front teeth that I wanted corrected. The treatment has already pushed them in a little... enough for me to notice. My teeth actually looks better with my trays on than off. Eating out has been a pain, but I know it will be worth it in the end. I paid $5000 with insurance paying $2000, so $3000 out of pocket.


Hey there guys! I am an orthodontist of 29 years and will address a very general aspect regarding Invisalign and who delivers your treatment. Sorry....Invisalign is not magic, this brace system or that brace system is not magic... the ability to reposition teeth in the jaw bone is magic. It's all about applying appropriate pressure, direction of the pressure and what the expected outcome should be. It takes years and years to comprehend how the surrounding bone and soft-tissues respond to these pressures...what is feasible or not, what is correct for the patients' face and how long it will take to accomplish that particular movement. Please don't get me wrong, but even after 29 years I am still amazed by the response or at times lack of response we receive from the supporting bone. The provider takes the impressions or scans the patient, sends the info off to Costa Rica where a lab tech generates a proposed treatment that includes how many aligner the lab tech and the software come up with to resolve the case. I look over these proposals from everfy angle, request modifications and wait for the response from Costa Rica. I am surprised what is sometimes proposed as a treatment approach and I wonder how many hungry general dentists are simply accepting these treatment approaches without full comprehension of the limitations that the teeth and supporting structures present???? Yes, you may require refinement at the end but why go second class when orthodontist's will deliver a more complete approach for relatively the same cost? Why hire a handy-man when a professional is really only 10% more? Just my thoughts. It is not about the number of is all, and I mean ALL ABOUT the Clincheck in the world of Invisalign. Good luck to you all. Dr. S
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Hi!! The condition of my teeth is exactly the same as yours, it's actually fine when it is view from the front. However, when view from side, it is protruding which I really dislike it. Come to think of it, I feel it is a bit not worth the money for a little adjustment. But I will still consider to put if I can get it at a cheaper price. Can I check with you, the 5k you paid, is it already under discount or promotions?
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There was no discount or promotion. Luckily, my insurance paid 2K of it so it's only 3K out of pocket. I had called another orthodontics and that person was 5K also. My dentist was only $4200, but I decided with an Orth as I hear they can provide more expertise and better results.

Tray 3

So up until now, I have been following the rules completely. I have worn my trays 22.5 hour a day and only have them out 30 minutes at a time. Tonight I went out with friends and decided to have a few drinks and eat. I ended up leaving my trays out for about hour and a half. I don't think I'll do that again since I think my teeth regressed some. I'm hoping by tomorrow, it'll move back into place. This will be the toughest part of this journey. I also need to find a drink that I can have with my tray's in. I'm thinking that vodka and tonic might be safe.


Hello. Ive never had braces either and I am moving on to my second tray of 32 in 2 days. How was your experience moving onto your second tray? Was it as painful as the first week? I had a night out of drinking on Friday that has just passed and I just drank vodka lime & soda. I think drinking clear drinks are fine, I hear even white wine is fine. :)
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Tray 2 was not bad. So far, tray 4 was the worst as I was sore for 2 full days. I kind of miss the soreness as the day goes by cause I don't feel like it's doing much during the 2nd week.
My drink of choice with invisalign is vodka and sprite zero.
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Tray 11

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but been real busy. I recently got back from a 2 weeks business trip abroad to a poor country. I knew it would be difficult to keep my invisalign in the entire time consistently. I talked to my orth and he recommend that I complete a full 2 weeks and can wear the same tray only at night for the 2 weeks I'm gone. I did a lot better and averaged about 18 hours a day compared to my 22 hours when I'm at home. I had it off for about 9 hours on one of the days, but everything seems ok. I'm over half way done now and seen good improvements. Hope everyone can hang tough. I get IPR in week 12.


Great progress so far! Same thing happened to me with work, so I'm about 2 trays behind. But my teeth look great so I'm happy! I have a lot of IPR done too. Going in for round 3 in December. I hate it simply because the concept grosses me out but the process is quick and I never feel a thing.
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Thanks for posting an update!  Glad to hear that things are continuing to progress for you :)  I'm curious as to what it was about your trip that made it difficult to keep the trays in?  I never did any significant traveling while I was in aligners.

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It was the lack of clean water and meeting with clients for lunch and dinner was the most difficult. I have a good routine at home which gets thrown out when traveling.

Tray 15/20

75% complete. I'm hanging in there and I'm starting to see the finish line. With my next appointment in Jan, my orth said we'll start talking about retainers. I'm going to push for the wire ones on both top and bottom if possible. At this point, I don't think I'll go with refinements as I just want to be done. I guess I'll have 12 more weeks to decide. I still want to get an implant for tooth 19 and some bonding done after my treatment. so far I'm very happy with the results.
Some tips: I wear my trays for about 22.5 hours a day. I always make my meals first and have everything ready then take out my trays. I clean my trays every time I take them out. If I'm eating out, I will at least rinse them out with water. I only brush my trays with water and will occasionally use tooth paste if they start to smell. I only drink water with my trays in and nothing else.... occasional vodka and tonic if I'm going out.


What insurance are you using to cover a portion of the cost?
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I have Aetna.
Dang!  Look at you, that overjet is almost gone!  Is your doctor talking refinements already?  At 75%, it seems like they wouldn't know.  But you'll definitely know by the end if you want the refinements.  If it's something like your midline being off (that's what happened to me) you might decide it's worth another couple of months.  I am right there with you on the Hawley retainers, though.  On the one hand, I really regret getting the Viveras, and now having to fight my ortho to get Hawleys.  On the other hand, I wouldn't have known how awful the Viveras were for my bite had I not tried them, and then I might have been annoyed with the Hawleys, so I'm kind of okay with it, as long as I don't have to pay too much!  But if you already know, yeah, fight for what you want while it's still included in the price!!  

Continued good luck!
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Tray 20/20

Last tray!!! I just started the implant process a week ago and everything went fine. The screw of the implant does not affect my trays at all. I'm 99% sure I'm not going to ask for refinements as I'm very pleased with the outcome and I can't imagine more trays improving it that much more. I will be getting the permanent retainers with the wires behind my teeth (top and bottom) and clear retainers at night. I am so glad to be this close, as the journey was frustrating at times... mostly with eating out and having to brush/floss afterwards. Overall, I'm very happy with the process with only one regret.... should have did it sooner. What's next for me is finishing tray 20, getting some bonding done to fix some chips, permanent retainers and completing my implant. Hopefully, that will be all folks.


Hey, how'd you go with the vodka & tonic. I went for my moulds today and my ortho laughed at me thinking I was joking...
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Congratulations!!  Your smile looks great, and I'm so happy for you that you're getting the bonded retainers.  Will they be the straight wires or the wavy ones?
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My Ortho suggested the straight b/c they work better.
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