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Hello Ladies....I am new on this site and have not...

Hello Ladies....I am new on this site and have not really found the information that I have been looking for. So I am having surgery to deal with my stress urinary incontinence and I figured while I was at it, I would have a vaginoplasty. I have read a lot regarding the surgery and all that. There just isn't a whole lot of post surgery (real) reviews. So I decided to open this post and update once I have my surgery or getting close to having it done.
If anyone has any information they would like to share with me, I would greatly appreciated it. Thanks:)

Another consultation...........

Ok so today I have a consultation with a different doctor just to see what different info I get and see what the price difference will be, if any. Apparently, there are only 2 doctors in town that perform this surgery so we'll see how this goes. I will be back later to update.


Just in case anyone is following......I went to get a 2nd opinion and price difference from a different doctor yesterday. Come to find out that I have fallen bladder so in getting that fixed I will end up getting my vaginal wall muscles tighten and insurance will pay for the whole thing. Not a a bad deal but just a lot of pain and recovery time. I hope to be able to schedule my surgery yet this year.
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Thanks for sharing your journey so far. Will insurance cover your operation regardless of which doctor you choose? That's good news, as long as you can still have some choice in the matter.

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I believe long as you have a fallen/prolapsed bladder insurance will pay for the surgery and repairing the vaginal muscles is part of the surgery.
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I have a couple suggestions i did to make it more comfortable. I didn't feel any discomfort until i ran out of the perineal cold pads I ordered. If you have ever had a baby they give you these awesome pads with ice pack built in so not only do they help with pain and swelling they catch the bleeding. The cheapest I found these were at case of 24 lasted me two and half days and I wish i would have had one more days worth. I also ordered a perineal cleansing bottle like the send you home with after childbirth. This I used every time I needed to urinate so it wouldn't sting. I think it was $2 on Ebay. Also, the itching when you start healing is major so keep some cortisone cream handy! Hope this helps as It made it a lot better than I expected.
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Hi Humpty, You know I have given natural birth to four (4) kids and have never gotten those cold pads but they do sound awsome, I have only gotten the freeze spray or something like that. Did you have a catheter? Appatently I will have one for about 4 days, I've never had one of those so that makes me a little nervous. Did you get muscle relaxers?? I was told by the dr that those will help a lot. I can't wait to have the surgery. Thanks again for your suggestions.
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No catheter or muscle relaxers but I only had a labiaplasty so probably because it just on the outside not really muscular. The worst was definately the itching!
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Oh well that makes sense.... I will not be having labiaplasty only vagionalplasty....but I'm sure there will be some itching since I will have a lot of stiches.
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