Hello Ladies!!! I am so glad my guy found this...

Hello Ladies!!! I am so glad my guy found this site and shared it with me. I started researching breast reduction surgery about 6 years ago but just met with a fantastic PS last week. We are currently waiting for the approval letter from the insurance company, and then a date will be set. I am currently a 36H and suffer from severe back, neck and shoulder pain. I have also lost nearly 70 lbs and did not lose one ounce of breast tissue. With that being said, reduction it is. My surgeon does inpatient, so day one and part of day 2 will be at the hospital. My surgeon and I have discussed reducing my breast size to a full D or DD. I am so excited and nervous to begin this journey!!!

I think you look good not that I am am expert but can't wait for my surgery. I am still very freaked out about infection due to diabetes
Your new girls look lovely - well done. It's not uncommon for one to be more swollen than the other, so try not to worry unduly and rest, rest, rest :)
You look great! I'm sure the right tit is just swollen, but best keep an eye on it just in case.

I am 10 days post op. today is the first day that...

I am 10 days post op. today is the first day that I truly feel fantastic!!! This is including the battle of the constipation!! Whoa! That was rough. Thank God for Miralax! Anyways, I am adding some new pics. I have now taken any special vitamins for bruising or healing. Just went all natural. I feel I am healing great!!! Take a look and let me know your thoughts.
I think you look great and barely have any marks from surgery. Your PS was very neat and tidy. you look marvelous. Congratulations
You Irish Hottie you!!! hahaha so so cute! You look great! and I agree, you are healing super well!!!
You look wonderful. Your breasts look very good and are a great size for you. Good luck you are doing just great

Tomorrow is 2 weeks post op and I get to go back...

Tomorrow is 2 weeks post op and I get to go back to work. I am excited and sad all at the same time. I will be exhausted by the end of work so I am posting 2 week pics tonight. I think I am healing nicely. I can't wait to get this itchy tape off on Friday. Not sure what the next step is after the tape, so we will see!!! I also did some close ups of the under incisions so you could see where the one incision is draining a little. It's almost done now!
You look Fantastic!! Your PS did a great job!
Thanks for the update! You're looking incredible!! Please take it easy today as much as you are able. So glad the bleeding has stopped.
You're looking great and they definitely look even in size now - the swelling has gone down quite quickly so that's great. Hope you're able to take it slowly at work and rest lots when you get home!

3 weeks and 2 days post op. I had my best day so...

3 weeks and 2 days post op. I had my best day so far today. I see the surgeon tomorrow to follow up on my infection. I still have a little bit of clear drainage, but very very little. I am still pretty bruised and I still swell pretty good on my right side by the end of the day. I have added new pictures for you to see. Overall I think I am looking pretty good! Minus the infected area of course!!!
Look at your healing! How fantastic. Your shape is beautiful. Congrats :) !!

Your PS did an awesome job!!! You look fabulous!

I have boob envy at your shape and size. Your surgeon did a great job and you look fantastic. What size bra are you in now?

9 1/2 week post op appointment!!!

I had my last post op appointment today and my surgeon is even blown away with my healing!!! My scars look like 6 month scars and are healing beautiful!!! I am on cloud nine right now. He gave me comparison pics so if I ever doubt for a minute why I did this (I never will!!!) I have it!!! I have taken a picture of the pictures for you to look at. What a difference. My life will forever be *lifted*! :) Enjoy!! Best decision of my LIFE!!!
Wow! Look at you!!! Your scars are barely noticeable. So happy for you girl.
Wow you look fantastic!! So happy for you. I need to try some of that bio oil. Lol
Wow they look great what a difference

20 Weeks Post Op!!!

I figured I should put up some new pics!!! Things are going AMAZING!!! :)

I can't believe it's been over 6 months!!!

Life is great!!! Loving my boobs and there is NO TURNING BACK to the old ones, ever. My scarring continues to fade. I did spit another stitch just a week ago, so who knows when that will stop!! I took some new pictures for everyone. Sorry about the bra lines. I was not going to wait for them to fade, it is getting late. I really have very light scarring. The vertical scars are only noticeable if you are looking for them!!! :) So happy!!!
Very nice results and you still look great 6 months later.
Hi, Did you achieve a D cup? Do you know the weight of breast tissue removed? Your before pics make your size and shape very like mine. My surgery is on 3rd january and I have posted a review about myself. Your result is great I hope mine is as good
Your before boobs are my present boobs, and I'm in the process of, hopefully, losing a lot of weight. Your results would be my wish pic! They are just amazing, so perky and just the right size. In fact they are so good they look like they had small implants, you've got curves in all the right places. It's the perkiness I seriously envy though!
Dr. Warren Schubert

My cousin works at the hospital that he does his surgeries and she recommended him to me directly. I am so happy!!!

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