28yo No Kids, 375cc, Mod Plus, Silicone, Transaxillary Incision

After years of wanting to do this, I finally have...

After years of wanting to do this, I finally have my surgery booked for breast augmentation! I'm stoked and nervous all at the same time. I've chosen to go with silicone due to the more natural feel.

Stats: 5'5" 140lbs 34A
Implants Chosen: 375cc Moderate Plus profile Silicone
Incision/placement: Armpit incision under the muscle

Doctor notes: I have a smaller ribcage and very tight skin above my breasts - there's just not much room there...

My first consultation was with a clinic that performs the 3D imaging. I was pretty set on having the 475cc high profile that they had fitted me with. However, I was unable to get a response when I called and emailed with questions, so I kept looking. If I can't get simple answers up front, it scares me to wonder what happens if anything would go wrong down the road. I was really worried about the high profile implants anyway, so it's probably for the best. I don't want the super fake look with too much roundness on the upper pole.

The doctor I have booked with fitted me with 375cc Moderate Plus Profile. Although I wish I could go larger, I think this will be a sufficient size and the more "natural" look I'm going for. There's so many different "after" photos out there, I hope I get a great result! I'll post a more detailed review about the doctor once I'm out of surgery.

Just put me in a bubble until May 22!

Arggggghhh!!!! I wish I could walk around in a cloud of antiseptic right now! It seems like I can't go anywhere without hearing people talking about being sick, and I'm doing my best to stay healthy so I pass my pre-op tests and have a positive recovery. I've never been so germophobic in my life. I'm trying to stay away from processed foods and stick to whole foods because I go for the bad stuff when I'm stressed/anxious. I'm a pescatarian (vegetarian occasionally eating fish), so my options are limited anyway. I exercise 6 days a week, I've been drinking a TON of water and I'm trying to keep up with taking my daily multivitamin.

... I'm getting super emotional about this whole thing. I got my post-op bra in the mail and tried it out with ricer sizers. The idea of having something to finally fill my tops is overwhelming after so many years of feeling cheated by nature, inadequate, and self-conscious. I wish I had done this sooner... I had the money a few years ago, but then my boyfriend talked me into buying a car instead. In his defense, he didn't know I was thinking about getting a BA. He's totally supportive of my decision now though. Actually, I think I might have made him sick of looking at boobs (is that possible?) :). I've been asking his opinion as I go along, but I've done research and consultations myself as this is my body and something I've wanted for many years now.

Size Test

375 cc rice sizing test. I did try on sizers in my consult, but it's not quite the same as being at home and trying on different clothes with them. I doubled up on sports bras for extra compression - the top bra is a lightly molded C-Cup. It's not a "D" but I think I'm going to like this size if I end up anything like this test!

Tick Tock! Less than 2 weeks away!

OK, I'm officially excited, but still nervous for my pre-op physical to be over with. I've been eating super healthy & taking my multivitamin religiously to hopefully ward off all of the cold bugs floating around. I've taken Thursday the 22nd (surgery day) and Friday (post-op check-up) off of work. Since Memorial day is included in our paid time off at work, I get a little extra time to recover and have one less day my first week back to work. My surgeon only suggests 4 days off, so I should be ready to go back to my office job on Tuesday.

I have an entire list of chores/grocery shopping to do starting the middle of this week into next week to get the house super clean and just not have to worry about much of anything for at least a week after surgery. It should also help keep me busy and keep my mind from counting down the hours and minutes.... My boyfriend has promised to help out after surgery, but I still prefer to have less to deal with later.

I'm a list nerd, so here's my list of things I've gotten ready or have been doing in preparation:
- I've avoided working out my pec area as much as possible
- I've been doing pec massages/stretches suggested here
- Using Palmer's Lotion daily
- Showering with dial/safeguard
- Haven't taken Tylenol or ibuprofen since shortly after I booked my surgery
- Ice packs ready to go
- Prescriptions are filled and ready
- Hotel is booked
- Purchased Post-op bra & a couple extra comfy outfits
- Yogurt & prune juice for post-op
- Mederma (for after my incisions heal)
- Extra pet supplies purchased (so I don't have to lift the heavy bags...)

I've seen so many on here that swear about how great arnica works, so I may have to see if I can find some locally or order it online.


Tomorrow morning is the big day! I almost can't believe it! I wasn't allowing myself to get "too" excited before my lab tests came back. Now everything is cleared, I'm done with the longest day at work e.v.e.r. and I just have to get a few things packed for the hotel stay. We're staying overnight in a hotel tonight and then checking out the day after my surgery since my post op is right away in the morning the day after surgery. This way we don't have to do several hours of driving each day - can't imagine sitting in a car immediately after surgery would be much fun either. By this time tomorrow I should have b( o ) ( o )bs!!

I'm on the other side :)

I've had my new girlies for approximately 6 hours now! I'm bandaged up pretty tight, but I'm already liking how I fill out my shirt! The best part is - NO MORE SUPER PADDED BRAS :).

Before Surgery
I had to wait a little bit before heading back to the pre-surgery meeting with the doctor, nurse and anesthesiologist. That was fine - it helped me settle my nerves a little bit to have a little breather. When I got to the consult room, I had to put on the lovely hat and booties as well as the surgical gown - they gave me a blanket too because the office is kept very cool for surgeries. The doctor then gave me the anti-nausea pill and went over the post-op instructions with my boyfriend in the room - he was very calm and helpful with the few questions we still had. I've never felt rushed and always felt very comfortable with the entire staff. Then he marked me up and showed me the incision site as well as the placement for the implants. After that, the nurse and anesthesiologist came in separately to go over all the legal stuff and medications/health background.

Surgery Room
My surgeon has an on-site surgical facility, so then I just had to move over to the next room and get situated on the bed with the IV. They didn't have any trouble with the IV - when I had my wisdom teeth out in my youth they were really rough and couldn't get the IV in, so I really appreciated the professionalism and quickness of it all. After that, I literally don't remember anything - I was out like a light!

After Surgery
I woke up, and they gently helped me into the wheelchair to move down to the recovery room. I stayed in there with my boyfriend a little extra because I still felt a little loopy/buzzed. They had ginger ale and crackers there for me to eat. I felt a little tight like they warned, but not at all in pain. I was wheeled out to the car, and off we went.

At the hotel
I got breakfast right away, and must have eaten a little fast because I got a little sick and had to run to the bathroom quick. I was told this is normal beforehand, so I wasn't at all alarmed. Just one trip, and I've been fine the rest of the day now. After that, I made sure my stomach was settled, drank more water, and we headed out for a walk. Walking is a bit slow, and I can feel tightness if I try to go too fast so I take it easy but it feels good to move around. My left side started gurgling a little right away, and now my right is a little as well. I know this is common, so not alarmed at all. I've taken one more Vicodin, and will take another tonight around 10pm as instructed. Tomorrow I was told to just take ibuprofen - shouldn't need the Vicodin.

My post op is tomorrow, and I'll finally get a little peek at the new girls. I know it won't probably look "normal" for awhile, but I'm excited to see the immediate post-op size :)

Day 3 Update w/pics

Day 1
My post-op appointment went well. Bandages came off, boobies came out, and dressings/sports bra went on. My doctor decided I didn't need the compression band after seeing how they looked in the bra. To me they almost look normal, but I know they need to drop and fluff yet. Don't really have the square frankenboob look, but they are a little torpedo looking lol. I was sent home with instructions to come back in 6 weeks and to keep my incisions dry/bandaged as well as to stretch my arms above my head every hour. I need to get up and move around hourly as well.

I felt almost "too" good I guess and went for about a 1/2 mile walk and probably ate too much. I only took a total of four ibuprofen pills that day/night. By evening I was hurting though. Not my boobs, but wow the bloat/nausea was truly awful. I ended up finally getting some good sleep after waking up sick twice.

Day 2
I was cleared to take a shower. It felt amazing to get clean finally, but I still start feeling really wiped out after moving around too much. Took it easy on moving around and tried to eat slower & less at a time. My favorite things are now yogurt, crackers and fruit. I didn't take any pain medication until night time to give my stomach a break.

Day 3
Pretty good for the most part. Deep breaths are still a little labored. I showered again and was even able to get my hair straightened. I still have to take everything very slow or I get super wiped out. It's almost like just getting done running that first 5k after being lazy all winter. I'm still taking it easy on how much/how fast I eat as well. My pecs are pretty pissed off haha, but I apply just a little pressure right above the boob at the armpit and it calms them down. No pain medication yet today either, but will take some tonight before bed. I don't know if I got the wrong kind of tape for my dressings or what, but I had an hour long fight with the bandages today.... hopefully my new tape works better tomorrow...

1 week Post-op

Just a quick update for my one week boob-versary :). I'm feeling more and more like my normal self each day. Today I feel about 90% besides a little tightness in my pecs caused by my arms swinging when I walk. I'm really enjoying the size so far, and no frankenboob really - just sort of looks like I have a good push-up bra on when I don't :)

3 days ago the dreaded constipation was finally cured! Hurray! LOL gross, I know... but it's apparently inevitable. The only thing that works for me is psyllium husk fiber.

Little bit of bruising on the outside bottom of each breast and in the center, but that's been fading each day as well. I'm back to eating normally with no nausea, and I think my sutures are healing well. The right suture has a little bit of a raised/pinched look - hoping that'll even out over time? It's not inflamed-looking, leaking, or hot at all though. Taking precaution to keep the incision area dry and protected.

2 week update w/Before & After PICS

Not too much to report - Everything has been going just fine. Still pretty tight, but everything seems to be settling a little bit more each day. Here's some bikini pics before & after. It's the same top - the lighting is just different.

I feel like this is how my boobs were supposed to be all along. They feel almost like they've always been there :)

34D - wooohooo!!! Pretty freakin' stoked!

So I'm to the point where I need a "real bra" to wear under an outfit besides my post-op sports bras. I tried a 34C at Target, but was busting out of that so I tried the 34D and it was PERFECT! It's a non-padded t-shirt bra, and it feels so light and free compared to the ridiculous padding I used to wear. So excited to do more bra shopping - that has to be the first time I've ever said that in my entire life!!!

4 weeks. Dropping @ slightly different rates

Lefty has dropped nicely and is no longer tight feeling in the muscles (pecs) on that side. Righty seems to be a little slower & is still a little tight. I'm hoping this is just because I'm right-handed dominant. I flipped the pics around so your right is my right and such.
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr Smith was very calm and helpful with any & all questions I came up with. I never felt rushed and always felt very comfortable with the entire staff. He has a very calming and extremely confident demeanor - not at all arrogant though, just very confident in his work and what would work for my body. I imagine that's to be expected for someone who's been practicing for over 27 years. He doesn't push all the hyped up fads of cosmetic surgery - he just does his job and you get just as fast of a recovery as other surgeons try to hype up. I really appreciated the no-nonsense approach. As an out-of-town patient, I appreciated how up-front they were before I even went into the consultation. They told me the cost right away as well as that they require payment in person, so I would need to drive back if I decided to go with them later on. As i had already had other consultations, I felt confident and comfortable choosing Dr. Smith for my surgery. Be aware of this payment requirement though if you are considering other surgeons - you may want to do at least one other consult first beforehand. Also - make sure to clear the $$ amount with your bank ahead of time if you aren't using credit. Only one day after surgery, and I'm already amazed at how quickly the pain has been subsiding. I only needed to take two Vicodin pills the day of surgery and have only been taking ibuprofen today. Being able to look down at my new size isn't too bad either ;) I'm excited to see the final result after everything settles because it looks so great already!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Looking great :-)
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Do you feel like you lost 25cc by going under the muscle or do you feel like you look the same as when you tried on the 375 sizers. Im still torn about size and have a hard time believing this "loss of volume" thing!
  • Reply
I'm not completely sure about the sizer part b/c I only did it once and basically asked for as large as he could give me. It's pretty spot on to the rice test I posted in the purple tank though.
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I SO hope I get lucky like you and don't have the weird frankenboob! That will just freak me out. Your results look great and youre only a few weeks in, I love seeing updates it gives me hope of what mine will look like!
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I hope the best for you too! I really honestly think the pec massage & stretches that were advised on here must have helped cuz the doc didn't even think I needed the dreaded compression band. That and the combination of Moderate+ implants since they're not as full on top as high profile. Followed my post-op instructions carefully along with the stretches (arms above head every hour for a week). I plan to post more on Thursday (4 week mark). So far nothing really to report except I love them! Good luck to you! You're day is coming up so soon already :)
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Hey you look great! Feel free to take a look at mine :) we got same size n almost same day of surgery... so we r progressing at about the same rate :).. I still don't know if I'll be c or d... I'm thinking C :/ ... I don't wanna buy bras yet because my PS is having me wear the surgical bra until week 6... and I can't wear underwire bras until I'm 3 months :(.... but oh well. ..Just want them to turn out nice :)... You are doing great btw!
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Thanks! You look great as well! I was thinking C-cup too, but was completely busting out of that size. The D cup fits perfectly - no gaps whatsoever with no padding. Could be the brand too, I dunno. Did you get the anatomical gummies? Mine are just the smooth round gels. Just remember to go back and look at your "before" pics to get a better perspective when you get boobie greed :). Your size looks nice & proportionate to your body, and that's what's important in the end anyway, right?
  • Reply
I know :) that's true. . But idk.. All my life I wanted to have bigger boobs but now that I have them they don't seem like enough lol :/ I guess I expected a little more. .. On the bright side they do look very natural. .. :) mine are the natrelle soft touch round cohesive ones :)
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You look amazing! We have similar stats and i can only wish mine turn out as good as yours!:)
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Thanks! I really made an effort to eat well, take my vitamins and stretch out/massage my pecs before surgery. PixieQueen has a really good How-to w/pics for the massages that was very helpful. Good luck to you! You're less than a week away from surgery - you must be getting really excited!!
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Yep, excited/scared/nervous/anxious.... I want to be asleep until my surgery! I'll be sure to check out PixieQueens tutorial. I'm still figuring out how to use the site so i'll have to search her username or somethin. Thanks for the tip!
  • Reply
Hah! totally understand the "wanting to be asleep" thing - I got super stir crazy beforehand, but keeping busy cleaning and such helped. All you have to do is put the username in the search bar and it'll come up. Her review should be at the top of the results.
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You look awesome! Congrats on the speedy recovery
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Thanks! I'm pretty happy with everything so far :)
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Glad your healing well, congrats :)
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Thanks! Just read your review, too - Glad to see the bumpy scars can calm down :). Your results look great BTW!
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Congrats! How exciting, seems like everything went super smooth for you
  • Reply
Thank you - yes, everything was super smooth! A little tightness and pain this morning, but has been getting much better as the day goes on.
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I love lists too! ;) Good luck tomorrow and be sure to update us when you can!
  • Reply
Thanks! Officially on the other side now :)
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Glad you weren't too sick post-op. Be sure to update your review with your post-op appointment details. And be prepared for the constipating side effects of the pain meds! Hope you're healing well!
  • Reply
Still getting a little nauseous, but learning to just sllooooowwww down haha. The bloat - ugh! Where's that fast-forward button when I need it?? :)
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Hang in there...the bloating takes a while to subside. Keep up on your water intake too!
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We didn't discuss the actual size of the implant before hand, just the size I wanted to be in the end. Even took pictures off another site so my PS had a good idea of what I wanted to look like. I spent a lot of time researching my PS, the type of implant I wanted and the recovery process, just wish I would have also looked into size. Good luck to you:).
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Oh boy, lol at home I've tried on everything up to 700cc rice test... That size is fun to think about, but just wouldn't work for me for many reasons. Hope you end up with a size that you feel good about though!
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