Four weeks after getting the first of two planned...

Four weeks after getting the first of two planned treatments I look worse than when I started. My face is bloated, saggy and the area under my eyes is baggy, discolored, red and puffy. On day two I developed a staph infection. I only hope my face returns to the way it looked before treatment but have grave doubts as I enter the fifth week. Many of the sun spots are already returning. I honestly see no improvement; only a face that looks ten to fifteen years older than before treatment. The doctor is responsive, professional and caring. Nevertheless the truth is I look much worse and regret every day I did this. I try to not look in a mirror at all and just go about my day keeping busy. What a disaster.
Birdchip I feel so sorry for you. I can not believe the cheek of the doctor to tell you that you are "misrepresenting what happened" or making false claims. It is disgusting, what a disgusting man. You don't put lasers to peoples skin and a burn, hairloss, itch is a negative skin reaction. Why would anyone want to turn up to an appointment to feel pain? A feeling of pain would cause avoidance, as the doctor states you avoided appointments. We can clearly see that all this doctor has cared about was the money . He is clearly in denial. Just because you have the title of doctor it doesn't license you to play god. You may have passed exams to become a doctor but it is clear if you were to take an exam on your morals you probably wouldnt pass. You know how you feel, birdchip, and your feelings are 100 percent VALID. You only have to read various stories to understand the difficulties those have had after having had laser treatment, including fatloss, hairloss,increasing wrinkles, loss of elasticity. Youth and beauty can only be achieved through natural means, eating healthily, not wearing toxic makeup, avoiding sulfates. DO NOT let anyone con you out of your money, suggesting otherwise or investing in your insecurities. Birdchip, i wish you all of the best. For anyone considering having laser treatment here is a forum for people damaged by ipl laser treatment, birdchip is not strange, alone or wrong. iplandlaserdamagesupportdot com
Sorry to hear that! Keep up positive. Get some consultations from other doctors. See what they say.
I would like to see the pictures.


It is now six years after that miserable laser experience that was exacerbating by getting a staph infection at Dr. Cedar's office. I would never do it again! Besides taking a year to truly heal the results were disappointing.
A year ago I had a full facelift including browlift and upper lower eyes. At the same time my surgeon did a chemical peel. While I experienced a much longer recovery than others getting similar surgery without the peel - some surgeons think the peel should never be done simultaneously - the results are terrific! My skin is smooth and 95% of the sunspots are completely gone. Yes, I had a lot of swelling that lasted at least six months (that must be the way my face reacts to trauma as well as salt and sugar on a regular basis). I would recommend the chemical peel to anyone getting a facelift. Then it is all healed and over with at the same time. From here on I am just going in for "upkeep" with Botox and fillers around my mouth. Soon I will get some sort of spot treatment for the few sun spots that have returned despite staying out of the sun. I intend to maintain regularly all this time consuming expensive work so that I never again have to do surgery or a whole face peel. I will be 70 in January.

Mastopexy with implants

My previous post failed to say I had a BREAST LIFT as well as implants.

4.5 Months Post Mastopexy Lateral Displacement Worse

I hate to face another surgery but the displacement is getting worse even though I have been wearing support bras nonstop. The displaced breast is uncomfortable and at times aches. The scar leans to the side as well. The nipple points doen and out compared with other breast pointing slightly up and straight ahead. The nipple is now over one inch lower than the other side and the scar for some reason is worse than the other one.
It is unthinkable to go in for another revision but this is untenable. I am forced to wear tape over my nipples so the uneveness of the nipples is less noticeable.
I am going to the doctor I almost chose first. I hope he can fix this but worry it will get even worse as he tries to deal with scar tissue and blood supply issues. And I will be paying about the same- again! - as the first surgery if he has to revise both breasts (and perhaps go submuscular this time) in order to get best result.Nevertheless I will screw up the courage to go in for a consult. Here's hoping...!
Have I learned anything? Yes. Choose you REVISION surgery carefully. Revision is much more complex to prove it. My doctor said he did. Obviously, he did not.
Dr. Michael Cedars

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