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This is day 1 & Week 1 of my invisiline treatment....

This is day 1 & Week 1 of my invisiline treatment. Im very excited. My orthodontic is very excited. He wants to prove that I'll be 100% satisfied with the final look. I can't wait. There are a few orthodontics that will make you feel like there is no hope for you with the invisiline but that's because they aren't they familiar with them and haven't had much experience with them. Find a ortho that specializes in them. I did.
Thank you for starting your story with us here!  We have quite a few people working on the Gap (diastema) here in our community.  You may be interested in taking a look at how their treatment is going!  Here are just a few:

Primus81 (just pre-Invisalign)
PreOrtho (aligner 7)
creativejawn (aligner 4)

I look forward to following your story!

week 2

Week 2. Still feeling pain from the new trays. Hopefully this won't happen every week
I'm excited I just started on Mar 10th and I start my second tray on Mon Mar 24th. I'm having major saliva all the time, the bubbles in the trays. My teeth are sore eating softer foods now.
Wow, this is so great that you are doing this for yourself! I, too, have gaps. You inspire me that it can be done. :-)
Yes! You can do it. The first week was the hardest. The second week there was only pain the first day. Thursday I go into week 3. We'll see how that goes. I guess just getting your teeth to start shifting initially is where most of the pain begins. Once they start shifting the pain isn't so bad. Good luck with your invisalign.

week 3

Attachments added. They hurt only the first day. They gave me whitening to do at home every other day. I'm still not seeing any results yet. Just happy the pain doesn't last all week like it did the first week
You go with the pink glitter lipstick!

And yeah, if you saw results at 3 trays, I'd be flabbergasted!  Most people it's between 8 and 10 trays.  How many trays will you have in all?  Did I miss that in your review?
In the beginning I was told 36 weeks but then later they said it will definitely be longer. About 18 months
Are they really only charging you $2200 for treatment????!!!! I was quoted at $6700 for invisalign!

week 5

Still no changes that I've noticed
Are you still on your third tray or have you moved to fourth now?
I'm on tray 5 now. Been under the weather. Haven't had time to update.
No worries :).  I'm just super nosy :D.  But I hope you feel better soon….

week 6

Tray 6
Still not much of a difference that I can see but people are telling me that they can see a difference all rat
I have the same type of gap that you had originally. I can see a big difference from March till date. This has encouraged me to go for the same treatment. Thanks for sharing your experience and photos.
I see a big difference. I am happy for you but you have to know you have a beautiful smile with or without the gap. Your a pretty lady anyway but glad you can do something for yourself. My son has a gap and I hope this works for him to help TMJ. Thanks for sharing.
There is definitely a change! Congrats :)

latest pictures

Not sure which week I'm into now is been so long since I've posted but I can definitely see a difference now. Posted pics with and without the invisalign
I always had a small gap in between my two front teeth, but after my fist pregnancy suddenly on the last 5 months it's nearly doubled in size! I was really afraid that Invisalign wouldn't work for me, because the gap is already so big, but you have given me hope! I really don't want traditional braces, as I am approaching 30 (I don't need to look like a teen mom!) , but it's such a big financial investment to make to be unsure if you'll see results! You've really inspired me, your results are so great after only a couple months! I think I'm really going to do it.
Wow amazing results so far. Thank you for sharing your progress.
Thank you for sharing your experience and photos. What an amazing result so far.
Dr. David E. Harmon

I LOVE Dr. Harmon. He made me feel very comfortable. I checked around and other orthodontics weren't that familiar with the invisalign procedure so they tried talking me out of getting them and sticking with traditional braces. That made me uncomfortable with going through with it completely. It wasn't until a coworker of mine told me about Dr. Harmon was when I knew that there was someone out here that had a little more knowledge about invisalign. My coworker was almost nearing the end with her invisalign and her teeth are near perfect. I can't wait until to see my results.

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