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I've wanted this for almost a decade. After...

I've wanted this for almost a decade. After having 3 children and a miscarriage within 3 years my body was shot. I gained 60 lbs with my first child and then 30 with the second and 35 with the third. I learned my lesson after the first pregnancy and didn't eat everthing in sight with the other two, but unfortunately already had the miles of stretch marks as the consequence of that little life lesson.

Well, my youngest is about to turn 10 and I've wanted this for a very long time. After making it through the very difficult first few years of my babies lives (having 3 in under 3 years was very hard on me physically and emotionally), and struggling with depression, I've gone through several years of becoming healthier. I've changed my diet, become regular at exercising and lost all of the weight I gained with pregnancies and even got down to my wedding weight. I never thought I'd get back there! But, after all that work I've still got a saggy baggy belly that I have to tuck into my pants. And my boobs, that weren't exactly awe inspiring before children, now look worse. So, it's time for this mommy's makeover!

Gonna have have a BA, FTT w MR and lower body lipo on 5/31. I've got my pre-op coming up on 5/18. I've got my list of last-minute questions and am starting to feel pretty excited and nervous! I'm really not looking forward to the immobility and swell hell parts of recovery, but am trying to keep a positive outlook.

I'll post some before pics here soon and will keep posting all my random thoughts for anyone who's interested. I'm kinda looking at this as my own journal that anyone and everyone can read if they so choose! Then I'll have it documented and be able to go back and read it later.

My pre-op is tomorrow! I just got the phone call...

My pre-op is tomorrow! I just got the phone call to confirm my appointment. I thought I'd be more nervous, but really I'm just ready to get this ball rolling! I can't wait til surgery day!!!
I'll be deciding what size implants to get (I'm going with saline unders) and talking about the location of my TT scar. Will also be getting blood work done. Between giving blood and paying for all of this, I'm gonna feel like I've been bled dry! ;-) And of course we'll be going over all of the things I should and should not do before and after surgery.
We'll also be taking the before pictures. :-( I'm not looking forward to those other than that will be my benchmark to look back on and say, "Wow! I look so much better now!".
I plan on having my husband take some before pics here at home too and I'll post those soon.
I'm eager to see if it feels a lot more "real" after my appt tomorrow. Right now it still feels somewhat far off. I've dreamed about having this done for so long that even though the process is happening it still hasn't quite sunk in all the way for me.

I had my pre-op today! It does feel more real now!...

I had my pre-op today! It does feel more real now! I asked lots of questions and got lots of answers. I really like my PS and his staff. They all make me feel very comfortable during this very unnerving process. I also had my before pics taken and had blood drawn. And paid an arm and a leg!!! It will be sooo worth it though!
I had my husband take some before pics later when we got home so I can post some befores here.

Well... One week from today at this time of the...

Well... One week from today at this time of the evening, I will be in a post-op, pain medicated haze. Hopefully sleeping peacefully. :-)
One more week! This next week is gonna take for-ev-er. I've got lots of stuff happening every day so hopefully it won't really feel like it's dragging by too slow. But there are moments when life slows down just a bit and then it feels like next Tuesday will never come. I'm so ready. But then at the same time I sometimes think, 'What am I doing??? Can I really go through with this?'.

Well... this time tomorrow I'll be sleeping...

Well... this time tomorrow I'll be sleeping peacefully whilst my PS will be sculpting and molding a more beautiful body for me! I'm on my way to a Memorial Day picnic with friends this afternoon. We'll drop kids off at grandparents this evening. They've graciously agreed to watch them the next 2 nights.
So far not much in the way of nerves. I'm hoping I don't have any problems getting to sleep and staying that way til morning! I've definitely been in a 'nesting' phase the last couple of days. My husband keeps saying "You know I'm not going to be incapacitated too. I'll be able to do dishes, laundry, etc.". I think its finally occuring to me that I'm not going to be able to do much of anything for a few weeks and that's causing me to want to move as much as possible now while I still can!
I think I've got everything I need ready. I don't have as extensive of a list as some. I hope I don't find my modest list severely lacking during my recovery. Although, as my wonderful husband has pointed out, he will be willing and able to go to the store and get anything I need. :-) I sure love him! He's been nothing but supportive. Thank goodness. I don't think I could do this if he wasn't behind me all the way.

So here goes my first "after" update on my review....

So here goes my first "after" update on my review. Surgery was supposed to start at 1pm, but didn't get started til 1:30. I was feeling pretty nervous once they got me gowned, marked up and an IV going. My poor hubby was more nervous than me though. I at least got to be put to sleep. He even asked if they could hook him up with something to help him get thru the next few hours! I gave him a kiss then headed into the operating room. The last thing I remember after being scrubbed down with an antimicrobial wash was laying back on the table and being covered up with a sheet. I don't remember much of anything afterwards. Even though my husband says I was awake and communicating with everyone I don't recall any of it.
Surgery took about 4 hours. I don't remember when we got home. I didn't sleep very well that night, but with the anesthesia still in me I didn't have much pain. I do remember being extremely thirsty for about 24 hours after. I couldn't get enough liquid!
I don't really count my surgery day as my first day since it wasn't til evening that I got home. So my first "day" was yesterday (Wednesday). It was rough. I had a hard time waiting the 4 hours until the next pain meds. Lots of liquids going in and coming out. Both in the bathroom and my TT drain. We had to empty the drain a lot overnight and the first day. It's slowed down today (day 2). We went to my first post-op appt at 11am and they showed me how to change my bandages. I got a look at everything, but couldn't really see my boobs without a mirror. My tummy incision looked good though. Nice and low. Doc and nurse were happy with my progress.
My back is already killing me from bending over when I walk back and forth to the bathroom. I really need to try to find a walker. Day 2 is much like day 1, but slightly worse. My boobs are very swollen and I've had to ice them several times. It feels kind of like when my milk came in after having babies. I ended up with mastitis in one breast then so I hope that doesn't mean that I'll get a hematoma after my breast aug now. Of course everything just hurts. Like I've been run over by a mack truck. Lots of achiness, bruising and stiffness. Very sore. And today my MR started to seize up and cramp. We called the nurse and she said it's because those tummy muscles aren't used to being used together the way they are now.
I had 2 visitors today. My mom and mom-in-law came by. My MIL brought over dinner. Very nice. I'm still not really feeling like eating much, but the husband and kids sure enjoyed it!
I'll update more in a day or two. Once I start feeling better I'll try to get some after pics.

I've been meaning to post my before stats on here....

I've been meaning to post my before stats on here. I used my scale that tells me bodyfat %, etc. And a tape measure for the measurements. I don't know if all of these are really neccessary, but I figured it was my only chance to get all of this info cuz surery is kinda permanent! And I'm hoping these will all be at least slightly different in my afters.

Height - 5'5"
Weight - 124.4 lbs
Bodyfat - 21.3%
Water - 56.9%
Muscle mass - 39.6%

Chest - 34" (across nipples) 30" (ribcage, under boobs)
Arms - L 11" R 11"
Waist - 29" (at bellybutton)
Hips - 38"
Thighs - L 21 1/2" R 21

Obviously my height won't be changing, but I'm excited to see what and how the rest of it changes. I'm not sure exactly when I'll post afters. Maybe around the 4-6 month mark. I think that will give me the best chance to make sure all of my swelling is done and my boobs have fully dropped and fluffed.

Well today makes day 9. Yesterday I got my BA...

Well today makes day 9. Yesterday I got my BA stiches out. I'll get my bellybutton stiches out next week, at my 2 week mark. I'm still not completely upright. That's pretty frustrating because I'm feeling pretty good otherwise and am getting soooo tired of sitting on my butt. I'm ready to get up and moving more, but it's hurting my back! And because I haven't told very many people I haven't had any chances to get out of the house other than doc visits. The last 2 days I've been pretty "swell". I know the swelling lasts for awhile, but it can't get over fast enough for me! That's about it for now!
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Swanson is very knowledgable and talented, but doesn't ever speak above my level of understanding. Among the many things that drew me toward him was his very low TT incisions. He and his staff are very friendy, professional and extremely helpful. I've been more than pleased with Dr. Swanson and his staff.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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sexylibrarian, I saw this doctor for a consultation and I liked his before and after pictures. I'm anxious to see your "after" shots! Let me know how you liked him and how you feel about your results. I'll feel more comfortable choosing him for my doctor if I hear someone else's story such as your owwn.
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I'm sorry to hear you've had a rough few days! I hope things are starting to turn around for you! I drop hints with hubby, but honestly, until recently we were BOTH against plastic surgery! LOL. I've been working out like crazy training for a triathlon and think I finally realize no amount of exercise will fix my breasts or my tummy. That realization had kinda changed my perspective on plastic surgery! LOL. Money is also an issue, but something that I think we can work towards. Hope you'll post pics soon!
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How are you feeling? I've been thinking about you and wondering how your recovery is going. Still haven't talked to my hubby yet...
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Honestly, I've had a few "down" days lately. I'm 2 weeks today and still not able to stand all the way upright. It has worried and frustrated me quite a bit. And I started my period a few days ago which just adds to the irritation. I called my nurse yesterday feeling panicked, thinking that maybe my skin won't stretch anymore and I'll be slightly hunched over for the rest of my life. She reassured me that it will stretch and that in my case they had to pull me very tight so I will take longer than most to get upright. Reassuring, but still frustrating. Otherwise I'm doing ok. It's been hard as an impatient person (and it will continue to be difficult, I'm sure) to go through this process. I knew going into it that this is at least a few month process, but I still get frustrated easily. I have the feeling that whe I can finally stand up straight my outlook will becme sunnier. Because we haven't been telling anyone other than close family I've been under house arrest practically. We're talkin MAJOR cabin fever!!! This week is the first week I've gotten out and driven the kids. They're going to bible school. So far I've been able to drop them off and pick them up without gettng out of the van. And my youngest daughters bday was yesterday so I got to go to a restaurant all hunched over. Got some weird looks. Don't let my wining steer you away from this though. I know that in a month I'll have a totally different perspective and won't regret doing it! Time just seems to drag by so slowly when you really want it to pass much quicker! Are you thinking your hubby will be against having anything done? Maybe you could start by throwing some comments/dissatisfactions out there to prep him for a more in depth conversation later.
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Oh wow..I'm so happy for u! Can't wait to see your new pics with your new body! Hope you're feeling okay :) I'm 27 days post op and starting to feel back to myself again FINALLY! keep us posted
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I'm so glad you're feeling back to yourself! Did you have any lipo? Between the swelling from my TT and lipo it feels like I'm gonna be swollen for a looong time. I'm still not able to stand all the way upright so I'm not even close to feeling normal yet. The time seems to be crawling so slowly by also. I think it'll speed back up again when I can walk around normally again and start doing regular everyday stuff. I never thought I'd WANT to do laundry, dishes, cleaning, but after sitting on my rear for the last week and a half I can't wait!!!
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Did you have a lift? Our breasts are very similar. PS said he would only do one if when he got implants in, it looked like I needed it. I'm honestly hoping to avoid the lift BUT I want them to look good.
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My PS said that I didn't need a lift. Just something to fill them in! Have you decided on what size? My doc actually doesn't have his patients try on different sizers. He had me look at pictures and tell him what I liked/didn't like. For example, did I want a fake look, or a "natural" look, large, small, etc. I told him I was thinking I would like to be a full C, small D, but all of the pics I pointed out that I liked tended to be in the mid D range. Because he's the expert and cc amounts look different on each individal I let him decide during surgery how many cc's i'd end up with to get my desired result. He ended up giving me 450 cc's in each. I got saline under the muscle. I look forward to hearing what and when you're getting your new additions!
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My PS doesn't do sizers either. I was a little disappointed but I did find a picture to take that is EXACTLY what I want and that's probably a better way to communicate than just sizers. I'm really hoping I don't have to have a lift. Ugh, the scars are a little much.
Can't wait to see your "afters"
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Sizers don't really give you an accurate view of what your end result will be, especially if you go under the muscle. So it's not too big a deal if you don't get to try them on. Although I did order the Natrelle at home sizers to just give myself an idea. Although after having my surgery and the "real" thing I can say that sizers don't have the same look or feel at all! With all of the BA's PS's do they have a very good eye and estimate of getting you what your desired end result is. I wouldn't worry.
I hope you don't have to have a lift either, but if you really need one it might be better than bigger but still saggy boobies. Although it's totally up to you and what you're comfortable with. You'd still look great with a bra hoisting them up where they belong. :-)
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Totally LOL'd at the "fluffed" part! :). Thanks for posting your stats! Ours are nearly identical, so I REALLY can't wait to see your afters! I wish you wouldn't wait so long! :)
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I guess it would be interesting to post at 1, 2, 3 and 4 month. Good point. Thanks for pushing me! It will help to see the progression.
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Hey Sexy Librarian, I felt the same way on Day 2, it progressively gets better each day. If you are like me, I had ZERO appetite for 7 days and then just yesterday had a bit of one. FORCE yourself to eat. My sister MADE me eat and said your body can not heal itself with out the proper amount of energy. It seemed like it took me an hour to get any meal down, but I did and I must say, that I beleive her to be right, as every day got ALOT better. Some suggestions: one banana, one apple, vanilla protein powder, and non flavored greek yogurt, throw in blender and eat out of a bowl...it is good nutrition and pleasant tasting.
Good luck girl! it is going to be all worth it!
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My husband didn't let me go that long before he started forcing me to eat more. And you're all right. I started feeling better after that. At first it took me forever to finish anything too! But my appetite is back and I'm feeling better day by day. I've been lovin my protein smoothies too! So yummy and nutritious!
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I think your befores look really good, you look like you're in good shape! You're going to be totally rockin' it after your swelling goes down. I'm wondering what your stats are? Your befores look a lot like mine. What size implants did you go with?
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Thanks, girlmama! Have you written a review yet and posted before pics? I would love to read your story! I told my PS that I was wanting to end up a full C or small D, but if in doubt leaning toward the larger end of that when it was all said and done. All of the pics that I found of ones that I liked the looks of were more in the D range. He said he had an idea of how many cc's that might be for me, but would make the final judgement call during surgery. I trusted him so that was fine with me. After surgery I found out that he gave me 450 cc's! That's more than I was expecting, but he's the expert not me! Even if I end up a mid to full D I'll prob be ok with them! I'm about to post my before stats in my review if you dont mind looking for them there. That way I only have to type it out once! Thanks!
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No review yet! I'm still working up the nerve to introduce the idea to my husband! But the more time I spend on this site the more I'm convinced that I want this survey. I'm a mom of 6 (!!!) plus have had two miscarriages with D&C and two other surgeries, so my poor body has really been through the ringer. I gained anywhere from 30-60 lbs with each pregnancy, and for the most part lost the weight between pregnancies. After #6 I waited until she was 2 1/2 to get serious about losing the baby fat, and by then I was 60-70 lbs overweight. Well now I've lost 60 lbs and am 120 lbs at 5'5", and would like to lose about 10 more. I stay active, feel great, and think I look pretty good, all things considered. My skin is not loose considering all the weight I've gained over the years, BUT I have NO boobs left :( and I have a little poochy and some saggy skin just in my abdomen that I want gone! Anyway, sorry I've rambled on. I need to talk to hubby so I can feel comfortable typing a real review and can get this process started!
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Dumb auto correct! Supposed to be "surgery" not survey!
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That sounds familiar other than a few less kids for me! It sounds like you've done everything you can do to lose weight and feel good about your body. Unfortunately, there's only so much we can do without taking more drastic measures. I tried to be okay with looking good in clothes and not so good naked. I mean its only my husband and I that ever see me that way, right? And he loved me just the way I was.
It wasn't news for my husband. I had talked about it for years. That didn't make the decision to go ahead with it any easier. It was actually a little difficult to take something from the "dream" category and move it to the "make it happen" category.
I have also struggled with feelings of guilt for spending this much money selfishly on me when we've got other "wiser" ways to spend it. So far I'm pretty happy with going through with it. That makes it sound like I'm not completely thrilled, but that's only because I'm still early days and am still kinda grumpy from discomfort and boredom! I'm sure I'll be even happier when I get a little further down the road of recovery and see more results and can get off my heinie. Its so sore and numb!!! And I'm tired of watching tv, reading books and napping all the time! Goodness! Now I'm rambling! Good luck in your researching and talking to your husband about it. :-)
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You're all so sweet checking up on me. I'm doing ok, but not great. I wish I could say (like some) that its not as bad as you think its gonna be, but for me it been pretty rough. Boobs have been pretty sore and swollen. Lipo areas feel like I've been beat up. Tummy isn't too terrible, but I have to walk very bent over cuz of a very low incision. I had my first post-op appt yesterday and got to see my incision. I looks good. My belly button looks funny of course. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I'll try and be better at getting on here.
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How are you feeling? So far, so good over here!
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Enjoyed reading your story. Hope you are doing well so far with recovery. The first few days are the hardest. Look forward to hearing from you.
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Let us know how you are! Hoping you are having a good recovery!
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Hope all went well for you today. Just thinking of you.
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Oh wow! You are going to look incredible!! Can't wait to see your results! Good luck :)
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