Ive been considering a reduction since puberty. I...

Ive been considering a reduction since puberty. I am 21, 160lbs, 5'5", with a 34DDD/34F.

I just had an appointment with my PCP on the 31st, with good news, he gave me the referral I needed! I then had to go get X-Rays of my spine, to prove I have no underlying issues causing me back pain. I heard back from the doctor, and the x-rays came out good, no issues found.

I have my consult appointment with Dr. Shaw on 11/13/12, and I am hoping that everything will go well once he sends off my information to insurance for approval. I have UHC.

My goal is a B cup, possibly a C but I am leaning towards the B. I struggle with daily back and neck pain, and cannot wear a traditional bra for more than a few hours; I wear sports bras on a daily basis.

The procedure costs 8700.00, but if my insurance company approves it I will only have to pay 20% of that. Fingers crossed!

good luck getting ur approval!!! hope that works out for u. keep us posted!
Thank you! I'll be posting an update right after my consult, I'm sure. And the waiting game will begin after that... Which will be the LONG part!!
yup waiting is harder than the surgery lol. but thoughts and fears are completely normal thats for sure. let us know how ur consult goes!

I uploaded my "before" pics, and here is to hoping...

I uploaded my "before" pics, and here is to hoping there will be "after" ones to follow!

Welcome to RealSelf.  Thank you for posting your review and sharing your journey.  So here is hoping for your B cup.  

Good luck

Today has been awful. I am getting so anxious for...

Today has been awful. I am getting so anxious for my consult ( one Moore week! ) and I am SO nervous I won't get approved. Trying to stay positive, but the nerves are making me on edge! Any ideas to keep my mind off of it for the next week ?!
I was also very nervous about the approval. But I got approved! I really tried not to think about it during the approval period. I got all my ducks in the row and then just went on. Use this time to create your list of questions and "clean up" your house.
That's the thing... I have a 3 page list of questions already!! And a "boob" file on my flash drive of good and bad boobs... Lol!! I just need to breathe. Hubby told me today regardless of approval with insurance we can afford for me to get it done hopefully this December, maybe next spring. (I have to time it between semesters at school is why)
im there with you..nerves go back and forth. these girls tell us waiting is the worst part. seems hard to believe. hang on.!! breathe!

6 more days until the consult.... I ordered a...

6 more days until the consult....
I ordered a flash drive from eBay so I can make a "Boob" folder and show the surgeon some that I like, dislike, etc.
Am I crazy??
I also have a list of questions for him....3 pages long. LOL! They told me the consults usually last 45 minutes, I hope they accounted for my anxious planning!

Question for you ladies who had your surgery already - How long until you were allowed to resume normal activity? I am hoping that after the BR I will be able to exercise easier, and hoping to lose 10-15lbs (depending on how much boob weight I loose!)

Also, I found something from UHC that states if...

Also, I found something from UHC that states if you are removing over 22nd percentile in grams of breast tissue (per breast) that it will most likely be considered reconstructive and be covered. With my height and weight, it came out to just under 500grams needing to be removed per breast to be the best chance for coverage.

With my current size (34DDD/34F) and me wanting to be a B cup, do you think 500 grams per breast would be too much? It is SO hard to picture things in grams... Can't wait for my consult after finding that info!!

My list of questions to ask at my consult.....am I...

My list of questions to ask at my consult.....am I missing anything?!? LOL!

What will be expected of me to get the best results from breast reduction surgery?
Am I a good candidate for breast reduction?
What surgical technique is recommended for me?
How many breast reductions have you done? Before & after photos?
How long of a recovery period can I expect, and what kind of help will I need during my recovery?
What are the risks and complications associated with my breast reduction procedure?
How are complications handled?
Likelihood of being able to breastfeed?
How can I expect my breasts to look over time?
After pregnancy?
After breastfeeding?
What are my options if I am dissatisfied with the outcome?
How long after surgery will it be safe to become pregnant?
Do I continue BCP or stop the prior to surgery?
How much tissue will need to be removed to obtain a B or C cup?
How long is the surgery itself?
When will my first checkup be? Other post-surgical appointments?
Will there be drains following surgery?
Will the stitches be dissolving or need to be removed?
In the event of a post-surgery emergency, who do I call? Do I go to the ER?
When can I expect my breasts to have their new size & shape (no swelling, etc)?
When can I resume exercise as normal?
What is a predicted timeline for surgery day? When do I go home?
Safe to go on cruise/be in the ocean/be in the sun in late May 2013?
Likelihood of insurance approving this surgery?
Likelihood of being able to do this surgery before January 1, 2013?
We should compile a list of questions to ask at the consult/pre-op. I feel like I don't even know what to ask, but I have started a list on my computer. I also have a "boob folder!" Right now there are about 30 pictures in it! I hope my surgeon doesn't think I'm crazy...
I will post my list in a bit :)
You should fit that with what you have/want although the B cup will be too hard to step down to with your current size. Good luck with that I have UHC too and reductions are flat out excluded from the policy.



I am excited for you!! I am so happy with my decision to have the reduction. I will have gone from a 38g is what I measured the day of surgery to a SMALL 38C. It is funny as I a really, REALLY happy with it, but every once in a while I am like...you fool you got itty bitty titties now! You get so use to the big things hanging about and then poof they are gone. I am seeing the PS tomorrow and I am going to get the exact amounts. It was over 5lbs and 1000g is 2.2lbs. So I got ALOT of boob removed! Keep us posted! (Hope I am the ok looking folder) lol
That is CRAZY. I have a feeling I will get close to that amount removed. We "Weighed" my boobs, haha, by me getting on the scale, weighed, then had my husband hold up the girls and it was 7lbs difference! Thats as accurate as we can get by our selves, but Im sure its got to be pretty darn close.
And yes you are in the good folder haha!

Ok ladies... The next few days are going to be...

Ok ladies... The next few days are going to be rough! I've been on Provera (hormone pills) for 10 days, and then I am stopping them after today. Supposedly this will induce a period and then I can start birth control, so that I don't get pregnant while planning for surgery.

I was on the Depo shot for 2 years, and haven't had a period in almost 3 years, even though I went off the shot in February. My PCP wants me to try to get regulated before surgery so we know everything is OK. But these hormones are making me CRAZY, and I can't imagine the next few days going cold turkey without them!!

So, if I become cranky, moody, bitchy, etc. please excuse me and keep me in check!! Lol!

4 days until my consult. I have at least 50-60 "goal" pictures on a flash drive to bring with me. I am so anxious for this appointment I could burst!
No bad moods allowed! No bitchiness either or we may have to slap you around a little. ;) Hope it clears quick and or you don't have horrid swings! Hugs girlie!
Hey doll! I feel like we are around the same size. My surgery was approved and my PS said he estimates we will take 700-800 grams from each side to get me to a full C small D
no worries we will keep u in check ;) hope u feel better soon with ur meds!

Tuesday is my first consult.... With how anxious I...

Tuesday is my first consult.... With how anxious I am it's like Tuesday is my surgery!! I can not wait. My shoulders seem to be hurting worse every day now that I am thinking about surgery.
I will update you all after my consult. Wish me luck, and good luck to all you ladies who are about to go in or are recovering!

No worries we can handle a little bitchy, cranky crazy mood swings.   We have all been there and get it..LOL

This shall pass..

Nothing too moody yet... Good thing! My poor husband...

LOL he will be ok:)

If he is anything  like mine then he will just ignore you when you get cranky.  


Well ladies, I am sitting in the waiting room for...

Well ladies, I am sitting in the waiting room for my appointment. I am so exited/nervous/anxious I may vomit. Update later!!
How did today go? Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Updated about my surgery. Hopefully will have new pics in a few days.
GREAT! Just updated as well. I am SO EXCITED! Lol. This is better than christmas!

I loved the surgeon! He was extremely nice, and...

I loved the surgeon! He was extremely nice, and answered almost all of my questions before I even had to ask.
He does use drains, and likes to keep patients overnight after a breast reduction. I would have the surgery first thing in the morning, before any other operations due to my latex allergy. Then, stay that night in the hospital. Next morning, he will remove the drains and I will be discharged. I am glad I will stay overnight, i was worried about going home so quickly.

Insurance approval can take up for 45 days, and they won't be sending my file until 11/20/12, when they get all the records from my PCP and whatnot. The insurance and scheduling girl was very nice, also. I let her know I was hoping to get surgery before Dec 31st, and she said she will try her best to hurry UHC along with the approval. They are not anticipating a denial for me at this time. Both my surgeon and the insurance biller said they have only ever gotten a few denials, and they usually know how to work it to get the insurance company to approve it anyways. In my case they expect approval. YAY! We are anticipating a surgery date between Dec 14 and Jan 14, on a Wednesday morning. Hoping for this year, but the decision from insurance could come as late as January 4th, so it will just depend on them.

Dr. Shaw measured me, we took pictures for insurance, etc. He does the anchor incisions, and sometimes uses staples (yikes! still waiting for clarification on when it would be necessary for staples over the incisions) along with dissolving sutures. We went over the risk (nipple loss, nipple sensation loss, scarring, wound healing issues at the T, etc) and decided I would still greatly benefit from this procedure. He said my breasts are very symmetrical now, surprisingly, and that would make surgery much easier. He anticipates removing between 400-500 grams per breast, with an end result of a "big B or small C" which is EXACTLY what I want!

Here is to hoping insurance approves me quickly and we do not have to fight. It would be great to have my insurance help with this surgery, but we are prepared to pay for it OOP if we must. Care Credit is GREAT!! Lol.

So now I am an anxious mess, waiting for insurance approval.
hopefully u hear for certain after thanksgiving. and u will get to start the new year with new perkier boobies!! keep ur spirits up it wont be long! xxxx

I got an email from the scheduler at my PS office...

I got an email from the scheduler at my PS office today, and I am now scheduled for December 19th! Woo hoo! It is pending my insurance approval, but they do not anticipate my approval taking longer than that to arrive. If for some reason it does, then I will have to cancel. But I am NOT going to think about that until it happens. I am SO EXCITED! eeeeek.
Yay one more month and four days !!! Pretty soon u will be Ordering that bra from Victoria secrets lol
I know! A few months after surgery (my PS said 3 months? Sounds about right) and then I can go bra shopping!
Good to see your update! Glad you liked the surgeon! I was so happy to stay over night!! There was no way in hell I would have been prepared to go home the same day!! At my consult they said approval could take 4-6 weeks. I heard back from them in 4 DAYS I believe. So ill be hoping for a quick approval!

So, I am NERVOUS. It hit me today that I am having...

So, I am NERVOUS. It hit me today that I am having a life changing surgery.
Don't get me wrong, I am soooo excited, I just am not excited about anesthesia.

I should be having surgery Dec 19th regardless. We will either pay out of pocket or insurance will help out; the only reason it would be delayed is it my insurance hasn't come back with a decision at all, then we will wait and see if there is still a chance they will cover it. Fingers crossed!

I guess I need to start shopping for some after surgery items.... Button up PJs, bras? Any other ideas?

What are the best post-op bras you all have found out there? And what size do I even buy?!
I used the Annette surgical bra from make me heal. Hmmm a list lol Laxative Surgical dressing pads Polysporin Tylenol Healthy snacks Movies Netflix Dry shampoo Dial soap Wet wipes If I think ill let u know lol. Ladies anything else to add haha
What kind of dressing pads did you use? I've heard there are some kinds that stick worse than others?
I used regular abdominal pads at first because they added some comfy padding and then switched to plain old gauze! Nothing stuck at all. Now I put polysporin on some angry spots and then a piece of toilet paper lmfao!

One month and a few hours... holy crap. So...

One month and a few hours... holy crap. So excited! I keep going back and forth in waves, from super excited to nervousness. Anyone else feel this way?? Again, the nerves aren't about the results but about the surgery itself. I wish I could just wake up and it be done! I guess in a way that is exactly what will happen, huh? :)
I bought sports bras from Walmart that clip in the front and just bought the round size. They don't come in cup sizes. I was happy to have socks at the hospital! I stayed overnight and it was nice to have something on my feet to keep from touching the cold hospital floor. :) sorry if you already know all this from my story. Lol. Super excited for you!! The month will fly by! Trust me!!
No , I appreciate it! I couldn't find any front close sports bras at Walmart today, not a single one! I asked a girl in lingerie and she said a lot of them got clearanced.... Yikes. I got a genie bra to try out and hope that will work. I'm still waiting to hear from the PS office on what kind they stock and sell there, I might just get a few from them if needed. Who knows. I spent 30 minutes in the travel aisle at Walmart today stocking up! Haha
I need to throw some socks into my hospital bag. Thanks for the reminder!

I went to Walmart yesterday.... Bad decision! I...

I went to Walmart yesterday.... Bad decision! I spent a good 30 minutes in the "travel" aisle. I got tiny toothpaste, a qtip box, tissues, hand sanitizer, lotion, antibacterial wash, etc. I still have a lot to do to prepare for surgery but I fell good having a start on it!

I also have two pairs of button up PJs, I think that's all I will get. I have a ton of sweat pants and zip up jackets I lounge around in anyways that will work perfectly. I'm having a hard time finding bras for after surgery, and I'm so confused on what size to even buy! I got one genie bra, size "medium" so I hope it works out. I think I'm going to try Target tomorrow and see what kind of selection they have. A Walmart employee told me they clearanced most sports bras out a few weeks ago, the selection there was awful!!

Hope all you ladies are doing good out there, recovering or waiting. You keep me sane when I feel like a lunatic :)

Talked with my surgeons office today, the...

Talked with my surgeons office today, the scheduler there is SO nice and patient with me. I have sent her at least 10 emails already with random questions, and she's always gotten back with me within 1-2 business days. I found out they will send me home with two surgical bras, one they put on me and one they give me for when I have to wash. So thats awesome! So really I will just need to buy some for after I stop wearing surgical bras, and I will have time to do that later. I think my genie bra and maybe get a few more genie bras and I should be good.

Question for you post-op ladies - How long did you take your pain pills for every day? And how long did you take them for at nighttime? Most of what I heard is taking them all day for 5 days or so after surgery, but at night it varies for everyone?

I am getting so excited. We were talking about Christmas today, and my grandma asked me what I wanted. I said hmm... Victorias Secret gift cards?!? Lol!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Forgot to mention, I had the most realistic dream...

Forgot to mention, I had the most realistic dream last night.
I went in for surgery and met the doctor. I was so calm. They gave me a sedative and then started poking me, asking me what it felt like, can I feel it at all, etc... I said to them that it didn't hurt but I could feel pressure, and they started saying "Oh well then you need more margaritas!"
Then the PS did my surgery, and I was awake for it but couldn't feel. He had me sit up after he stitched me up and had me walk around to make sure everything looked natural, and my stitches started coming out! So they had me climb back up on the table and he re-did the stitches. Then they put me in a surgical bra and took me to their "recovery" room.... Guess what it was?!? A room full of the cutest bras and button up PJs. They just said "Ok, here you go! Have fun!"

LOL! Am I going crazy over here or what??
Babydeer! Your dream had me cracking up!!!! I had so many crazy dreams like that, and still do! I'm 1 week post op and out of the 20 pain pills my PS gave me I have only taken 4! I would split them in half. Mind you, I did spend the night in the hospital! For me, the pills mask how I really feel and I don't know my limits when I take them, so once they would wear off, I would be more uncomfortable after than before. Tuesday was the last day I took half of a pill. I would mostly take my "Half pill" at night. I haven't had hardly any pain, just mainly uncomfortable! That tight feeling in the chest you have probably read about it what annoys me the most. I feel like ill just pop open any second!!! I hope your recovery is as easy as mine has been!
That is exactly what I am thinking, is on the pain pills I wont feel the pain. They always say "if it hurts, don't do it." But if you numb the pain you'll overdo it for sure! I am thinking the pills will mostly be for night for me as well. Glad my dream could give you a giggle :) I woke up kindof abruptly and went to the bathroom; the dream still seemed real so I looked at my boobs and was so confused when I didn't see stitches, gauze, anything! Lol.
babydeer try k mart they have some bras there as well that might work. or maybe u can order online. look for fruit of the loom or hanes. :) good luck for ur day hon. xxxx

I spoke with my insurance company today. They told...

I spoke with my insurance company today. They told me they got my paperwork on 11/24 and I should have an answer withing 15 business days, but typically the decisions do not take more than 5 days. Omg!

Today I got denied. Depressed.... My PS is...

Today I got denied. Depressed....

My PS is going to be talking to the medical director of my insurance company today, for an appeal. Hopefully they can get it worked out so I don't have to pay out of pocket! Even though I can still get it done... I would feel so selfish spending that much money on myself.

Will keep you ladies updated. Thanks for the support!

Omg. I just got an email from my doctor. Guess who...

Omg. I just got an email from my doctor. Guess who WON the appeal?!?!?! I'm freaking out!!! My little moment of depression is gone and now I won't feel guilty at all!

Thank you ladies for the words of encouragement during my SHORT denial period!
congrats on getting the approval!!! so glad u did it! now u can relax and spend time with ur family until ur day comes. start getting ur pjs and movies picked out! lol
i am LOADED on Pjs now, and I just got an iPad so I will have netflix, books, and games to keep me busy in bed! Anything else I should get that I may have forgotten?
flip flops for ease of putting shoes on! oh and dial soap!

Cleaning.. Cleaning.. More cleaning!!! Ever...

Cleaning.. Cleaning.. More cleaning!!!

Ever since I found out my surgery date is certain - that's all I can think about! I am in the process of some major cleaning around the house.. I want everything to be nice and clean so I don't worry about it while I'm healing! And so I don't have to look at it... LOL!
Congrats on the approval! Were scheduled pretty close together, mine is on the 13th. Good luck, and yes I'm nervous too, so it has to be natural.
im with you!! im schedule for the day after yours on dec 14th! best of wishes to you both.
That's awesome! Someone to share the experience with! Good luck as well.

I can't lie.... I kindof had a heart attack...

I can't lie.... I kindof had a heart attack waiting on real self to come back up!!! Lol. I'm addicted.
i cleaned for a whole two weeks before my surgery as well!!! so nice to recover in a clean home!! and LOL i had withdrawls when real self was down!
I went into a cleaning frenzy, too. The day of surgery my place was the cleanest it's EVER been! I'm sure it's a way to let out some of the anxiety we are facing. It definitely made me feel better to know that everything was clean and in its proper place before the big day. Good luck to you! Your new breasts are right around the corner!

Question for you ladies. How would you feel...

Question for you ladies.

How would you feel not having had the pre-op appointment? My surgeon doesn't need me to have one, and said he won't need to see me until surgery day unless I have more questions for him. Does this sound normal? I'm just so used to reading everyone's story of the pre-op appointment that it seems odd.

I am fairly healthy and don't smoke or drink, so maybe this is why?

Tell me what you think.
Congrats girly. Your new boobies are just around the courner. :)

Today I went and bought a wedge pillow at Bed,...

Today I went and bought a wedge pillow at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. I think I embarrassed the poor cashier... ;)

He said "I have to ask why you are buying this, it looks so uncomfortable..."
So I just replied "I'm having surgery and wont be able to lay flat comfortably and thought this might help."
He continues to check me out, and while waiting on my card to go through he asks, "So why are you having surgery?" And then immediately apologizes for being nosey...
So I, being the sweet girl I am and not wanting him to wonder all day, blurt out I'm having a breast reduction. His face turned BEET RED! I couldn't help it, I've been so excited for this surgery my filter was off. And apparently so was his.... So it's not entirely my fault!! Keep in mind, this poor guy was 18 at most. Lol!
I think we go through a "nesting" stage....I had my house clean and shopping done...I even bought myself flowers...LOL...get what you need wait till after you r gonna be telling everyone and showing them before and after pictures like I have been
Hahaha. Poor kid. I bet he won't be asking anymore prying questions to his customers anymore :)

I went to my PS office today to drop off my...

I went to my PS office today to drop off my medical leave form for work..... I only have 16 days left until surgery!! And only work 8 of those days... wow. I'm kind of freaking out. I still have to schedule my pre-admissions appointment, the scheduler mailed me some paperwork last week and it never came (we have issues getting mail...gets lost or something) so when I was in the office I picked up a copy, but the girl gave me the wrong instructions to schedule. So the girl I NORMALLY deal with up there is going to try to mail me another copy, and if I don't get it by Friday I will go pick up the right one this time. I wish she was there when I dropped by so I could just get it over with.

I am getting so nervous, excited, anxious; You name it! I'm in a huge nesting phase, lol I still cannot believe this is happening. Ive wanted this for SO long.

My husband even text me today, and said "I got you something you will enjoy when you are recovering..." and it is the SOFTEST blanket ever. Lol. He is so sweet! Hope he thinks the same thing of me after I run him to death with errands while I lay in bed healing :)
hehe reading your post is EXACTLY how i feel!!! just a bundle of nerves, good and bad! so unsure of what to expect, perhaps a little OCD myself about wanting to be FULLY prepared!! I am also in the nesting stage.. hoping to go to Walmart tonight and get some button up jammies:) cant wait to see your results!
Did you find yourself some jammies??
i did! blue leopard.. it's all about style :) hehe and comfort! they're fleece and cozy!

Two weeks left!! I'm having a hard time imagining...

Two weeks left!! I'm having a hard time imagining in two weeks , I will be small up top! Woo hoo!

I scheduled my pre-admissions for next Wednesday at 3:30, and I have I talk to the anesthesiologist that day as well. That will help me ease my mind a bit, I hope.

I was at bed bath and beyond, and I found some genie bras on the "as-is" rack for half price! Box was damaged. So of course I bought a few :) the weird thing is, on one box it says mediums Are for like 34a, 34b, 32d or something, but on the other box it says mediums are good up til like 32DDD?!? So I'm confused. I'm a 34DDD and it sure doesn't fit me now.. Hopefully I guessed at the right size for post-op!

I just realized the WEIRDEST thing.... I have...

I just realized the WEIRDEST thing....
I have this little mole on the underneath of my breast; I never see it but I know its there. After surgery, it will be gone! That is extremely weird to think about!
We are both scheduled for Dec19th. As I amreading your post I feel better because I am having these same emotions. I can't wait the days are going by quickly. You, are so prepared, I am waiting for my preop appointment to go shopping. I will certainly start cleaning this weekend. We are going to look great!
Yay for December 19th! Must be a great day:) I don't feel very prepared, but I sure hope I am!! Good luck to you, I will look for your update once we are both awake again with little boobs :)
Hey! I also have surgery on the 19th!! Fingers crossed for small cute boobs! :) I will be following you guys as well

Do I really only have 9 days left?!? Wow. It's...

Do I really only have 9 days left?!?

Wow. It's extremely unreal to think in 9 days I am having surgery. How did you ladies deal with this feeling? I'm terrified.. I know when we get to the hospital that morning I am going to be crying... Probably hysterically. I'm not scared for the results, just the actual procedure. And I still don't know if I am staying overnight at the hospital, I keep getting told it depends how I feel. Maybe I will get more information after my pre-op on Wednesday.

Ladies, you all are keeping me sane. I am SO grateful I came across this site!
i know what you mean. hang in there and take.slow.deep breathes,, *hugs*
Thank you! This site has seriously been the best thing for me. I am nervouse beyond belief, but after seeing how many people have LOVED their results, I am set. This is happening. woo hoo!

Today was my pre-admissions appointment at the...

Today was my pre-admissions appointment at the hospital. I got some much needed reassurance from anesthesiologist about my surgery. I am still scared, don't get me wrong, but he was very reassuring. He did inform me that women, especially younger women, and especially women having breast surgery (triple whammy!) typically will become extremely nauseous after anesthesia, but made sure he included in my file to give me IV anti nausea meds, along with the patch behind my ear, and I will get the anti-nausea meds before, during and after surgery.

As of now, my surgery is scheduled to be outpatient, with me going home later in the afternoon. This will all depend on if I am able to keep down my first pain pill after surgery, and keep down fluids. The admissions nurse reassured me that she is 99% sure I will be going home the same day, and they will take great care of me.

I will see my surgeon before I am given any sedatives so that we can go over size expectations again, then they will give me my IV with sedatives & anti nausea, and wheel me back to the OR. I will be "awake" but probably not remember anything after the first round of sedatives until I wake up in recovery a few hours later.

The nurse also knew my mother, she died in a car accident in 2001, and this nurse knew just from looking at my from my face that I had to be her daughter. Call me crazy, but I think this is a sign from God to show that I will be safe and protected throughout my journey.

This post seems kindof ramble-y to me, but I just have SO much going through my mind. It feels good to have a place to write it all down, and have people who know the feeling! I appreciate all you girls SO much.
So sorry to hear about your mom :( but so happy to hear about how well your appt went! And agh about the nausea hahah but that's ok, as long as surgery goes well, it's all worth it :)

I added a picture of me in a swimsuit I purchased....

I added a picture of me in a swimsuit I purchased.... This is what Im planning to wear on the cruise we are going on in May! Hopefully it looks a lot better then ;-) I look a little busty in it right now! Haha.

My anxiety over surgery is gone today. Today has been a "stress out over not having enough storage space in our house and thats why it is so cluttered" type of day. So when my husband gets off work, we are going to Lowes and he is building me some shelves for in our closets :-)

Surgery in "2 days" basically. I have to be at the...

Surgery in "2 days" basically. I have to be at the hospital at 5:30 AM so I am not really even going to count Wednesday!

Im going to have to get up and shower at like 4 am that day, man I am going to be GRUMPY because I guarantee I cant fall asleep early the night before, haha.

Still a little unsure about the drain situation. My PS originally told me I would stay overnight and have drains removed before I leave in the morning, but I also think he wasnt aware of my latex allergy at the time so he didnt realize I would be his first surgery of the day! (Latex allergies go first so that there is no risk latex has been used in the OR that day to cause a reaction)

I will definitely ask him while he does his artwork on me what he thinks will happen afterwards, because my post-op isnt until 8 days after surgery, and I REALLY dont want the drains in that long; but if he says I have to then I guess I will have no choice will I?

Im also going to stress to him how worried Ive been about still having a lot of armpit boob afterwards. I dont ever see girls with a B/C cup that have this awful second set of boobs, so I really want to make sure its out of there!

Good luck to all you ladies getting surgery this week - I will be thinking about you in my dream like state on Wednesday :-) And also to you girls recovering.
Ur day is coming !!!! Can't wait to see how u do. Ill keep checking for ya !!
Thanks. I kind of had two meltdowns since I posted earlier... Lol. We ordered pizza for dinner and it was completely burned, bubbles everywhere, and it made me cry. I guess I didn't realize how stresse out I was!! Meltdown #2 was when I was watching TV and one of the characters went in for surgery. I can't wait for this week to be over & be on the recovery side of this!!

I just spoke with my surgeons nurse, she got my...

I just spoke with my surgeons nurse, she got my pharmacy information and is calling in my prescriptions tomorrow morning. I am getting hydrocodone and Keflex. The Keflex is an antibiotic for afterwards, she said its a 5 day cycle. Hydrocodone is obviously going to be for the pain, eek.

I asked her if she had any info on me being outpatient/ the drain situation. She said I might be a "23 hour outpatient" which means I would go home early in the morning on Thursday. This would be so that Dr. Shaw could still remove my drains in the morning, and just keep me for observation in the meantime. She is going to get some more clarification so that I can plan, and call me back later today.

I called over to my pharmacy, too, and they are going to call me once the RXs are ready in the morning. I warned them of what was coming because they have a 1 day wait for some medications if they have to order it, but the pharmacist said they have plenty of both to fill my RX. That helps my nerves :-)

Besides that, my plan for later is to clean & organize the house more. My husband is going to build me some shelves for in our closet tonight to keep blankets and whatnot on... Just organizing. I want to be able to lay in bed and not be worrying about having blankets everywhere (we have a ton because I like to sleep with like 5!) and to know I have clean blankets and sheets waiting for me :-)

I am still freaking out. I feel like I'm going to run away, lol. But I know I can't do that, and if I do I will be so mad at myself!
Good luck to u! I know a lot of people including myself are allergic to the keflex so make sure u read the warnings and side effects on it.
I've had it before so I should be good, but thanks for the warning!!
Good luck for tomorrow :)

Holy crap. I'm on my way to the hospital. And I'm...

Holy crap. I'm on my way to the hospital. And I'm shaking ... I don't want to do this. But I do. No I don't... Wait yes I do. My mind is so jumbled. They better not take long to give me that first round of IV happy meds because I am freaking the heck out!!!!

Ill see you ladies on the recovery side later on. If I feel decent I may update today, well see how stuff goes. Good luck to the other several of you having your surgeries today!

Well ladies, I did it! I had to stay in recovery...

Well ladies, I did it! I had to stay in recovery for 4.5 hours though, and omg have I got a story for you about that. No complications just no beds were available til now. Ill update when I'm home tomorrow.

So glad i did this. PS says I'm most likely a c cup. And NO DRAiNS!!!

Here is a breakdown of my day... 4am wake up,...

Here is a breakdown of my day...
4am wake up, shower
5am leave house
530an arrive at hospital
6am get called back, start IV with saline
630 am get marked up
650am got taken to anesthesia waiting, got happy juice! And anti nausea, Etc
730am surgery started. I remember climbing on the table and seeing two huge lights above me. I got oxygen the. Woke up in recovery!

I was in recovery for 4.5 hours. I was only supposed to be there for one hour!! The entire hospital was full and had no beds! I was so upset towards the end... There was a guy in the recovery bed next to me that came in an hour after me and got to leave an hour before me (there was a bed open in a men's room but no women :( )
My left side is hurting way worse than right, it was slightly bigger to start with. Once I finally got into the room the surgeon met me, and showed me my new boobs! They are perfect!! And no drains. I will post pics once I can.

In recovery I got all the pain meds I wanted. Now that I am in a room I am getting Percocet pills, 1 every 4 hours, and dilauded through my IV every 4 hours. The iv med is way way better!!! I talk to the surgeon before I leave Tomorrow and I will have to ask him for stronger pain meds, or give me more so I can take 2 at a time or something. Right now I only have a 5 day supply.... But I don't see PS for 8 days after tomo?! Scary.
PICTURES!!! WE WANT PICTURES! Congrats and rest up! I felt a heck of a lot more sore the few days following surgery so get comfy and don't move lol
I've got some, just have to wait til I get home tomo to upload! :)
Congrats!!! Keep yourself comfy!!

I added a pic of my surgery markings. No pics of...

I added a pic of my surgery markings. No pics of new boobs yet, maybe I can get one tomorrow when I shower or change my dressings again.

They are perfect. Up on my chest where they should be and so much smaller.

I thank you ladies for not letting me chicken out!! Once I got the iv played my anxiety went mostly away, because I knew any of the other painful/scary parts I'd be asleep for :)

The story from recovery: I almost had to hurt someone!!! This lady (stupidly) came to surgery with no ride home. She knew she was outpatient and wouldn't be staying, and that the hospital will no accept a cab as a "responsible driver" they eve make you sign a paper stating this, and that you'll have an adult with you the first 24-48 hours. She had neither. She was literally screeching that no one loved her, we don't want her here, etc. because of her own mistake.... I told my nurse to shut my blinds because the ruckus was affecting my blood pressure a bit. Finally they sedated her again and took her to a room. They told her she would have to pay for the room out of pocket because Medicaid was only paying for the outpatient procedure... And she kept on being crazy. I think in the end they just kept her sedated in the recovery wing. So annoying!

Added another photo of my new boobs in the...

Added another photo of my new boobs in the surgical bra. I feel skinny!!
So happy to hear that everything went great and that you are happy with your new "friends". Mine is a week away. Rest up girlfriend and I hope you have a speedy recovery. Hugs
Thanks! You'll do great next week :)
welcome to the recovery side!!! so happy that ur are doing ok. plz rest and let others do for u!!!! happy small boobie day!!! yay xxxxx

New pics of me without the surgical bra!! I was...

New pics of me without the surgical bra!! I was going to try to switch to a genie bra but I am not ready yet, so I put on my spare surgical. It is just soooo tight...

They look great! Exactly what I imagined!!

Post op day 2 I can not stop looking at the...

Post op day 2

I can not stop looking at the picture of my new boobs! I feel like I look about 30lbs lighter. I feel proportionate. I feel GREAT!

To anyone having second thoughts.... Don't. I was so worried, but I am so so so glad I did this! I can't wait to go bra shopping and to be able to wear different tops. Strapless dresses.... String bikinis... Omg!
They look great!! Tomorrow morning I'm showering and putting on my surgical bra (I'm still wrapped in the ACE bandages now) so I'm pretty nervous to see them for the first time but I'm happy to see how great yours are doing!!
Hi, How are you doing? You look great!!! Keep up on your resting. XO
I'm ok, just resting and taking it easy. Thanks! I feel much better!!

I'm having some AWFUL headaches since yesterday...

I'm having some AWFUL headaches since yesterday afternoon. I'm okay if I am laying down, but the second I sit up I get a headache that makes my entire head throb. The only thing that has made It go away so far is laying down for another nap... I hope this stops soon. It hurts so bad I feel nauseous! If its still happening tomorrow I might call the PS's on call number to make sure he isn't worried about it like I am.

On another note... Lefty has full nipple sensation. Righty however doesnt... At times it feels like she is "vibrating" though, so I wonder if this is the nerves waking up? I'm unsure. I will ask my PS about this as well.

Girls, be wary of taking the pain meds. My...

Girls, be wary of taking the pain meds. My headaches got so bad earlier that I couldn't stop crying, couldn't eat, and just layed on the couch holding my head. My husband called the on call doctor from my PS office and they told him to have me stop taking the narcotic pain medicine because it is known for causing those headaches.

I was told to take 3 200mg Ibuprofen instead. I did and went back to sleep. I still havea headache but at least I can function now! The headache should go away once I've not had a pain pill in a day or two. Thank goodness.
i too had a pounding headache plus my eyes hurted too thats how bad my headache was! but i got off my meds the 3rd day after surgery and have been fine ever since!
That's exactly what I was experiencing! I wanted to rip out my eyes... Lol. As soon as that ibuprofen kicked in I felt so much better though. No more pain meds for me! And ill probably be adding hydrocodone to a list of medicines I might be allergic to? At least have a bad reaction. Not worth killing the pain from surgery when the medicine causes worse pain!
Hydrocodone gives me vicious headaches too, but oxyocodone does not. Its just a lighter version if the advil is not strong enough

Everything seems to be going good so far, healing...

Everything seems to be going good so far, healing up and whatnot. The most painful parts are the ends of the incisions underneath the breast, on the armpit sides. The most ANNOYING part is the itching. I want to rip these steri strips off and just SCRATCH! But I cant do that...

My left breast has been the trouble maker since I came out of surgery. It was the only one hurting for the first 6-8 hours, then righty caught up and started hurting. Lefty has had drainage on the gauze every day, but righty has only had drainage today (day 4!) and very little at that. Righty seems to have more bruising.

The left nipple is SENSITIVE! Every little thing brings her to attention. Right nipple could really care less.. I had my husband kind of play a "game" so I could make sure it wasn't in my head. I covered my eyes and had him try to wake up my nipple by gently touching it, and I couldn't feel a thing. This is definitely something I will ask about on the 27th (post op #1) I wouldn't be devastated if the sensation in righty doesn't return, but I don't want to lose her all together!!

I hope all you ladies are doing okay, whether it be preparing or healing.
My left nipple has NO sensation to the point you could chop it off and I would not have a clue! My right is uber sensitive. It is one of the common side effects and could come back for up to a year BUT my PS said if it is not there to begin with to some capacity it probably will never fully come back. If the colour of the nipple is good then I would not worry! Probably getting headache from the pain meds. Happens to many. Ask for Ketorolac/Toradol but can't be taken with ibuprofen. Feel better.
Yep, it is dead lol. The color is fine though and no weird marks around it, so I think it's just the sensation. Thanks for the info!
Both my nipples were Numb for the first 3 weeks lol! Even now the numbness comes and goes, I wouldn't be too concerned about it quite yet. My doc said it can take a while for everything to get feeling back. I've been putting cream on my boobs and there's so many numb spots still!

I added a new pic, 5 days post op. more bruising...

I added a new pic, 5 days post op. more bruising is appearing on my right boob (left in the photo) which is the breast that has no nipple sensation. It is also much more swollen than lefty, although left is still the only one really causing me any pain.

Righty's nipple puffs out quite a bit sometimes, especially in the shower, which is extremely weird to see. Lefty stays flat unless she is excited (which is 80% of the time nowadays!)

Finally most of the marker is wearing off, except I'm sure there is still some under these steri strips. Man I can not wait for them to come off! They are ITCHY! I've been taking a Benedryl every night to help me not scratch off a nipple in the middle of the night. Lol!
I am 8.5 weeks post op and have no feeling in my left biob. It does however respond to hot or cold but i just feel nothing! Dr said it may regain feeling but i doybt it . A lot of my left boob is actually nimb
hi. i had the same problem. my right one was wide awake but my left one was flat as a board with no feeling. it also was dark in color. my dr said that side gave her a bit of problems but not to worry. i'm now about 6-7 weeks post op and both are working fine. it just took time. :) happy healing xxxx

Of course, my new pic is upside down.

Of course, my new pic is upside down.

My first post-op appointment was today, but my PS...

My first post-op appointment was today, but my PS is on vacation so I just met with his nurse. She said I can take the steri-strips off next Wednesday if they haven't fell off by then. I also got a new RX for Tylenol 3 (Tylenol and codeine) so I have pain pills I can take that do not give me massive headaches. I have had T3's before for dental work and they are mild, but work well for subtle pains. I have to keep wearing my surgical bra 24/7 until next Wednesday, then I can take it off when I sleep if I want to. 2 more weeks of that and then I can wear a normal bra with NO underwire. So with that being mentioned, I went to Victoria's Secret and got sized (I am hoping the size is due to the swelling) and bought two wireless bras, because they were BOGO 50% off, so HOW could I resist?!?

I uploaded a photo (and of course it is upside down...who can tell me how to fix that??) of my first bra purchase.
Size is 34 D on the bra in the photo....which makes me a little sad because I really wanted a B cup and ended up with a D. I know the doctors can only take out so much safely, but I was really thinking I could get away from the dreaded D cups.
I also bought a bra that is a 36 C, and it seems a SLIGHT bit small but, again, high hopes that I am just really swollen and I will end up a C cup. If not, it is still super comfortable and I will still wear it :-)

Any thoughts from you all on sizes? I know most of us cant wait to go bra shopping so SOMEONE out there has to know how many cup sizes they lost in swelling. LOL. I am 8 days POST op right now, is there hope I will un-swell down to a small C cup from the D I currently am?

I am planning to start exercising and losing weight once the doctor OKs me. So maybe I will lose a cup size with that.... My next appointment in January 22nd, and I will see my surgeon that visit. I will ask him if there was much fatty tissue in there so I know if exercising will possibly decrease my size any more..

We shall see. I am still very happy and very glad I did this, and what I have now is a MILLION times better than what I had. I just wish I was a cup or two smaller..
I had my second post op today. My doctor said that they will definitely go down from where I am now. It's different for everyone but hopeful!
thats what i like to hear!!
Sounds like a good appointment. I have to be honest even after the swelling went away my cup size didn't change. The Dr said I would be a small C immediately after surgery. At 2 weeks I tried on a C it fit perfectly and now at 8wks tomorrow I am a still perfectly in that C! That left nipple has a pin head size of feeling coming back. So I am hopeful the whole thing will return. I am sick of it always being semi erect! LOL! Ultimately I am so happy with my results! I couldn't have asked for better! As for sleeping braless...my ps said that for the first 6mths I should atleast wear a low to medium support sports bra. She said it helps with shaping. I have only slept without 3 times as a treat! I wear a tight compression sports bra the rest of the time and she said that is excellent. I have the genie bra for sleeping as one of my sleep bras. Keep on healing and posting your progress!

I woke up today and I am so ITCHY. The itch is...

I woke up today and I am so ITCHY. The itch is weird though, because when I go to itch it (oh yeah I'm itching these bad boys.. Er... Bad girls?!?) the skin that is itchy is numb, and it feels really odd to be itching a spot that is numb. I'm going to try to take a Benedryl and get some more sleep, I hardly got any last night.

Day 9 post-op Dec 28th 2012 Uploaded new...

Day 9 post-op Dec 28th 2012

Uploaded new photos, and with the help of a RealSelf members advice I now have my photos right-side-up! Thank you SO much amazonia718!

Today I am ITCHY. Have been all day, very intense. I have taken two doses of benedryl today to try to calm it down, with no luck. I also developed quite a bit more swelling, and some red/yellow areas around the T and my nipples on both sides. Yesterday was my first post-op, and this wasn't there. I called the on-call doctor for my PS office, as it worried me, and I am going to see him on Monday. My PS is still on vacation. He didn't seem too worried but wanted to check things out for himself. It feels like there is fluid underneath the skin in those areas, just feels "squishy" to me. I have not had drainage since day 4 I think, and this is day 9. I will let you all know what he thinks or if anything changes; please let me know if this looks like anything you've experienced as well. And if anyone has a secret to stop this ITCHING.... Only 5 more days and I can take off the steri-strips (unless the PS says I can when I see him on Monday...)
Looking great!
Thanks :)

So, it's 8am right now. I have not slept all night...

So, it's 8am right now. I have not slept all night. I could not get comfortable and I was itching SO badly. I couldn't take it anymore, I got up around 6:30 and I peeled off all my steri strips and picked off some very large piece of glue. (my surgeons nurse said I could do this on Wednesday but I couldn't take it anymore!!)

You have no idea how much better this feels!!! Or maybe you do ;-) everywhere that was extremely itchy had a giant blob of glue there, and once it came off I could tell a difference already. The glue came off easily for the most part. I did NOT pick at any scabs even if they were mixed with glue, but some scabs did come off when I removed the steri-strips. One little spot bled like half a drop and that was it. There were a few spots that actually had a stitch knot in them! It was weird, I didn't think I'd see those until much later. And there is a spot about half an inch under the T junction on both sides, with like 3-4 tiny strands sticking out? I guess it's just part of the stitch work being tied off maybe? Who knows.

I used a wet washcloth and gently wiped away where the glue was as well, because it left kindof slimy residue behind. Came off easy. There are two spots that the glue is sticky and weird, like when you try to peel a sticker off something lol. I applied polysporin to all of the incisions and covered them with gauze, mostly to protect them from my scratching if I ever do get to sleep today. The only thing itching now is the left nipple, and a little area above (like an inch above incisions?) my right nipple. Totally bearable compared to what I was having!!!

I took two Benedryl also and I am going to stay on top of the Benedryl today to try to make the itching stop/keep it under control. And I took a Tylenol 3 because I am a little sore from the tape removal.


Different topic. Lol! I posted on the December check in but I will also post here, did anyone have any nipple discharge after surgery? I had a tiny amount yesterday, maybe the size of a small pea, from one nipple. I showered and then noticed the discharge about 2-3 hours later. Odd consistency, kindof smooth and creamy (disgusting I know) and white. No odor. I will also address this when I go see the PS that's covering for my PS on Monday, but I was curious if anyone else had experienced this.

I am now watching netflix and waiting for my medicine coma to hopefully kick in. 2 Benedryl and a pain pill will do that to ya!
Benadryl?!?! Why didn't I think of that!! I have been soooooo itchy today!!! I'm 10 days PO today. Before today I had NO pain or even discomfort in my boobs (I had a tummy tuck too), but starting yesterday I have a bit discomfort, kind of like a weird tingling (like when my boobs were engorged with milk when breastfeeding), and now itching like crazy!!! I will try some Benadryl....thanks for posting that!
Don't get your hopes up, it hasn't helped me too much today :-( I am miserable. I even went to walgreens and got benedryl spray, and no luck. One thing that helps me a bit is ice packs. The Benedryl just seemed to knock me out and then as soon as I woke up I was itchy again...
YES!! ICE has been my friend!!! As soon as the ice is removed, within a few mins, itching comes back, but I'll take the temporary relief bcuz its driving me coo crazy and I'm already irritable trying to stay off the pain meds!

Day 12 POST op I added some photos of the girls...

Day 12 POST op

I added some photos of the girls without the steri-strips.

Yesterday I went and bought benedryl anti-itch spray, and it was a waste of money. I know the itching is normal for healing but it is literally driving me insane. The best thing for the itch is an ice pack, icy cold and right over the boobs. MAN that would have been torture before surgery, all that cold right on there. Now it is like heaven. Sad thing is the itch-relief stops when the ice pack isn't there... It kindof helps control me though, because I think "Okay, I got a good hour of not being itchy. I could get up and go to the store and be OK in public for a little bit..." Then I come home and ice again immediately.
As far as your itchy skin, once your PS says you can start using lotion and doing scar massage, you could try Aveeno lotions. They have colloidal oatmeal in them that helps with superficial itch (nothing for the deep itch tho), and they are not greasy or smelly at all. I'm 5 weeks p/o now and I still have numb nips. Lefty tends to respond to cold fairly well, but I can't feel a thing. lol Righty is having some healing delays though and it will likely be a couple of months before I'll know what kind of progress she'll make. I can feel about 65% of my skin now, but the rest feels like it's been numbed by the dentist. Hoping that comes back to life sooner than later. :) Nipple discharge--I had no drains, so all the fluid is finding its way out through them. I've been using nursing pads with little sticky tabs to keep them in place. PS also recommended cheap panty liners cut in half. :) I just had an appt the other day and he told me some of the fluid was from fat necrosis. The fat tissue is traumatized during surgery, later dies, liquifies and finds its way out. Totally normal, but still had me freaking out! lol Glad he was able to reassure me. :) Hope your healing continues as well as it has been so far. I love your attitude and general outlook on your procedure!
Thanks for the tip on Aveeno - I see another surgeon tomorrow and I will ask him when he thinks I can begin this; also good to hear about nursing pads - I hadnt thought about those! Interesting about the fat necrosis, and definitely scary sounding haha! I haven't had much drainage at all yet, I have a feeling it is kindof building up and causing my swelling...hoping it comes out sooner rather than later and doesnt cause any incisions to open up.
You know what else you need to consider is breast swelling/tenderness/sensitivity due to your period. I was so focused on the post op pain and healing that I never considered the PMS! lol That might be another reason some fluid is being pushed out. My PS never asked me anything about my cycle and I never considered it when I planned my surgery date. Hindsight is bliss! lol :)

I have developed cellulitis, it's a bacterial...

I have developed cellulitis, it's a bacterial infection. So I will be doing another round of antibiotics and keeping a close eye on all of my incisions... The redness I was having is a sign of this infection and not normal. I am told to call the on call doctor immediately if:
- develop a fever
- have any breaks/openings in my incisions
- the redness grows
- the redness does not start shrinking by Thursday/Friday

If the redness does not improve by Thursday I am to call and set up an appointment to come back on Friday.

I'm a little down tonight. Might be post op blues...

I'm a little down tonight. Might be post op blues mixed with a little aggravation from getting the infection. I have developed quite a bit more swelling even since seeing the PS this morning (13 hours ago?) the left breast on the inside half of the vertical incision is very swollen, bulging out over the top of the horizontal incision. I will take pics tomorrow, but hopefully by then the swelling has reduced. I am going to ice quite a bit tonight and take a pain pill, the swelling has caused a bit of pain and lots of tenderness. I'd probably rate my pain around a 5-6 for now.

Crappy day. Still glad I did this but really bummed out my easy recovery took a turn.
So sorry to hear this! At least you got looked at right away and there is a plan. Be thankful your PS took your concern seriously. :) Hope you feel better soon!
I hope the antibiotics are working now. Hope you get some rest and sleep tonight. Happy New Year.
Oh no, this is my fear! Hope the antibiotics kicks that infections butt big time!

Still have my infection.... "cellulitis" they call...

Still have my infection.... "cellulitis" they call it. Sounds so harmless. Bunch of crap! I am SORE and BURNING. The redness has darkened up and spread a little, just gotten thicker around the horizontal incisions and covers more of my breast below the nipple as well. Last night I noticed some blisters also (on the red skin, around my nipples but not on the incisions) They looked like the small blisters (filled with clear fluid) you get when you have a bad sunburn, I always get those and once they pop I would start "peeling"

I was not happy to say the least.

Feeling pretty down today... It was my first day back at work and I just did not want to be there at all. I work in a call center (inbound and no sales thankfully) and it was so loud and hectic being back in there. I had to reset every single one of my passwords. I stumbled through my first 5 or 6 phone calls. I got yelled at for not sitting in my "assigned seating area" which was implemented while I was gone and I was not informed. Oh well.... thats what you get for working in a call center! And that is why I am still in school - 2019 and I will be finished and moved on with life.

There were some good parts to today, after work. Me and my husband just started our own small company; We got all the paperwork and tax prep info today so we can keep good records. Most likely won't be profitable for a year or so but my husband loves it so I will support him all the way! He has been so good to me the last few months, first with my crazy obsessing over boob pictures and now with my healing process. He deserves this.

Okay... rant over. I would upload photos but you cant see the redness in them anyways, photos never do show color the right way when they are of round objects. Lol! Im probably about a DD on one side now, and a D on the other. One side has much more swelling. I know that in time, this will reduce and I will be a nice C or possibly B in some brands. Can not wait for that day!

Thanks for putting up with me. I hope all your other post op ladies are doing fantastic, and all you girls still waiting: BREATHE! It will all be over soon!
We've got to remember that our boob obsession, I had it to, was all for a good cause at the end - when we get there. No infection for me, but my PS extended my antibiotics to be safe. I just thought I would be done with the pain by now. :(
How are you doing today? Been thinking about you and hoping that the anti-biotics are working for you. Do you feel any better? Are you still bummed? Thats one thing I am worried about, It seems that everyone gets this feeling several days in. I guess once the initial excitement and anxiety wear off then you are left with just feeling kind of crappy, uncomfortable and not able to do the stuff you want to do. Anyway, just checking in and making sure you are ok. Oh and I went back and read some of your pre-op updates and the one about the guy in bedbath and beyond cracked me up.. Hopefully he learned a lesson not to ask personal questions.. hahah
Still bummed definitely. I am just ready to be back to normal and not need to carry an ice pack with me everywhere I go! I am swollen at least 2 cup sizes on one side, maybe 1-1.5 cup sizes on the other. Very tight stretched skin and no drainage?? Im sure that will come back to get me later, Ill be one of those girls having drainage at 1 month post op probably since I have had little to none so far. The antibiotics dont seem to be doing much as of now, I am supposed to call my PS if it gets worse or doesnt get better and go see him on Friday. I will definitely be doing that, as the redness has spread to a larger area and darkened. I also had the formation of some small blisters around the nipple (part of the infection) I tried to not pop them but they were so tiny, they burst as soon as I put on a bra. Im talking size of a pinhead. I put on my lotion and antibiotic ointment and just went on with my evening. They have not reappeared yet (hooray!)

I didn't go to work today. I had a really bad...

I didn't go to work today. I had a really bad night pain-wise and had to end up taking a pain pill around 5am (I work at 7am). I just couldn't take it anymore. I called my surgeons office and spoke with the scheduler that I worked with before surgery, she just happened to answer. I told her I wanted to come in tomorrow and she sounded surprised and said he didn't need to see me back until another 2-3 weeks. So she had no clue about my infection... I told her what happened and that I saw a different doctor in the same office on Monday and she said she hadn't heard at all and she was sorry. She asked what side my infection was on and was even more shocked when I told her its on along every incision.

My surgeon is in surgeries today. She said she will text him and let him know what's going on and see if he wants to see me today (and if he has time) and if not I have an appointment with him at 1:30 tomorrow. I hope this goes away soon. I thought by week two I would be pretty much done with all the sucky parts of recovery :-(

I saw my PS today. This is the first time I have...

I saw my PS today. This is the first time I have seen him since I left the hospital, as he was on vacation for my post-op. He thinks I might have a slight infection, but he is thinking it is more just a severe allergic reaction to the steri-strips. He is going to have me finish taking the antibiotics the other surgeon gave me, and come back to see him next Tuesday to see if everything is clearing up or not. He wants to give me a steroid cream to use but is holding off on giving it to me yet, because if used too soon after surgery it can make your scars stand up quite a bit. He said it is usually best to wait 4 weeks from surgery but he may give it to me on Tuesday if things have not gotten better.

I feel a little better about everything now. Im still pretty blah about the whole thing, just because I want the healing to be going a little better.... but oh well. I will do what he tells me to do and everything will work out in the end, it just takes time. Im very happy with my results and the entire staff at the office is amazing, and that is what really counts!

OH! And I got the "bill" for my hospital stay...

OH! And I got the "bill" for my hospital stay today.... haha! This is a summary of what they submitted to my insurance..
Central Supply 163.06
Emergency Dept 61.56
Lab 533.00
Operating Room 19,870.02
Pharmacy 1,300.96
Post Anesthesia 1,093.96

TOTAL 23,022.56

That doesn't even include the surgeon's fees, and the anesthesia itself.
I got the bill for anesthesia and it is 1,260.00; my portion of that is $187.20.

Insurance hasn't received the claim for the hospital stay or surgeon's fees yet, so I don't know what my responsibility will be. The surgeon thinks my portion of his fees is about $500.00. Total I will not pay more than $2500.00 of it (my out of pocket maximum is 3000.00 and I have already spent my 500.00 deductible last year) SO I think I made out like a bandit. Lol!

If I was going to pay cash, they do the surgery at the surgery center and you go home same day, a few hours after surgery. Since insurance agreed to pay, that is why I went to the hospital and why it cost SO much more. Crazy!

So far, I have paid 500.00 deductible for my X-rays, 40.00 for my consultation copay, 187.20 for anesthesia, 34.76 for lab fees (havent got a bill but got my EOB from insurance, this was a blood test before discharged I believe) TOTAL Out of pocket is $761.96 (so far) Not bad! Im anxious to see the total I am responsible for of that $23000.00 bill.....

I uploaded a few pictures to show the redness, but...

I uploaded a few pictures to show the redness, but it's so hard to see in photos. It's spread quite a bit and extremely itchy - one of the reasons my surgeon thinks its an allergic reaction.

I also uploaded a close up of one boob to try to show the blisters. I don't think it shows very well, they are TINY like a pinhead
They DO look better, and I think it looks more like allergic reaction too for what that's worth. My doctor said my itchiness was probably allergy related as well, whether it was the tape or the glue we don't know, but now the tape is off the itchiness is going away. Things are looking up for you, congrats!!
Is there an alternative to the tape in case I am allergic? I have super sensitive skin and am thinking I am going to have the same issue,
I told my surgeon I was allergic to latex, so he used latex free tape. If definitely at least tell your surgeon you have extra sensitive skin and you're concerned about the tape irritating it and ask if they might have an alternative? I get red and blotchy if I use band aids too so I know how you feel!

Redness is fading, kindof. It's weird, the redness...

Redness is fading, kindof. It's weird, the redness is more like turning brown? Oh well. Looks a LOT better than it did! And finally some of the bigger chunks of glue are coming off... There's still one spot on one of my vertical incisions that has quite a bit but for the most part the glue is gone!

I went bra shopping today, all underwire free of course! I got them all at Soma, and I bought 34D even though a c would fit, because the d was more comfortable on my incisions. I got two of the "Heidi" bras, made from the same material as their pajamas are... SO soft. Definitely worth it!! I got two other wirefree that aren't the prettiest but they were on sale and only $14 each, and I figured they'd be good Tshirt bras for now. I also got three bras with soft cups, they are beautiful. One is even CHEETAH print!! I can't even remember the last time I bought a printed bra...

I saw a red bra there and I want- no I NEED it. I told the girl I will be back when underwire is allowed and they'd better have it!! Lol. I didn't want to buy it today and then end up a C cup after swelling and not be able to wear my new red bra! The ones I got today were all on sale so if they end up too big then ill be okay. I will probably still wear the "Heidi" bra though.... They are amazing. Perfect to sleep in! They almost look like a swimsuit top the way they are cut, too cute.

I'm planning to model all these beauties later for my husband, and I will make him take pictures to put up for you girls!

Pics added!

Pics added!
I want that Heidi bra!!!! Where can I get it?!? It's so adorable and looks sooooo comfy!!!!
It is an amazing bra. http://m.soma.com/store/search/search_results.jsp?_dyncharset=ISO-8859-1&_dynSessConf=-4160700608983509642&searchTerm=Heidi&_D%3AsearchTerm=+&qfh_sr=true&_D%3Aqfh_sr=+&fsrp_sf=true&_D%3Afsrp_sf=+&qfh_ks=true&_D%3Aqfh_ks=+&qfh_s_s=submit&_D%3Aqfh_s_s=+&submit.x=0&submit.y=0&submit=search&_DARGS=%2Fstore%2Finclude%2Fheader.jsp.1 they run true to size :-)
Yousa! And now I want that leopard one too!

I saw my plastic surgeon for my follow up today....

I saw my plastic surgeon for my follow up today. He said it definite wasn't an infection, just a bad allergic reaction to the steri strips! Redness is almost gone... I have a few stitches spitting but he said not to mess with them and they will just fall out on their own.

He also said next week to start massaging the entire breast (ill be 4 weeks post op on the 16th) to soften up the tissue, and that I can start wearing underwire bras already.

He removed 516 grams from the left, and 466 from the right. They did test all the tissue, and there is no cancerous tissue in there at all. Good to hear.

We took my first set of after photos for his use today... I wish I could show you all those! They had a shadow image of my before pictures, and I stood in the same position, they lined me up with the before and then took the after photo. You could see the shadow image on the actual photo... Omg. What a difference! Up until now I couldn't tell the true difference; I knew they were a lot smaller I just didn't know how much. I am so happy.

I go back in March for a follow up again. He said in June or July I will need a mammogram to have a baseline for the future.
baby deer, tomorrow is my day! i'm 45 and 36 DDD/E and S C A R E D. i've been sooo calm but now I'm super scared! any words to help me thru??
Hey lady, best thing for you right now is to BREATHE! You'll be alright! I was a nervous wreck the day before surgery, I even told my husband when we went to bed that I was going to take the car and disappear for a few days! But I woke up, got dressed, and went to the hospital. I was nervous up until I got my IV in, then I realized that was the only thing I'd feel of the whole experience, I wouldn't feel any other needles or anything. I calmed down from there and I was fine! About an hour later I'm getting my happy juice and then I woke up! I have not regretted this decision at ALL!! Eat light today, drink water only, and it may help with your nausea tomorrow. I woke up in recovery just as chatty as can be (a little pain yes but nothing unbearable! And I'm a baby when it comes to pain) no nausea at all.
Look at you girlfriend! You look amazing! Cute bras, I wasn't so lucky at Soma in Sabta Barbara they were all sold out of wireless bras. Take care. OX

As you may have read, I had an allergic reaction...

As you may have read, I had an allergic reaction to the steri strips. Anyone else have this happen? I'm wondering because I am now peeling all along my incisions where the redness was. Just started today but you can tell by looking at it that the entire area will peel. It's just the top layer of skin, like a sunburn. It is the absolute craziest feeling having boobs peeling, and it is so odd to have it peel off on a numb area because I can just bARELY feel it.
I didn't have an allerigic at all and am peeling. Around the incisions and elsewhere! I'm not worried though. I think it's normal. My doctor saw it and wasn't concerned. Glad you're feeling better!
Yep,normal,had it too!
I have had allergic reaction veryy similar to yours,(very tiny painful/itchy blisters, very red etc.) although unrelated to a BR and once the reaction has subsided my skin will peel just like after a aun burn.

I can't believe it's been over a month now since...

I can't believe it's been over a month now since the surgery. I am still loving the new girls; and I can finally sleep on my side comfortably without waking up regretting it! I will upload pictures tomorrow. All the incisions are healing nicely, no openings. Scars look great. I think I got the last piece of glue off today.... Crazy.

One nipple still has no sensation, and there are times when parts of my breasts go numb. I know this is normal, because the nerves need time to heal. I am happy with the results regardless of if I get full sensation back or not!
Your breasts look so great! It seems like you ended up with the size Im hoping for. I'd love to see a picture now that you have had even more time to heal. Hope you're doing great!
You are looking fabulous girl! I'm so glad that everything turned around and you are happy with the result now! :) Here's to your new ( . )Y( . ) !!!
Looking great and I'm glad u better . U can really tell how red u were. Ur newest pic really looks great!!! Plz keep us posted in ur healing xxx
Dr. Robert B. Shaw Jr. - Springfield, MO

In network surgeon who has great credentials, and is LOCAL. I was very uneasy about trying a surgeon from out of town. After meeting him I am so glad I chose him!

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