Cheek Implants First April 1' 2014, Revision April 11' 2014 - Missouri

I'm nowhere near able to give specifics on this...

I'm nowhere near able to give specifics on this procedure yet I just want to start by saying the recovery is way longer then anyone told me or I read. I made the decision to have implants as I was told that or facelift would help with the volume loss and sagging of my cheeks. I figured a facelift is so much more down time but I did not realize how long the down time from cheek implants is. There are not a lot of reviews out there and I only found a couple that did not complain of excessive swelling. You need to plan on a week of hiding and two if possible. This is also the scariest procedure as far as outcome goes that i have had done. The swelling can take months to go away. I have now figured out that a lot of people who have had this can't out wait the swelling period. I also have figured out that the swelling if you have them removed is really long also. You also have to take in to consideration that you may have to have a revision. Mine shifted so I had to have them revised on April 11th . This extended my down time even more. I have been hidden out for two weeks at this point which to me is really depressing. I will update more and add pics if I can later. Not very motivated at this point but will hopefully get better.


Below was taken a few years back and what I was trying to get back to.

I am only a little over four months out so maybe there is still hope. They say six months to a year before see final results. I pray that I am still experiencing some swelling and will resemble that smile. You can see in the pics above I'm still a ways off. Not sure if I can say at this time if I would recommend this procedure. I will update again at six months.

4 month photo

Chipmunk cheers a little better when I smile.
Dr John Doe

I have a long history with my physician and do not hold any of this against him. When you have any procedure there are risks and complications that you have to be prepared for.

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I really didn't see any down sides in your photos. I think you looked great afterwards even with swelling.
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Thank you that's nice of you!
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I'm 37 and thinking about doing that procedure too. I'm sorry to hear about the agony it has caused you. I hope you have recovered by now & have the results you wanted. I hate the fact that my face is changing now my cheeks aren't as rounded as they were it seems even 3 years ago. I'm scared to see what I will look like 3 years later than now. Please post your recent results. Hope you're doing well. Thank you.
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Hang in there girl! Hiding out after recovery is a lot harder than one expects. We are social animals.
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Oh gosh, sounds like you're having a difficult recovery! I'm sorry that you had to have a revision. We would love to see your photos (you can block out your eyes if that makes you more comfortable), so we can visualize what you're describing. I hope you're able to go back out into the world soon. Please keep us posted!
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