Consult 7/12/11--Surgery on 8/3/11--I LOVE 'EM!

I have always wanted implants. I actually was...

I have always wanted implants. I actually was scheduled to do it last year but backed out b/c I got nervous. My current size is a 34b. Iam 5' 61/2" and I weigh 130. I want fuller, naturally looking breasts. I am tired of wearing pushup bras! If there is anyone out there, who is close to the same size as me or if there is anyone with advice, please help! =) I have my first consultation on July 26th and hopefully surgery around labor day weekend (unless I can have it done sooner). Iam confident in my surgeon choice and I know for sure I want saline, submuscular and inframmamary incision. Iam just a little stuck on what size to go. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

My consultation just got moved up to July 12th due...

My consultation just got moved up to July 12th due to a cancellation! YAY!! It looks as though I will get to have my boobies sooner than I thought! possibly the end of July or the first of August! Woohoo!

Had my consult today and I am super excited!! My...

Had my consult today and I am super excited!! My PS and I have chosen saline, moderate profile implants in a size 425 overfilled to 450cc's. She said this would bring me to a D cup. My surgery is booked and scheduled for 8/3/2011. Three weeks! I will be anxiously counting down the days! I was very nervous at first but I am now very confident in my surgeon choice and everything we have discussed. I have to say I was shocked at first with the cc size, but after trying on the different sizes Iam sooo looking forward to getting new boobies! I now understand what is meant by each person is different as well as each cc size. Iam glad that I found such a wonderful surgeon and Iam glad for all of the pointers from everyone on this site. Thank you all!

Only 8 days! I have been thinking alot about the...

Only 8 days! I have been thinking alot about the procedure. I want it done sooo badly, but then some days (mainly in the morning for some reason), I feel like I shouldn't get them. I think it's just nerves and I try to block it out. I have stopped reading so much because I don't want it to consume me and make me go crazy! All in all, Iam really excited and my only worry is when I will get to go back to work.

Iam getting so excited!! 2 days!! It's hard to...

Iam getting so excited!! 2 days!! It's hard to believe it is almost here. I have waited so long!

Tomorrow is it! I have to be at the hospital at...

Tomorrow is it! I have to be at the hospital at 10:30a with the procedure at 11:30am. I can actually say that I am not too nervous. More excited!! Sooo looking forward to being on the other side :)

Iam officially augmented! Yay! I LOVE them so far....

Iam officially augmented! Yay! I LOVE them so far. All is good. Pain wasn't as bad as I expected. Just more exhausted than anything. It feels heavy and a little hard to breathe. I only took a 1/2 percocet and that was just because I didn't want to be blind-sided and caught off-guard with pain later tonight. I go back tomorrow for my post-op checkup. The staff and my PS were fantastic. Iam so glad Iam on the otherside now. I expected to be nervous last night, but I had none of that...was totallly ready. Iam soooo happy!!

Iam 2 days post-op and feel great! I even felt...

Iam 2 days post-op and feel great! I even felt good enough today that I am back at work! The pain isn't bad at all and I feel the most tightness in the middle of the night if I wake up. Other than that things are great. I had my post-op appointment yesterday and my PS said everything looks good. Minimal bruising and no drainage. She wants to see me again in 3 weeks! Iam so happy! :)

Today Iam 5 days post-op. Feel great! I stopped...

Today Iam 5 days post-op. Feel great! I stopped taking the prescribed pain meds and I occasionally take tylenol. I measure a 36D. Still a bit swollen and tight. No pain though. Easy peasy!! I am back at work and I feel as though I haven't had a surgery. I have been sleeping in my bed since day 1. I don't think this surgery could have went any better. Now for the dropping and fluffing!!

Hello! Today Iam 2 weeks post-op. Things are going...

Hello! Today Iam 2 weeks post-op. Things are going great and I feel fabulous! My swelling has gone down and the bruising is gone. No more tightness or pain. All in all I feel almost back to normal. I love the girls! So glad I finally did it. Iam a 36D right now and I couldn't be more happy. I can't wait to wear regular bras although the sports bras are wayyy comfy! I go back for a 3 week checkup on the 24th. My best advice would be if you are thinking about it...DO IT!!

3 weeks post-op today. Had my appointment and all...

3 weeks post-op today. Had my appointment and all is great! My PS okayed me to wear whatever bras I like best. Woohoo! Stopped by VS and picked up a couple. I don't have to see my PS until April 2012 unless something arises. I was told to continue to do a quick massage in the shower every morning to help keep CC away. Iam doing great and still love my boobs! :)

Tomorrow I will be 4 weeks...WOW a month post-op!...

Tomorrow I will be 4 weeks...WOW a month post-op! I still love my boobs. They are soft and have dropped quite a bit. No pain or discomfort. I massage every morning and evening for a few minutes. Iam still very happy I did it! :)

Yesterday I was 5 weeks post op. Not much news...

Yesterday I was 5 weeks post op. Not much news since my last update. They have dropped and are soooo soft! My husband says they feel real and cannot tell the difference. They look so great in bras and swimsuits as well as naked. Some of my clothes still fit, but it's definitly time to go shopping! It's hard to believe I did it over a month ago. I am still very glad I did it and have no regrets!

Today Iam 7 weeks post op. Things are going great....

Today Iam 7 weeks post op. Things are going great. They have dropped and fluffed, however, the lefty is still a tad behind the righty. All in all they look great. I sleep on my back, sides, and tummy. I have bought several shirts and swimsuits. I still can't believe I have boobs! I compare my before pics to my afters and WOW...It's so hard to believe!

On 10/12/2011, I will be 10 weeks post op. Still...

On 10/12/2011, I will be 10 weeks post op. Still doing great. Iam back to everything that is normal and have been for awhile now. The girls have softened up, dropped & fluffed and look fabulous. I currently wear 34-36D and 34DD bras. Iam so glad I got boobs finally! My friends and family think the look so natural and I think so too. They feel like a natural part of me now. Best of luck to all of you considering getting implants...You will be glad you did! :)

Hello again. Iam 13 weeks post op today. Nothing...

Hello again. Iam 13 weeks post op today. Nothing new to report. Iam still happy with my procedure and I still can't believe I finally did it. It has been a wonderful experience for me and Iam glad to have had this site to read on and talk to others.

Today Iam 17 weeks post op. Time has flown by. Iam...

Today Iam 17 weeks post op. Time has flown by. Iam still in love with my new boobs! Nothing new to report.

Iam around 7 months post op. Wow! Time sure does...

Iam around 7 months post op. Wow! Time sure does fly! Iam still doing great. I have had no issues with my new additions. I LOVE THEM! I go in next month for my 8 month post op visit. My boobs feel very normal to me now and I get tons of compliments. Everyone thinks they are real. Iam so happy I finally got the procedure done and all went well. I hope the rest of you have good luck as well!
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All I can say is to massage. I have been doing so since 3 weeks. I think I was done D&F around 3-4 weeks.
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I am still waiting on the drop and fluff, I am four weeks post op today. Any advice? Did they still drop a lot after four weeks?? Thanks!
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can you please post some pictures up thanks.
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Iam very happy. I didn't want to "look" as though I had a breast aug. I have gotten alot of compliments on how real mine look. That is what I hoped for with my outcome.
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are you so happy with your size?? my dr first recommended a 330 bag filled with 400ccs, but from what I've read, woman my height (5'8) all say they wish they would have gone bigger (than the 400)...
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UNVEME73541 and Mum...Glad things are going well for you ladies! YAYYYY we are on the other side! Can you believe it??? I can only say I wish I would have done this way sooner!
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So glad it all went well - I love my new boobs too!
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Congrats! glad to hear you are doing well! i was also not in a lot of pain...really no pain at all and i was just really tired! i slept all day for about 3 days then i was good to go. Hope you stay feeling well. Congrats again!
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Hooray! Now you can relax and heal. Thanks for all the great updates.

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Mum, Thanks a bunch! You're not far behind me!:)
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Best of luck Pam - will be thinking of you :)
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my ps wouldn't give me anything either! she said for nerves they can put something in my iv...seems like that would be a little late. i know i will be nervous the night before! ugg! my surgery right now is scheduled for 11:30am and i have to be there at 10:30am, however, they will bump me to the lastest appointment that day (that's what I prefer so i can work)...i really won't know the exact time until the day before. i too am going insane right now!! i hope it gets
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i know im so excited! i found out im not allowed to take anything to help me sleep the night before which will be hard! ill be up all night. my surgery isnt until 1:30pm so i am going to drive myself insane!
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my surgeon didn't fit me with the others. i already knew i didnt want the high profile. i would have tried them on, but she is a very highly reccommened surgeon and i have had several friends go to her with amazing results. i trust her judgment. i agree with not wanting to wear a bra. if i wanna go without it's my choice...ha ha. =) wow! july 28th...2 weeks!! i will be right behind ya girl. hope all goes well and yes, keep me updated and i will as well.
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So glad your consult went well and are happy with your decisions - I'm sure everything will be perfect - less than 3 weeks to go!!!
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one comment i do have is did she show you the difference in high profile, mod, and mod plus? i went to 3 different docs and only one (the one i choose) explained to me what it was and then showed me the implants so i could see the difference. for sure i said high profile! they are not as wide and flat as the other too much more perkey looking. as for size i say the bigger the better! i too was sick and tired of buying push up bras! i dont want to wear a bra if i dont feel like it. you know what i mean!?
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Best of luck at your consult - keep us posted :)
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I too want to see what my PS suggests. I am 95% sure I will be going with saline. Still a bit iffy though. I will go under the muscle and am hoping for a large C/small D. My consult is tomorrow and I cannot wait! I hope my sugery follows shortly. I have thought about this for over a year and Iam confident I want it done. The wait is the hard part! =)
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Not sure yet, in my head I'm thinking silicone and under the muscle but will wait and see what my PS suggests. As for the CC's - I've got no idea but I don't want to be huge. I'd be happy to be a full B/small C at the most. Will wait and see what my PS recommends on the 18th - one week to go...
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I have heard that too about the shirts and the implants! Iam so super excited to have this finally done. It seems like the days drag by! Have you decided on your choices yet? saline/silicone? cc's? under/over muscle?
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Hello - we sound like we're roughly the same height and weight! I have my 2nd consultation on July 18th to discuss sizing (am going in for Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck on August 5th).

I've been told when you try on the implants at the consult, it's a good idea to bring a couple of different tops with you that you would normally wear so you can see what they look like under clothes - apparently, they can sometimes seem bigger or smaller under a t-shirt to a blouse etc.

I've also been told that you have to bear in mind that whatever implants you try on and decide on at the consult, they will also look smaller once they are actually placed inside you. Maybe this is the reason that the majority of women wish they'd gone that little bit bigger after surgery?

Hope this helps you somehow and keep us posted - I'll let you know how I go too!
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Yes! I agree. Iam soo ready to have this done. Been thinking about it for almost a year now. Thank you for your information. I appreciate it! =)
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Then you'll be able to enjoy your swimsuit wearing for the end of the summer! :)

Check out this guide to sizing. Hope this helps.

Keep us posted on your surgery date and how you're feeling as the big day nears!

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