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After having silicone under the muscle implants...

After having silicone under the muscle implants placed almost five years ago, I was almost immediately unhappy with the way they felt. However, I had no complications at first and got what most surgeons would say was a very successful result because they looked really good. I tried to forget about how tight and uncomfortable they were but then lost some weight and could feel my left implant edge through the skin.

So 18 months after my first BA, I decided to have a revision to drop from almost 400ccs to just under 300ccs. Again, everything went well with the surgery and I healed quickly and had no problems for about a year. Then, I began to have pain in my left chest wall and a burning sensation that would come and go but seemed to increase with exercise or any general activity. Mammograms revealed no specific cause, like an obvious rupture but it has been an aggravation to have to endure pain and tightening (although not unbearable) and wondering if my body was trying to tell me something isn't right.

So at 41, I have decided to explant without a lift or smaller implant. I've really thought hard about this as I've not found many women in my situation. According to the doctors, I am in a very small segment of women who haven't had any true complications but do not love my implants more than the disadvantages. Anyway, I am still young (yes!) and have a lot of fun and living to do-without "perfect" breasts. I can't wait to start the natural phase of my life again in 5 days-I will think of it as naturally wiser! Best of luck to all of you who are facing the same decision.

Explant surgery went well and I am taking it easy...

Explant surgery went well and I am taking it easy today! I am so grateful for the kind nurses at the hospital-they made me feel so much better by being upbeat and attentive. My implants were intact when removed and I think it is possible a little scar tissue was removed but will have to ask at my follow up in a few days. I was not fully awake so I can't remember what he said!!

I will post some pictures soon, as I have been taking photos throughout the process. I think it is helpful for some of you in your 40s to see how everything looks as we aren't as perky as our younger gals!

My doctor said I could go braless or wear a light support bra if I wanted. I think a lot of docs recommend tight bras and I was not wanting that 24/7 compression so I was glad that is his policy. My incisions are painful so I wonder if he cut out some of my scar from my 2 other incisions under my breast to minimize the new scar.

Anyway, probably too much detail. Mostly, I feel relieved it is over and I feel like me again! (a little bruised up, but ME again. :-)

Day after explant and honestly feeling a little...

Day after explant and honestly feeling a little blue. I have read that this can happen, so I am trying to focus on the positives. I feel so small and a little deformed, honestly. I have been looking at photos though and it seems this is a very normal phase as it is a result of the implants squishing down on the breast tissue. Hoping for a better day tomorrow... :-)

Well, it's been a week and I am feeling much...

Well, it's been a week and I am feeling much better. I have been able to resume most of my activities and it has helped immensely to be active again. My breasts continue to fill out a little and I am really looking forward to a real bra. Incisions are preventing me from wearing anything directly on my bra line. The doctor said that at about one month after surgery you should have a good idea of what you will look like in terms of size and shrinkage. I think I am in the neighborhood of 34B which is pretty much my size before my BA, even though I've lost about 10lbs since my first BA. Of course, I feel and look much different but there is both good and bad with that. Just focusing on feeling better and keeping in shape!
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Hi Not looking back-I just read your post and I can totally relate! I know that we are in the minority....I too didn't have any complications...just didn't like how they felt in me..always aware of them! So I was definately the I opted to not replace but just explant. I had my explantation yesterday which was so much easier than the augmentation! Today I am just a little sore at the incisions and bugged by the tight ace bandage i have to wear for a bit. Other than that...I am still glad I made the decision (hopefully I will feel the same when I can unwrap the bandage and take a look!)--although my ps said i should like i did pre-ba since i only had them in less than 2 yrs...which was a whopping 32A! It doesn't matter...i'm just glad to be me again :)
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Just read your profile and hope you are well and healing? I am in my 40,s and have silicone implants removed tomorrow with capsulectomies too.I am now getting bit nervous. Worried about how small i am going to be but know they have to come out .Please update you pics when you can and any tips for healing please share!!
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Hi, how are you feeling now? good i hope x
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Yes, you are still young! And I'm so happy for you. I think you are in the minority, but I can totally understand why having implants could be bothersome. You're going to feel so light and natural after this!

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