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I have had big boobs all my life. As soon as I...

I have had big boobs all my life. As soon as I developed any breasts at all, they were big. At this point I don't even know what size I am but I squeeze into 32/34 DD/DDD. I have always been very physically active and have always felt held back by my huge chest. I have wanted a reduction since I was a teenager. I want to choose my clothes each day not based on what my boobs will fit into and what bra will make them look the "smallest". I want to run and jump! I want to wear little string bikinis and not have my neck hurt from the ties. So now, with my oldest child graduating next month, Im taking the plunge! I'm excited but nervous about the surgery, which is scheduled for next Thursday, May 15. Wish me luck!! I will keep you posted!

5 More Days! ????

I was visiting with my surgeon's assistant this week and she gave me a lot of good advice. Said to take Bromelain starting 3 days out, and then Arnica the day before surgery to help with bruising. I will be doing this as I bruise when the wind blows! She also said to be patient with the healing process, to not overdo it the first two weeks. And to not expect to look great right after surgery! She said "Maybe just don't look down the first few days!" :) I appreciate the gals here who have posted pics 6 months to a year or two post surgery. . they all look great! Further encouragement to simply be patient. . not my starring quality!

More current pics

good luck and wishing you a simple and normal recovery like mine
Thank you. . I'm hoping for that too!
Good luck!

Smaller boobs tomorrow!! Yahoo!!

At this time tomorrow, I will be smaller! And perkier! And lighter! And have boobs that don't disappear into my armpits when I lie down! Yep, Im excited! Making banana bread to take to my surgeon and his team. :) Had my pre-op appt earlier today. .everyone is excited! I know I'm in good hands . . literally!
You will be so happy once its done.
I know, right?!
excellent advice about the bromelain, you look a bit like me pre surgery, i had a great normal recovery so you may find my review helpful

Teeny, perky boobs!!

Surgery went really well! No problems/complications. Surgery was at 9am and took about 3 hours. Dr. H took about one pound from each breast! I'm quite sore right between my breasts. Have a petite rib cage and was told that mid pain comes from being small framed and having muscle/bone close to the incision (as in depth). Anyway, I'm very pleased with the results so far, even tho I can only see bandages. . . No drains! Not in too much pain but they did load me up on pain meds before I left the hospital. Hoping to not need those much at all! They make me feel a bit nauseous and loopy. Will post more pics as I heal!
WELCOME to the OTHER SIDE HERE ! You look very good and proportioned for your Frame !
Thanks so much! Great to be on the other side! I already feel so much better. . Whoop, whoop! And you are right. . now proportioned to my frame. Ahhhhhhh
Oh my gosh!! I can already tell it looks awesome!!!

1st day post surgery

Got home about 7 last night. Felt kinda loopy from the pain meds but as soon as they wore off I perked right up! Only had Tylenol during the night. I feel really good!! Kinda sore when standing and my back muscles are a bit sore from sleeping half reclined but, other than that I'm golden! Won't take the bandages off for a few days but I'm LOVING the smaller, perkier me!

My note

Forgot to take a pic but I wrote a note to my surgeon on my chest. It said, "Dear Dr. H, please make us small + perky!" He laughed! And followed directions very well! I also took a loaf of freshly made banana bread for the surgery team. . Didn't want them operating on an empty stomach! ;) my anesthesiologist was very grateful. . said he was seriously starving!

Side view looks good!

You look GREAT!
You look great and it sounds like you may manage without the pain meds, which is a big help in avoiding an upset stomach. I managed fine from 28 hours and felt so well.
I hate narcotics!! Blech. Have been managing fine with simply Tylenol. It's weird, but my incisions hardly hurt at all.....My rib cage does! Under my arms and right up the middle of my chest. Nothing unbearable tho! Glad to be post surgery and in the healing process!
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